COVID-19 World Map: 1,436,198 Confirmed Cases; 206 Countries; 85,522 Deaths

COVID-19 Coronavirus Map April 9

Coronavirus World Map: Distribution of COVID-19 cases as of April 9, 2020. Credit: WHO

Note: There is now a newer Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report 81.

WHO Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report 80

  • No new country/territory/area reported cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.
  • The daily situation report will now report the COVID-19 transmission scenario for each country using the definitions published in the updated global surveillance guidance published on March 20 (here). Transmission scenarios are self-reported by Member States to WHO. The determination of transmission scenario is still pending for some Member States. The transmission scenarios are: no confirmed cases, sporadic cases, clusters of cases, and community transmission.
  • As millions of Christians, Jews and Muslims celebrate Easter, Passover and Ramadan, WHO has released guidance for religious leaders and faith-based communities in the context of COVID-19. This is available here. For more on this topic, see the ‘Subject in Focus’ below.
  • Today marks 100 days since WHO was notified of the first cases of “pneumonia with unknown cause” in China. In yesterday’s media briefing, Director-General Dr. Tedros recalled the work that WHO and its partners have been doing over this period and the continuing efforts to stop the pandemic in five key areas. Find more details here.

Risk Assessment

Global Level: Very High

Coronavirus Situation in Numbers


  • 1,436,198 confirmed cases (82,837) new)
  • 85,522 deaths (6,287 new)

European Region

  • 759,661 confirmed cases (39,442 new)
  • 61,516 deaths (3,877 new)

Regions of the Americas

  • 454,710 confirmed cases (37,294 new)
  • 14,775 deaths (2,178 new)

Western Pacific Region

  • 115,852 confirmed cases (1,185 new)
  • 3,944 deaths (22 new)

Eastern Mediterranean Region

  • 85,350 confirmed cases (3,357 new)
  • 4,459 deaths (145 new)

South-East Asia

  • 11,576 confirmed cases (869 new)
  • 468 deaths (42 new)

African Region

  • 8,337 confirmed cases (690 new)
  • 349 deaths (23 new)

Subject in Focus: Having faith during COVID-19

A sad reality of the COVID-19 pandemic is that many people have been infected in settings where they turn to for comfort at these difficult times. There have been outbreaks of COVID-19 among religious communities due to certain religious practices. To help stop transmission in communities while allowing people options to worship, WHO’s Information Network for Epidemics (EPI-WIN) brings together members of diverse faith-based communities in virtual meetings and discussions. The EPI-WIN team and faith experts discuss the critical role of religious leaders and faith-based communities in saving lives and reducing illness during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Faith-based communities play a substantial role in supporting local health systems; advocating for the rights of vulnerable populations; providing support and comfort to communities; and being a trusted source of information. They are often integrated into broader communities through the services they provide, and in doing so they reach the most vulnerable groups with assistance and health information.

The EPI-WIN team and the faith community have co-developed practical guidance and recommendations, available here, to support the special role of religious leaders, faith-based organizations, and faith-based communities in COVID-19 education, preparedness, and response. This includes:

  • Sharing evidence-based information about COVID-19, preparedness, and response
  • Avoiding large group gatherings and conducting rituals and faith-related activities remotely/virtually, as required and whenever possible
  • Ensuring that any decision to convene group gatherings for worship, education, or social meetings is based on a sound risk assessment and in line with guidance from national and local authorities
  • Ensuring safe faith-based gatherings, ceremonies, and rituals when they do occur
  • Strengthening mental and spiritual health, well-being, and resilience, through individual contact (while observing appropriate physical distancing) and through social and other communications media
  • Ensuring a human-rights-based approach to advocacy, messaging and service delivery
  • Addressing stigma, violence, and the incitement of hate
  • Promoting ecumenical and interfaith collaboration, and peaceful coexistence during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Ensuring that accurate information is shared with communities; and misinformation in addressed.
  • EPI-WIN have also developed a mass gatherings risk assessment tool available here, and a decision tree available here.

Countries, territories or areas with reported laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths, April 9, 2020

Country/Territory/Area Confirmed Cases
United States of America 395030
Spain 146690
Italy 139422
Germany 108202
China 83249
France 81095
Iran 64586
United Kingdom 60737
Turkey 38226
Belgium 23403
Switzerland 22710
Netherlands 20549
Canada 18433
Brazil 13717
Portugal 13141
Austria 12969
Republic of Korea 10423
Russian Federation 10131
Israel 9404
Sweden 8419
Ireland 6224
Australia 6052
Norway 6010
India 5734
Chile 5546
Denmark 5402
Czechia 5312
Poland 5205
Japan 4768
Romania 4761
Ecuador 4450
Pakistan 4322
Malaysia 4119
Philippines 3870
Luxembourg 3034
Indonesia 2956
Peru 2954
Saudi Arabia 2932
Mexico 2785
Serbia 2666
United Arab Emirates 2659
Finland 2487
Thailand 2423
Panama 2249
Qatar 2210
Dominican Republic 1956
Ukraine 1892
Greece 1884
South Africa 1845
Colombia 1780
Argentina 1715
Singapore 1623
Iceland 1616
Algeria 1572
Egypt 1560
Croatia 1343
Morocco 1275
Iraq 1202
Estonia 1185
Republic of Moldova 1174
Slovenia 1091
Belarus 1066
New Zealand 992
Hungary 980
Armenia 921
Lithuania 912
Kuwait 855
Bahrain 823
Azerbaijan 822
Bosnia and Herzegovina 816
Cameroon 730
Kazakhstan 727
International (Diamond Princess Cruise Ship) 712
Slovakia 682
Tunisia 628
Puerto Rico 620
North Macedonia 617
Bulgaria 593
Latvia 577
Lebanon 575
Andorra 566
Uzbekistan 555
Cyprus 526
Costa Rica 483
Cuba 457
Oman 457
Afghanistan 444
Uruguay 424
Albania 409
Burkina Faso 384
Côte d’Ivoire 384
Réunion 362
Jordan 358
Niger 342
Ghana 313
Honduras 312
San Marino 308
Malta 299
Kyrgyzstan 280
Nigeria 276
Mauritius 273
Palestinian Territory 263
Vietnam 251
Montenegro 248
Senegal 244
Kosovo 224
Bangladesh 218
Georgia 214
Bolivia 210
Democratic Republic of the Congo 207
Sri Lanka 189
Mayotte 186
Faroe Islands 184
Kenya 179
Jersey 170
Guernsey 166
Venezuela 166
Guinea 164
Martinique 152
Isle of Man 150
Guadeloupe 139
Brunei Darussalam 135
Djibouti 135
Guam 125
Cambodia 117
Paraguay 119
Gibraltar 113
Rwanda 110
Trinidad and Tobago 107
El Salvador 93
Madagascar 93
Guatemala 87
Liechtenstein 79
French Guiana 77
Aruba 74
Togo 70
Barbados 63
Jamaica 63
Congo 60
Mali 56
Ethiopia 55
Monaco 54
Uganda 53
French Polynesia 51
Cayman Islands 45
United States Virgin Islands 45
Sint Maarten 40
Bermuda 39
Zambia 39
Bahamas 36
Eritrea 33
Guinea-Bissau 33
Guyana 33
Liberia 31
Saint Martin 31
Haiti 27
Benin 26
United Republic of Tanzania 25
Gabon 24
Myanmar 22
Libya 21
Angola 19
Antigua and Barbuda 19
Maldives 19
Syrian Arab Republic 19
New Caledonia 18
Mozambique 17
Equatorial Guinea 16
Mongolia 16
Namibia 16
Dominica 15
Fiji 15
Lao People’s Democratic Republic 15
Curaçao 14
Eswatini 12
Saint Lucia 14
Sudan 14
Grenada 12
Somalia 12
Greenland 11
Northern Mariana Islands 11
Saint Kitts and Nevis 11
Seychelles 11
Zimbabwe 11
Central African Republic 10
Chad 10
Suriname 10
Nepal 9
Belize 8
Holy See 8
Malawi 8
Montserrat 8
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 8
Turks and Caicos 8
Cabo Verde 7
Sierra Leone 7
Botswana 6
Mauritania 6
Nicaragua 6
Saint Barthelemy 6
Bhutan 5
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 5
Gambia 4
São Tomé and Príncipe 4
Anguilla 3
British Virgin Islands 3
Burundi 3
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba 2
Papua New Guinea 2
Saint Pierre and Miquelon 1
South Sudan 1
Timor-Leste 1
Total 1436198

Recommendations and Advice for the Public

If you are not in an area where COVID-19 is spreading or have not traveled from an area where COVID-19 is spreading or have not been in contact with an infected patient, your risk of infection is low. It is understandable that you may feel anxious about the outbreak. Get the facts from reliable sources to help you accurately determine your risks so that you can take reasonable precautions (see Frequently Asked Questions). Seek guidance from WHO, your healthcare provider, your national public health authority or your employer for accurate information on COVID-19 and whether COVID-19 is circulating where you live. It is important to be informed of the situation and take appropriate measures to protect yourself and your family (see Protection measures for everyone).

If you are in an area where there are cases of COVID-19 you need to take the risk of infection seriously. Follow the advice of WHO and guidance issued by national and local health authorities. For most people, COVID-19 infection will cause mild illness however, it can make some people very ill and, in some people, it can be fatal. Older people, and those with pre-existing medical conditions (such as cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease or diabetes) are at risk for severe disease (See Protection measures for persons who are in or have recently visited (past 14 days) areas where COVID-19 is spreading).

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