Better Than Opiates: Pain Relief Without Side Effects and Addiction

Low Back Pain Concept

Research has uncovered new substances that have a similar pain-relieving effect to opiates, but without the negative aspects such as respiratory depression and addiction.

Better than opiates: Researchers use adrenaline receptors for highly-effective pain relief.

Scientists have identified new substances that have a similar pain-relieving effect to opiates, but without the negative aspects such as respiratory depression and addiction. Instead of activating opioid receptors, they work by stimulating adrenalin receptors. This is the result of research carried out by an international team of researchers led by the Chair of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at FAU. Their findings are a milestone in the development of non-opioid pain relief and have recently been published in the renowned scientific journal Science.

“Opiates” vs. “opioids”

Although these terms are often used interchangeably they are different: Opiates refer to natural opioids such as heroin, morphine and codeine. Opioids refer to all natural, semisynthetic, and synthetic opioids.

Opiates cause addiction, new substances do not

While opiates are a blessing for many patients suffering from severe pain, they also have serious side effects. Opioids, and above all morphine, can cause nausea, dizziness, and constipation. They can also often cause slowed breathing that can even result in respiratory failure. Moreover, opiates are addictive – a high percentage of the drug problem in the United States is caused by pain medication, for example.

All over the world researchers are searching for alternative analgesics (pain relieving medications) in order to tackle the unwanted medical and social effects of opioids. Prof. Dr. Peter Gmeiner, Chair of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is one of these researchers.

“We are focusing particularly on the molecular structures of the receptors that dock onto the pharmaceutical substances,” says Gmeiner. “It is only when we understand these on the atomic level that we can develop effective and safe active substances.”

Collaborating with an international team of scientists, Prof. Gmeiner discovered an active substance in 2016 that bonds to known opioid receptors and that offers the same level of pain relief as morphine, even though it has no chemical similarity to opiates.

New approach: Adrenaline receptors instead of opioid receptors

Peter Gmeiner is currently following a lead that seems very promising: “Many non-opioid receptors are involved in pain processing, but only a small number of these alternatives have as yet been validated for use in therapies,” he explains.

Gmeiner and a team of researchers from Erlangen, China, Canada, and the USA have now turned their attention to a new receptor that is responsible for binding adrenaline – the alpha 2A adrenergic receptor. There are already some analgesics that target this receptor such as brimonidine, clonidine, and dexmedetomidine. Gmeiner: “Dexmedetomidine relieves pain, but has a strong sedative effect, which means its use is restricted to intensive care in hospital settings and is not suitable for broader patient groups.”

The aim of the research consortium is to find a chemical compound that activates the receptor in the central nervous system without a sedative effect. In a virtual library of more than 300 million different and easily accessible molecules, the researchers looked for compounds that physically match the receptor but are not chemically related to known medication.

After a series of complex virtual docking simulations, around 50 molecules were selected for synthesis and testing and two of these fulfilled the desired criteria. They had good bonding characteristics, activated only certain protein sub-types, and thus a very selective set of cellular signal pathways, whereas dexmedetomidine responds to a significantly wider range of proteins.

An agonist is a drug or substance that binds to a receptor inside a cell or on its surface and causes the same action as the substance that normally binds to the receptor.

Pain relief without sedation in animal models

By further optimizing the identified molecules, for which extremely high-resolution cryo-electron microscopic imaging was used, the researchers were able to synthesize agonists that produced high concentrations in the brain and reduced the sensation of pain effectively in investigations with animal models.

“Various tests confirmed that docking on the receptor was responsible for the analgesic effect,” explains Gmeiner. “We are particularly pleased about the fact that none of the new compounds caused sedation, even at considerably higher doses than those that would be required for pain relief.”

The successful separation of analgesic properties and sedation is an important milestone in the development of non-opioid pain medication. It is especially noteworthy because the newly-identified agonists are comparatively easy to manufacture and administer orally to patients.

However, Prof. Gmeiner has to dampen any hopes of rapid widespread use in human medicine: “We are currently still talking about basic research. The development of medication is subject to strict controls and in addition to significant amounts of funding, it takes a long time. However, these results still make us very optimistic.”

Reference: “Structure-based discovery of nonopioid analgesics acting through the α2A-adrenergic receptor” by Elissa A. Fink, Jun Xu, Harald Hübner, Joao M. Braz, Philipp Seemann, Charlotte Avet, Veronica Craik, Dorothee Weikert, Maximilian F. Schmidt, Chase M. Webb, Nataliya A. Tolmachova, Yurii S. Moroz, Xi-Ping Huang, Chakrapani Kalyanaraman, Stefan Gahbauer, Geng Chen, Zheng Liu, Matthew P. Jacobson, John J. Irwin, Michel Bouvier, Yang Du, Brian K. Shoichet, Allan I. Basbaum and Peter Gmeiner, 30 September 2022, Science.
DOI: 10.1126/science.abn7065

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  1. Soumds very promising id b the first to like to b in a study as i cannot take opiates anymore because of my respiratory system .

    p.s. pain Relief is personally Important to me// the author of that article Is a mastermind Whom i would Greatly Appreaciate in Being able to Read from more extensively// 365.

    • Scientist are the ones getting paid millions every year to tell us the same thing they ve been saying for ymtens of years.everything in life is addictive.most things out there come with a health warning.its the fact that opiates are constantly been tried to copy and not very well therefore causing overdoses and money money is the issue at the end of the day.if a doctors takes you off the medication then ask them to contact the relevant authorities to get you disability doctor is constantly reducing my dos and soon he ll have me off them for good then I wont be able to get that little bit of relief to be able yo work then ill be having to try and claim benefits at cost of government thousands a month when the simple answer is to keep me on my pain relief at a cost of what 50 pound for a months supply or I get thousands of pounds a month in benefits.czn you imagine how many people in britain alone are having to claim benefits because they physically cant work all because these scientist are saying opiates etc are addictive therefore the doctors shouldn’t be prescribing more people who need opiates.its just stupid and no thought has give into it.opiates come with a warning does most things.paracetamols.ibupurafen s.evrn cough medicines etc.they have to put the warning and side effects on them so there covered from law suits if someone does miss use it.i mean look cant even buy more than 2 packets of ibuprofen in a shop because people take more than they should.its a bit stupid cause they can just go into 20 different shops and buy w packets in each drinks bad for us.yhry have an age limit now.why.parents just buy the drink for there kids .the moral of the story is everything in life can be bad for you if you chose to cause it or not

  3. Like Suzy I would volunteer for a study. Does this have qualities of a stimulate like modafinil? I do not use opiates or even tylenol( because of potential liver damage), anti-inflammatories conflict with other needed meds. Pain the big disruptor.It doesn’t allow you to do anything with enjoyment. Horrific chronic pain from severe scoliosis, idopathic. Help!

  4. Jonathan D Lemaire | October 31, 2022 at 5:15 pm | Reply

    Anything that removes pain is probably addictive. Just because it’s new and not tested doesn’t mean it’s not addictive. Addiction isn’t always a negative either…more science please.

    • “Anything”? You are familiar with Aspirin, Acetaminophen, etc?

      On the other hand, I agree with your statement that Addiction isn’t always a negative. Long term use of opioids – controlled properly – likely includes addiction. It also includes relief for chronic, intractable pain, that would otherwise destroy quality of life. The most serious side-effect of meaningful concern? Constipation.

      I think most people in chronic, intractable pain can live with constipation while addicted to opioids as a tolerable alternative.

  5. Currently reading Dr. Carl L. Hart’s “Drug Use For Grown-Ups” and I find it quite interesting such as this news as well!

  6. This is ridiculous, why are we not doing more to find THE SOURCE, rather than funding symptom based funding that leaves the patient dependent on them, opiate it not. let’s get to the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM, based on each person and what is causing their pain. Psychological addiction is still a factor and will always be present. The allopathic model is broken.

  7. Having a spouse suffering years with Bilateral Trigeminal Nueralgia both type 1 and 2 hopefully this is available sooner then later. After trying every drug avail and multi surgeries with zero changes another potential option might be enough for her to hold on to hope.

    • Teknikality Reality | November 4, 2022 at 2:03 am | Reply

      I sure hate that you and especially your spouse had to and still has to endure such ongoing trauma. This is very unfortunate. I will do some research in dept about Bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia Type 1 & 2 to gain more insight along with a better understanding of what it all details. Again, I’m sorry you all have to go through this pain. If you’re not already,whatever you do, please, anything these doctors, nurses or whomever are telling you, request that they show you physical evidence: X-rays, test results, readings, or anything that can be tested, counted, or physically shown. This is just about anything because they have to perform some kind of procedure to even know what it is that patients are suffering from, right? Obtain copies of everything including all medications for the both of you, if permissible. Not sure if anyone has taken notice lately, but they’ve gradually winged the medical field off of coming to the patient or patient’s loved ones with, for example, an x-ray or paper proof of the “XYZ” procedure performed while sitting down with them, going over exactly what or where the ailment(s) are, and/or what they may look like. Nowadays, the doctor just comes in and merely verbalize what’s “supposedly” going on with the patient. As many may not take well to what I’m about to reveal, it is the truth. These doctors and pharmaceuticals are only interested in experimenting, really without a purpose. Hence the reason docs & pharms will never rid the word “practice/practicing” from their job description. They will always practice medicine. Well, forever how long they can go before retirement or death, at least. One cured patient is one less payment for them. Therefore, minus an extremely small fraction, they’re only interested in the riches (monetary value) that comes from their practice; their practice of keeping a patient under their wing so that they can properly collect on a regular basis. If they have a patient that they can string along, then they do. All the while, the patient’s health either slowly or rapidly deteriorates. Slowly, they’re able to collect their thousands in bulks quite a few times. When the patient gets to the point of the inability to reverse the “curse”, it’s time to collect the final lump sum for offing a patient. Rapidly, well you know, the quicker their offed, the quicker comes the lump sum. Hence the reason no one is allowed in the room at certain times, procedures, or situations. If no one is allowed to be physically present during an actual surgery, (looking through a glass door from a distance doesn’t count as so), then no one can witness what may go wrong, what may be left in a patient, what a surgeon should not have done, etc. All others in the room can be there because they’re part of the medical team who has a sworn oath to have one another’s back and uphold that oath. So sad to say, even when there’s medical malpractice, which happens more often than not. Whomever “kisses and tell”, they for sure will NEVER “practice” medicine again for as long as they live, and, well let’s say this, they’ll need to watch their surroundings carefully, daily throughout the remainder of their life. The best thing that anyone can do is to research themselves natural ways of combating diseases, viruses, cancers, and so on. If you have enough information such as blood type, allergic reactions, or whatnot, you can come up with your own way of handling the ailment(s) that plagues the human race. There’s a cure for everything on this earth, out here to sustain life. Of course, instead of humans (more so doctors & pharmaceuticals) being wise about the knowledge obtained, they took on the form of greed, finding a way to become rich off of precious human lives by using them as physical testing tools to experiment as to what NOT to give them that would prove effective and improve their health, when it should be the other way around. All the while keeping the real and actual curable medicines hidden in secrecy because of it is known to the people, they’ll have no patients to make money off of. Hence the reason many people residing in America seek medical attention and advice from other countries that appears so so much poorer. Those other countries just may have rough living conditions and are limited in resources or goods. HOWEVER, their medical professionals are truly sincere in helping sick ones get administered curable medicine so they can continue to enjoy life beyond a tragic time of sickness. For this reasons, many doctors overseas refuses to relocate their practice to the U.S. due to that sworn oath they must be willing to sign off on. People are blind-sighted by their own selfish preferences that they are unable to determine the realites of their preference(s). They are at a failure that their preference(s) is based on their own unthoughtful, not even halfway thought through ideology or theory, at which they lead their own selves into their own concocted belief system, to ONLY THINK that they somehow make righteous and/or just decisions. It’s their own fantasized virtual reality they only exists by their own one thought created by them. Now I’m going to offer my sincere apologies at this time because I have gone overboard, rambling. Just trying to shed some needed revealing light on much hidden darkness. Please, forgive me if I have made anyone have the feeling to oppose. To whom it concerns, hopefully we can peacefully agree to disagree. In turn, I’ve come to learn many valuable lessons in life: one can not possibly please all people as one whole in agreement, that the truth hurts those who doesn’t want to be exposed so they retaliate, despite truth’s ability to set them free, and that many people prefer not to face truth and instead just keep things just as they are, despite having an opportunity for their lives to be so much better, so much easier to live, with so much more enjoyment and fulfillment. The ones who really do want and are willing to make a change for more comfortable and more peaceful living are considered outnumbered, but only in this system. This IS the world’s system of things that we live in.

  8. In the beginning everything is safe smoking drinking also while pregnant pain meds doctors writing prescriptions for any pain with 3or4 refills because they were told the meds were safe you just have to wait it out

  9. Not mentioned and extremely important is the addictive effects of these molecules. The analgesic effects are just one part and important as well. So there’s definitely a long way to go before patients will see the fruits of this research.

  10. The opioid problem isn’t just from pain medication. The issue is a problem with society and how well people are taken care of. why do people use the streets? Gatekeeper doctors, no judgement, the medical system taking too long to achieve pain free status (whether mental or physically), better than alcohol, keeps people trying to work through pain (laborers), food insecurity, housing insecurity,etc. Products of a broken system. People are labeled an addict and can no longer receive proper pain because of doctors fear of reprocussions. 10 yrs in pain in Ontario Canada and have not been given a diagnosis for my chronic pain. I see so many in my situation that turn to the streets. I’m holding out for the possibility at a life again as I’m only 28. To those like me, may your spoons be plentiful.

  11. Captain Obvious | October 31, 2022 at 9:58 pm | Reply

    Let’s be honest here. Not being in pain is addictive. The ability to function normally is habit-forming when it comes from a drug.

  12. This is Kratom 100÷ just in a synthetic form

  13. Carole Rylands-Walker | November 1, 2022 at 1:47 am | Reply

    About time someone or something to help pain from Arthritis etc. so many people like myself living in pain every day avoiding activities they once enjoyed. Please please carry on to produce medication which is safe without awful side effects. Just think how it could also help not just the patient to regain a pain free life again but also help the GPs to prescribe the right medication.

  14. Fentanyl is what is killing people.Yes snynethic heroin.I believe that the it’s considered self eradication as far as some are concerned.I been in chronic pain for years and took my meds as directed and doctors are spooked to give many out any longer either being sued by idiots family members because they overdosed.Heck a idiot can go to a hardware store and drink acetone and die.Problek is people have been so irresponsible for so long people with sense loose their rights .Plain and barnyard simple.Anotger reason I go through life in pain each day .I so used to pain now I feel lost without it I guess .I probably forget to pray .Im just a simple man caught up in a complicated world I guess.Majority drugs sold the n the street are fentanyl based and weeding the weak like spraying flies with flying insect spray.I should invest in mortuary business I get rich.

  15. Why even bring it up when they are not even close to putting it on the market. Millions of people are suffering in the United States because of the lawmakers who do not know a damn thing about medicine decided to limit who can get them, i know one thing for certain the politicians including the Trump Admin are going to get all the opiates they want and believe some of them who are addicted to them get them whenever they need them, while the rest of America suffers the entitled @ssholes get what they want when they want at our expense

  16. Opioid medications from a Dr and taken correctly rarely have the occurrence of adddiscriminatoryiction. Please check your facts before writing incorrect, misinformation in your article that can potentially harm pain patients who need their medication. Even the CDC retracted those statements recently. I appreciate that you’re trying to create and offer this new product. It’s an interesting theory. Although I’m certain only so many candidates will be juicing their body into over drive with adrenaline. We will see. In the meantime, maybe crack open the latest science and statistics on addiction. Maybe by your next update all of the pain patient’s who are abused and abandoned by their Dr’s will look to you because you sound compassionate. Not like their alternative is suicide so they have no other choice but to let your product be guinea pigged on them like everything else.

  17. Sounds like kratom
    Which works wonders btw

  18. Hope for the future but probably too far away for myself. I’ve been on oxycodon/oxycontin very high dose for the last 12+years in Scotland for permanent nerve damage after spinal surgery for trapped nerve/severe sciatica. They have ruined my life and destroyed my mental function and destroyed my 21year relationship. I’ve been to pain specialists who end up telling me I’m on the best meds for my situation. Hope no one has to go through this in the future so here’s hoping they get a good result in not too far away time.

  19. Gregory Kirschenbaum, LMT | November 1, 2022 at 4:27 am | Reply

    I like it. We use a Soundwave generating electronic medical device, called TYQA to essentially, reduce inflammation and adrenaline production. This has a similar effect on the body.

    • So many promising pain solutions that are always beyond reach. Meanwhile I am suffering and having to use alcohol. Certainly not much future with an alcohol addiction. I actually lived a life when prescribed opiods. Thank the govt for the excellent job they do in ruining lives!

  20. Robert Richner sr | November 1, 2022 at 5:00 am | Reply

    Here I’m 57yrs old recovering from a truck accident that has left me with a torn labrum in my right growing now my lower back is in severe pain 24/7 I’v been taking hydrocordone since 20017. Thinking chiropractic will help straightened out my back 🤔 Iv been getting treaded for 8 weeks now but still not much results it sucks need help please 😢🙏

  21. Show me your stats that people who take pain medication become addicted. Most who take it for pain use the medication responsdsibly, do your research a little better before you lump all of us pain patients into one group as addicted drug users!

  22. Once again, more anti opioid propaganda. There are many people who have zero choice when taking these medications to give them even a little bit of relief….
    We do not have a prescription drug epidemic, we have a illicit drug epidemic of stupidity and zero accountability. It is past the point of throwing all this money into ways to help the addicts and high time to figure out how to cure, or at least stop making intractable pain people suffer more. Unlike the addicts, we did not choose to be sick and exist with conditions that are unimaginable….until they happen to you.

  23. This may have been a typo, but people do indeed get addicted to opiods.

  24. I suffer from severe dics & bone disease.Ive had 6 diccs removed and going in for 4th surgery on November 3rd..this disc EXPLODED..against my spinal cord , and has caused me to be paralyzed from the lower back down…I now live in a powered wheelchair..I can’t move without taken 2 10 Norcos..minimum..when I wake..from added scar tissue, arthritis..etc.I would love to try anything…if you need a volunteer.Thanks Dean Roberts

  25. I have been a victim of the opioid crisis,my husband was a victim as well he died in agony because the Dr took him off pain meds 9 days before he died of lung cancer. They didn’t want him to get addicted??? I was kicked out of pain management for a hot urine cocaine?? I didn’t do any cocaine but was kicked out with no meds almost lost my mind but ended up in “recovery” I was lucky to find a way to get pain relief but it is not a good fix the meds I am on now have bad side effects. It would be great if we could get meds that worked without the terrible side effects of most of the non opiate medicine. I’m sick of the uncaring pill mills the pain management has become there has got to be a better way I certainly hope that this medication is not another Gabi pentium!!!

  26. Small point, heroin is semisynthetic. Good read, thanks for pointing to the article in Science.

    • Heroin is referred to as natural because it is made from natural ingredients: morphine. Synthetics like methadone or fentanyl arent. Yes, heroin is classed semi-synthetic because a chemical change is made to the morphine molecules, but it isn’t incorrect to also refer to it as a natural opiate because of its derivation from morphine. The CDC calls heroin a “natural opiate” for example, on their website. But many other sources call heroin a “semi-synthetic opioid”.

  27. I’m not sure targeting adrenaline receptors will result in lack of addictive tendency. People get addicted to adrenaline too…and even though it doesn’t cause respiratory depression, adrenaline causes the entire cardiovascular system to speed up, and that can’t be a better alternative.
    Dependence would definitely still happen, but without euphoria I’m sure addiction wouldn’t. However, adrenaline response has its own euphoric reaction and it also causes small blood vessels to constrict, restricting flow to the periphery of your body. So how is this better? Partial agonist?

  28. I would like to participate in a study
    I’ve taken 30 mg of hydrocodone daily for several years and just quit over 3 months ago and started smoking delta 8

  29. Osteoarthritis could really benefit from this study. I have had all major joints replaced and several spine fusions. Because of this “epidemic” There is a clear indication that people who start on pain medication that the the transition off the medication has failed. Seems that should be a focus. People with chronic pain should be treated differently. Just as people who are abusing drug, buy street drugs and people who are suicidal all need different needs.. Accountability and ongoing support for people with chronic pain. I recently had spine surgery and was repeatedly told that it was major surgery. Yet once I left the hospital I was only given enough medication for two weeks. Several messages left for the doctor but there was no returned calls. That gap between medicated pain and unmedicated pain was unnecessary, Cruel and not patient focused. This should be part of the patients plain of care.

    • Yes, it was a major surgery. The reason you were only given enough pain medication for 2 weeks, and honestly that is more than advised, is because the pain from a major surgery is temporary. You don’t need pain medication for longer than that. If you have pain beyond 2 weeks after a surgery, it is due to something else in your body like a chronic issue or you have developed a complication from the surgery.
      Major surgeries do not result in pain for over 2 weeks. In fact, most pain after surgery subsides after 3 days.

      Source: I’ve had widespread chronic pain for 20 years, and several surgeries

      • I had back surgery in ‘14, I can barely stand for more than 15 minutes to this day. I can’t walk more than 100 yards without trembling with pain. I take the maximum dosage my doctor is allowed to prescribe now. It’s not enough. I’d trade addiction for the ability to go outside and play with my son any day. As for so called “euphoria”, I have never felt this by taking any medication. Yet, everybody worries more about my possible addiction than about my current quality of life. Yeah, being bed ridden 16 hours a day…man, what a life!

  30. Just another way for these pharmaceutical companies that make money off of you and their product hurts people not helps people !! Let them take it let them be the lab rat !!

  31. If we can solve the COVID-19 pandemic then why can’t these opiate replay replacements be solve more quickly. I’m tired of hearing it’s an epidemic. If it’s an epidemic then government needs to fund it like they did for COVID-19. I too would like to get off the opiate medication I take for my back pain. I have had 3 back surgeries and I have a nerve stimulation device implant. I’m not addicted to opiates,and I am so thankful for them, but I know in the long term the damage it could do to my liver function and other organs. Please, please, please fight for funding for these new medications. I want off of them.

  32. Disabled vet. 4 major neck surgeries and using opiate based pain meds for 13 years just to live without disabling pain. I’d love to be a test subject. I’m so tired of the looks at the pharmacy when I pick up my medicine. I’m tired of being stigmatized to live because of my medicine. Please help me. My current ortho dr is going to retire and I’ll be cut off. My only option because drs won’t prescribe what I need because of the stigma, I’m so afraid I’ll have to turn to illicit opiates. I’m not a drug addict. Just trying to live normal.

  33. i was on large amounts of opiates for 20 years and I was addicted then i stopped and saw 60% decrease in pain compared to 10% with opiates

  34. I have a very serious neck injury c567 is so damaged I can hear the crunching in my neck I’ve been on methadone and oxycodone for 15 years and my pain is very under control I have quality of life yes I’m addicted but use the right way and the way the doctor tells you to use it there’s no problem whatsoever I leed a functioning life and like I said I am addicted but as long as I have my medicine and I do not suffer

  35. I’ve been told by a medical provider that people like me, who live with chronic pain, diseases and illnesses will always be dependent on pain pills. We must use them as directed by the doctor so we don’t get addicted. The issue I have with that entire situation or the system is I know that they have to know that your hooked on them after you finish your first script or atleast when your bumped up to the higher doses like I am. I use mine as directed. I actually use less than what my script calls for and I have for years but I have enough for an extra pill everyday for those really bad days or when we have plans for outings and it’s more activity than my body is used to. There are so many people who can’t handle it and instead of using it to manage their pain they start seeking the high! I think with anything, anyone who either has been an addict or feels that sense of euphoria from being pain free will keep seeking it from whatever it is they are taking because that is what is making them “better”. If it’s not supposed to be “addictive” an addict can figure out a way to make it or any kind of drug benefit them. Even if it means selling it to make money to buy what they were used to having before or worse!
    I’d be anxious to see how this study turns out though! Because the trade off for me anyway to living a semi pain (not less but manageable) life is living an existence of feeling like a zombie, kind of feeling high, running late all the time, starting to lose my eyesight, terrible balance issues. Also, dizziness, sensitivity to light, nausea, constipation, I constantly have a fluctuation weight loss and gain of 20 pounds plus so many other symptoms or side effects. But probably the two that hit me the worst are me not being able to keep up with my grand kids and their activities also, I am unable to drive alone because I’m always medicated.

    • Hi daniel.i think me and you are very much alike .I’m taking shortec and longtec and have been for years.scientist say opiates are addictive.i say everything in life is addictive if you have addictive tendencies. People are addictive to shopping arnt they.eating junk food etc etc I could go on but the fact they say its addictive is utter rubbish.we take opiates cause we need to for a better or normal way of life.not taking it just for the fun of it.its the people who sell there prescription drugs to others where the problems truly is.they need it for the buzz.we need it to live a better doctor has lowered my dosage so clearly wants me off them.if I dont have them I cant go do the fee hours work they help me do so therefore is my doctor going to get in touch with the hmrc and insist that I get pip bebefits and all the other universal credits etc etc because I cant physically work.what would cost the government it supplying me with the small amount of tablets every month at a cost to nhs or tavmx payers or whatever or would it be better for the government to give me £1500 plus a month in benefits.we all know which one.doctors.scientist dont way up that tho do they.maybe they should think twice about if helping someone medically is worse than helping them financially.

  36. Opiates abuse is very bad man become addictive I also suffering Nalbupphine inj it’s start to overcome my anxiety and depression No this is addictive finding Solution to overcome but helpless any suggestions

  37. Every time I read one of these articles I laugh. They refer to the great plague of opiates and opioids and how great their new drug will work.
    1. It is research.
    2. Needs money and more testing.
    3. The drug is nowhere close to group stage testing.
    I am all in on research to find something that will work, but this article like others is just about research that may or may not ever be produced.

  38. Susan B Andrews | November 1, 2022 at 1:22 pm | Reply

    I would be interested in a clinical trial

  39. “[…]they also have serious side effects. Opioids, and above all morphine, can cause nausea, dizziness, and constipation.[…]

    Sigh. Are you familiar with other pharmaceuticals? Have you ever seen a TV ad for a new pharmaceutical, with the minute-long recitation of potential side-effects, risks, dangers?

    Opioids are one of the safest analgesics in existence. They have fewer side effects than just about any other drug for pain relief, even aspirin or acetaminophen. That they are not carefully managed by those who prescribe them is one of the problems. That they are easy to synthesize illegally is another problem. FIFTY people die every week in San Francisco, almost all from Fentanyl, and assuredly not prescribed by a doctor. Meanwhile, my wife, 70 years old, twice thrown from horses causing permanent, chronic pain, is being forced to “taper” off of a mere 10-15mg of hydrocodone per day, because of the “serious” risks it poses. So my wife is back to being in chronic pain. When both the CDC and CA Medical Board state that the threshold for “concern” is 50 morphine equivalents per day – in other words, FIVE 10mg hydrocodone per day.

    The entire system is broken. Punish those who take it legally and safely (it’s easy, they’re law abiding so we know who they are!); pretend it’s ‘humane’ not to lock up drug dealers.

  40. I would be willing to try this keep me in mind when we move to human trials

  41. I Agree with so many people in the comments. I was a Pedestrian hit by a Drunk Driver when I was 17 the 2 people standing on each side of me passed away. I’m now 43 with multiple surgeries and 26 screws 1 cage in my neck another in my lower back and still need more surgeries.
    I don’t like the fact that I have to live off Pain Meds Prescribed.
    I don’t like the fact I’m labeled.
    When people like me have to CONSTANTLY worry about our pain meds and Drs and what the government is doing, it’s stressful. And because of people abusing pain meds people that actually need them suffer. I’m all for taking something that isn’t a Opioid if it will stop my pain. But as the other guy said there are so many side effects with so many meds it’s crazy.

  42. I’ll stick with my tried and true kratom. Best thing I’ve found by far for getting me off and keeping me off opiates along with countless other addicts I know and ppl who struggle with pain. Biggest problem is it’s illegal in a lot of states so ppl don’t have the access to it that they should.

  43. I have suffered chronic pain since 2004 with lower back pain I also developed Trigeminal Neuralgia. I also broke my sacrum January 2020, I now suffer chronic pain. I had my both knees replaced that same year and continue to suffer with pain.

    Opiod pills did not work on me. We I weened off and currently have no way to control my pain. I use canabis at night to help sedate me enough sp it lessens my pain for about 4 hrs if I’m lucky. All my pain conditions are idiopathic.

    If you ever hold clinical trials in Canada I would seriously interested in participating in your study.

  44. Like Barbara Rosen I have horrific scoliosis because of failed surgery. 3 weeks after surgery my spine collapsed. Went back to surgeon and he asked ME what happened! He told me to stay away from surgeons and sent me to a “pain” doctor, who I only saw once in the 4yrs I went to this clinic. A Methadone Clinic! I finally took myself off Cold Turkey and it was horrible. I have been off of opiods for 18 months now. I don’t crave them at all, but if I had this new med that is not ‘addictive’ and would take my pain away it would be life-changing. I have never sought out pain meds like some stories we hear about, and I don’t take Tylenol because of the warnings of use. Ibuprofen tears my stomache up. So here I am, gladly volunteering for any study trials. This is no way to live.

  45. Years ago being then, and right now is today. I like sy fy. Usually I am active and attentive. My past has to be proof. Seriously . I like to smoke weed occasionally. One decision I recently thought I sh ok uld use thc gummies or lea n to bake cookies. Perhaps it’s nutrients ? Packaging or availability. Smw

  46. I have stenosis of the cervical and lumbar spine, plus scoliosis. No disc left from L3-5 at L3 I’ve got 60% narrowing at L4 its 80% and L5 almost closed off, which means I’d lose the use of my legs unless I want to go through a 5 hr surgery with 3 month recovery, which I don’t! As that’no guarantee. I currently take morphine but not a large dose and try to get by with less than prescribed. I don’t feel I have an addiction because they’ve not called in my meds at times and had to go days without and as I said I try to get by with less than prescribed. I would be interested in more info about this as I am 67 with a 93 yr old mother to care for plus I’m raising 2 teenage grandsons. I don’t like being labeled as an addict but if you take an opiate for pain that’s how it is.

  47. William Forrest | November 1, 2022 at 5:53 pm | Reply

    So when taking opiates is this new pain killer beneficial in assist you in get off the opiates to Find yourself eventually on this non addictive an addictive product.

  48. Exciting research. The more options, pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic, available to help people with pain, especially chronic pain, the better. Treating the cause is often not possible or desirable, so pain management is essential for quality of life. Reducing side effects is a great goal for any new medications.

  49. I neglected to state that I’d definitely participate in a study of this medication. I’d be glad to be part of finding a safe, non addictive medication to relieve pain, especially chronic pain! What a wonderful miracle this would be! Praying for this to proceed swiftly, to help all who are in pain every day, with currently no safe relief. 🙏🏼🕊🙏🏼

  50. I’m suffering from more than one type of autoimmune disease. I have migraines, a rare form of arthritis Behcets disease, psoriatic arthritis, spinal surgery removal of 2 disks, still need more surgery. The ulcerations from Behcets cause severe painful ulcers in my mouth, nose, throat, ears, it caused corneal abrasions too. Thes’s so painful I hate it. Also I,’ve fibromyalgia it’s like having the worst aches and pains all over. I’m a survivor of a car wreck that caused me to have major spinal surgery two crushed lumbar very

  51. I am waiting for full spinal fusion surgery. Every part of my life has been effected by pain. I am sensitive to medications and they put me to sleep. If there is a way to help you test these on humans I would volunteer myself. Please let me try this. I am ready fir relief. You have my email.

  52. I try to be hopeful when reading news of research that can improve quality of life without the medications that can hinder it with side effects or possible addictions. Having gone through chemotherapy and radiation treatments, then taking part in a 3 year blind immunotherapy study to help future cancer patients, my lifeline was hope. Throughout my cancer treatment I chose to not take the pain and anxiety meds because of the hard core chemicals that my body was already struggling with, I didn’t want to add more damage to my liver, etc… as well as needing to work and drive without that stuff making me groggy and wanting to be in bed all day. So yeah, if there’s hope for a safer pain med that’s backed by research I hope it’s a success.

  53. There are so many foods that can reduce (or cause) inflammation, hence pain. If you have chronic pain, it is really worth looking into & making the lifestyle change for. From my experience, dietary changes work fast. Garlic supplements alone can help a toothache or abscess within 24 hours.

  54. I would love to be able to do simple things like walking through the grocery store without severe pain. I have dealt with this for 6 year’s. My pain is one of the side effects of chemo. The pain has only gotten worse through out the year’s plus having to repeat the chemotherapy. Because of the addictive potential pain medication is not an option unless you go on hospice. The cancer is under control at this time, but the pain continues and is getting worse all the time. If they could find a medication that is not addictive, which they could if they really tried. People could have a good quality of life without pain. It would be wonderful to be pain free for just a little while.

  55. I have been a chronic pain patient for over 30 years. Off and on narcotics and everything in between. Tried marajuna, CBD, kratom, about ready to try keatmines. So to say the least I would be so happy for something with no side effects. Pease let me know how I can be invold with these trails. I am willing to try anything. Thank you glenn parnell

  56. Have you not heard of adrenaline junkies? People do dangerous stunts for the high of getting close calls, just watch idiots on YouTube. A paralyzed person once said it looked like fun. That could be worse than addiction that in carefully monitored for chronic pain sufferers.

  57. I’m sick of these people who have destroyed our lives stripped us of Opioids pain meds. Cheap works . To people like me who suffer daily pain without Opioids I might as well be dead. Just as the person above said and who said the new drug is not addictive are causes many side effects . Opioids a wonderful God given drug that allows me to live walk breath n dance if I want. Hug my grandkids etc. They always want to make up lies about Opioids. Prescription Opioids are safe affordable n work. FaKE ILLEGAL FENTANYL IS WHATS KILLING PEOPLE NOT PRESCRIPTION OPIODS.

    FENTYNOL is an opioid illegal and 100s time stronger that is what is killing people.
    Government wants us sick people dead n big pharma wants another way to charge high prices on a new meds are those stupid brain machines always trying to make money. Truth is PRESCRIPTION Opioids ARE COST EFFECTIVE THEY WORK N SAFE. LEAVE US Sick N DYING SUFFERING PEOPLE ALONE

  58. Danielle Elizabeth Eisler | November 2, 2022 at 11:36 am | Reply

    I’ve taken opiates since 2005, I eat salads,fruits,& high fibre bread, so have conquered the constipation. Yes they’re addictive,but they afford necessary pain relief to engage in health-giving daily exercise. Am perfectly happy with opiates.

  59. I’m tired of hearing about relief that’s not available, I suffer every day and no one has been able to help, so afraid that I will become addicted,

  60. Hi I’m a 35 year old female with a severe and rare Kidney and bladder disease. For the last 15 years I have been put on numerous amounts of oxycoden both immediate release and slow release, also numerous amounts of diazepam and it’s family group medication as well as so much more. To help me with the extremely severe pain I go through everyday. I have had over 57 surgeries to try and correct the obstructions that occurs to my ureter from my over active, over pressurerised bladder and Kidney reflux. My bladder has no way of empty properly due to a hightone sphincter and unfortunately my condition has already destroyed 1 of my Kidneys and I currently have 2 PUJ obstructions on my right Kidney. There is nothing more any urologists can do for me surgically as my case is to risky and unfortunately is going to end up ending me on dialysis. As in Australia I’m currently not approved by transplant unit to get a replacement Kidney as there’s a 99.9% chance that it could damage donor kidney. I have been left to get through this myself and my pain medication is no longer working for me my body and pain receptors have gotten so use to that cocktail of opioid, diazepam and other numerous medication I’m on that I’m only taking it to stay out of withdrawal untill my pain specialist finds something else that can help. Then I have just read your report this is purely exactly what I’m looking for I don’t want to take this poision and have my body so addictive to it that it is slowly shutting down and my heart unfortunately has become weaker from opioid use 9ver a long period. I have worked myself down to bare minimum of oxycoden that I can handle as I’m purely exhausted from battling this pain everyday and having no hope. Not only now do I get put in the to hard basket for the urologists I now can’t even go try and find a doctor in ky local area that is willing to take me on as a patient due to my medication. I need your help please I’m honestly at the end of my tether and don’t know what to do plus I’m extremely unwell and in pain continually everyday with maybe a 2 hour break from it a day. Please I desperately need you to help as I no longer can put that oxycoden into my system I can feel it killing me 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  61. It’s extremely unfortunate that opiates have gotten such a bad rap over the past few years. Had Drs prescribed them correctly, they wouldn’t have created such a problem. I know several people who take them regularly & responsibly without any issues. I’ve also watched people abuse them, but in all fairness, they really shouldn’t have been prescribed them in the first place. I’m glad to hear that science is looking for more options; the more options we have, the better it is for those in need—especially for those who are sensitive to opioid pain meds. My prayers & thoughts go out to everyone fighting chronic pain & the Drs how are looking for more options.

  62. I’ve suffered in pain for so many years it took along time to get help and out of the wheel chair I slowly sank into. Tried everything.4 doctors together put me on opiods years ago. Then the opiod crisis.Us in truly need of pain relief following the rules were punished. Opioids reduced to taken away.Even with 2020 CDC memo put out I’ve still been ignored by Doctor. I spend more time in pain back in bed going right back to that dreaded wheelchair . So sick of being useless & the pain that can be controlled with opioids. I’d rather a short productive life than a long suffering useless one.

  63. That’s Finny I was told that 15 years ago about oxycontin by the VA after 3 failed back surgeries and multiple other injuries .. “Don’t worry it’s better and safer then percocet”

  64. I live in chronic pain twenty-four seven. I didn’t want to take percocet’s and oxy’s but i had to and then i had a stroke, i hope and pray that someone will have a breakthrough where we will have a choice other than these dangerous drugs that we have to take.Join me up for a lab rat…

  65. Dreamer & Ray, you are both totally correct! This is another money maker for Big Pharma! That’s it. They are going to control your pain by jacking up your adrenaline! Imagine the dangers that come with that, plus no sleep, ADHD effects, etc. We all need a medical system built on sincerity, care for others, helping to improve others quality of life. Like Ray said, we need to be treated, not managed. This can only be done by finding the root cause of our symptoms. The root causes are often treated organically, with substances our bodies make, or are suppose to make. And there are Functional Medicine Docs, Biological Medicine Docs, Naturopathic Docs, all who are trained & capable of finding these root causes (traditional medicine is not taught to treat or cure, just manage symptoms. They are not trained in depth to find root causes & insurance wont allow them the time, even if they wanted to), but it all goes back to greed. The costs of working with these kinds of practitioners or to participate in one of their cookie cutter programs is astounding! They all have a back story of “how they became so ill & no one could help them so they had to figure it out for themselves & now that they have cured their issues, they just want to help as many ppl as possible.” Its total bulls***. They mean as many rich ppl who can just keep throwing thousands a month at them because the rich too are so desperate for help. Genuine, caring ppl who want to look out for others & share what they know to change someone’s life, seems to come from only those who suffer the most.It’s sad, & a shame, & if they truly knew what it’s like to be stripped of all possessions, money, career, friends, family & your self dignity, then those who can help the rest of us surely would if they had one ounce of compassion for those who cant live life. Sadly, their first priority is also making money, and if that means exploiting the desperate & vulnerable, they will, they do. I know first hand, way too many times. I’ve tried it all it seems. I dont know where to turn now & I’m afraid to trust anyone in any medical profession anymore.

  66. Shannon Ollison | November 3, 2022 at 4:27 am | Reply

    I am so tired of hearing about addiction. It’s the addicts that have made it almost impossible for people with true actual pain to get the meds they need to just try and get through the day.Its why there are so many suicides.people that have chronic pain aren’t looking to get high that’s absurd. We are just wanting to make it through the day,to have some sort of life where we aren’t bed bound and crying every single day. I’ve had 5 neck surgeries 5 back surgeries 2 ankle surgeries hip surgery. I could go on with a long list of other surgeries I’ve had but I’m just trying to make the non believers see that some people do have a need for pain control. Doctors today are afraid to prescribe pain meds even when they have all the documentation of proof that you need this pain medication. It’s the street addicts fault that we have to suffer. Until this problem is addressed there will be more suicides and Noone cares. The government needs to stay out of the doctors business. Sorry for the rant but more people need to speak up instead of worrying that they may upset their docs.If your doctor knows you and your conditions he won’t be mad at you he will be mad at the government for interfering with the medical side of things. My last words are for you street addicts. Stop just stop. You are killing people that truly need pain medication. All you want is to get high. Stop being so selfish.

  67. Adrenaline is already addictive i knw ppl who do s*** to just get a adrenaline rush thatlast 20secs if that but they will do s*** all day long just for tht rush from it so not sure why they say its not addicting or I’m confused or somthing

  68. I’d jump on this trial, as I’m becoming desperate for back and neck pain relief. Sounds great, science at its finest!

  69. I just wish all the powers to be would stop criticising pain meds and banning them when they obviously either have never felt actual long term daily pain or have free access to the best private doctors. We have to try and live and work, pay bills and support families even if meds have side effects which all meds do. It’s not right to leave us in pain because 2 people out of a 1000 get addicted.

  70. Stephen Alexander | November 3, 2022 at 9:33 am | Reply

    As a retired nurse of 34 plus years with 16 years. I have personally seen everything and the absolute pain and suffering. My conclusion is that AMA or any other federal agency for that matter has not or does care for the suffering of those severely injured
    and the elderly who suffer day and night. As a disabled nurse with with the VA who refuses to give opioids, just causes me to suffer from multiple neck injuries and neck pain due to non treatment. I’m told my neck will completely fuse and I can only turn my neck from side to side for a few seconds with pain. This government and medical leadership has painted every American’s face with the word “ADDICT”. Doctors are hounded and threatened with losing their medical license if they prescribe pain meds and it disgust me. These so called humans should
    at least ask the elderly what they
    would choose. Pain meds. with a quality of life or an extended life of suffering !!!

  71. Stephen Alexander | November 3, 2022 at 10:07 am | Reply

    From previously posted comment. I accidentally forgot to mention I have 16 years in Intensive care units, coronary care units, coronary vascular Care units, Trauma care neonatal intensive care, Emergency care and mobile Intensive care and managed a IV THERAPY Department with a 95 percent 1 stick average. The elderly and those that suffer daily from pain are not addicts. It is those that choose their life style, have made the mistake of trying heroin and other “Illegal Drugs” in states like California, Portland for example that could care less for “American Citizens” in need of serious help.

  72. I would be very interested in knowing more about this method of relieving pain
    Please let me know if your research proves successful.Thank you kindly.

  73. Why can’t there be an actual study on Kratom since so many people are using it for pain relief and it’s not addictive. It’s used regularly in Asian countries without dangerous side effects.

  74. Marijuana has been used to ease pain and recent studies prove it is effective and much safer than other pain relievers. They found instead of masking the pain or temporarily relieving symptoms Marijuana changes the way the brain understands the messages received from the nerves. This not only offers relief from symptoms but can aid in healing or recovery from underlying issues. Because the pain a warning signal from body to brain of injury and potential worsening of injury, people can re-injure, make worse, or delay full recovery if the pain is completely eliminated even for a short time. But, when the pain is replaced with awareness one can safely begin returning to normal physical activity in a safe therapeutic way.

    The pharmaceutical industry created this opioid epidemic and are failing to be accountable. And, they shouldn’t be rewarded any further grants or research funding given the incredible profits received during the “pill mill” days. They should be required to use the blood money.

    Research into Marijuana’s Medical/Health/Wellness benefits has been slow worldwide, America being slowest, but each study has shown some amazing possibilities for curing/solving deadly problems facing humanity today.

  75. I have osteoarthritis of both shoulders and my left hip unable to get hip and shoulders replaced because I only have 50 percent of my left side of my heart working and compression fractures in my back and degenerative disc disease in lumbar region plus mild to moderate osteoarthritis in my right hip if right hip goes I will be in a wheelchair now let’s talk about pain shoulders and left hip are severe try walking like a snail it’s no fun the pain is off the chart I’ve had hip injections but after a while they will no longer work waiting on shoulder injections I been using my arms to the point my muscles are screaming the only thing I can take is 5mg oxycodone 3x a day every other pain med I’m allergic to I hope they find something better

  76. The past 3 years I’ve been suffering immensely from for quinolone’s toxicity and have refused any and all medication even for pain. Mindfulness is semi helpful however not easy. Heck I wish we could have an implanted on and off pain switch. I surely would volunteer for that study as well. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Living in chronic pain like this is the worst that could happen in my opinion. I hope this helps others who suffer

  77. I would like to participate in the study. Living with cervical and lumbar pain is brutal.

  78. Yes i do agree! Entirely! That was well said dreamer! I’m an only 29 and was hit by a truck doing 75mph wen i was walking home aug 24 2015 thrown 150 ft into the pavement head first. And now that I’m living in FL and not in PA any more i can’t even get insurance to even be seen by a pain dr. Indian i have to rely on an antagonist called Subutex. Not it turns out the withdrawals from this is worse the from heroin and like 4 times longer, and with out pain relieving benifits after the first couple months smfh!

  79. Have one knee completely missing along with some muscles for extension/knee cap locking to stand. Going on 24 years since accident and have needed meds since 7-8 years post. Right out of hospital at 16 I threw the opiates away and never looked back. By my early 20s my back and one good knee left me in as much pain as the missing one. University of Miami said a replacement or cadaver was pointless due to the muscle loss and wanted to cut the leg off below the knee or make it one long bone from hip to ankle. I use the injured leg to balance and sort of pole vault back to the good one almost well enough that nobody can tell beyond a limp and shorter leg. The removal or locking one long bone would have put more pressure on my back and “good” leg that’s slowly becoming the worse leg. The fight against opiates starting in 2006-2007 left me struggling for years to juggle a job and remain out of withdrawal. I have ended up at a clinic and worked my way up to take home doses but it’s sad that those who don’t abuse their meds have to go through this. I find the med extreme as it’s once a day but does keep cravings down but also makes me sleepy or withdrawn after 15-20 hours if I go down in dose. Still the best choice and I’m afraid the physical addiction will stick with me for life plus my physical need but meds like this articles may help the next generation.

  80. MaryAnn Lawrence | November 4, 2022 at 5:07 am | Reply

    I would volunteer. Too many of us are living with untreated chronic pain. Until the medical researchers can find an alternative allow us to have our say in what works for us. I want my life back.

  81. All “natural” pain killers was put on this planet to help us humans. Yet, doctors and society decides what is good for you. To be 100% honest? I’ll rather be “addicted” and live a “normal” life and be able to do every day tasks than be so crippled that you can barely get up in the morning. It’s obvious that your body need help, and no one that I know of can mentally erase the pain

  82. There already is an all natural pain reliever that works better than any opioid. It is readily available with an unlimited supply. THC should be prescribed before sny thing else.

  83. Just started Beyond Percocet and eventually add me on 80 mg of Oxycontin 4 to 6 times a day and then decided to cut me off I believe you got caught for over prescribing now it’s been going on three years and I cannot find a doctor and forth to buy stuff on the street what is wrong with our government for people that legitimately for 20 years of taking a medication and I’ll send it gets taken away from them

  84. I would definitely be interested in trials. I am living with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I do not respond to many medications for pain, so have basically exhausted all possibilities of medication. Please, continue the research as an answer for a lot of people is needed.

  85. My husband was in a accident 1982 it was not his fault, he was in the hospital for 3 months the lower part of his spine was damaged. His spine keeps Deteriorating and the Doctor said there is nothing that can be done. He has been going to a pain management he has had 3 treatments where they burned the nerves off. He said after wards the pain is worse than before He has tried to talk to the doctor about helping him with pain meds but the doctor is not willing to discuss it. He said he is not going back to the pain management I think this is so sad he is 68 years old and has worked his whole life like someone mentioned people are left with no option so they go to the streets. This is my opinion only but the Government needs to leave our doctors alone and my opinion again is I believe pain management is interested in the money . They don’t make any money to write a pain prescription but too do burning nerves or other things they do good paychecks I thought this was the whole thing with pain management in stead of your Physician. It’s very hard watching the ones you love suffering.


  87. Technikality Reality…
    I got you! Been the same way in my critical thinking for years!
    Kudos ✌💗😉

  88. At first glance I thought that was a disc from Tron behind the back.. 😋

  89. I don’t believe any of this nonsense

  90. I have suffered w chronic pain for over 25+ years only relief I truly got when I was prescribed methadone for pain it was like a miracle,then this war on drugs came along and I and many others where taken off meds and I was cut off,never any bad marks or abuse w my meds,I bow have literally a sad life,I m killing myself with otc Bayer back and body any tylenol arthritis,I’m sole caregiver for my elderly mom,my brother took his life 2 yrs ago from not coping w chronic pain..they need to look at genetics and pain,I’m cursed w health issues my grandma had and my mom’s crippled w pain and arthritis and systemic lupus like my grandma,…drug abusers will always get there drugs and abuse them..NO REASON IN THIS DAY AND AGE PEOPLE SHOULD BE SUFFERING THAT HAVE ** LEGITIMATE DOCUMENTED ISSUES W CHRONIC PAIN,*** INSTEAD YOU GET TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL…..I KNOW AND IT HURTS IN ITS OWN WAY N CREATES DEPRESSION AS WELL… WAKE UP OUT THERE PEOPLECARE SUFFERING…..THNX

  91. I would definitely like to be involved in a study. Lately my chronic pain has been at level 9. I am already taking pain medication however my new issues are making living unbearable. I realize pain can truly damage your mental health.

  92. I suffer with pain daily and have done more so within the last 6 years.just when you think you ve turned a corner and been given medical help for one problem then another one hits you.ive been on shortec and longtec for over 2 years.after trying all the non opiates and anti inflammatories opiates are the only thing that help me do a few hours work to earn money.the government dont help you .I ve tried claiming pip 3 times but I’m not classed as eligible because I can do certain things like feed myself and wipe my own behind.i could of lies on the forms but what’s the point.surely if a person is taking string pain relief for years then they clearly struggle day to day.It’s only taking the pain relief that help yet scientists and doctors want to get us off opiates.people arnt getting addicted as such to opiates its jjust a necessary to be able to try and live a little bit of a normal life.anyone can have an addiction to anything in life .the fact that it costs the nhs money to subscribe opiates is the clear factor as to why they try getting you off them.some people have addictive nature s to simple everyday things.people can get addicted to anything or is it just called sticking to a routine.people cant go a day without having chocolate.some people cant go a day without doing there make you get what I’m trying to say.just cause a few studies show people on opiates wanting them isnt the addiction is a case of us needing them to carry on living a life without pain or just a few hours of pain relief.yes your body can become say immune to them therefore needing higher doses but it just the same as the need for anything in life to keep you same and some what happier in your self.if we didnt have things like this then our way of life would be one big misery .well that’s my opinion about it.i take upt 16 tablets a day for numerous health problems.does a doctor thing I want to be swallowing a tablet 16 times a day or injecting insulin 8 times a day.the answer is no we dont but we have to to get through life.if its insulin.if it opiates isnt it in theory the same a cancer treatments mnd treatments etc etc.its to keep us sane and alive at the end of the day.should the cost of a treatment matter if its saving a life or giving someone a better way of life for themself and there families.NO !!!!

  93. I have been using methamphetamine for 31 years now and I haven’t had the flu in 31 years I know if I ever feel sick all I got to do take a couple hits in my pain is gone if I have any. So it sounds like you guys are on the right track methamphetamine

  94. This Left me a bit unsettled. It sounds to me like a recycling of old medication. There are much better options in the market as we speak, like cannabis and psilocybin

  95. I have been on pain meds for over 15 years I fractured my spine.As of Aug 6 this year I’ve stopped taking them all. Now I live in constant pain. But I never want to get addicted to the pain meds again. If there is something new that helps with pain but doesn’t slowly kill us at the same time. Please sign me up

  96. I just can’t see them being effective on severe pain I have 9/10 pain 24/7 from shingles and PHN. It’s real and not going away. Been using opioids for 6 years and there has to be an effect to tackle the mental emotional response to pain which is as deadly as an od. If I can’t escape the hell the pain puts me in (mental, emotional and physical) I want assisted suicide. The pain made me try to jump out of the car on the way to the hospital once. It was my brain telling me, I was emotionally exhausted and could not mentally cope with it. My kids had to witness this horror story of their father that loves them. I was in tunnel vision passing out and “waking” back into the pain till they shot me full of Hydromorphone that my doctor at the time reduced the dose to nothing. Opioids work on that part of the brain. It’s impossible to feel euphoria from any drug with this high of pain. Just a reduction to the point of being functional

  97. My husband has suffered from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome since 1999. His journey and mine is a long story so here is the short one. It took pain mgmt two years to manage his pain through different meds and procedures which did not work or give him any relief. The last resort was fentyal. He was on fentynal until 2012 at 300mc. He had to be admitted into hospital to withdraw because his body was shutting down. Now he is on Suboxone which maintains the pain about 50 percent. Many pain mgmt doctors do not want to prescribe opiates. Doctors think procedures will work. They are not for everyone. So I guess he’ll be on Suboxone for the rest of his life

  98. It is long overdue that new medicine to treat chronic pain that doesn’t subject us to addiction is made available.

  99. Soooo basically from what I Read, if it actually works it won’t ever see the light of day. Well known fact what the FDA does to folks that come up with solid cures, simply Google Cancer is big business, heck the documentary is on YouTube, man has the cure for cancer so they raided his home and office 50 times a month and still don’t have it. Thank you Dr Bruzinski. Agreed nice article but reality sets in and folks move on.

  100. Looking for an answer in controlling pain I have several conditions that cost severe pain I was an oxycodone patients now cannot get anyone to give me my oxycodone the problem is is that I was even tested by a pain psychologist and my receptors are blocked so the medication has way less accuracy in helping me and as a result I am not one prone to addiction I cannot get addicted to something that cannot get into The receptors to stop the pain so looking for something to help with pain would this be something that I should consider

  101. Pain relief is a funny thing, because pain doesn’t come from your back or your knee or your gunshot wound, pain comes from your brain. Opioids have never been the only way to effectively relieve pain, they’ve just been best way, the most cost-effective and, in proper dosage, the least harmful. Ketamine obliterates pain better than the strongest fentanyl analogue chemists an concoct, but take it for long enough and you’ll see much bigger problems than dependence or constipation. Even still, they’re are a number of people out there for whom opioids will always remain the best option for quality of life, and right now society has labeled many of these people “addicts” and forced them to the streets and shadows to obtain their less safe, less standardized and more expensive(unless you’re prescribed something fancy in the US) opioids they need to get on with their lives. Over the last 120 years we’ve learned how to safely manage opioid dependency, so why are people still dying by the thousands? Why are violent cartels still in the business of producing and distributing these drugs that should be(and are) easily available in a safer form from your local pharmacy? Kudos to the scientists finding new ways to relieve pain, but for the love of God if somebody wants an opioid give them a safe one stop criminalizing pain relief.

  102. How do I get into trial I have been on 100 mg 2 times a day to 3 times a day now they want to cut me off because of the dumdasses at cdc rules

  103. Id like to be a study I’m currently stuck in pain management since 2015 I have 5 buldging discs and they won’t do surgery I d had multiple injections and radio frequency is my only option ever 6 months from my L5-S1 and T2-T4 now and my insurance is starting not to want to pay for this procedure any longer because my age my nerves are growing back quicker than 6 months they won’t give me pain pills due to my age and getting addicted and my brain receptors as they say if pain medicine if needed for a life threatening surgery may not help me as I get older and anti-inflammatories have messed my kidney up so spine Dr said I’m stuck till one day modern medicine catches up and can help me with pain other than right here frequency so this may be hope for me other than pain pills

  104. I read the article Teknikality Reality on Nov 4 2:03 am. How true this story is.I heard this before.I have conic pain and they gave me Methadone.The Dr told me to Detox off the Methadone.Went to Methadone clinic and they said the pain would come back from the 3 sinus surgery I had 16 years ago.So then I went to St Joe’s hospital drug rehab and check my self in and they said the same thing.The pain would come back if I detox off the methadone.So I went back to Lodi methadone clinic and talked to the Dr.She sent me to Stanford Hospital.i spend a week in Stanford and Dr David told me the pain wouldn’t come back.First day hour level 10 and I been fighting with them and finding out what Pain Management is.All for 20 mg of Methadone a day.

  105. Sounds great BUT for us that are in pain & agony 24/7 we can’t wait & chronic/acute Opiate users need the opiates to stay alive (suicide is real)! IC ~ Interstitial Cystitis was once called, The Suicide Disease!
    I would never wish Interstitial Cystitis on my worst enemy & then add severe allergies to all medications with a sulfa molecule ~ I can’t use anything else for pain & even most of those I’m allergic too ~ Morphine Sulfate for example.
    I’m a Registered Nurse since 1985 & a LPN since 1983 & we didn’t have issues with Opiates to the extent it is now until they started giving Opiates IV instead of IM for acute pain.

    It’s so sad that Big Pharma & the Government want to take away something 99% of us whom use responsibly because Junkies are buying street drugs like Fentanyl, Crystal Meth, Xanax & other drugs that are killing people because they aren’t regulated by a Registered Pharmacist & purchased through a Pharmacy legally!

    There’s the Dopple to coordinate the Junkies ~ use the info wisely & quit penalizing those whom are innocent, using pain meds responsibly & need the medications for somewhat of a lifestyle

    God bless you ~ I would be interested in hearing & being involved in your Trial

    Sincerely, LeeAnn/RN

  106. I would like to know about how to be involved in a study I am a single mother with several medical conditions unable to even work anymore that have became so debilitating that myself and my children have been without a place to live for a year. I was having my pain managed well for a long time especially for tumors a urine tests came back negative basically that I didn’t take it. That is crazy I never thought you could get in trouble for failing a drug test. Besides that of course I would fail because I’m so just that kinda of humble parent and been thru so much tragedy 6 years ago when I lost my baby 💗 at the hands of my than husband. The last year things have been unimaginable but I have fought through so many personal battles but health ones with pain when no one will help because of a incorrect test result.

  107. For those who are complaining about these medications being addictive, please note that real constant pain is intolerable therefore, not being in pain is addictive in its self. The only question for people who suffer with chronic pain is, can you live with the side effects better than you can deal with the pain. Hope this drug help people. Anything that helps with pain is a good thing. It’s bad people that misuse it, judge people, and or profit off of it in a greedy or harmful way. Doctors just need to understand pain better and not just write Rxs then cut people off cold turkey. That’s just stupid!!!

  108. There is a difference between addiction and dependence. When misused and abused opiates cause addiction. When taken properly opiates cause dependence and increase the quality of one’s life. Just like insulin or steroids. The cause of the epidemic is illicit fentanyl not FDA approved opiates. Like others have said it’s all about the money. Let’s see what the outcome of this study brings.

  109. I’ve struggled with terrible cervical neck pain since 2007. I have found no relief, and thanks to the CDC and such – I’m being pushed to do a fourth surgery on my neck. I’ve never been prescribed opioids. My life is a chit show. Physical therapy, counseling, CBT, acupuncture, chiropractic visits, non-narcotics, nerve ablation, and three neck surgeries have all failed. Yet, I’ve found 100% of no relief. I’m now considering street drugs or assisted suicide. Thanks CDC!

  110. Belinda G Duncan | November 7, 2022 at 2:19 am | Reply

    David Phillips nailed it!

  111. Belinda G Duncan | November 7, 2022 at 7:04 am | Reply

    This article is semi-interesting. But its interesting to see the “opiate crisis” was peddled everywhere U.S. Europe Asia etc near the same time. Im a numbers guy so I always want the stats and sources. I’m also a former social science researcher (anthropology) and I am bothered by their “facts”. Pills and only pills for pain management were targeted blamed and had legislation processed on it and the doctors etc. Then in U.S. the Some states sued pharmaceutical companies for nearly 2.6 Billion and won mostly all claiming the extra efforts on system cost them and they needed help to aid people suffering. family who lost loved ones to overdose got a penny..addicts still have to pay for suboxone treatment AND do therapy outpatient intense to receive heres the kicker though in the United States out of the deaths from opiate overdoses crammed all over the news and tv…only 11 % were from pills overdosed on orally with an additional 16% deaths from pills shot intravenously. In total still only 27% or 1/4 so all this when 3/4 were NOT from pills or scripts AND the things it was from like heroin etc usage jumped by 140%-200% overdoses soared after they started “fixing the crisis”. Because the cost of heroin and non pill related opiates went down access jumped high. They actually created a crisis with a fake one. Its never the chemical of medicine but the receptors that supply the chemical that helps pain as we know so the answer is and always has been micro-dosing its complex to explain but basically the body copies a small dose like its rna or dna and spreads enough to open receptors. Just like some people say LSD(DMT) or hallucinogens is bad when this is how micro-dosing first was noticed because 1) everyone’s pineal gland creates DMT 2) receptors activate easier when the micro-dosing utilized 3) its how & why our brains development was catalystic but most importantly addiction is a natural occurrence to ensure the body receives what it needs by making us crave.. originally nature developed the addiction loop in us for…salt. thats right good ole salt because it was vital to development so the brain made sure its odds would improve the chances. Lastly (long winded) im a former gymnast and dancer it put me through undergrad College and Grad school that for five years now have dealt with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis & Demyelination of my spine and brain so its a personal issue for me being I’m in a wheelchair now 90% of the time and pain pain pain like acid in my veins brain and spine! Just give us medical grade marijuana nationwide! Need the weed, the jobs , the money it would provide states especially the South in U.S where its the poorest region always has been but farming and crops its perfect for this if they cared really…this would have been done by the still run by Oligarchs controlling 86 % of a limited pot of resources such as: money, property, business,industry and media etc and still one actual democratic-republic party pretending to be two so they lock it up and get what they want. Have been since openly pushing the oligarchy agenda in modern age since mid 19th (1850s) century in Italy to begin with then radiating out.

  112. I take -damp 40mg a day compared to bupe. No pain. Recovered cancer patient. Been down all eat holes. -d is where it’s at. Good call Dr

  113. You lost any credibility when you said that prescription opiates are the cause of addiction. If that were true, with the 66% reduction in pain meds being written, the opioid crisis and deaths wouldn’t have risen by 75%. Bugger off

  114. Yeah the substance is so good that they can’t even say what the hell it is you know I’ve been living with chronic pain and been stuck to my ball and chain of opiates finally get my neck surgery and then I see this article better than opiates but yet it doesn’t say what it is who to contact how to get it so if you ask me ask me it’s b*******. Just another scam artist out there taking advantage of people well you scam artists I hope you end up living with chronic pain so people can yank your chin around too this is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourselves

  115. I am a chronic pain sufferer patient since 1997 on heavy dose opiates over the years I have needed increases because of tolerance I have never abused them or run out before my next fill when you suffer intractable pain there is no high addiction is all in the mind if you are weak-minded you will become an abuser I’m sure I would have withdrawal if I stopped butit does not make me an addict opiates is what keeps me alive the pain would otherwise be unbearable thank God the CDC and FDA backed off their 90 MME it was ridiculous a lot of people suffered from that luckily my Dr did not go along with the idiocy leav the opiates alone their not the problem weak-minded people are the problem

  116. I have had three back surgeries and two neck surgeries. I have scoliosis very bad and the pain never goes away. I would be interested in this study. Thank you

  117. I’d just like to say I was an RN in a surgical ICU. Then big spinal injury which put me on the sidelines. I’ve been on opiods for over 20 years and came off over couple. Oaths about 6 months ago. Reason I went off is they do nothing for my pain anymore. And yes I’ve been on every pain opioid out there. But I never stole my family’s drugs or been on street which I’m sorry to remind people of as it’s the biggest reason for addiction and accidental overdoses. Unless u have been in so much pain that ur life is feels totally useless then u have no idea what chronic pain and need for pain meds really is. Chronic pain isn’t something u just put on on the weekdays and take off on Saturday or something. It’s as close and constant as ur skin. Even pain Dr’s and Surgeons will tell me they really have no idea what Chronic pain is like when I ask them. Yes there r side effects to opiods but living without anything to help, like a lot of us r presently trying to cope with, is a side effect to us that is unbearable sometimes. So if u know of some great pain reliever that is totally safe, or totally “natural” then u will b a quadrillionair as soon as u spill ur info. Ots of us would love to have any of these scientific searches that take lifetimes to find and then there’s the super long drug tests to make sure it’s OK, except for when covid hit, are killing people every day. No one announces how many suicides, or accidental whatever, that people in excruciating or Chronic pain do daily as this kinda of ” not living” is worse than addiction but there’s no plan. Not as long as we group all people together and make decisions for everyone based on a low percentage of abusers or accidental. In this case u help the addict and knock out a source of help for everyone.

  118. I’m 75 y.o.when two painful issues. Neuropathy in my feet and 2 back surgeries I one year. The problem with feet Neuropathy it gets worst over time. Ithe Neuropathy causes extreme pain and it is progressive l.e. burning of bottoms of soles of feet with extreme pain.. Loss of balance with walking doing some work. the 40mg of Oxycodone 20 mg 2 x day
    I’m not addicted buy addicted to help me control but addicted to the painful control. The problem as I see my getting enough relief FROM THE DOSE LEVEL I’m receiving now.i would gladly to try out a title. Without opioid the pain control intensity make you wish you were dead.

  119. The only thing other than opiates for chronic severe pain that works That I have found is Ketamine which is available for pain and treatment resistant depression and PTSD.If you happen to have a combination of those issues it is extremely helpful. Unfortunately finding a doctor that is affordable and prescription is available can be difficult. So many Ketamine prescribing doctors are predatory as far as price gouging. Last year I didn’t know and was absolutely desperate and “My Ketamine Home” charged $3000 for 18 doses of inhome treatment of fast dissolve tablets. Those tablets only cost $3-5 each, but some places really make it cost prohibitive. My current doctor is amazing and is also telehealth but charges $150-250 monthly instead of the thousands of dollars and allows me to choose whatever compounding pharmacy I want and it can be $100 difference so worth calling around. Do your research once you find something that works. Find a practitioner that actually cares more about people than money. I really don’t want to take a bunch of meds that are addictive and bad for my liver so it has been tough with my spinal problems. Pressure on the spinal chord from severe arthritis and degenerative disc disease is excruciating but a combination of options atleast makes it bearable. I hope y’all find something that works for you.

  120. I’d like to be one to try it out I hurt everyday all day. I have Nerupathy and fibermalger. I’m always in pain.

  121. Patients living with intractable pain are part of the 4% who receive opioid medication that don’t abuse the drugs. These patients have likely tried all alternative treatments without success leaving the opioids as their only solution. People who have never experienced the types of pain these patients live with 24/7 would likely not want to even begin to imagine what it is like. Without pain medication these patients will continue to die either by stress from pain or suicide. The latest incentive programs have caused doctors to ignore treating the intractable pain patient’s individual needs, giving the patient the ultimatum approach of take this product (or one of its variations) or get nothing. It’s no wonder that pain patients in general are going to street for expensive medication or whatever scheduled remedy that works for them which is likely supplied by drug cartels. With blatant junk science being offered as fact by the CDC and promoted by others for profit is corruption abounding to no end. There is no healthcare anymore.

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