“Pollution Glue” May Improve London’s Air Quality

Pollution Glue May Improve London’s Air Quality

London is attempting to capture pollution by spreading “pollution glue” or calcium magnesium acetate on the city’s roads.

London has had an air quality problem for a long time and now they may have finally found a way to combat air pollution. They are not going after the sources, but rather trying to capture the pollution by spreading “pollution glue” or calcium magnesium acetate on the city’s roads. It’s a novel idea that just might work. After all, you are only limited by the amount of road that you have.

The idea is that calcium magnesium acetate would glue particles to the roadway to stop them from re-circulating into the air. First, they will sweep and wash the roads, then apply the solution using a modified winter gritting machine with a fine sprinkler-like system.

It’s a good plan, but until they tackle the sources as well, they may never get ahead of the problem. The first trials are underway at the Mercury Way industrial site in Lewisham and Horn Lane in Ealing. More trials will start in early 2012.

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  1. Craig S. Chisesi | December 30, 2011 at 3:45 pm | Reply

    I have been reading about the air pollution in London for a long time. My wife reported how bad it was when she visited in the early ’90’s. Most of the pollution comes from autos. We have a very inexpensive car filter that will remove the pollutants in the cabin of all vehicles with recirc capability. They last about 6 months and we have sold them for 8+ years. We would be intersted in talking to anyone in England that would like to try the filters and hopefully market them, as we don’t have any contacts in London. Check out our website at fontusairwatersolar.com and click on the air part. We know we can improve your life, and they are quite inexpensive.
    Craig in Colorado USA

  2. What does that s#!t do to cars?

  3. I hope this “road glue” doesn’t eat up cars. Why not just deport crimmigrants and campaign for lower electric use and more efficient cars?

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