China’s Zhurong Rover Hit a Mars Milestone That Took NASA Decades – Here’s What’s Next

China’s Zhurong Mars Rover

China’s Zhurong Mars Rover. Credit: CNSA

China’s Zhurong rover landed safely on Mars on May 15, making China only the third country to successfully land a rover on the red planet.

More impressively still, China is the first Mars-going nation to carry out an orbiting, landing, and rovering operation as its first mission.

Planetary scientist Roberto Orosei told Nature China is “doing in a single go what NASA took decades to do,” while astrophysicist Jonathon McDowell described China’s decision to include a rover in its maiden Mars outing as a “very gutsy move.”

Where did it land?

Zhurong, named after the god of fire in Chinese mythology, separated from the Tianwen-1 orbiter and touched down close to the site of previous NASA missions, on a vast plain called Utopia Planitia.

This area of Mars was formed billions of years ago, when a martian meteorite smashed into the planet’s surface. The surrounding area is largely featureless, covered mostly in volcanic material.

Zhurong is not the first rover to explore this region. In 1976, NASA’s Viking 2 lander touched down further north within the Utopia Planitia basin, returning high-resolution images of the Martian surface and analyzing soil samples.

The Viking 2 lander lacked the ability to investigate any further than its initial landing site. But the Zhurong rover should be well equipped to roam farther afield during its mission.

What will it do?

The mission’s three-month scientific program will begin once the Zhurong rover disembarks from the landing craft and begins its journey across the Martian surface. The 240-kilogram (530-pound), six-wheeled rover is equipped with six individual scientific instruments, and has four large solar panels, giving it the appearance of a “blue butterfly”.

Zhurong’s design, instruments, and technology on board Zhurong are comparable to those on board NASA’s twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity, which touched down in January 2004. Although Zhurong is not at the cutting edge of current space exploration technology, the sheer speed of this program’s development since its initiation in 2006 is awe-inspiring.

Like the many Mars rovers before it, Zhurong will probe this alien planet’s environment, and search for signs of water ice on the surface.

The mission is expected to survey four aspects of its local environment:

  • topography and geological structure
  • soil structure and possible presence of water ice
  • chemical composition, minerals, and rock types
  • physical characteristics of the atmosphere and the rocky surface.

Zhurong will thus help build a more complete geological picture of the red planet’s history. And, in a genuine first for Martian exploration, it is equipped with a magnetometer to measure the planet’s magnetic field. This is an important study that will help address why Mars has lost much of its atmosphere, leaving its landscape so barren.

China’s growing space presence

The Tianwen-1 mission is just one of an impressive list of accomplishments by the China National Space Administration in the past year. Its other feats include launching dozens of Long March rockets, each with multiple payloads, including that of the Chang’e 5 lunar probe, which brought Moon rocks back to Earth for the first time since the end of NASA’s Apollo program in the 1970s.

Last month, China launched the first stage of its Tiangong space station, which next year is set to become the world’s second long-term home for humans in space. The momentous launch didn’t go off without a hitch, however, as debris from the launch vehicle made an uncontrolled re-entry back to Earth, eventually splashing down in the Indian Ocean.

Thankfully no one was hurt in that incident, but it is a timely reminder that China’s accelerating pace of space missions and rocket launches need to be carefully managed.

This year of activity has solidified China’s powerful presence in space, and we are only seeing the beginning of its ambitious future. By 2045, China hopes to become a leading space power, as outlined in the 2018 Aerospace Science and Technology Corporations route map.

In the coming years we can look forward to seeing China launch crewed missions to the Tiangong space station, and in the coming decades can expect to see China join other space-faring nations in missions back to the Moon and Mars.

Written by:

  • Sara Webb – PhD candidate in Astrophysics, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Rebecca Allen – Swinburne Space Office Project Coordinator | Manager Swinburne Astronomy Productions, Swinburne University of Technology

Adapted from an article originally published on The Conversation.The Conversation

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  1. Andy Crossfield | May 22, 2021 at 4:27 am | Reply

    Have the Chinese joined any international group that would indicate they would share their findings on Mars with the world?

  2. China’s doing this in a single shot because they’ve used data and information gathered from those decades of attempts by NASA and the ESA.

    Wanna impress us? Do this on Venus, or Europa. How about starting with Phobos, nice low gravity. Let’s see how many decades it takes then.

  3. It’s much quicker when you steal already developed technology

  4. In fairness to NASA, the Chinese steel IP like my dog humps legs.

    So it is no surprise thier tech is not home grown.

  5. Considering the Chinese rover and instruments are similar to the US technology from 2004, I wonder if they weren’t able to hack and steal later technology from NASA?

  6. Bill Stewart | May 22, 2021 at 9:03 am | Reply

    Just a reply to Andy.. China will undoubtably share any and all info, unlike the secretive US.. After all, China was excluded from the so-called “International Space Station” and not even invited on board.. With their own new Space Station, they will share..
    “Exploration” of Space, does not equate to “Colonization” of Space, which the US plans to do..

  7. Stop crying foul. In the early stage of industrial development of Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea, same was said, but look how far they have progressed. Some are producing IPs in high tech arena at an astounding rate. Belittling others will not make us look better. US accomplishments are well known and it will continue and others will catch up and in some cases may surpass us. That’s the reality.

  8. “China’s Zhurong Rover Hit a Mars Milestone That Took NASA Decades”

    How stupid and can a title to an article get.

    Apply the same to an article about a startup car company having any number of standard features to their first car. Air conditioning, power steering etc. and how stupid would that look?

    The same!

  9. Technology theft at its finest.

  10. How much of stolen US technology has made this possible! Decades worth!!

  11. Y’all act like the Chinese are doing this as a first and so much faster than American space programs. They stole everything they are employing as to technology from the USA anyways.

  12. Don’t trust Chinese, they’ve been hacking data from NASA in order to send their rover to Mars,hence why it never took them 10years ,

  13. It only makes perfect sense that the Chinese could achieve a feat like landing a rover by having much better technology than we had a decade ago. I am sure they observed and learned from NASA’s successes and failures. My dream as a boy, and still is, to colonize Mars. Observing rover’s findings will probably be as close as I get, hahaha. I am Amazed with all of this.

  14. Yes. The World Health Organization.

  15. I would like to echo the comments already made about the fact that they are building on the decades of tech and experience of NASA. Great reporting and click bait SciTechDaily.

  16. Who stole the IP that was gunpowder?

    • That’s not an argument. Show me the article that is boasting another country managed to use gunpowder on their first try without decades of research and testing.

    • This proves the point of stolen tech even more. Gunpowder invented over 1000 years ago and what did they do the rest of the time till now? Nothing until the internet and posing as students for theft for mao.

  17. I’m glad to see my opinion is already in the comments. There was a less than 1% chance of failure when the US landed perseverance on Mars. NASA didn’t steal the technology either. They pioneered it.

  18. I see “sour grapes”.

  19. Luca Bartolozzi | May 22, 2021 at 11:31 am | Reply

    SciTechDaily is a CCP propaganda troll. Disgusting and misinformed

  20. So we are applauding china for doing “what took the US decades to do”. Let’s not mention the fact that china did it in 2021 and the US did it in the 70s. China just copied the US’ homework.

  21. With all the stolen technology of course they won’t take decades to do it. 50 years ago nasa was on the moon. China was back water peasant farmers. In 50 years they get to Mars by stealing from American companys through hacking or posing as “humble students” just wanting to learn. Most dishonorable government on the planet. In Mao they trust.

    • Please don’t just say what others say. You keep saying that China has stolen American technology. Then I would like to ask you, what technology did they stole? Do you have evidence? Stop being brainwashed by the American media!

  22. Yeah, China’s four thousands years of civilization must be also stole from the US

    • What else have u developed in 4000 years of civilization? Seems like u had a pretty big head start on the rest of the world. Where was China 50 years ago? Standing in a mud field with a shovel and an ox. Mao must be proud of those 4000 years of skyrocketing development.

  23. I will echo the sentiments of the previous commenters. You don’t think China started from scratch, do you?!?!

  24. How much more technical knowledge will China steal from the U.S.?
    Let’s see, highly soficiated military parts, parts for most electronics, and the instructions on how to put it together and it all work. SHAME ON US.

  25. CR45H 0V3RR1DE | May 22, 2021 at 12:04 pm | Reply

    Sooo, lemme get this straight. China watches us for decades, takes notes from our successes and failures, and somehow they want to be proud that it only took them one trip, whereas it took us decades? In other words, we laid the groundwork and they just walked on the backs of our success. Oh, China LMFAO

    • Nobody took notes from each other because space is only in the imagination of space monkeys. China and the US are both liars and Decievers working together to decieve the world. Space is fake. Those pictures are from our own planet.

      • Seek mental help.

        • You really think space is real.. lmbo….you fools are getting fooled and dont even care.

        • Have you ever thought you need to seek mental help? Beleiving everything you are fed? Maybe research past your noses instead of following these liars that control the world system. A spinning marble hurdling through infinite nothing while spinning 1000 mph hurdling though space at 67,000 mph…lmbo Dude we are not moving. Look up in the sky. The Masonic marble with magic called gravity. Give me a break. Some of us are awake. Very few of us. But non the less. Some of us.

        • And dam. Did I say planet? I meant earth. My bad. No such thing as planets. Wondering stars. You love your CGI and fakery from NASA and all the other fake space agencies.

  26. You should be ashamed of that headline. Very misleading.

  27. Do the two authors of this article realize how dumb they look right now?

  28. Poor programmed space monkeys. The Chinese and the Americans both landed their crafts on deserts on the Earth. Brainwashed people beleive anything

  29. Why Sure They Hit That Milestone Amazingly Fast Relative To NASA Taking Decades. It’s All Primarily Stolen American Technology. NASA And Others Would Be Prudent In Shoring Up There Security.

  30. Was this article paid for by the Chinese communist government? Took decades to do but they didn’t. Yea that what happens when you let others do the work then steal the technology.

  31. And 1976 the most powerful processors we had with the z80 and if I recall correctly the 8080. They were very primitive processors. So what NASA did in 1976 was phenomenal, think of the amount of calculation has to be done to inject a vehicle into a landing? They would have had to compute all the factors at NASA and give it limits, send the data up to the orbiter, have the orbiter independently calculate the trajectory, then check to see if it was within the allowed variance from the NASA calculated values.

    Today you could have an arm processor do all that work and a heartbeat.

  32. Swinburne simply repeated China propaganda without any value added.

  33. If the data and technology are there. How come no other country they can do it. I think china already gAve up surprise they land a rover on the backside of the moon. Just like what some people subjection here, they may also be copy the technology and data from the west which they planning to doing it within the next fifty years.

  34. Lots of people talking about stolen tech whilst conviently forgetting how rocket tech was acquired in the first place. operation paperclip anybody.

    • Paperclip stole nothing. And it’s not like the US didn’t already know how to build rockets, Von Braun by his own admission built on the work of Robert Goddard.

      • Yes Not very good ones. Without the acquired knowledge Apollo probably would not have happened or not within the impressive timescales. In essence it’s the same thing. The knowledge was not homegrown it was acquired externally period.

  35. John Engineering | May 22, 2021 at 2:04 pm | Reply

    Congratulations to my classmates, who spent the last decade on these efforts. While I published 200 useless papers in the US as a university professor, your dream already flourish on Mars. I was wrong, you were right! I am sure you will achieve something greater and I should cheer for you!

  36. China has been stealing western technology for decades…. there’s your difference. Leading the way is at least an order of magnitude more difficult than following, decades later.

  37. Kevin R Duffy Sr | May 22, 2021 at 2:39 pm | Reply

    40 years of stealing American technical knowledge and then standing on the shoulders of our achievements with modern computers and rockets. Of course they did on the first try!

  38. An attempt to cover up a major health disaster on their handling of the chinese co vid virus, and a possible deviation of the real issues. Gaslighting and chin ese propaganda… at it’s finest.

  39. Don’t send the Coronavirus to Mars and mess up that planet up like you did Earth.

    • Impossible. Mars does not exist. And neither does the fake virus. I am sure you saw lots of your neighbors falling over in the streets and ambulances all over the place. Chaos 24 hours a day everywhere you went. It was horrible. All those over filled hospitals with ambulances and sirens constantly going. Yea only on the MSM/News But you believe it. Cause you saw it on the news

  40. Its not impressive what China had done considering that most of China’s technology is stolen from us and other countries, China should have lots of pride in the way they steal technology and peacock around as if they invented it themselves.

  41. China sucks!!

  42. If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants…Isaac Newton

  43. One problem with NASA is it’s focus is not any longer on space and more focused on funding programs they can stretch out for 15 years to keep everyone getting a paycheck in ever growing pet programs that forward nothing towards space itself. It’s going to take them the next 20 years to go pick up samples from Mars. 1/3 the lifespan of a persons life to go get samples back from Mars. In my lifetime there hasn’t been any manned missions to the moon again and I’ll be lucky to see it happen, if it ever does. The snail pace NASA works in now is completely unacceptable and lazy. Everything they do is grossly over budget and years over the projected completion dates.

  44. The Chinese are great at stealing so of course they got it on their first attempt. They stole the NASA research. Dirty communists.

  45. How do these “authors” like kissing china’s ass?

  46. Sure, everything China has is stolen and produced by slaves, children and concentration camp victims…a tarnished society we do not want as a friend or to emulate.

  47. Yes NASA took decades. Why?
    Because orbiting, landing and roving on Mars had never been done before.
    1) the technology didn’t exist and had to be invented/developed/ perfected
    2) the orbiters/landers/rovers didn’t exist and had to be invented/developed/perfected
    3) the procedures for doing so didn’t exist and had to be invented/developed/perfected
    4) the personnel with the required skills didn’t exist and had to be educated/trained/recruited

    That has now all been done and well documented. The only major accomplishment China can claim is that they were willing to spend the money to make it happen. Since the Chinese government owns all these resources, that too is not really “all that”.

    • You are exactly right when you say it’s never been done before. If you folks actually beleive they can control a helicopter and a rover millions of miles away through the vacuum of space while we are supposedly spinning 1000 mph and at same time moving 67,000 mph through infinite nothing. Yall will believe anything fed to yall. Give me a break..lmbo Programming at its finest. Well at its worst really. Lmbo

  48. The stage crash is a good example of pushing to fast. BTW I totally agree with the previous 4 posts. China has a lot to prove these days after their latest world wide blunders.

  49. Definitely easier when those you ‘smart’ people use stolen technology. Good news is that if sh!t hits the fan, you will take years to steal that technology so ha ha. We will always be first. As long as Biden loses next round of cheated elections.

  50. So you praise the Communists for landing a rover on Mars while at the same time putting down the USA. They are worthy of praise. They have taken millions of our jobs, manipulated their currency to gain unfair trade advantages, and set loose a virus that took millions of lives and Trillions of Dollars. Not to mention despicable acts genocide. Three cheers for China. At leat their writers have the backbones ours don’t.

  51. Yeah, sure as if those decades existed in a vacuum. What a hacky article! 🤣

  52. How much did the CCP pay you to write this rah rah article.

  53. Elmo the Great | May 22, 2021 at 9:08 pm | Reply

    People who are accomplished and confident in their own abilities do not fear other peoples’ successes. They give congratulations and welcome the friendly competition.
    NASA sent congrats to CNSA, the China National Space Agency.
    Losers, on the other hand, can’t stand other people’s success. They bad mouth and denigrate.
    Judging by the comments on this page, there are a lot of losers around.

  54. As every modern scientist knows, their accomplishments depended upon the work of their predecessors; ie standing on the backs of giants.

  55. Does this idiot also brag about how much faster the second person to make an airplane did it compared to the Wright brothers?

  56. Sure they did it in one shot, because they stole all the technology!

  57. El que roba, sea dinero o tecnología aprovecha el momento, es lo mismo aquí, robo tecnología y datos asombrando a todos. Para nadie es un secreto que ellos tienen espías en todos los campos y países para ese fin.

  58. Kudos to the Chinese and the Americans.
    To develop technology with an aim to take credit is selfish. Selfish should benefit technology.
    After all the oantutututions like NASA and the Chinese ones are manned by people who are citizens of this globe.
    World peace will come when we have mutual and seamless respect and value for each other

    Once again, kudos to the Human beings who have this technology possible.

  59. Kudos to the Chinese and the Americans.
    To develop technology with an aim to take credit is selfish. Humanity should benefit from technology.
    After all the institutions like NASA and the Chinese ones are manned by people who are citizens of this globe.
    World peace will come when we have mutual and seamless respect and value for each other

    Once again, kudos to the Human beings who have this technology possible.

  60. China must’ve also stolen the first multi-stage rocket weapon thousands of years ago from the americans. Oh wait, they were still in Europe somewhere f’ing goats in caves.

    I’ll help you guys, it was the industrial revolution/capitalism of the late 18th century in the west that made them the superpowers and it was china’s folly to have ignored these two supreme forces at the time.

    I just wish some aliens attacks us, so we’ll be all united in fighting against them. I believe eventually there won’t be national borders anymore, but that aspect of the evolution will still take more time.

    • China never ever had 1st stage rockets, lol… fireworks is not rocket science.
      They had gunpowder..not rocket fuel….and yes, they either stole Western tech, or greedy industrialists gave it to them.

  61. Why anyone would be excited for a communist dictatorship that can’t even control booster rockets falling down on top of is, landing on Mars is mindboggling ignorant of the dangers that poses to Western democracies.
    The LAST the world needs is a technologically advanced CCP!
    Open your minds up people…

  62. Manuel Herrera | May 23, 2021 at 8:38 am | Reply

    There is not secret that China already pass the U.S is the #1 superpower

  63. Manuel Herrera | May 23, 2021 at 8:45 am | Reply

    Hal.. How many U.S astrtronauts have beeb killed by the bad U.S Technology?

  64. @jy wow. Apparently the Q morons are alive and well. Think space doesn’t exist? Think the moon doesn’t exist? Or the sun? You really do need to seek mental help.

    • Why is it that you morons all come up with this Q bulls#!t. I dont beleive in Q anymore than I beleive in Fake Space. Lmbo First of all the Sun and Moon are Lights. And they are inside the solid firmament we live under. There is water above us. We are not spinning 1000 mph through infinite nothing while traveling 67,000 miles per hour though that same infinite nothing. Fairytale much. You must love CGI…lmbo

    • Keep beleiving in your fairytale…lmbo…You are true Q beleivers…🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • And for someone who takes CGI and pictures as real. Tells me I need mental help..lmbo….good one…

  65. They won’t do this on any other planet than mars cause the CGI technology just isn’t good enough yet…..still pretty easy to just change shades from brown/green to red. Bahahahahahaha One of you said those who think this is fake need mental help. Well I think anyone who can just have faith in a picture needs mental help. You wanna believe this stuff is real…go ahead. I don’t. My beliefs and yours make no difference.

  66. Y’all realize NASA released a lot of their algos and software from the 70s-00s to the public domain. Mind that all the visiting Chinese scientists at NASA sponsored universities and even foreign university grants.

    “We stand on shoulders of Giants” as the saying goes. I’m sure the Chinese scientists would agree, but I’m sure their govt would absolutely, disagree.

  67. Of course they had an easy go of it. America has already blazed that trail and the CCP stole everything they needed.

  68. I don’t know how I feel about a rover that’s stamped “Made in China” hehee.

  69. First get your facts
    straight:”the third country to sucessfully land a rover on the red planet.” Really? I count only two: the US first(3 rovers), China second.

  70. We should take note that it took decades to create the technology.. NASA lead in the creation of that technology..

  71. Like it has already been mentioned. China learned from all of NASA’s issues. Real easy when you just sit back and watch someone try for years and years. They were able to use a that to achieve this. It’s nice yes but is it what NASA did? Not by a long shot

  72. Yes, the U.S. also stole a lot of technology from the Germans.

    • YOU ignorant FOOL; The US didn’t steal anything from Germany! German scientist who became Americans helped with the rocket programs and space exploration, but no stealing. Germany had already had the Kraut beat out of them!

      • Ignorant human, what you said is very correct. Americans did not steal the technology of other countries. They directly obtained other people’s things by means of robbery. And they not only robbed other people’s technology, but even the whole country was robbed from Indians! Face it, man!

  73. And, what year did NASA do it? Why don’t you give the Chinese credit for reinventing the wheel?

    HOME FIRST. Why is there such a interest in Mars and Moon rocks. We got a real bad situation going on on this planet. Human trafficking is real. Turn a blind eye all you want…doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

    • F**ks like YOU would have us still living without indoor plumbing!

      • Dummy’s like you beleive in outer space…Spinning marble hurdling through infinite nothing..lmbo fairytale much

    • Because NASA deals with all things in outer space and our atmosphere. Last I checked, there are organizations that were created for the problems you point out. By your logic, botanists should unite to fight child trafficking! I mean come on, the existence of NASA is not preventing others from fixing problems on Earth. You’re ridiculous

  75. james waddell | May 23, 2021 at 9:43 pm | Reply

    China didnt steal nothing! Sh*t oboma now biden given them all the info they want,just slide a few million over they got ya china!

  76. I have to agree with Jonathan’s comment. China benefits from NASA’s gathered data.

  77. Michael DeYoung | May 24, 2021 at 9:21 am | Reply

    No wonder, they stole almost all their relevant technology from…us! And, under Biden, continue doing so while he and family grow rich.

  78. Michael DeYoung | May 24, 2021 at 9:36 am | Reply

    a simple and true equation.

    a simple and true equation

  79. The US and now China are the only TWO nations to SUCCESSFUL land rovers on Mars. Europeans and Russians have yet to have a successful mission to the surface though the Russians did have the first landing in one piece that failed to work.

    • Kudos to Europe and Russia for not stealing American technology. Do you not realize China literally copied and pasted everything NASA created?

  80. Gee to think this guy should know technology has advanced ‘just a little’ over the last decade. And China probably stole most of it. Forgive me for thinking “great job” but not being overly impressed.

  81. American Pride | May 24, 2021 at 12:08 pm | Reply

    Yup! The CCP can leapfrog ahead of R&D because they are lying, stealing bastards. They can never be a super power, but a super stealer.

    Nuke the f**king bastards.

  82. If it wasn’t all stolen technology I’d be impressed…but it is, so I’m not.

  83. National Germany scientists were the people who built the rockets. All other countries kidnapped the Nazi scientists and forced them to work for them…Dr. Warner von Braun is one of the main scientists. So every body steals from every body 🙃

  84. Nazi Germany scientists were the first to build rockets. All other countries kidnapped Nazi scientists and forced them to work for them like Dr. WERNHER VON BRAUN. Everybody steals from Everybody 🙃

  85. As we move forward through the Global Pandemic that as closed boarders, killed millions and changed life as we know forever. Why would we think about traveling to other planets and potentially bringing back a pathogen(s) to our planet that could totally harm us? Let’s visit the other planet(s), BUT absolutely bring nothing back to earth.

  86. Just wondering | May 24, 2021 at 5:45 pm | Reply

    So many sour grapes here. Haha. But it’s fine. It doesn’t bother china continue to move forward.

    • Its not sour graping. Its giving credit to what its due. This article is poorly written and you know that. No contest on China’s progress here but it wouldn’t be possible without NASA’s long work.

  87. The author missed to indicate the fact that it was NASA’s data that paved way for the quicker arrival of Zhurong in Mars. While I am not against China here but give credits to what its due. NASA had carefully spent time to study the planet considering it was a first which is why it took longer.

    Please write carefully.

  88. Why do people still believe that “Space, is a real “place” that can be explored by humans or by sending probes/rovers? Doesn’t anyone ever stop and think about just how ridiculous what we are told “Space” is and how impossible what they claim we can do and are doing out there? Ever think about how little trial and error there has been when in comes to “Space”, how there is like no testing (if any at all) that actually occurs under the conditions anything going to “Space” would encounter? It’s a joke… Millions or Billions of miles traveled, remote control robots, 1970’s tech still able to operate in a meaningful capacity today, data links sending images and info from 14 billion miles away, batteries that somehow last for 40+ years, boosters landing themselves back on earth, claimed factual knowledge about places and things no one has ever been to and actually observed and never will, the list goes on… I mean, why does anyone think this stuff is happening!?!? Space and all that comes with it is literally the most impossible fantasy land thing imaginable… Everything is based off of assumptions, theories, non-provable, unobservable, made-up, and invisible mathemagical nonsense that exists only on paper and in the minds of liars… Space is Fake. Wake up, people!

    • John welcome to reality.. not many of us are awake. I don’t see how any of these space monkeys can continue to beleive the bull crap being fed to them.

  89. China, lmao. That’s pretty much a Nasa mission under the communist thieving hands. America is way to soft on the Chinese communists. The only originality in Chinese culture is the food.

  90. Umm ok. You mean 50 years and a day. Good for China, but wow, such purposeful ignorance from the author.

  91. Its easy to say it took NASA decades to accomplish what China has just done on mars. NASA probably did all the research and grunt work only to have China steal or buy NASA’S Work.

  92. Biswapriya Purkayastha | May 24, 2021 at 9:35 pm | Reply

    The amount of Amerikastani imperialist heartburn in the comments is heartwarming. You ain’t seen nothing yet, Amerikastanis.

  93. It’s possible, some sort of imitation and copying even theft of technology had occurred. So what; India has more close access of American materials and technology and in some cases helped and encouraged but success is still far off. China achieved spectacular success, so should be appreciated not to be undermined. Look back to the facts aftermath of WR-ll America stole or robbed the roots all technology and science from Germany and Japan including men and materials. So what،things grow and develop that way.

    • To the victor go the spoils. German rocketry tech was part of the spoils of war. Germany declared war on the US, and paid for the war, in part, with that tech.

      Japanese tech was limited, and not very useful. The Japanese were very innovative in working with available materials, but by the time they started the war with the US, innovation was already slowing due to decades at war. Again, spoils of war.

      China, on the other hand, has stolen a lot of tech from the entire world. They are unashamed of their blatant copying of tech. Interestingly, even after stealing near-complete plans for fighter jets, they still struggle making anything useful in air combat.

      China has built its economy on manufacturing products for the world. They routinely steal trade secrets and sell competing products. Businesses turn a blind eye because the copies are typically of lower quality. Once the fake copies threaten profits, businesses will start to abandon China as a manufacturing base. If the government of China continues to encourage these practices, it will damage China’s economy and progress.

      Simply defending China’s wrongdoings will lead to their fall. China has plenty of talent to build on. They have a lot of innovation. They all the resources and knowledge they need to be successful in international competition. Unfortunately, they are digging their own grave, and the world is taking notice.

  94. Make yourself educated for the the first time | May 25, 2021 at 1:19 am | Reply

    Bunch of butthurt MAGAts here and other idiots without much info trying to make excuses. If one only needs to steal to progress this rapidly–and needs no talent–why is China only the third to have done this? China and some other nations are well-known to be putting much more money into R&D than the US in various topics like 5G. Their rate of journal publications reflect this. Yet somehow these conspiracy nuts here are the real “experts”. See you here in a handful of years in the plausible event we haven’t turned our institutions around and are surpassed by various large countries as some economists predict.

  95. Forest Green | May 25, 2021 at 2:17 am | Reply

    No doubt great catch up 50 years after the Americans landed on Mars.They had the advantage of 50 yrs of scientific advancement and copying from others as usual.I hope they would share the new findings but I doubt it. Never the less Congratulations on
    their successful venture.

  96. No it didn’t.

  97. Chege Kimani | May 25, 2021 at 3:55 am | Reply

    America itself was built by slave labour and theft of African resources. China was a civilised nation when Europeans were living in caves

    • Daniel P Hilmer | May 25, 2021 at 6:39 am | Reply

      This is patently false lol. China had and still does have slaves. America was built on the backs of pilgrims and settlers. Blacks didn’t work the factories and farm the Midwest clown

    • Minoan Civilization preceded the Shang by 1400 years. Also preceded the (speculated) Xia by 400 years.

      Minoans didn’t live in caves…

  98. Orly Estrella | May 25, 2021 at 5:03 am | Reply

    It’s a know fact china stole technologies from japan,usa,russian, south korea, germany. Their constitution encourage them to engage in espionage for their country.

  99. An impressive achievement, but how much of that achievement was built on Chinese espionage and hacking/data theft against American science and industry to close that gap so quickly?

  100. Robert McNamara | May 25, 2021 at 6:00 am | Reply

    I thought the big milestone was going to be the chinese rover finding Canadian geese on Mars;)

  101. Christopher Jarram | May 25, 2021 at 6:00 am | Reply

    Don’t even know where to start.. officially the most misplaced credit I’ve ever read in an article.

  102. Funny how everyone blaming china for theft…dident america steal nazi german scientists from operation paperclip…to get our tech…
    And considering ufos are real ..maybe the Nazis got it from them

    • Nope – they recruited RUSSIAN scientists who were neutral. Get your facts right before commenting 😉

  103. That’s because they probably stole all of NASA’s research before they built it.

    Ever wondered why China doesn’t have a self landing rocket? and is actually rapidly falling behind in space(no StarLink, no manned mission to Mars, no man on the moon before the US returns for a second time)? Its because the US has got a lot better at protecting its IP

  104. Yep, and just like *everything* else that’s ever come out of China, this is purely the result of IP theft. Not one thing is ever their own work – not even their takeaways.

  105. Here is something to think about – China we know steals intellectual property and some say they don’t. Lets look at something as in Noble Prizes China has 9, U.S has 344, Germany 104, Great Britain 119, Russia 27 and Canada 22. China is not smart they copy everyone’s else tech.
    Lookup Nortel and Huawei event shows how damaging theft is to a country and a company.

    So, for China rather than research it’s easy to steal it is much cheaper just like the manufactured crappy goods they sell around the world. Biggest mistake the West did was out source their manufacturing capacity to a communistic capitalist country.

    I hope the copy cat rover crashes and burns.

  106. It’s easy to do things “second”. You get to learn from those that did it “first”.

    Also, it might be worth noting that the country that did it “first” did it decades ago, with much more primitive tech.

  107. So China waited watched and copied what the US has done? Not all that impressive. Bigger question is will they infect Mars with Covid?

  108. So much hatred on the success of China’s space program. Human beings’ learning process starts by mimicking. When a baby is born, he/she will observe the surroundings, and learn by repeating things other people do. Just like when a baby is born with wolves, the baby will behave like a wolf. Space exploration is beyond boundaries, we shall celebrate their success and learn from each other. Of course China learned from decades of experience and knowledge NASA built up, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything that we can benefit from.

  109. So basically the Chinese used already proven technology stolen from the US….

  110. I’m just here to read the racist/incelic microaggressions against China’s achievements, and hopefully ward off any additional propensity towards anti-Asian hysteria and violence with damning evidence that SARS-CoV-2 in fact started in the continental US:

    During the “popcorn lung/vaping illness” epidemic in the continental US that saw many suffer from mysterious respiratory-tract infections and die beginning of June-July 2019, the CDC was then forced to shutdown the Fort Detrick BSL-4 bio-warfare research lab in August of 2019 – and just weeks later, members of Team USA, including those who live and train near Fort Detrick, embarked on their extraordinarily underwhelming trip to the Military World Games in Wuhan, China, performing the worst of all major nations; numerous members of various international delegations at the Military Games became seriously ill with flu-like symptoms, including several US athletes; others including French Pentathlon champion Elodie Clouvel confirming her affliction with COVID-19: – amidst all the initial surge of the U.S. government top-down call to anti-Asian hysteria (and the ensuing violence), China’s FM spokesperson Zhao Lijian justifiably pointed out the suspicious behavior and events that happened in the continental US in the run-up to the Military Games in Wuhan, suggesting that the WHO investigate the “popcorn lung/respiratory-tract” epidemic that struck the continental US, and of course,he was vehemently vilified by the US government and all their mainstream media mouthpieces: – oddly enough, with all the US military athletics delegation that participated at the world gathering in Wuhan, one US Army reservist athlete, who happens to live and train near Fort Detrick, was allowed a scripted interview with CNN, to “clear her name” as it was brought up by netizens around the world in conjunction with the alleged “SARS-COV-2 deployment against China” while in Wuhan: – INCREDIBLY HOWEVER, the US intelligence shared information regarding a “impending novel coronavirus outbreak situation in Wuhan” with Israel and select European allies just about a week after the Military Games in Wuhan: – and just as odd; Bill and Melinda Gates sponsored the “EVENT 201 Novel Zoonotic Coronavirus Pandemic Simulation” event in NYC on 18 October, 2019, the same day as the start of the Opening Ceremonies of the Military World Games in Wuhan… even more vexing yet; China, in the endeavor of the world gathering, sportsmanship, and world democracy, invited Team Palestine to the Games, which they gladly accepted, however, Israel rejected the invitation to Wuhan!

  111. Yes I suspect they could short cut the process NASA took with all the technology they have been able to gleen, acquire, copy, appropriate or just steal. It really helps when others are doing the research and development and incorporating lessons learned. It does reduce the normally required steps to an objective.

  112. US ego on full display in comment section. Starting with slavery and extreme inequality which continues to this day, the US has exploited everything it has touched with no regard for anyone but themselves. Now China is set to eclipse them economically and scientifically. About time America discovers its true place. If I were China I wouldn’t share a damn thing with blockhead Americans.

  113. Because of Thieving Chinese Communist Spies.

  114. Pedro Rodriguez | May 25, 2021 at 10:22 am | Reply

    Like other products,stolen technology through students in high technology universities and industrial espionage.

  115. Remember who made China most favored nation on earth? Yes, America. 30,40, 50 yrs.from now America depend its livelihood from China. Whose to blame? Yes, America.

  116. You say the Chinese did what it took Nasa decades to do ,,,,yes it’s easy when you’re carried on the shoulders of giants, then make out it was all your own hard work .

  117. Greg McCorkle | May 25, 2021 at 11:11 am | Reply

    Good for them. However, the Chinese have never innovators. They copy through industrial espionage.

  118. If they had done it 30 years ago, I would have been impressed.

  119. What a poor comparison. China did I’m one go? You mean on the backs of all the knowledge that’s been shared from the successes and failures of every NASA mission before it. I doubt china would have been successful if they had to start where NASA did

  120. To end all arguments…firsts,
    The Wright Brothers and rocket scientist…Robert Goddard. Even Werner Von Braun credited Goddard as the first and said “As your American scientist Robert Goddard for answers.

  121. To end all arguments…firsts,
    The Wright Brothers and rocket scientist…Robert Goddard. Even Werner Von Braun credited Goddard as the first and said “Ask your American scientist Robert Goddard for answers.

  122. Big Donkey nuts | May 25, 2021 at 2:48 pm | Reply

    John Zima is a simp, Taiwan is #1 and a fabulous country

  123. I think all of the persons bashing China should visit China before they make a comment. I spent 1.5 years in China and visited many provinces and cities both in country areas and major cities. Chinese have a higher standard of living than USA. In my 1.5 years I have never seen one homeless person. So our medias and government are lying to us to deflect from the poor standard of living that they are forcing majority of Americans to live with. Don’t forget it was Toshiba who developed the first chip (that we now ban from Hauwei), and we bully Japan and Toshiba to hand over the rights and pay fine. Don’t forget our nuclear and ballistics technology are from the scientists we kidnapped from Germany after world War two. Every country does espionage, why do we have the CIA stationed a over the world? Science and Technology should be shared among all nations. All our science and technology are all based off scientists work before the USA was founded. Scientists used to share information but now everyone is becoming selfish. If humans can put greed and power aside and work as one this world be safer and people lives could have improved alot. Personally, I think all space agency are waste of resources because that could better used to solve hunger, poverty, homelessness and disease plaguing the world. While we at stealing do you forget that the wealth of Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Latin Africa South America and Middle East is stolen by the Europeans and the USA. Who is also responsible for Genocide, Slavery, Human Trafficking. So who are we criticize another country when our country was founded on everything that is inhumane.

  124. If my gentle was the size of a Vienna sausage I’m sure I’d be at least 3 times better at space stuff. JS

  125. Joe Campbell | May 25, 2021 at 4:25 pm | Reply

    Why so much fear of China? Smells a lot like racism again.

  126. Ditto Aberro’s comment. Just like in other Chinese industries, their “accomplishments “ are, at the very least, copies of other countries ideas and technologies. This article is crap-

  127. Shame on SciTe h for espousing CCP propaganda. Also for NOT pointing out the exact stolen amounts of US Technology and Data sets needed to get there and perform atmospheric entry, and landing, by China. It’s disingenuous & insulting to your readers.

  128. Richard Stern | May 25, 2021 at 5:26 pm | Reply

    Guess that calling themselves the only “exceptional Country” isn’t benefiting the social graces department.

  129. Do you folks have nothing better to do in life than harboring resentment over other ppl’s success? How sad it is when people make science a nationalistic thing. On another note, the article is pretty stupid for praising China’s achievement by belittling America in contrast.

  130. This whole article is like saying a horse and carriage from 1890 did worse than a tesla

  131. Japan and South Korea did the same copy approach with the support from US, in the name of capitalism spirit, and later improve their tech. So, I don’t see any issue with the copy approach from China, except for the IP theft accusations since there is no US support for communism.

  132. With so much hiding of truths related to covid, they know world is after them, better search a new home.

  133. What’s up with the headline? Wtf? How can these people write about science? Smh.

  134. Michael Sanchez | May 25, 2021 at 8:12 pm | Reply

    In other words China, using hacked technology, did what America did using it own tech almost 50 years ago.

  135. Is this a press release for the central committee? How many thousands of published papers, journal articles, technical advancements, and seminars …Russian, European, American, Japanese, etc., etc. preceded the Chinese lander program? They aren’t standing on shoulders so much as cribbing from the sidelines. Great technical achievement no question but beggard by diminishing the overwhelming body of prior work.

  136. Hahahaha it’s easy to make technological leaps when you steal other nation’s intellectual property.

  137. All the talk about stolen tech: China stole 5G technology, technology to land on the dark side of the moon and quantum satellite communication technology. No wonder US has not developed any of these

  138. Charles L Ditzel | May 25, 2021 at 10:27 pm | Reply

    It takes longer to invent and innovate than to copy.

  139. America is no doubt still No.1. However, just keep on lamenting & repenting as well as cursing China may not stop the Dragon, which has been moving with unstoppable momentum. China has probably past the stage of copy, cut & paste only nation. It is not only in the space but almost in all spheres of life they are improving & going ahead. They have transformed authoritarian governance into national discipline and human resource development. Had they been pursuing “democracy” they would have been worst than other 3rd world countries like India, Pakistan etc. But as a developed nation they may perhaps ultimately go to democracy- I think a much better & practical approach. West/UN recognizes that China has taken out its 700 mil people out of poverty in just a few decades, an unprecedented example in the history.
    About 56% American innovations are by immigrants in USA. When knowing the Chinese government & people better than anyone else on the earth, why USA allowed the Chinese students to study in USA & also did not stopped European allies to do so???
    What about the CIA & USA doing all sort of political, military, social interference, destruction and killing of hundreds & thousands of people all over the world- you can never justify it, if Chinese are cheating, US & allies are destroying in the false pretext of democracy, so called values & liberty of speech…….Let other countries decide their systems & fates according to their faiths & traditions/values and aspirations. TAHIR

  140. Shih Huang Ti | May 25, 2021 at 11:41 pm | Reply

    Sooner or later, whether Washington DC / Tel Aviv like or not, China will emerge as new superpower in the world.

  141. So absurd that advancements achieved with stolen techs, how can someone like China be so proud?? Will not please anybody outside China but will definitely awe and impressed heavily brainwashed locals.

  142. China is the second, not third, country to successfully landed a rover on the Mars

  143. I throughly agree with the others that believe that China’s achievement was possible ONLY because of the Tech it has stolen from us and Russia.

  144. Aa a media you have to stop making silly headlines. You cannot compare all the work done by NASA all these years. China has a reputation of stealing data / designs / engineering know hows and whatever they can lay their hands on. Naturally they can land faster than NASA. Ever wonder why their Mars vehicle looks very similar to Mars Rover by NASA

  145. Their increase in speed at which they are doing things isn’t that awe inspiring as China has advanced most of their technology by stealing it from other countries.

  146. I like how these news articles believe the CCP like if they don’t lie at every single intersection.

    Their Rover is probably in a building somewhere in China.

  147. A Martian meteorite. Surely not a Martian meteorite before its hit the surface. Also, a lot easier to do something ‘first time’ when someone else has done all the hard work for you.

  148. Jose Jalapeno | May 26, 2021 at 7:40 am | Reply

    Regardless of whether or not China “stole” American IP (which seems likely given their history), the article title is disingenuous at best. Simple observation of what NASA has done over the last 60 years would provide a basic framework for how to conduct a mission to Mars, and they could do it using modern technology not available to NASA decades ago.

  149. More like China is decades behind the US. US put men on the moon with 1960s technology,. Put solar system surveyors into interstellar space with 1970s tech,. Launched reusable spacecraft with 1980s tech. Put rovers on Mars with 1990 tech. Put in a deep space satalite network around Mars with 2000 tech, skycraned a one ton rover on to Mars with 2010 tech and flew a helicopter on Mars with 2020 tech.

  150. Opiyo Godfrey | May 26, 2021 at 8:21 am | Reply

    I thought mankind should explore the space to search for answers to questions that can no be answered from home here(Earth). Competition would limit our potentials. Work together. However I feel great for that achievement. I feel part of China Space Probe

  151. Oh please m’uricans give me a break. At the very beginning of the space exploration US didn’t have the expertise nor the knowledge to even launch a satellite to the space. They “borrowed” all of it from the Germans (rocket scientist and technology) and and benefited from the British who shared all their aerospace technology so US could won the war for them. Even having the same knowledge and technology, the Chinese excell in administration capabilities, so it would took decades to the US achieve the same goal in the same conditions. You just have to take a look to the US hi speed railroad system vs Chinese one. US is at least 50 years behind.

  152. Michael Palombi | May 26, 2021 at 10:05 am | Reply

    Funny how quickly you can do things when instead of inventing and innovating yourself you just steal the accomplishments of others and then pretend you have achieved something. More wumao propaganda from the sh*ttiest country on earth

  153. China deserves no credit for anything since gunpowder,except for genocide of its people.. and now the world..
    History will tell.. unless China can rewrite it.everyday she is trying..

  154. Phillip walters | May 26, 2021 at 1:30 pm | Reply

    Its already been done. That is the relevant issue. They didn’t do anything first.

  155. For being a science website I am suprised at the surprisingly low IQ of the comments. Also, your title is stupid.

  156. Not American. Still not at all impressed. Maybe if they had done it decades ago… but then they are still a dictatorship that takes advantage of their own people. In this day and age, what an absolute joke of a country.

  157. Congratulations to China for its remarkable feats of engineering and technology.
    The scientific community applauds your efforts!

  158. This is such a suck-up. Of course China did all this stuff with their first try… Why? Because they stole the technology to do it. NASA did it step by step by step and invented and did everything on their own, but the Chinese, as per their historical proclivities, used painfully obvious stolen tech and even copied the landing animations from 30-year-old NASA publications. This article looks like was written by shills on the CCP payroll.

  159. Mohammed Khalid | May 26, 2021 at 5:09 pm | Reply

    Why people joules about China they doing good job exploration help others as well its not just USA Nasa can do China population 1.2billions and I can see in 10years it will be the number in the world.USA own them trillions of dollars.
    Why don’t they pay back u just can’t keep printing dollars. worth nothing.if China demand all there money in gold
    Usa will go bankrupt.

  160. Chip Estrada | May 26, 2021 at 6:02 pm | Reply

    So china landed a rover with tech given ti them by US President Clinton. And using technology present in 2021? That makes them better than the USA who did it back in the 1970’s with a few failures. Sounds more like China is standing on the shoulders of a giant. You know, that sleeping Giant that the Japanese awoke in 1941… YEA, thats the one, this Giant is a Dragon slayer too. The people of America will get rid of Biden and his cronies. China better tread lightly.

  161. Their first foray into exploration in 5000 years, quite a milestone.

  162. Yes when most of your technology comes from some one else trials and makes it a lot easier.

  163. They conveniently fail to acknowledge that their feats are built on the backs of all of the NASA and ESA missions that came before. It’s notable that their advanced aircraft and other technology looks just like the things we built a decade or more before their “wonder planes”.

  164. RONALD A MOSCATELLO | May 26, 2021 at 10:29 pm | Reply

    I hope it breaks down and blows up.

  165. Impressive but no drone

  166. Allison Taylor | May 27, 2021 at 2:47 am | Reply

    Of course they can do all this on one mission . We spent billions $$ and years developing the technology . They steal it and they claim the glory . Once again communist countries being themselves THIEFS CROOKS BACK STABBERS . They cheat at everything sports science politics etc . I do my best to avoid buying anything made from there .

    • Please go back to translate your articles and throw away all the things printed with “made in China”! Including your clothes and shoes

  167. Christopher Schuster | May 27, 2021 at 3:33 am | Reply

    It’s reasonable to assume China achieved this goal from sourcing our readily available public facing data, and off espionage/stealing of technology data.

    Nothing to see here.

  168. Again all here need to realize China doesn’t care about the West and their intellectual property or any of their achievements. It save’s China money and time to steal others information its economically as and example the designs of U.S fighter jets but China has not been able steal the engine technology thus lag behind on the design. This also goes for the Mars Rover technology this article is a joke.

  169. Don’t hate the player, hate the game

  170. Extremely extraordinary, searching for lives on another planet. Speed of getting to the orbit is the one that keeps me worried on this Tech.

  171. China is the second country to successfully land a rover on the red planet not third.

  172. Since the success of China mission, lots of sore loser sour grapes eaters here.

  173. Steven Noeltner | May 28, 2021 at 12:35 pm | Reply

    This is what one expects from communists. Since the communist citizenry are all on equal pay scales, you cannot get a chinese communist to think outside the box. Why would one do so when you won’t get rewarded for exceptualism. (Pretty much what THE LEFT is doing in this country). Thus the communist chinese have to steal intellectual property from exceptional countries like us”The United States of America”. The communist chinese are cheaters, thieves, liars, rogues, demagogues, deceivers, back stabbers, manipulators and down right rat bastards…..similar to the communist russians during the cold war. Xi JinPing needs that smirk wiped off his face. NO GOLD STARS EARNED FOR THIS MISSION.

  174. >>China Mars Rover Animation Appears To Copy NASA Video Shot-For-Shot<<

    What a CCP propaganda article, quoting some eurotrash like Roberto Orosei, who is a nobody from Italy, and working for ESA the (You-ro-pee-an Space agency) that didn't accomplish anything!

    Better take a look at the embaracement of the Chinese copycats
    "China Mars Rover Animation Appears To Copy NASA Video Shot-For-Shot"

    The Chinese are not capable of creating anything original, and all the technology is copied, cloned, or IP theft.

    They can’t even produce an original animation video.

    Imagine how much technology theft was in the Mars rover production and landing…

    Pathetic !

    • What’s pathetic about it is that programmed space monkeys think this stuff is real…space is fake. Yall love yall CGI land.

  175. Wayne Patrick | May 30, 2021 at 2:13 pm | Reply

    No new pictures showing rover on Mars no distance traveled. I believe it’s all fake or rover stopped working

  176. NASA did great works, so as CNSA. Most of the technology is freely available thanks to our modern life. We all “steal” from each other just like USA will continue to monitor German, France and many others’ government communications.

  177. Ernest Erickson | June 5, 2021 at 10:19 am | Reply

    Let’s be honest here.
    If the U.S had not performed these first steps, China would never had obtained the technology or desire to do it. They are known to steal our technology any way they can to further their own interests, and this is no different. The oath is clear.
    They were able to perform this solar two-step because they had access to our designs, or they could not have pulled this off. That is fact.
    Kudos on doing this, but we did start the process, they took advantage of our designs. When you copy others, your advancements are not yours alone, you hot help. We got here on our own!

  178. Ernest Erickson | June 5, 2021 at 11:03 am | Reply

    German scientists were being kidnapped by the soldiers, and Von Braun knee he was on the list, so he goes to the I.S, he was NOT kidnapped!
    I noticed a lot of brain dead “flat Earthers’ here. How can you be do blatantly ignorant, and fight with such stupidity as if it were fact?
    My family had relatives involved in the river project, and I held one if the wheels used on that rover!
    From slide rules, to basic navigation electronics, our phones have more processing power than Apollo 11 used.
    The V-2 was a war spoil true, but we built bigger, better and far more powerful engines from that design, and developed safer fuels.
    If China didn’t copy/steal our technology, then WHY were they not FIRST?
    North Korea does not have the scientific knowledge to construct nuclear weapons, they STEAL EVERYTHING, nothing comes out if academia of N.Korea.
    No space, no planets, no ‘billion mile’ communications from Voyager?
    How can you idiots make such foolish claims supported by nothing?
    Clearly, you are not of technology, but of a simple mind, such as a sports fanatic. I guess flight is also impossible in your feeble mind.
    Here’s a simple factoid for you: Given enough time, monkeys, and typewriters, they will be able to write the novel ‘War and Peace’.
    But yo come here and denounce science, space travel and technology, is sheer lunacy, and proves you have the IQ of a raisin.

  179. To think we have not moved on to the next-generation of flight propulsion since 1967 is time you see a UFO take a good close look ..U may see an American flag on it…we have been retro engineering crashes crafts for 60 years….all these rocket launches are for the public…they get to Mars in 3 days now. They just don’t tell us.

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