GameGadget Unveils Open Source Game Console

GameGadget Game Console

UK company GameGadget has announced the launch of their new “Go Anywhere – Play Everything” games console, called the GameGadget 1.0. The name is very appropriate as it doesn’t aim to be a flash in the pan. They have the big gaming companies directly in their sights and the big gaming picture in mind. This Linux-based device claims to be able to run any game, at any time. Those are big claims and big aspirations. Can they live up to the hype?

We will find out soon enough since it will be going on sale early next year for £99.99($160.) Developers will have some added flexibility with this device on how they sell, play, and create games, according to the creators. Think of this console as the “iPod” of gaming. With countless games floating around and “archived,” you have an endless choice of content. Some of that content is generating no revenue for the developer and just sits there. People might not even know it exists. Much like a song. Get it?

That’s where the GameGadgetGames service comes into play, presumable operating on the same model as “Apple’s App Store.” Owners of old games can re-market their old games, in the original format no less, price it and get some revenue flowing again. Now think about that. The owner has suffered no additional investment and stands to reap the rewards. While gamers get variety and the chance to play something that may not be new, but is new to them. It sounds like a win/win to me.

GameGadget 1.0 will be available from the GameGadget site when it launches in January of 2012.

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