Hubble Reaches New Milestone: 10,000th Scientific Paper Published

Hubble Reaches New Milestone 10,000th Scientific Paper Published

Hubble achieves a new milestone with the publication of its 10,000th scientific paper.

As if we needed any reminders, it just illustrates how the Hubble Space Telescope has been one of the most successful scientific endeavors ever undertaken by humans. We must continue to take care of it. The telescope has been serviced five times by astronauts since its start and it has proven itself well worth the upkeep.

Throughout its 21-year history, scientists in over 35 countries have engaged in Hubble research. The United States has the most papers published based on Hubble observations, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain.

Yes, the telescope has extended our knowledge across the world and changed the course of scientific history. The lead author of the 10,000th paper is Zach Cano of Liverpool John Moores University in the UK. The report is on the identification of the faintest supernova to ever be associated with a long-duration gamma-ray burst. So now this latest paper is interesting for several reasons.

Well done Hubble. Here’s to many more papers based on your eye in the sky.

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