Earth’s Interior Is Cooling “Much Faster Than Expected”

Earth Core Animation

Researchers at ETH Zurich have demonstrated in the lab how well a mineral common at the boundary between the Earth’s core and mantle conducts heat. This leads them to suspect that the Earth’s heat may dissipate sooner than previously thought.

The evolution of our Earth is the story of its cooling: 4.5 billion years ago, extreme temperatures prevailed on the surface of the young Earth, and it was covered by a deep ocean of magma. Over millions of years, the planet’s surface cooled to form a brittle crust. However, the enormous thermal energy emanating from the Earth’s interior set dynamic processes in motion, such as mantle convection, plate tectonics, and volcanism.

Still unanswered, though, are the questions of how fast the Earth cooled and how long it might take for this ongoing cooling to bring the aforementioned heat-driven processes to a halt.

One possible answer may lie in the thermal conductivity of the minerals that form the boundary between the Earth’s core and mantle.

This boundary layer is relevant because it is here that the viscous rock of the Earth’s mantle is in direct contact with the hot iron-nickel melt of the planet’s outer core. The temperature gradient between the two layers is very steep, so there is potentially a lot of heat flowing here. The boundary layer is formed mainly of the mineral bridgmanite. However, researchers have a hard time estimating how much heat this mineral conducts from the Earth’s core to the mantle because experimental verification is very difficult.

Now, ETH Professor Motohiko Murakami and his colleagues from Carnegie Institution for Science have developed a sophisticated measuring system that enables them to measure the thermal conductivity of bridgmanite in the laboratory, under the pressure and temperature conditions that prevail inside the Earth. For the measurements, they used a recently developed optical absorption measurement system in a diamond unit heated with a pulsed laser.

Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Bridgmanite

Measuring device for determining the thermal conductivity of bridgmanite under high pressure and extreme temperature. Credit: From Murakami M, et al, 2021

“This measurement system let us show that the thermal conductivity of bridgmanite is about 1.5 times higher than assumed,” Murakami says. This suggests that the heat flow from the core into the mantle is also higher than previously thought. Greater heat flow, in turn, increases mantle convection and accelerates the cooling of the Earth. This may cause plate tectonics, which is kept going by the convective motions of the mantle, to decelerate faster than researchers were expecting based on previous heat conduction values.

Murakami and his colleagues have also shown that rapid cooling of the mantle will change the stable mineral phases at the core-mantle boundary. When it cools, bridgmanite turns into the mineral post-perovskite. But as soon as post-perovskite appears at the core-mantle boundary and begins to dominate, the cooling of the mantle might indeed accelerate even further, the researchers estimate, since this mineral conducts heat even more efficiently than bridgmanite.

“Our results could give us a new perspective on the evolution of the Earth’s dynamics. They suggest that Earth, like the other rocky planets Mercury and Mars, is cooling and becoming inactive much faster than expected,” Murakami explains.

However, he cannot say how long it will take, for example, for convection currents in the mantle to stop. “We still don’t know enough about these kinds of events to pin down their timing.” To do that calls first for a better understanding of how mantle convection works in spatial and temporal terms. Moreover, scientists need to clarify how the decay of radioactive elements in the Earth’s interior – one of the main sources of heat – affects the dynamics of the mantle.

Reference: “Radiative thermal conductivity of single-crystal bridgmanite at the core-mantle boundary with implications for thermal evolution of the Earth” by Motohiko Murakami, Alexander F. Goncharov, Nobuyoshi Miyajima, Daisuke Yamazaki and Nicholas Holtgrewe, 8 December 2021, Earth and Planetary Science Letters.
DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2021.117329

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  1. Does this have implications for the rate of heating at the bottom of the oceans?

  2. gunt

  3. So does that mean they will stop (cloud seeding’ or ‘contrail’?

  4. So Thursday is the end of everything?

  5. Soooo…..what does that mean?

  6. Was this caused by SUVs and CO2?

    Ha, just kidding.

  7. A faster rate of cooling has resulted as from the extraction of both oil and water from the uppermost areas of the crust. In addition, fracking is making the situation worse, through fragmentation of solid material formed during the natural cooling process.

    • You apparently know nothing about geology or physic! Yet, that doesn’t stop you from leaving inane comments.

    • I agree with Edward, and don’t forget natural gas extraction has also helped with the earth’s plates heating up. Natural gas and oil, etc. act as a barrier such as a cushion between tectonic plates. Removing these things from the crust and uppermost mantle contributes to the heating up of our planet.

      • Edward and Scott are both 100% right. In fact, people with deep wine cellars are also contributors to the slowing of plate tectonics because they allow heat to escape more quickly. This is why there are fewer earthquakes in areas that have lots of wine.

        • You’re kidding, right? Please point to the publicly available article where such a study was performed that backs this statement.

          • He’s technically correct. You can perform the calculations to determine that exposing a greater depth and surface area of the crust to the air will result in slightly more conductive and convective cooling from the crust to the atmosphere, which results in a slight increase of atmospheric temperature, which in turn radiates that energy into space.

            It is also technically correct (and comparable in scale) to say that throwing a baseball sized rock into the ocean raises global sea level. That’s the joke. All that oil and gas activity probably does remove some amount of heat from the crust, but it’s closer in scale to digging a wine cellar than to a 50% increase of output from the moon-sized lump of 9000 degree F molten iron at our core.

            The earth is a much larger and more energetic system than our entire biosphere, let alone just human civilization.

      • WRONG WRONG WRONG SCOTT! This is a planet we’re talking about not your car’s engine. There is no extended warranty on a planet!

    • That’s pure speculation. You’ve no proof that the withdrawal of oil or fracking is having even the slightest result on a global scale.

  8. Mars and the Moon were once volcanic, now seems to have stopped.Does anyone know how long ago that volcanic ” cooling” happened ? I found no evidence Venus’ volcanic activity has slowed, Mercury has apparently shrunk though.

    • Your online search engine is your friend!

      With a liquid outer core, and gravitationally produced heat, the moon hasn’t stopped cooling, although the vulcanism stage is probably over.

    • ” There are no samples of Earth’s core accessible for direct measurement, as there are for Earth’s mantle,”…” The temperature of the inner core can be estimated from the melting temperature of impure iron at the pressure which iron is under at the boundary of the inner core (about 330 GPa). From these considerations, in 2002 D. Alfè and others estimated its temperature as between 5,400 K (5,100 °C; 9,300 °F) and 5,700 K (5,400 °C; 9,800 °F).[5] However, in 2013 S. Anzellini and others obtained experimentally a substantially higher temperature for the melting point of iron, 6230 ± 500 K. source: Earth’s inner core article on Wikipedia,

  9. I must say, very interesting.

  10. Jesus the comments in here make it clear – “Idiocray” was a documentary.

    Linda – no such thing as chemtrails. It is only water vapor condensing.

    Edward Lobb – the extraction of water, oil, and ANY other surface product has absolutely ZERO impact on heating. The sheer volume of heat energy inside the earth would vaporize every liquid on the planet and not touch the internal temps…

    • It would appear that these shining examples of ‘ideocracy’ are unfamiliar with Mark Twain, who advised:

      “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

      I’m afraid that our unionized, public education system has been failing us for decades.

    • My favorite part is “volume of heat energy.”

      Apparently thermal energy is now measured in cubic centimeters.

  11. So, basically the movie The Core? We need to bore into the middle of the earth and set off a few nukes? 😀

  12. Factual thinking | January 16, 2022 at 8:37 am | Reply

    And we are supposed to believe this cause the scientists billions of years ago left that knowledge for yall to study and compare to 150 years of current study?

  13. Steve – Water is a chemical.

    • You are trivially correct. All matter is composed of ‘chemicals.’ The point is that people like Linda believe that condensation trails are not just the product of combustion of hydrocarbons, but are composed of detrimental chemicals purposely added by the government, like stratospheric ‘crop dusters.’

      One might call it the “Madness of the crowds.” Not unlike burning old women at the stake because they were accused of being witches. The US has seen better days. Perhaps, unfortunately, it has seen its best days, and it is downhill from here.

  14. Speaking about Venus, I just watch this video; ” Venus Death of a Planet ” ; it says the entire planet is marked by volcanos and we could eventually have floating cities 25 km above the surface ? The caption reads : ” Billions of years ago, our nearest planetary neighbor, Venus, may have harbored lakes, oceans, and life-giving habitats similar to those on the early Earth. Today, Venus spins slowly in a backward direction. It’s a planet knocked upside down and turned inside out. Its burned-out surface is a global fossil of volcanic destruction, shrouded in a dense, toxic atmosphere. Scientists have come to see Venus as the alien planet “next door,” a laboratory for testing ideas about how planets evolve and the challenges they face in nurturing life. They are now unveiling daring new strategies to reach down to its hostile surface. From floating bases stationed high in Venus’ atmosphere, they hope to send down new generation probes to search for clues from a time when the planet was alive. How did Venus descend into this hellish state? And how did its sister planet, Earth, manage to survive? “

    • Do you believe everything that you read or see on the internet? Unless you want to be vulnerable to people who will try to scam you, it would be advisable to develop a healthy skepticism towards claims made without sound evidence.

    • The radius of Earth is similar to Venus (6370 vs 6050 kilometers). The solar irradiance on Venus is about 2600 watts per square meter, while earth is about 1300 watts per square meter, or about 2.6 vs 1
      r gigawatts per square kilometer.

      The cross sectional area presented by both planets is (to one significant figure) about 100,000,000 square kilometers.

      This means that the total energy being pumped into Venus by the sun is roughly double that of the Earth’s. This isn’t enough to explain the entire temperature difference (Venus has a lot more greenhouse activity going on as well), but leaving that 100 petawatt heater on for a billion years or so probably did contribute to Venus being a touch warmer than Earth.

  15. Hmm, is it the fact that we are removing the core’s fuel source? Oil. Everything on earth is here for a reason and by design. What do you expect when greed is valued over reasoning or doing what’s right?

    • This article seems to have awakened all the wingnuts and caused them to come out from under their rocks!

      There is no combustion of oil or anything else in the core. The density of oil is too low to make it to the core, and there is no oxygen to support combustion. The heat of the core is residual from gravitational compaction.

      God help us if these wingnuts vote!

    • I hope you were kidding.

    • Oil us not the earth’s fuel source.

  16. You can sure the burning of fossil fuels has plenty to do with it. That’s the planets life blood being used up and affects are known but for money it keeps on going just shortening this planets life.

  17. Al Gore was wrong. We do have climate change, but not global warming. As this article rightly points out— we have GLOBAL COOLING. I’ve seen much more evidence of global cooling worldwide lately than global warming.

  18. LOL, just like global warming. ps will some one tell Yellowstone that. !!! If u google grand solar minimum/ice age charts 1000;s years back u find that the sun goes to sleep, we are in cycle 25

  19. Did you know the Earth was allegedly a frozen ice ball at one time ? see the Wikipedia article: The Cryogenian is a geologic period that lasted from 720 to 635 million years ago.[6] It forms the second geologic period of the Neoproterozoic Era, preceded by the Tonian Period and followed by the Ediacaran.

    The Sturtian and Marinoan glaciations occurred during the Cryogenian Period, which are the greatest ice ages known to have occurred on Earth. These events are the subject of much scientific controversy.
    The Snowball Earth hypothesis proposes that, during one or more of Earth’s icehouse climates, the planet’s surface became entirely or nearly entirely frozen. It is believed that this occurred sometime before 650 Mya (million years ago) during the Cryogenian period. Proponents of the hypothesis argue that it best explains sedimentary deposits that are generally believed to be of glacial origin at tropical palaeolatitudes and other enigmatic features in the geological record. Opponents of the hypothesis contest the implications of the geological evidence for global glaciation and the geophysical feasibility of an ice- or slush-covered ocean, and they emphasize the difficulty of escaping an all-frozen condition. A number of unanswered questions remain, including whether Earth was a full snowball or a “slushball” with a thin equatorial band of open (or seasonally open) water.

    Is is not fair to be so critical of people for their ideas about the Earth’s core cooling during this period of global warming.

  20. Certainly shoots a big hole in the global warming theory

    • Uh, no, it doesn’t. Global temperature is a measure of the average surface ocean temperature. That is not affected by the planet’s molten core, but by the Sun’s radiant energy as it interacts with the atmosphere. Certain gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, have the effect of trapp8ng too much of the Sun’s radiant heat, resulting in a warming of the oceans, which in turn results in climate change.

  21. If your car engine has no oil to cool it, it no longer works. Why do we think it is a good idea to drill all the oil we can out of the limited resource planet?

    • Oil does not “cool” engines. It “lubricates” all the inside “moving parts.” Antifreeze is “engine coolant.” I’ll leave up to you to research “how does an internal combustion engine work.” I assume you can properly do that, right?

      • It is interesting that the people who don’t even understand how an internal combustion engine works, present outrageous ideas on how the Earth works. These people are just one step away from being ‘certifiable.’

  22. This article is nothing than conjecture. “We think it might be…” and similar phrases show up far too often with nothing to support the notions.

    That being said this might be a more interesting piece if they didn’t use the outdated drawing showing Earth’s layers as symmetrical.

  23. It just means AOC is right. We are all going to die in ten years.. climate change…

  24. Thank God for global warming.

  25. Edward, you’re talking out of your butt. That’s not how fracking works. Read some sources that aren’t looney tunes. Fracking doesn’t operate at depths relevant to core/mantle boundary.

    • Fact-free commenting!

      It is interesting that many SciTechDaily articles don’t even get a single comment, yet this one already has over 224 comments! What about this brings out the tin foil hat brigade?

  26. Trump tweeted that “It’s all Biden’s fault!

  27. Just wow. A lot of people need to go back and review basic science and chemistry.

    Izzo proves that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

    • Gee thanks, I know the Earth’s core is most likely cooling, but how do you prove it ? Where does the Earth’s core mineral bridgmanite and perovskite come from ? Most likely from volcanic activity and my point was we do not know if the Earth’s volcanic activity has slowed down yet because it hasn’t on Venus.

      • You have demonstrated several times that a little knowledge can be dangerous. You think that you understand something just because you have added a new word to your vocabulary.

  28. From some of the comments I see that many people have opinions without knowledge. Why they think those comments are valuable must have to do with upbringing. Good and interesting article.


  30. Science or those who call them selves such, really need to focus on the damage they are doing to the planet and to humanity. Whether the universe is expanding, the Earth’s core is cooling or God is taking a shower is so far out of our concern science sounds like a fairy tale. Just CURE COVID!

  31. The cooling of the core may have a larger connotations as the Earth acts as a giant magneto as the Earth spins creates the magnetic field that protects all organic life. You hardly find conversations about the magnetic field and what would happen if it fails. Look at Mars for an example.

    • You are correct, when the earth cools enough, the inner core will stop flowing and the earth’s dynamo will stop, turning off the magnetic fields. When that happens, there will be no shielding from solar radiation and life will probably not survive. Fortunately, this won’t happen for billions of years (and may not happen before the sun turns into a red giant anyway which will also destroy all life on earth).

  32. So, serious question, if the Earth completely solidifies, would the natural gravity be enough to continue to sustain life?

    • Are you suggesting that gravity only works between a liquid and a solid? Your question is really a non sequitur.

  33. Since Earth’s core is cooling, one supposed our great scientists will encourage the burning of more fossil fuels to counteract the oncoming deep freeze. Greta Thuneberg pay attention! 😀

  34. It’s ok. We’re vaxxed.

  35. Is this caused by climate change too?

  36. Eddie you have no idea what your talking about.

  37. Question Everything | January 16, 2022 at 10:32 am | Reply

    Complete and utter bullish!t. Propaganda that’s been forced onto us since grade school. When did they confirm this model of the earth’s interior as fact, as to allow them to teach it as unquestioned and completely confirmed science??

    • And your counter evidence is? Thank you for confirming Spencer’s Second Law: More than half the adult population has an IQ less than 100.

  38. It’s weird being the same age as old people.

  39. They need to do more research, until Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions stop happening we have nothing to worry about.

  40. Since the iron core with the magma creates the magnet field protecting us from radiation, the cooling of the earth’s core is a problem. This I expect won’t be a problem for thousands of years, if not millions of years from now.

  41. Clickbait… anybody reading this will be dead as will their 1000th generation of descendants before a cooling of the core even begins to affect us. More dangerous is the effect humans have on the environment. What will eventually kill the human race here on earth? Well duh… Humans !!!

  42. Christopher Foley | January 16, 2022 at 11:17 am | Reply

    Nuclear waste could be stabilized in glass then deposited miles deep in subducting plates . This would only add a drop to the bucket of what already exists in the earths core over eons of time.

  43. They should stop draining the oils from earth and things will get back to normal.

  44. They lost me when they said the something was 1.5 times hotter than assumed and that meant it was cooling faster?

    So, is the reporting lacking or is this just nonsense?

    • Arnold J. Barzydlo | January 17, 2022 at 2:22 am | Reply

      No, they said the material conducts heat more efficiently than they assumed. A silver spoon conducts heat better than a plastic spoon. If you have two cups of hot tea and drop a plastic spoon in one and a silver spoon in the other, the silver spoon will conduct the heat away faster, so the tea with the silver spoon gets cold faster.

  45. So now climate change of GHG warming is a blessing with both cancelling each other??

  46. These commentaries are sad. I read this article and the comments to learn and better understand, yet most responses are condescending and sarcastic. WTF? Today I am more concerned about the human race’s ability to be civil than the earth’s temperature. That’s just me, and I don’t need anyone to agree with me. Chill out guys — you’re smart, and your responses can further learning on important matters. Stop acting like arrogant children.

  47. I should have stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

  48. The question is how will the left exploit this while also global warming,

  49. Stephen yip-Wineman | January 16, 2022 at 12:21 pm | Reply

    @Edward Lobby: I seriously doubt anything we do to the top 10 miles of the Earth has a measurable effect on the mantle.

    What I wonder is how these test results affect our estimates of the temperatures down there and how differences cyclically cascade into inaccuracy in temperatures and conductivity rates.

  50. So what happens now!?

  51. All the reason more to listen to Elon Musk the smartest man on earth to get to Mars. Will have to figure out effect of low gravity on our blood besides those cosmic rays.

  52. How the hell do they even know what’s below the earth, the deepest hole dug is only 8 miles. That’s barely a scratch off the surface. Smh!!

  53. I’m earnestly curious.. Would oil and mineral/extraction/franking play any role in this? Forgive me if that is a lame question, not a scientist, but if we think about drilling into a battery, and removing the substance protecting what’s within, might this effect the battery’s ability? Not sure if that’s an Apples and oranges argument.. Just curious. Certainly there are wise geologist here who could school me up.

    • Oil and gas extraction won’t play any role in the cooling of the earth’s core. The oil and gas that are extracted are all very shallow, maybe only a few miles deep, whereas the bottom of the crust is typically tens of miles. Also, the volume of the oil and gas extracted is very very small compared to the volume of the earth. Imagine the effect of dropping an ice cube into an olympic size swimming pool.

  54. Patrick Mahoney | January 16, 2022 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    Wouldn’t taking water and oil from upper parts make it hotter though? Removing liquids that cool the molten material makes it cool quicker?

  55. The earth is being left like an Aro, taking all the oil, gas and minerals from the earth has got to have consequences.

  56. The oil, gas and other minerals are there for a reason, if you take them away and leave a void its got to cause somthing a the core cooling could be just one of those consequences.

  57. cow manure is the problem!! | January 16, 2022 at 5:31 pm | Reply

    Stop worrying, Elon Musk will resolve this issue. As a matter of fact, he’s drawing up plans 🤓🤣😂

    • William shatner and Jeff bezos are coming up with the plans and they’re going to fly it in there dick-shaped the rocket up Elon musk ass!!!😉

  58. What the world needs now is a lot more cow farts.

  59. 🖕you and your darn story

  60. Oh my–!! This comment section is a sure sign we are doomed as a species.

    The cooling of the core and mantle of the Earth has nothing to do with climate change or oil, natural gas, etc. The cooling of the core and mantle is a process that takes place over hundreds of millions to billions of years. Climate is a process that occurs on a scale of decades, centuries and millennia.

    Further, fossil fuels are only found in the Earth’s crust. The Earth’s crust is as proportionally thick in relation to the Earth as the skin is on an apple! And they have nothing to do with how quickly or slowly the interior of the Earth cools. Similarly, the Earth’s internal temperature (i.e. that of the core) has virtually nothing to do with the temperature at the surface and of the atmosphere and oceans, i.e. the climate. The climate is driven primarily by sunlight and how it interacts with the atmosphere, the oceans and the planet’s surface. Volcanism does play a minor role, however, the cooling processes discussed in the article won’t have any appreciable affect on vulcanism for millions of years.

    The Earth’s internal temperature is a product of two things: the left our heat from the collisions that formed the planet and radioactive decay in the core. Fossil fuels have NOTHING to do with it! Further nothing about anything in this article is going to have any impact on human civilization, not for millions of millions of years.

  61. Good with “global warming”
    This should even out!!

  62. “the Earth has a molten core!”you know this how? Because you’ve been told it has a mountain core. A “molten core”promotes the ongoing 500-year-old deception of a round water covered rock Earth hurtling through the black endless void of space, being pulled by a non-existent force called gravity by a gigantic flaming ball of hydrogen gas, hurtling through non-existent “space” at “millions of miles an hour”! By the way, this round water covered rock springs at $1,008 mph and yet there is no scientifically detectable motion whatsoever.”but gravity is what everything is held to the Earth by!” The “gravitational force” we have to be so indescribably powerful that nothing could move-yet birds fly,, and clothes float. Let me tell you the truth that NASA knows, and spends 57 million daily to hide this truth from you: Earth is a infinite, stationary plane-the center of God’s creation… Unmoving, and covered and protected by an indestructible, impenetrable, invisible firmament dome which 50 nuclear warheads could not scratch. You’ve been lied to. Research Operations high jump, fishbowl, and Dominic

    • Rick 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 but on a serious note 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  63. Stop drilling into the Earth! As if mining isn’t creating this issue. I’m all for quartz and gold panning. I’m just saying what are you replacing the displaced mineral that was somehow powering that area and connecting the magnetic field?

    • It is difficult to believe that anyone is so ignorant. However, you aren’t the only one here! I looked for some sign of sarcasm. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any. The comments here are just nonsense!

  64. Time for one more beer.

  65. Wouldn’t this be global cooling?

  66. I’m sure that the human race will destroy the surface well before the planets core goes cold

  67. Just in time before global warming is exposed as a hoax.

  68. I thought global warming was taking over. Now it’s cooling down. I guess they can’t make up their mind.

  69. Stop already. There is NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT THIS ISSUE! We are not going change the heat of the planet core. Not happening. We will ALL LONG BE DEAD BEFORE IT HAPPENS. And scientists are notoriously wrong about most everything. Just another scare issue to freak people out so they get more grant money. STOP IT ALREADY.

  70. All the oil we use is removing the lubrication that allows for plate tectonics. Plate tectonics in turn is necessary for the magnetic field that protects us from solar ionizing radiation. We need to start making slippery bio-fuels and pumping them IN to oil fields where we took oil OUT to protect the Earth. Maybe we could start by recycling grease used in restaurants, like from deep friers.

  71. Since we have global warming, and at the same time we have the Earth’s core cooling too quickly, we have two problems that can fix each other! Take the excess heat from all the burning of fossil fuel and pump it into the Earth’s core. This would solve BOTH problems!

  72. False Flag Rick | January 16, 2022 at 9:16 pm | Reply

    That guy Rick saying the world is flat is an obvious False Flag operative. The Earth is a giant spinning concave plate, that’s why you don’t fall off. These “flat Earthers” know this perfectly well and are actually part of NASA to brainwash everyone. The flat Earth tactic is to give a “radical alternative” to the Earth-as-a-ball model, with this “alternative” keeping people from the REAL truth of the Concave Earth. Nice try, False Flag Rick!

  73. Is it really 🤔 they did just find a whole ocean under the crust

  74. Wow, from ‘Don’t look up’ to ‘Don’t look down’!

  75. Well maybe if humans would stop digging and sucking out the nutrients that the earth needs to keep it warm we wouldn’t be having this problem. If everyone would vote and agree to go green this wouldn’t be a problem but nah people are dumb and everyone and everything is about money so here we are and once it’s literally too late they still aren’t gonna care. Yay for humans!!

  76. So, do we start dumping radioactive waste at subduction zones? Or should we wait a bit?

  77. I have warned that this is where it’s going I predicted this well over ten years you can thank those who are behind this like the refineries we Benifit from oil but many know or ignore what the Consequences May lead too.This would be a a drastic end of life here on Earth. The day Earth quits spinning everything that lays on Earth surface will shoot out into space,building’s Trees the oceans and humans kind thus will stand still as the Moon.

  78. I suppose all the one’s commenting on the ways we get and use resources are sending these messages on their wind powered computers or phones while riding in their wind powered cars. I’m sure someone soon will find that harnessing wind is harmful as well. Want to be cavemen again? Then how would you complain about everything. Guess what…..We’re All born to die,day you were born the Undertaker started digging your grave!! It’s the only guarantee, so why not spend time a little wiser

  79. This accelerated cooling, if it does prove to exist, is it the time span of billions of years. Nothing for humans to concern themselves with. The engulfing of our planet from the expansion of our sun will probably happen before the earth cools anyhow.

  80. Peter Heinrichs | January 16, 2022 at 10:48 pm | Reply

    So… You’ve talked a lot but said nothing …..

  81. Dustin Daugherty | January 16, 2022 at 11:01 pm | Reply

    They taught us that a larger mass will pull smaller masses into them. There for the sun being much larger would be pulling us towards it not getting further away. Look at the two planets closest to the sun. They are fireballs basically and so will be the fate of the earth as it gets sucked into the sun. So we planet jump. I’d assume we came from one of the two planets closest to the sun not evolved from monkeys lol. We are planet jumpers. Probably why global warming is happening so quickly not from humans and pollution its from an evolutionary pull from the sun. We are not drifting away from the sun we are definitely getting closer. Hey Elon musk did you plan on Mars or the planets after Mars to inhabit lmao

  82. Wow- people that comment.. all these people telling us what is causing it without a shred of evidence except (this is what’s causing it)

  83. Wait a minute … first it’s global warming, now it’s global cooling???! I wish they’d get the story straight.

  84. This is clearly bs, there’s clear evidence the earth is flat. I don’t understand why they go to such great lengths to come up with these convoluted explanations for something that isn’t even a thing.

  85. Will this in turn lead to a cooling of the hot housing market?

  86. Ohhhhhh ssshhhiii…

  87. Soooo your saying global warming is a lie and it’s actually global cooling…🤔

  88. Is there any way someone can give us a rough estimate as to when this planet will finally blow up? I’m not super emotionally invested but there are some upcoming movies I really want to see

  89. Y’all still believing this crap? All. These lies? THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG!!! TWE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THIS is not it.

  90. Three Blind Mice | January 17, 2022 at 1:01 am | Reply

    The internet is like a classroom full of students who each bring their own teacher. No one is really learning anything

  91. SinnerSavedByGraceAlone | January 17, 2022 at 1:21 am | Reply


    • Christian views on Hades
      From Wikipedia. ” Death and Hades are repeatedly associated in the Book of Revelation.[14] The word “Hades” appears in Jesus’ promise to Peter: “And I also say unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it”, and in the warning to Capernaum: “And thou, Capernaum, shalt thou be exalted unto heaven? thou shalt go down unto Hades.” At least this article claims it is getting colder down there. I don’t believe in fairy tales.

    • Well ok, jeez don’t blister that typing finger Captain ALLCAPS. Find your happy place. It’s up to each & every adult to decide whether they believe in real things or make believe things, possibly combinations thereof. But I promise you- either way it’s funny to me. Peace be with you my child

  92. Edward lobby you said it. First and I think like you do on this one! Nice comment. We will never see it but it will be the reason for earth cooling down. Because air won’t replace oil and water in there. Or let’s say it’s not a suitable replacement for them.

  93. Would love to know how fast it’s cooling now, or even how such a thing is measured. How and where do you locate thermometers to measure the temperature of the earth, or is it all reasoned out using some other input data? I would very much like this article to go deeper than “the earth is cooling faster”

  94. Would love to know how fast it was cooling before that is

  95. Does this mean the Earth will spin out of its axis

  96. Phillip Scott III | January 17, 2022 at 2:32 am | Reply

    So if the earth is cooling, then what’s all this global warming talk then? I thought warming meant hotter

  97. ✌🧐✌”Maga-ma”……..scott…get the✌🧐✌”laz-er”

  98. @Edward Lobb. ‘Interesting…so full speed ahead with oil and gas drilling- to cool the planet🤔? Ours is not to reason why😄!’

  99. Moon receding is the reason

  100. Oh yea? who went down there and checked? 🤣

  101. @Jeff – You wrote: “Certainly shoots a big hole in the global warming theory.”

    Actually, no, it does not. When people speak of “global warming,” what they are actually referringvto is the rising average surface temperature of the world’s oceans. That temperature does not rise or fall as a result of the Earth’s molten core, but rather as a result of the Sun’s radiant energy interacting with the Earth’atmosphere. When certain gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, become too highly concentrated in our atmosphere, they trap too much of the Sun’s radiant heat, warming the oceans.

  102. AlwaysAsquirter | January 17, 2022 at 4:03 am | Reply

    But…Nothing matters. There is no future as far as Life it self goes. We’re literally going to die any second..Where is all the fruit and endless seex i read about growing up before politician’s made us do whatever they say.

  103. Christine Musselman | January 17, 2022 at 4:08 am | Reply

    Oh no! Will we have enough time to get off-planet?

  104. Glad society moved to coal and oil for fuel or all the trees would be gone! We think, for some reason, that humans have such an impact on this earth! We are just a small organism on this planet created by someone with far more foresight than we can even fathom. Science to us has become what we want to believe instead of a search for the truth… sad.

  105. Dear Clyde Spencer, There was a report on here I believe that the earth’s core was becoming egg shaped, does this stand and if so would this have a bigger impact on the earth’s cooling core, because at one end it would be thinner and on the other it would be thicker and hotter, so depending on where the calculations were taken you would have different results in heat temperature.

    • I think that the importance of that story was that the core is not perfectly spherical and currently there is no good explanation as to why it isn’t. But I think that the “egg shaped” reference was some ‘science’ journalist’s attempt to make it relevant to non-scientists. I don’t recollect that the difference between spherical and ‘egg shaped’ is significantly different from the difference between the Earth’s surface — a spheroid or geoid — and a perfect sphere. In my judgement, the announcement is of academic interest, but probably not of any practical significance to the general population.

  106. Very simple cools down there goes magnetic shield, then planet heats up again.. Time period, one day to millions of years, guess… Bottom line if we as a species want to live on we need to leave for the stars. So enough wars and build something to take us there !!!

  107. This is a ZNN special report!
    The earths innerds is Kooling! Biden told reporters today we need to take the vaxx in order to stop our planet earth from cooling. BOOSTERS INCLUDED!!
    Biden admin says if we All don’t get vaxxd the planet earth will cool to a minus 100 degs by years end!! Oh boy!

  108. Dashiell Jammet | January 17, 2022 at 5:14 am | Reply

    No, no, no, and not, not, but the doofus(i) registering complaints on teachers and collective bargaining are the lowest form of Böetian in the mire.
    When? “We need temporal and spatial understanding…”
    The beings that publish this commit thought-crimes, and commenters are all victims, and should mount class action.

  109. Core is healthy and happy. This ball of dirt we call Planet Earth,is going to Keep On Keeping On. Good thing y’all can’t figure out how to access core. Don’t try fixing what ain’t broke.

  110. Reply to Rick, ( fishbowl etc. ),
    You mentioned not noticing the speed the Earth is moving etc.. Well, when on a plane, inside the plane when flying level and steady, people on the plane, don’t notice they are moving 500mph either do they. Why? Because everything on the plane, is moving the same speed, including the people. They notice it is moving if it crashes however. We are all moving with the Earth. Same thing.
    Gravity is also considered a very weak force, compared to others. Even so , rockets have to reach like 17,000mph, to escape Earth’s gravity. If the Earth was 10 times bigger, then we’d have a really big problem. Not survivable.
    Next, your “dome” around the Earth. Really?
    How do our space rockets get the the Moon and beyond? How do meteors get through and strike the Earth. All lies eh? Visit the huge crater in Arizona.
    You and some others on here, IMO, need help, and especially a bit more education.
    Maybe you are a flat earther too? To those folks I say this. If the Earth was really flat, and you watched a very tall boat sail away, the boat would just get smaller and smaller until gone. Right? However, that is not what happens. Watch one with a telescope, and the bottom of the boat slowly sinks, until a bit later, the moving boat top, also slowly sinks and disappears. That is because at 26 miles, the boat starts to follow the giant curve, of our huge, circular Earth. There is the proof.

    • Terry: Or a simpler experiment next time they fly, time how long the sun takes to set when flying west… Or just watch it rise from the west if you’re flying at a high enough latitude. Witchcraft I tells ya!

      They would come up with some convoluted explanation for why it happens using optics of the dome around us.

    • Umm Terry they open the dome to let things out and in…really you need to study science more they showed how it works in the documentary when they took out the shields Admiral Ackbar was able to get the other ships in…oops wait that Star Wars

  111. Omg remember that terrible stupid movie The Core where Hilary Swank and TwoFace from The Dark Knight have to drill into the Earth’s core to reignite it with a nuclear bomb? We could try that. I mean the science checks out by my math, and I almost passed algebra in high school

  112. Quite frankly folks, it’s time to find another habitable planet to ensure the continuation of humanity

    • That’s a yes. Or at least begin construction on some kind of modular orbital habitat, who knows it could just continue growing, expanding until there’s like upscale apartments, dog parks, city-states, but by the time this sad marble dies we’ll be lucky to have 150 Sq.ft. and a working space toilet

    • William Shatner and Jeff Bezos are on it now!

  113. Watch “Tomorrow Land” and hear Hugh Laurie’s speech in the end.
    Fear of Core cooling? Likely immeasurable, but what mankind has done on top Likely is affecting both above and below. Yet as Hugh says “you see the destruction and you won’t take the hint!” …
    No one thinks to minimize their carbon footprint, refuse buying pollution causing products…
    Mankind had gotten lazy and swims in the luxury of Easy… regardless that there is Suffering behind said things.

    But forget all that, no time to live my neighbor – the Core is an issue!

    How is it Core Cooling in a Global Warming Era?

  114. Be real the earth is hollow and this is fake news

  115. So in 580 billion years this WON’T be useless information.

  116. More crap for people to argue about. More money going to waste. Same story over and over again. Wait, Did anyone use a thermometer?

  117. non sequitur… The terms of agreement for the proper consumption of the resources available to humans has been broken… How do we fix it?

  118. The deepest hole ever dug is less than 8 Miles deep, therefore there is no measurement of the cores temperature

  119. LOL!

    One of the funniest threads I’ve read in a long time.

  120. has anyone contacted aoc or Joe biden
    about this global cooling so they can stop it

  121. Anthony Padgett | January 17, 2022 at 6:42 am | Reply

    The real problem in the math is the acceptance of 4.5 billion years which is based on entirely unproven assumptions. 4.5 Billion years is not at all empirical, it is based on the fact that Darwinism evolution REQUIRES huge amounts of time. 4.5 Billion years is unscientific nonsense at worst, bad philosophy at best.

  122. So that’s why my feet are cold all the time

  123. Waiting to see how us middle aged white guys are to blame. Systemic living.

  124. Fed up American | January 17, 2022 at 7:00 am | Reply

    Cooling faster than expected? And how do you know what to expect? How many earth cores life cycles have you dealt with? Please. Keep the drama to yourself.

  125. Katherine Kendall | January 17, 2022 at 7:04 am | Reply

    Okay, so here are my thoughts:
    1. Science has not yet found a cure for cancer, diabetes, heart disease…or even Covid.
    2. Science has not solved the global issues of pollution, excessive consumption, and methane gas.
    3. After 20+ years of “high tech” and “high speed internet”, and everyone having a plethora of information “all knowledge” in their hands….Science has yet to figure out how to make an independent, handheld device that isn’t so large that it has to be carried in a backback or around your waist. They can make calculators that run on solar power, yet your phone has to be charged daily? Some smartwatches are able to hold a charge for days, even weeks….but they just simply cannot move past a camera phone and a “slab” tablet. The energy being consumed is utterly ridiculous and people are worried about when the earth’s core is going to get cold and dark? The earth is already a cold, dark place! It’s full of selfish, narcissistic people that love photos of themselves…and because of this…the world’s real problems aren’t being solved.
    Forgive me for not caring that in the next 3.8 billion years the earth will go dark and cold: there’s homeless people living in the streets in my hometown. This issue is the least of my worries!

    • 1.there is no money in a cure also if we cured everything where wo you ld we all live? What would we all eat? We would use a ton more of natural resources to keep us all going???

      2.again it comes down to money…bit you also want everything cured so not going to work…

      3. Solar powered phone? You going to leave it in the sun? Some watches charge by the movement of your wrist.. not sure what small device you want that you have in your backpack it call a smartphone…You used more energy and natural resources in your rant than some small thrid world countries use in a whole day! but yet you want to save the world hmmm…

    • 1. We have cured several forms of cancer, prevented deaths from heart disease, and extended the life expectancy of a type 1 diabetic from months to decades. These things are only the most common ways of dying now because we have knocked disease, injury, malnutrition and infection off the top spots.

      2. Science can only provide information about the consequences of our choices to do things which affect the environment. It is up to societies to decide which tradeoffs to make based on that information.

      3. If the smart phone screen is brighter than the ambient light hitting it then just your screen will require more energy than an equally sized solar panel could provide, especially indoors. Even if the CPU could be made to draw zero power, the required radio transmissions could be made insignificant, and solar panels made 100% efficient, you will still never see a smartphone powered by ambient light alone.

      The resources used to do this research would not be directly useful to feed and house people, and in any case the issues of hunger and homelessness are not due to resource scarcity. Geologists don’t know how to build houses, and you can’t eat diamonds and pulsed laser machines.

      Nothing about performing science prevents us from making resource allocations that would solve those problems, nor would eliminating science would not provide the political will to solve them. We already know how to feed and house people, we simply choose not to.

      The wealth that enables us to easily provide for everyone (if we so chose) comes from scientific advancements, and the path from those advancements to increased human wealth is never obvious. No one could have predicted that the totally abstract study of particle physics would lead to quantum physics, or that study of quantum physics would make the entire field of information technology possible — yet here we are communicating on devices that would not exist without those (at the time) “useless” scientific studies.


  127. This does not factor in the ecosystems that are in place. Why is this not present in any other planet in our solar system? There is a Divine higher power that has put all this perfectly in place.

    • How do we know it’s not present in any other planet? Have we been to any other planet? We’ve only been in space for less than 60 years but yet now we know everything???

  128. Follow me and my teachings! We can take over the world by enslaving the minions and eliminating the old and infirm. No more politics only dominion over the non believers and wealth and endless happiness for me and the new rulers of earth. Don’t be a slave join me and my millions of faithful as the day of everlasting transition approaches.

  129. David Cervantes | January 17, 2022 at 7:20 am | Reply

    Could this have a strong effect on the magnetic field perhaps switching the south and north poles reversing the Earth’s rotation or exposing our climate to the radiation and cold of space

  130. Gow does this affect April’s NFL draft? Just curious as the draft is something we have control over. The temp of the core, not so much. Do we need to move it up?

    • Scott Zerrenner | January 17, 2022 at 7:33 am | Reply

      Yes move the draft up… There’s an asteroid the size of Michigan headed towards us any day now it could all be over 😆

  131. Let’s freak out!!!!! Absolutely nothing we can do about it, and how do we really know? We’ve only been tracking actual weather patterns for how long???? Waste of my time reading this b.s.

  132. So that’s what that giant gravity anomaly is near south America…
    Well that sucks, hopefully we can find a new planet before it even remotely cools down.

  133. The Earth and Universe are going to do what it needs to do regardless of humans. We are but a speck of dust and the fact that we think we are more than that is delusional. At some point in time the Earth will be swallowed by the Sun and forgotten just like millions of other planets before and after us…

  134. Because they removed the insulation of oil and those gaps filled with water that acts like a coolant.

  135. Wow, l learned more about science in the last 10 minutes waiting for my breakfast than l did in all my years of school, unfortunately l also learned that we as a people are in a lot of trouble and it has nothing to do with science.

  136. When the robotic probes finally analyze core samples of Venus and Mars; they will find the hidden evidence of SUVs and the styrofoam cups (still wedged in their cupholders) which brought about the demise of those ancient civilizations.

  137. Yes very good to know

    • Yep lots of knowledge in this article . Daniel you missed your calling as a rocket scientists. Run do not walk to NASA and fill out an application ASAP!!!!!

  138. Stop using Wikipedia as a source of information! Anyone can edit the information on that site + it is not legit. Girls go to college to get more knowledge, boys go to Jupiter to get more ‘stupider’ 🙄

  139. It’s ridiculous watching these little minds try to figure out the end. The end will come when it’s time. Until then, focus on making this a better place.

  140. Girls go to college | January 17, 2022 at 8:04 am | Reply

    STOP USING WIKIPEDIA IT IS NOT A LEGIT SOURCE OF INFORMATION. Daniel – did you get your education on Jupiter because that’s where boys get stupid.

  141. Dawn Hnatishion | January 17, 2022 at 8:08 am | Reply

    The more the world (MAN) Messes with God’s blueprints, the more tragic the world becomes. If man was,supposed to figure all things, God would have left us an instructor s manual, just like the Bible.

  142. So our planet is slowly dieing of old age. As she gets older her core is growing cooler until at some point it solidifies and we lose our electromagnetic field ending up looking like Mars. But of course our Sun is dieing of old age too, slowing burning up its fuel.
    But not to worry if our climatologist are correct we will all die of Global Warming long before we are killed by Global cooling and our Moon flys way looking for a new home. But on an upbeat note we will all be long dead before our Sun consumes our solar system.
    So be of good cheer and know that everything dies in its own time even the Universe and that’s a scientific fact. So we are destined to die not by fire, but by ice, then fire. 😉

  143. So the earth is correcting itself…just like with volcanic activity spewing particles to cool the earth. To many factors on a level we can never calculate for

  144. More fear mongering crap we have no control over… whatever

  145. More fear mongering garbage. So apparently the Earth’s core is now “cooling”… it won’t matter for billions of years. So is there anything we can do about it? No? Then who cares? How about we focus on beating COVID? Instead these *ssh*les continue to receive funding to do bullsh*t pointless experiments that result in alarmist articles like this one.

  146. It’s ultimately the result of our half cooked attempt for a new fossil fule ” natural gas” did u think it was just there to be there like I’m just waiting for the bus? No we f*cked with the construction of the planet with no way to reverse the effect we doing it to ourselves and just too ignorant to see it

  147. Jack you are completely wrong oil is technically a heat transfer system. Oil not only lubricates but it allows heat to be transfered buy the moving parts of the engine. Do some research and get your head out of your ass.

  148. Albert in a canv | January 17, 2022 at 9:11 am | Reply

    Another buy my book.for the answer to all your woes

  149. This is very interesting, pretty decent debate really but Im no science scholar. I do believe a simple thought already mentioned…we are sucking the planet dry of oil, gas, etc. and there is a consequence. And Jack, dude, oil is extremely important to cooling an engine but who cares, 40 years its all gone! I wonder if anyone thought about the lube thing on these electric things? Worry about that when its too late…human way

  150. Matthew T Angel | January 17, 2022 at 9:19 am | Reply

    Let’s do this with simple grade school science. Take a baked potato heat it up and let it sit time how fast it cools down. Take the same size baked potato heat it up then poke holes in it and see how long it takes to cool down. Every time you poke a hole in a heated surface you’re essentially aerating it and forcing it to cool down faster. If everyone would just go back to the basics and stop overthinking the problem a solution for the problem but how much easier.

  151. We really don’t know much about it do we. Lots to learn about everything. Mankind’s knowledge probably won’t fill a thimble in the ocean of facts.

  152. Good News! This should offset Global warming.😊

  153. So what is the end result for the planet and civilization

  154. Maybe we can fight the cooling of the core by increasing our carbon output into the atmosphere to balance it out

  155. Alright children calm down. Since it is literally impossible to get rid of anything in our environment or create anything truly new. None of this matters! It all was, is, and will continue to be here. Doesn’t matter what we do, the system was designed to use itself to make it’s self. Even if we nuked the planet into bits it would just collect back into itself and continue to do what it does. Man’s own arrogance thinking we have the power to dictate what happens to the earth is hilarious!

    • Yes, I’ve heard comments that we’re using up all the water, and everything is drying up. I asked them. Where do you think the water went? There’s as much water now as there ever was. It will never leave the planet.

  156. What if earth was really an engine and we just spent 100 years removing the oil from it. Engines dont work without oil

    • Guess what, it’s still here. Earth is actually an oil-producing machine. We call energy sources such as crude oil and natural gas fossil fuels based on the assumption that they are the products of decaying organisms. But the label is a misnomer. Research from the last decade found that hydrocarbons are synthesized abiotically. It’s actually producing more oil faster than we could ever use it. The earth is a living organism that takes care of itself quite well. If it has to, it will eliminate us, but it will be living well long after we’re gone.

  157. Well, Alexander Hamilton was right. Leave voting for those that are educated. Heres hoping for a dark star to have already detonated and restarting our part of the universe.

  158. All the countries of the world must put all their money and resources into fighting the earths core and keep it warm again!!

  159. Big deal. Bet my social security runs out first. When it does finally cool down, no one here will know about it.

  160. Wow, better than any comedy show. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  161. I do believe this is rubbish.
    They have no way to tell what would be at the center of the earth. No man has ever been there. Just like when they say what the sun is made up of as far as that goes. The other planets as well.
    Scientists have no idea its all theory and suggestions.
    They can’t prove anything.

    • Do you believe that atoms exist? Have you ever seen one?

      Do you believe that Fort Knox contains gold bars? Have you ever seen them yourself?

      Do you believe that the Van Allen Radiation belts exist? Have you ever seen them?

  162. K look I know everyone is going to be super pissed at me but, this is 100% my fault I’m owning up to it & turning myself into authorities after this post- when I was 8 the kids on my street dared me to dig a hole to China. Of course it didn’t work, the outer core was melting my toy shovels so I just left it open and it appears enough time passed for it to measurably vent some heat. My bad, but for reals some adult probably should’ve noticed a 4,500 mile-deep hole in Old Batsy Henderson’s front yard being dug by an 8 yr old. Oh yeah we called her that because she was blind, and very old

  163. When I see models like this it makes me wonder how they got their data. Consitering they can’t get to the floor of the deepest parts of the oceans without being crushed like a tin can.

  164. So the scientific predictions change with actual data? Imagine that! 97% of scientists said it wouldn’t.

  165. Does a finding like this have any implications on a human (as opposed to a geologic) timescale? Specifically, I am wondering about the magnitude of this increase and whether it could be relevant to our climate change models.

    I am coming at this from an engineering rather than a geology background, so I don’t have a good intuition for a planet sized system, but at it’s most basic the earth does seem like any other heat engine.

    You have heat flowing across a temperature differential, and it turns out that heat is flowing much faster than expected. If this means the earth is cooling faster then that heat must be exiting the system, and must be flowing through the surface to do it. We’re suspended in a vacuum so the only available mechanism for that heat to escape is ultimately to be radiated out into space.

    On the other hand we probably aren’t basing the existing models on heat flow calculations from the core, since we can measure it directly. Also perhaps the total heat flow from a cooling earth is so much smaller than the energy being absorbed and reradiated from the sun every day that it’s simply lost in the noise.

    I’m trying to place this finding in context, wondering if it affects us on human timescales, or if it is only relevant in geologic time.

    • It is only relevant on a geologic time scale and has no practical implications for the people living today or their children or children’s children. Humans will probably have evolved into something unrecognizable before it has any practical impact.

  166. Yadda yadda yada, he said , she said,they said…😏🥱..woo little childre, calm down…Now..
    .Those scientist dont know good sh*t from apple butter, how do u trust scientists about places they havent been, the ocean is full of incredible things, and we dont know didley about our own ocean, so they gone bypass the ocean that they dont know squat about and tell me things about the core…🤣🤣🤣…..i need to come here more often , yaw make me laugh, thanks for that too!…and the Grand Canyon started out as a little creek a kazillion yearrs ago..
    .🤣🤣🤣….bunch of Bull💩!!

  167. Michelle Matheus | January 17, 2022 at 11:53 am | Reply

    Senseless overpopulation/ garbage/ pollution/ pesticides/ fertlizers – our community fields look like a winter plastics harvest is due, and yes, fracking water used to irrigate crops – migrating birds drink it and don’t return home…we do not need to “prove” that global warming means an imminent apocalypse to stop being mindless animals incapable of imagining, of trying to work cooperatively towards being a less violent vain self celebratory garbage producing disgusting species and the source of our own destruction.

    • And yet we humans are part of nature, everything we do is natural. We’re all just tiny organisms on the surface of this Giant living thing we call Earth. Were only here for a short time.🐱

  168. The martians used fracking. And the resultant Climate change destroyed mars. How many more tax dollars must I pay to prevent this from happening here. Or maybe I should petition for our representatives to get more power over their constituents . Either way please scare me into something.

  169. We all gonna die.

  170. If you want answers to whats happening to this planet,travel an do your own research and study, these scientists are goverment owned and only say what the goverment tells them what to say. If you want the truth, seek it for yourselves. It’s way worse than this.

  171. OptimisticClarity | January 17, 2022 at 12:38 pm | Reply

    First of all, just because one holds a degree doesn’t make them a know it all. It only makes them narrow minded front what I’ve seen. Second, if one hold a degree then the books clearly do not teach them about contradiction. Many contradicting claims coming from degree heads. Degree heads have proven they are pessimistic with narrow minds. And to call someone a childish name because of their own beliefs is just not professional; which degree heads claim to be.

  172. OptimisticClarity | January 17, 2022 at 12:50 pm | Reply

    HEDDEN (post there at the top of feed) BEAUTIFULLY SAID AND AMEN!

  173. All I can say is spend as much time with family making good memories, forgive those who did wrong.Because we don’t know when tomorrow may be our last day for exstinction. Come to the cross and find redemption, while you still can.

  174. How ridiculous. Just made up science fiction.

  175. I’ve seen first hand what oil fracking does to the land in an area it has been done recently. Everything was dead or dying as far as trees and grass went. It also changed the shape of the land after it had been done. All the wildlife in the area were no longer there, they left for other areas to inhabit. It was absolutely terrible. Please for the love of our planet, stop oil fracking, it will be the end of us. Go for a bike ride, carpool, switch to electric vehicles, conserve energy and water as much as you can, they will be gone soon. If we don’t all seriously get congress to change their laws on emissions, and not letting these big corporations get away with how much they violate the laws on how much they emit from their factories, we’ll be doomed faster than we’ll be able to stop it. If that doesn’t alarm you or want you to do your part to help the world, I don’t know what will.

  176. For all of those commenting here, graciously sharing your ignorance in a manner that suggests you don’t even realize how far you are removed from rational discourse, I have one question:

    Why is a mouse?

  177. Uh oh. We better start warming our climate to compensate!

    Yes, that’s sarcasm.

  178. We’ve dug less than ten miles into the Earth but somehow these “scientists” know the temp of the Earth’s core and what it’s made of.

    OK. LOL! Clowns.

  179. That means global warming is now global cooling.
    God damned scientists can’t make up their minds!

  180. Lorenzo Rodriguez | January 17, 2022 at 2:36 pm | Reply

    Put the oil back where it belongs in the Earth 🌎 bring back the Eden you have destroy.this is our Mother we all respect

  181. But what would interior cooling do to global warming? Do we have another crisis in the making?

  182. Pedro Rodriguez | January 17, 2022 at 3:12 pm | Reply

    Don’t let Tongans hear you,they’re hot right now

  183. Well, its very cold in space and this planets just floating in space look at the ice planet its frozen solid because the innereds of the rock cooled to where air and mass is so cold its frozen

  184. Just something we have no control over, its gunna do what its gunna do aint like we can stick a tube down there with a heater to keep it hot

  185. There are a lot of supposedly highly educated people who do not understand the concept of heat capacity nor heat flow. The crust in total is less than 1% of the total mass of the earth, the heat flowing from the mantle to the crust represents 0.03% of the earth’s surface energy budget. Heat also flows from warmer to colder bodies, rate is faster for greater differences in temperature. The use of fossil fuels, according to “climate change” advocates, would make the surface warmer. The two sources of internal heat for the earth are adiabatic compression and radioactive decay—my money for a potential cause is the amount of radioactive material in earth’s interior is lower than thought.

  186. Why was Venus not mentioned as “one of the other” rocky planets? Venusian geology is relevant, given the planet’s nearly identical size as compared to Earth. I implore the writers to expand the article to include a discussion of the core temperature and rate of cooling within Venus.

  187. Why was Venus not mentioned as “one of the other” rocky planets? Venusian geology is relevant, given the planet’s nearly identical size as compared to Earth. I implore the writers to expand the article to include a discussion of the core temperature and rate of cooling within Venus.

  188. John DeLorriane | January 17, 2022 at 4:15 pm | Reply

    Everybody knows that the flux capacitor is what makes time travel possible

  189. Time to turn off the comments. I believe every idiot, crackpot, loony, and conspiracy theorist has had their say!

  190. Don’t let the demos read this or they will tell you it’s because of climate change and not getting a vaccine

  191. Perfect counter balance to global warming!

  192. We are all gonna die!

    We are doomed.

  193. Eric M. Jones. It’s the end of the world as we know it; I feel fine.

    All joking aside, so global warming is over? 😏😳

  194. Rabun Gap. We were doomed from the beginning of the human species. 😳🥴🥴🥴

  195. Astra)Ashly Evans | January 17, 2022 at 6:53 pm | Reply


  196. Sandee (Don't hit me!) | January 17, 2022 at 6:57 pm | Reply

    Hmph… Clyde Spencer believes everything he reads online. I know. I’m in for a brutal verbal bearing from him.

    • “Clyde Spencer believes everything he reads online.”

      Far from it! Most of the comments here are unbelievable.

  197. Sandee (Bruises Easily) | January 17, 2022 at 6:58 pm | Reply

    Beating*, not bearing. Sadly, my autocorrect is broke.

  198. It don’t take a scientist to realize that the each country have ruined this planet! It will always return to mother nature we have destroyed our planet to no return. I’m so sad that money has taken it to where we are.

  199. Amen, Astra!

  200. If the core is cooling then it’s getting a harder, as it cools then it would be become more solid and slow the state of liquid movement?

  201. I am reading all these comments. Fracking can cause earth quakes, and poison our water. Anything we drill for affects our planet. In the gulf all the tree huggers don’t know about how oil seeps naturally from the soil. I am not a professional but I do know one fact our leaders like to try putting in our minds. All I know is what I am sharing. Hey I am powerless. Nothing lasts for ever.

  202. We just had 2 big volcanoes. Seems hot to me.

  203. Hey I love reading all subjects like these. Global warming? Hey real. One year is warm the next is cold. Again global warming? I call most of these subjects are a scare Gore. Look at the money he made. The volcanos, bad weather, and this subject, oh yes and all of the other issues I question because they are based on big money.

  204. I wouldn’t inform anyone today how this planet is faring. All the dumb comments by people with no common sense is really killing me. I knew someone would bring the so called hoax “Global Warming” here. Apparently these people have no respect for wild life and believe it’s just us humans living in this planet. Global warming is real and to you truth deniers with a lack of common sense…. Get a clue! Why don’t you go and research just how many species has been lost since man’s existence. All of those species died off because man either hunted it or we used up many resources that resulted in ruining their habitat. Like how man is ruining the amazon. Do you know how many animals are in the Amazon? Their are species we have no idea that exist there… When the Arctic is losing ice and becomes warmer, polar bears will suffer and soon die. Quit denying global warming because it’s slapping you dead in the face. Wake up!

  205. Oh look at who’s doing these studies. Why isn’t our american scientists studying these issues. Look at these names who are doing these studies. The person who posted to shut these posts obviously does not believe in freedom of speech. Oh yes a very sad statement. Why don’t you go live abroad and you will find that it’s not bad here

  206. This has consequences of 5he cessation of the rarths magnetic field once the fluid rotaing ferrous mantle core solicits over.

  207. This leads to the consequence, eventually, of the cessation of the earth’s magnetic field once the rotating liquid ferrous core solidifies over. What happened to Mars atmosphere is that without its magnetic field, the solar wind blew much of its atmosphere away. But hey, in a few billion years, the sun’s physical nature shall change, and it shall grow to envelope the earth. That will not make Earth livable. But there is not enough information given in the article to predict which shall occur first. For that matter, when betelguese goes supernova and becomes an extreme xray source, that could well lead to earth’s atmosphere being destroyed, and a mass extinction on earth occurring on that account. Still, the odds on most likely outcome is that the current mass extinction that is already initiated, the root cause being the overpopulation of earth by the human species, will cause better than 90% of all living species to go extinction in a rather brief (in geologic terms) period, like no longer than tens of thousands of years. So that’s likely to finish well before any of these other outcomes comes about.

    Have a nice day.

  208. None of this matters as we are all going to die from some form of covid. 🙄

  209. Sorry to the world. I keep telling the kids to stop digging holes in the yard but they just want to keep doing what the dog does….. and yes, they have had a tendency to sh*t in the neighbors yard lately too. Little savages. Exposing the earth’s core and then adding toxic waste to the already damaged surface isn’t doing us any favors.

  210. I believe in global warming. Anyone who doesn’t is blind. It’s here. I just really hope that the cooling of the earths core that they’re talkin bout will somehow stop that. But, the cooling of the earth’s core doesn’t zound too good. I’m just glad that’s probably goin to be a few thousand years from now.

  211. Few hundred* thousand, if not a million of years from now.

  212. Would this affect future earthquakes and fault lines prematurely ? What will happen when Earth’s core completely cools off?
    Would the polls reverse sooner?
    Thank you

  213. Maybe as a race of humans our time is up like the dinosaurs, A rather than go to another planet and reck that why not put or efforts into saving and trying harder to undo what we have done as apossed to running away from our mistakes. Mother earth knows what to do, So keep it simple and fix what we have and just maybe we might be able to live here for longer, be kinder to our fellow man and women of all colours and join together as big mind rather than fighting each other there are some great minds here on earth let’s work as one instead of as individuals trying to better each other.
    This planet isn’t just ours we need to learn to do better for next generations, so please put aside our squabbles and unite.

  214. Adeline Thompson | January 18, 2022 at 12:56 pm | Reply

    Hi… How much time does Earth 🌍 have before it’s dead? I say in a few years. It’s almost too late.
    Time left standing is enough to fix it, but there’s only one way. No one knows how. It’s a secret

  215. Please note that the author quotes the scientists as admitting that their observations are still UNPROVEN and as such are SPECULATION awaiting PROOF.

  216. IhopeTheCommWillBePosted | January 18, 2022 at 1:57 pm | Reply

    Listen, LISTEN!… Science is all about experiments: observable, measurable, repetabile. How TF this white lab coats have have ever observed, measured and repeated the experiment of finding out what’s beyond the 7 miles, the deepest EVER borehole dug?! HUH? AND FOR THOSE THAT WILL SAY “YES, BUT THERE ARE DEVICES AND MACHINES AND, AND, AND, THAT CAND USE ULTRA SOUNDS AND ULTRA BS…” MF’er, wake up and smell the BS. This is not science, is brain washing, propaganda, indoctrination, programming the feeble minds, lies, deceptions.

  217. This is great. No more global warming.

  218. Holy sh*t the amount of people thinking that has something to do with us extracting Oil from the ground is scary.

    Yes retrieving Oil and burning it is not good for the Planet but for a whole bunch of different reasons.

    If you really believe that Oil is the “fuel of the earth”…like do you have a kid that’s a highschooler?

    If yes, get its physics schoolbook and read as much as you can about energy and mass
    (a bit of chemistry might also help like e.g. how combustion works. That’s important because there is no or just miniscule oxygen down there),

    come back, read the article again, read your comment again and take a good look at yourself in the mirror after that.

  219. Who cares? We are all going to die from climate change in the next 10 years. Source: Al Gore

  220. iM POSITIVE it’s global warming!!

  221. The comments here are the very reason the human species is doomed to fail. All the fracing and oil extraction in the history of man have contributed less to the earth’s core cooling than the tonga eruption did in five minutes. Human activity can contribute to climate change, but all the activity in the world is not going to affect the rate at which the core cools.
    You just gotta love the comments by people (bless their hearts) about drilling for oil removing the lubrication or even better removes the fuel thst keeps the core nice and toasty.
    In the end though, it really doesn’t matter if the core is cooling at half the rate previously believed or double that rate, because before it affects life on the planet, life will have long since departed anyway. We also have the moon slowly escaping which will eventually lead to problems with planet wabble making life difficult to support since it will affect seasons. The likelihood of a planet killing asteroid is a constant threat. A life ending eruption of a super volcano like Yellostone, which will erupt in the near geologic time frame. The release of methane due to global warming. Or the inevitable end of the earth as our sun burns through its fuel (no us using oil does not take away from the sun’s fuel) and becoming a red giant engulfing the planet. The continued expansion of the universe until nothing is left, or God calling us all home.
    The plain truth is, the temperature of the earth’s core will never affect a single human being ever. The expansion of the Universe is more likely to affect a human who managed to escape this rock in a few hundred billion years than core Temps.
    We need to spend time worrying about the human population and how many of us we can support. All stories like this do, is tell us how long the earth may survive and we ain’t gonna be here long enough to see that.

  222. You guys are whack.

  223. Great. We got a pandemic and now the end of the world. What’s next?

  224. The cutaway view of the earth is outdated. It is not layered as shown.

  225. Definitely not a scientist at all | January 20, 2022 at 12:51 pm | Reply

    Remember that time scientists actually drilled down and collected materials from Earth’s mantle and core? Remember that? It’s 2022, we haven’t even scratched the alleged mantle, let alone down to the alleged core. Sure would be nice if the unproven hypothesis could be tested with physical experiment rather than making factual claims based on pure conjecture.

    • Definitely not a scientist!

      It is not just wild conjecture. Most of the evidence for the conditions deep in the Earth are from the passage of seismic waves.

      Are you aware that when a temperature is measured what is actually measured is the expansion of a liquid or the change in resistivity of a piece of metal? The temperature is not measured directly, but instead, the change in properties of something is used to infer the defined temperature.

  226. Absolute hypothetical fiction

  227. Thomas Allen Emery II | January 21, 2022 at 7:45 pm | Reply

    The deepest hole drilled was in Russia. these people are s***. Drill passed 8-9 me miles and then post a “news post” here. Lint lickers

  228. The heat displaced by the core of the earth is directly effected by the magnetic field that it is in. The earth core is not “cooling” the magnetic field that it is in is changing. This article is just more dumb science.

    • Are you suggesting that a magnetic field can control the flow of heat energy? If so, I’d like to see a citation that supports that.

  229. Have they considered that the flexing of the earth due to the gravity pull of our moon adds heat throught friction. This may to some degree limit the amount of cooling.

  230. clearly, it’s Tiamut

  231. Earth won’t dead in our human life. But It’s already affect GPS!! such as google map etc.

  232. Of course the core is cooling. They keep taking earth apart to check it. STOP! Stop now. How do you think the people living on the seam like you taking it apart. And all just to make the movie at the top of the article!!!

  233. You all seriously have the arrogance to think that what the human race has done in the +100,000 years of existence has an effect on a +billion year old planet? Like a tick on a dog’s back, in a blink the whole human race will be gone/reset, whether by design, catastrophic event (asteroid), or simply by our own hand (war). You are all fools if you think we can avoid and of these, as we are currently on the fast track to a huge cleanse via nuclear war as Russia, Korea, Pakistan, India, China, the US, and many other’s are all playing with. If these countries haven’t kicked off the next world war in the next 10 years I’d be extremely surprised.

  234. It is never going to cool down cause of a tremendous pressure of own weight toward zero point singular in center. Since the pressure of contraction is permanent and inertion is acting in opposite direction of contraction it is going to be molten in center regions forever always producing potential.

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