Harvard Researchers Discover That People With This Type of Mindset Live Longer

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Do you always look on the bright side of things? This habit could actually be good for your health.

The study found that optimists live longer.

What is an optimistic mindset? Optimists focus on the positives of situations and anticipate positive outcomes to events. They are also confident in their ability to make good things happen. However, what relationship does this type of mindset have with your health?

Higher levels of optimism were linked to longer lifespans and a higher possibility of surviving over 90 years of age, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. The study included 159,255 women of different racial backgrounds.

Researchers discovered that there was a clear connection between optimism and longevity across racial and ethnic groups, and that lifestyle variables were responsible for about one-quarter of this relationship.

“Although optimism itself may be patterned by social structural factors, our findings suggest that the benefits of optimism for longevity may hold across racial and ethnic groups,” said lead author Hayami K. Koga, of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “Optimism may be an important target of intervention for longevity across diverse groups.”

Reference: “Optimism, lifestyle, and longevity in a racially diverse cohort of women” by Hayami K. Koga, MD, Claudia Trudel-Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Lewina O. Lee, Ph.D., Peter James, Ph.D., Candyce Kroenke, ScD, Lorena Garcia, DrPH, Aladdin H. Shadyab, Ph.D., Elena Salmoirago-Blotcher, MD, Ph.D., JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH, Francine Grodstein, ScD and Laura D. Kubzansky, Ph.D., 8 June 2022, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

3 Comments on "Harvard Researchers Discover That People With This Type of Mindset Live Longer"

  1. The fact it only sampled one gender, the one with the most emotional patterns, completely invalidates the result and is most sexist. You can’t make the blanket term for “All People” with only one gender!
    This is what data companies have been shouting for decades since the pharmeceutical companies tend to only test on men.

  2. I seem to always (naively) have an optimistic outlook … until someone comes in to screw things up. Then I find that the disappointment is worse than if I had adopted a more realistic outlook. Take it from me, you’ll be happier to ditch the optimism and expect the worst.

  3. @kevin (who commented before me), saying the disappointment from not having the optimistic result, is worse than when he anticipates negative (or realistic) results, (he said).
    Well this ones for you kevin..and anyone else thinking “realistic & negative expectations/thinking ” is better in the long run, (to avoid that crushing disappointment).
    Manifesting …is the act of believing so wholeheartedly in a positive result ,(examples) that you’ll win the lottery jackpot, wake up with 10 grand randomly (honestly & legally yours) in your bank account, etc….
    Manifesting is the act of believing with all your being…that this wonderful positive beneficial thing will happen. You have to visualize it…AND FEEL IT! Feel it in the way..as if it has ALREADY HAPPENED! This sends an energy vibration (because we ..and this world/universe we live in..are /is, all made of energy. The energy vibrations we send out…when we FEEL ..visualize…feel..believe…the universe is always working hard on our behalf.. to send us the things we want. We are the masters and creators of our own destiny in that way. Because negativity and being “realistic ” is both defeatist and self limiting. Never put limits on your hopes wishes plans or dreams. Because anything is possible.. even probable.. if you just keep working on visualizing and feeling and seeing it..as having already been granted. Feel how it feels…think how you will/would think (if you have already won 50 million, etc). What would you be doing? Thinking? Seeing? Feelimg…experiencing. real estate searching..for that perfect house to buy. So sign up for a real estate search online…have them send you updates to that search…with your criteria. Maybe its beachfront. With a swimming pool..in an expensive amazing area..etc. every day you’ll get those emails…open them lool at those houses..as if you do have 50 mill in the bank and can buy it today.
    Act as if…
    And it will come to you.
    Dont experience accept or even contemplate crushing disappointment every time you DONT win the jackpot…every week or twice a week etc.
    Just keep buying your lotto tickets and keep thinking dreaming visualizing and feeling..as if you’ve already won, (or gotten whatever it is you want).
    There is no limit to what you can ask the universe for. There is no worthy or not worthy. There is no too much…or greedy or excessive. You can ask for unlimited Abundance. Unlimited abundant health…wealth. love. Joy. Freedom. Whatever. Just keep believing….and fyi: it takes time..maybe 3 years until you get what your manifesting every morning and night. Visualize it. Feel it. Every moment you think of it…the more often the better. Just keep believing. And it will come…it is magical. It is real. You are magical.. so is the universe..and its powerful .and unlimited magic the universe has..and it works hard to bring us what we want…every second of every day. Ask. Believe. Recieve.
    Your only obstacle.. is yourself my friend.
    That is the Secret.
    (Read that book..the secret…it is short..has the gist of it….sort of.).

    Wishing you unlimited Abundance and joy.
    All the best….


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