Researchers Find That Eating a Certain Protein Is Related to Developing Depression

COVID Fatigue Depression

A new study confirms the link between an amino acid present in diet and depression.

A new study shows, in humans, mice, and flies, that elevated plasma levels and a diet rich in the amino acid proline cause a more severe state of depression.

Amino acids are monomers that are the building blocks of protein. When a person consumes food containing protein, the protein is broken down into amino acids by the digestive system. To carry out bodily functions, the body then combines the amino acids in different ways. There are 20 different amino acids, of which 9 are considered essential amino acids because they cannot be made by the body and must come from food.

Newly released research confirms the link between a certain amino acid called proline and depression. Proline is a nonessential amino acid and is found in grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, gelatin, bone broth, organ meats like liver, and cage-free egg yolks. According to the study, a diet rich in proline is linked to an increased risk of depression.

Researchers from Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI) and Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona, Spain, have discovered the role of an amino acid in depression in humans, mice, and flies. It is proline, an amino acid found in a broad range of foods such as gelatin, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught fish. The findings, published in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism, also link a proline-rich diet to an increased risk of developing depression.

Dr. José Manuel Fernández-Real and Dr. Jordi Mayneris-Perxachs from the IDIBGI and CIBEROBN research groups on Nutrition, Eumetabolism, and Health led the study, as did Dr. Rafael Maldonado from the Pompeu Fabra University Neuropharmacology-Neurophar research group, which is affiliated with the Hospital de la Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM).

Rafael Maldonado

Dr. Rafael Maldonado, Neuropharmacology-Neurophar research group Credit: UPF

To reach these conclusions, on the one hand, the type and amount of amino acids in the diet of the participants were analyzed. Participants also completed a questionnaire to measure their depressive mood. “We were surprised that what was most associated with depression, evaluated through this questionnaire, was the consumption of proline,” says Dr. Fernández-Real, of the IDIBGI, and also head of the Endocrinology Section at Hospital Dr. Josep Trueta in Girona and director of the Department of Medical Sciences at the University of Girona. Confirming this, when plasma metabolomics was evaluated, the concentration of proline emerged as one of the metabolites most associated with indicators of depression.

Proline levels, depending on the microbiota

But not everyone who had a high intake of proline was more depressed. When studying these people’s intestinal microbiota, a relationship was also observed between depression and bacteria, as well as between depression and bacterial genes associated with proline metabolism. Thus, it was observed that circulating proline levels depended on the microbiota. “The microbiota of patients with high proline consumption but low plasma levels of proline was similar to the microbiota associated with low levels of depression and was enriched in bacterial genes involved in the transport and metabolism of proline”, states Dr. Mayneris-Perxachs, a Miguel Servet researcher at the IDIBGI.

To find out if the presence of proline was a cause or a consequence of depressive mood, participants’ microbiota was transplanted into mice. The rodents that became more depressed had received the microbiota of participants with high proline, or more depressed subjects. Different genes associated with the transport of proline were also found in the brains of these mice. “The possibility of transferring the depression phenotype from humans to mice through microbiota transplantation and the demonstration that such transplantation generates alterations in proline transport reveals that this proline may be associated causally with depression”, explains Dr. Maldonado, of UPF.

Another confirmatory experiment was carried out using fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster), in which a more depressive mood can be induced. The researchers isolated two types of bacteria from the microbiota associated with proline consumption and added them to the flies’ sterilized feed. Flies that ingested food with Lactobacillus, which in mice was associated with less depression, showed they were more willing to overcome difficulties they faced afterward. In contrast, those that ingested Enterobacter, which is associated with depression in humans, were much more depressed.

Finally, the same experiment was performed on genetically modified flies to eliminate the channels that carry proline to the brain. In this case, the proline was unable to reach the brain, and the flies proved to be highly resilient to depression.

Dr. José Manuel Fernández Real and Dr. Jordi Mayneris Perxachs

Dr. José Manuel Fernández-Real and Dr. Jordi Mayneris-Perxachs, from the research group on Nutrition, Eumetabolism and Health at the IDIBGI and CIBEROBN. Credit: IDIBGI

The importance of proline in future treatments

“These results demonstrate the importance of proline and its influence on people’s depressive mood, which so far had not been taken into account,” highlights Dr. Fernández-Real. The study also opens the way for new studies to find possible diet-based treatments for depression.

This study has also enjoyed the collaboration of researchers from the FISABIO Foundation, the Lleida Biomedical Research Institute (IRBLleida), and the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio) of the University of Valencia and the CSIC.

Reference: “Microbiota alterations in proline metabolism impact depression” by Jordi Mayneris-Perxachs, Anna Castells-Nobau, María Arnoriaga-Rodríguez, Miquel Martin, Lisset de la Vega-Correa, Cristina Zapata, Aurelijus Burokas, Gerard Blasco, Clàudia Coll, Anira Escrichs, Carles Biarnés, José María Moreno-Navarrete, Josep Puig, Josep Garre-Olmo, Rafel Ramos, Salvador Pedraza, Ramón Brugada, Joan Carles Vilanova, Joaquín Serena, Jordi Gich, Lluís Ramió-Torrentà, Vicente Pérez-Brocal, Andrés Moya, Reinald Pamplona, Joaquim Sol, Mariona Jové, Wifredo Ricart, Manuel Portero-Otin, Gustavo Deco, Rafael Maldonado and José Manuel Fernández-Real, 3 May 2022, Cell Metabolism
DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2022.04.001

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  1. What variables did they control for?
    How do you have a study article with correlation and not have the controlled for variables or even the numbers of participants and strength of the findings?

    • The research was published in the scientific journal, Cell Metabolism. I’m sure anyone looking for details such as variables, replications, etc. can find them there.

      • So, grass-fed beef and pasture-raised chickens are supposed to be bad now? Seems like this article was published by the meat industry.

        • Yes. Self sufficient enough to have your own livestock? Bad. Rely on the the big suppliers? Good.
          Chicken in a yard or field? Bad. Chicken in a cage? Good

      • As someone who has suffered from depression, measuring depression with a simple questionnaire is a joke. Depression is not a mood swing. This article and study is bogus 😒.

    • There is also research wrt how the microbiome may affect the mood and eating habits of its host. A transplant to rats may not have caused depression as a result of the protein, but rather the rats.

    • Wonder who comissioned/funded this study & with these parameters ?

  2. Really? How many people nowadays can afford to buy grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, gelatin, bone broth, organ meats like liver, and cage-free egg yolks? Most people I know with depression cannot afford to even eat unprocessed foods. Depression touches way more individuals than those who eat those meats.

    • Exactly my thoughts!

    • Of course depression touches others who don’t eat those foods, and nobody said otherwise. You certainly missed the point which only links an amino acid as a possible cause of depression. Also, plenty of people eat those foods including me. Not all of us are destitute, and some of us prioritize our nutrition. ANYBODY can afford to eat unprocessed foods, they are just to lazy to cook it, and would rather feed their fat and sugar addiction.

      • Nasty, Aaron, and arrogant. Was happy to read the first part of your answer, but not the second part which was judgemental and full of unsupported, mean, personal attacks which were totally unjustified. Your reply to Anthea and Danni sounded very misogynistic too. Just sad you are, Aaron.

    • That may be based on your location but I live in eastern U.S. and processed foods are generally expensive. I make meals from scratch cause many ingredients will serve through multiple meals. Covering only costs of meats and taking time to cook has saved me tremendously. A pasta dish I can make for $5 with leftovers versus a $8 burger for one at a food chain or $6 frozen meal for 1 carries the cost. That’s in my region, but here unprocessed raw ingredients are cheaper.

  3. Rather than proline being the culprit, it sounds like a gut health imbalance that does not handle proline well is the real problem. The title seems misleading.

  4. Definitely click on the link for the whole paper, there’s no pay wall it’s very detailed and has a lot of charts.

    • It’s been exact opposite for me. I switched to carnivore ore diet with “clean” meats, fish, eggs and cheese about a month ago and have experienced increased focus, lower blood pressure, lost most of the difficult lbs in my stomach area. Additionally, I have felt better mentally than I have in a long, long time, much more positive mental state; not sure who funds these studies, but my experience has been exact opposite.

      • I have experienced the same. They don’t want poor ppl eating good food that want us on pigs feet and coolaid

  5. Not surprised. Every time I ate a high protein/keto diet I would become depressed. I realized afterwards that one needs a balance of certain food in order to feel healthy in mind and body.

  6. Seriously? Only grass-fed beef, only pasture-raised chickens, only cage-free eggs? Where are the comparisons with feedlot beef, eggs and meat from abused, imprisoned chickens? This sounds like an argument in favor of continuing animal abuse and eating poorer quality food without any proof. And unless you tested this on humans what possible validity could it have? Depressed flies?? If this is considered valid science then I guess injecting bleach is a good idea too.

    • I was thinking about that too.

    • Sheree Norton | June 5, 2022 at 4:37 am | Reply

      Agree. This entire study makes no sense to me. Comparing human depression to mice and flies! The suggestion that you can induce depression in flies in particular made me laugh 😂. I’d like to know who paid for this research. It’s absurd.

  7. Misleading headline offered to public: “Researchers Find That Eating a Certain Protein Is Related to Developing Depression”. Should be something more like “Nutrition and the Micribiome Critical to Mood”. Would be just as eye catching, and far more likely to result in effective behavior-change re health promotion.

  8. Your microbiome balance is what’s critical, Barb.

  9. Bill Nicklaus | June 3, 2022 at 12:25 pm | Reply

    So what doesn’t cause depression…… potato chips?

  10. I’m on a 70% protein diet, have not been mentally better in years, not to mention I’m in my peak physical condition and training harder. Maybe there are other factors involved not accounted for.

  11. Is this AA not found in some plant foods as well or grain-fed beef? Your mention of ONLY grass fed and pasture raised eggs raises red flags for a biased agenda here.

  12. Owen Williams | June 3, 2022 at 12:39 pm | Reply

    So only artificially fed fish,beef and chickens will be good for our mental health? This sounds like poor science to me. Was this subsidied by the the marketing board!

  13. John K, is the info your want possibly in the reference materiel?

    • This isn’t a red flag lol can’t trust science anymore they really attacking meat our ancestors been eating these foods since are existence and we’re healthier than we are today it’s not the meat it’s what they have done to our food with all the process ingredients and seed oils come on people don’t believe this BS. This world is run on greed they don’t care about our health or are well-being.

      • Truth Vaccine | June 4, 2022 at 7:45 am | Reply

        I agree.
        I wonder how these, “researchers” define a woman…

        • Your comment has nothing to do with anything in this article, and sounds like your a bot. You stated you agree then said nothing to do with the article itself and brought up something meaningless.

        • Breadah, formerly Brenda | June 15, 2022 at 5:36 pm | Reply

          My pronouns are “grass fed meat loaf” and “cotton pickin’ finger lickin’ chicken plucker” and I am no longer a woman- now I am a toaster oven and I expect to be treated as such.

      • Chemical free food like our ancestors ate is rarely available to most people today. I did not notice the word organic in their study. This would indicate the grass fed cattle and free range chickens were fed on vegetation fields contaminated with glyphosate based herbicides. A product that is known to have a detrimental effect on gut microbiome. (The cause of numerous health problems) The product also contaminates the water table, streams and lakes. There are even people foolish enough to spray the products on their lawn. Uninformed consumers and corporate greed are the only reasons the products are legal.

  14. Waaay too soon to publish anything definitive. Everything in moderation folks. That’s the key to life. And I’m intrigued that they have a way to tell if non-humans are depressed. This has Bill Gates all over it.

  15. I find it very curious that this study singles out “grass-fed beef”, “pasture-raised chicken and eggs”, and “wild-caught fish”. That’s awfully specific. Are you saying the researchers controlled for these healthier and more environmentally-friendly sources of meat? And that subjects who are feed-lot beef and caged chicken and eggs did not have this proline amino acid in their blood or microbiota?

    I need to know more, specifically what the controls were and who funded this. Sounds like Bi-Ag industry propaganda.

    • Yep, definitely sounds like Big-ag propaganda. The word organic seems to be missing, indicating the grass fed cattle and free range chickens were fed on vegetation fields contaminated with glyphosate based herbicides. A product that is known to have a detrimental effect on gut microbiome. (The cause of numerous health problems) The product also contaminates the water table, streams and lakes. They put profit above health by continuing to sell such products.

  16. “Flies that ingested food with Lactobacillus… showed they were more willing to overcome difficulties they faced afterward.” LOL

    At risk of divulging experiment methods, may I ask what you guys did to “challenge” them? I’m also visualizing a tiny fruit fly-sized therapist’s chaise lounge.

  17. Anna-Maria Houin | June 3, 2022 at 1:28 pm | Reply

    Interesting. Types of diet do seem to correlate to moods for many people from my experience. For myself and many others in Wildfit groups (Eric Edmeades, founder) who have followed a whole foods eating plan that eliminates processed foods and increases water intake, our dysthymia and depressive moods have decreased significantly, e.g., 10 down to 2 on a SUDS or Likert Scale for myself). I have also personally found that drinking only water and bone broth in a five day fast eliminates depressed moods while I am fasting. When I add in low glycemic index vegetables and grass fed beef and chicken, as well as fresh caught seafood, my depression is minimal. Adding in carbs has a huge impact on mood for me, particularly processed carbs, i.e., wheat bread wheat pasta, brown rice.

  18. Because it’s a blurb in sci tech daily not the actual study. Go look it up… .edu it’s your friend…

  19. I’d like to see who bankrolled the study.
    Suspicious that it’s “cage-free” and “grass-fed” and “pasture raised” animals that are targeted.
    Are we to believe that artificial hormones and steroids in the animals we eat will keep depression away?

  20. Sounds like a Bill Gates sponsored study to try and get people to eat less meat.

    Nice try Bill

    • Truth Vaccine | June 4, 2022 at 7:46 am | Reply

      Valid point.

    • Exactly.

    • Yup. Check out Bill Gates’ connection with Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the money they have given to Pompeu Fabra University (the researchers who came to these conclusions). Most billionaires don’t give their cash directly, they do it through their institutions or foundations, but there’s one thing you can almost always be sure of: those who put up the money for research will often get the results they were looking for. If I were an evil billionaire or politician and decided I didn’t like a particular food or drink, I could have “research” done tomorrow and have it in the New England Journal of Medicine within a week.

  21. “Proline is a nonessential amino acid and is found in grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, gelatin, bone broth, organ meats like liver, and cage-free egg yolks.”
    …Are we sure that it was the protein causing the higher risk of depression, and not just the fact that these people obviously gave a s*** about the world since they were choosing more humanely raised foods? Because this world is f***ing depressing if you give a s***.

  22. In no way can I hold anything in this study to be truth. They conclude 1) natural and unprocessed protein sources contain amino acids that are linked to depression. And 2) part of their proof is putting this amino acid in flies, who then seemed depressed.

  23. Plant-based propaganda. Grass fed beef unhealthy? What’s next, water is unhealthy and we need to drink gatorade for electrolytes?

  24. I see the last commenter also thinks this is bulls***

  25. The only science I require is “lift heavy stone, make sad voice go away”. I don’t care about depressed flies

  26. Seems the lack of certain microbiota (lactobacillus and maybe others) was more of causual factor than the protein. All those foods mentioned with proline are good for health. Very very many people have messed up microbiota due to intake of antibiotics,Rx drugs, processed foods and chemicals,pesticides, like glyphosate (Roundup) that ruin the digestive system and cause leaky gut.
    Also is this a way to scare people into reducing consumption of natural foods? Majority of people who eat natural foods are not depressed. Also natural food – high in proline – consumption was the norm for the past centuries, milleinia probably for everyone and there seems to be way more depression nowadays than before. This is something else that could be studied if enough evidence was found in history.
    Anyway more properly controlled experiments need to be done.

  27. Brian Gunderson | June 3, 2022 at 4:02 pm | Reply

    This insnt science, this is bulls***! A bunch of government paid researchers with a globalist agenda no doubt.

  28. How can you tell if a fruit fly is depressed? Do they just sorta linger on a banana and refuse to play with the other fruit flies?

  29. Michael Patrick Milligan | June 3, 2022 at 4:07 pm | Reply

    I agree with John.

    The statements made in the article, including direct quotes of the researchers, were much stronger than is typical for new research findings. It seems much too soon to be speaking of “a possible causal” link.

  30. Lyd McCormick | June 3, 2022 at 4:12 pm | Reply

    This is horse sh*t!

  31. I do not agree. Sugar is the worse. My health is better then ever since I watch what I eat. Amazing never mentioning what we should eat. You have no alternatives. Moderation is the key. I do eat grass fed meat and many other foods the doctor mention.

  32. Ella Stephenson | June 3, 2022 at 4:29 pm | Reply

    I am going to call BS on this. Anything to discredit a real natural diet. Who paid for this “research”?

    Isn’t this one way to increase the push to grow lab meat?? Very interesting – but I will say #fakenews.

    We have the worse diet in the world – and the most obese. It prob wasn’t from natural diets … try processed.

    Now – think about this – did people back in the 1700-1800s have a higher incidence of depression???


  33. There is no one cause of depression;specially for clincal depression,which this article doesn’t distinguish from non chronic depression that may happen due to psychological or nutrition imbalance or lack of certain nutritional factors

  34. Flies get depressed?

    • So, the uptake is that factory farming is our friend? I don’t get it. This is as nonsensical an article as I’ve ever read. Rock-solid science at work.

  35. ” those [mice] that ingested Enterobacter, which is associated with depression in humans, were much more depressed.” Well.well…these bacteria digest sugar…so wonder if it’s a high sugar diet that causes excess enterobacter to proliferate and cause depression. High sugarvery common in processed foods.

  36. I call BS, so convenient that this falls into the push for plant based fake “meat.”

  37. Now I’m depressed, the delicious baked wild caught salmon I had for dinner last night is either a cause or effect. & there are more in the freezer.

  38. How did they know that flies were depressed?

  39. The article did not include any percentage of increase for developing depression a long article without numbers and participants is a waste of time to read

  40. Nothing’s more depressing than only eating vegetables

  41. Another article trying to make you vegan. Oh Jesus Christ

  42. Nope, sorry. False. I find myself happier when I eat grass fed beef. Really any beef.


    No mention of Depression Caused by Proline

  44. Gabriella Fall | June 3, 2022 at 5:25 pm | Reply

    How can one tell if a fruit fly is depressed…good grief!

  45. 🤣 This article is garbage. I would gladly debate any one of these “researchers”.

  46. REAL MORRISSETTE | June 3, 2022 at 5:36 pm | Reply

    I’d like to know how they evaluated the mood of the rodents for one thing and how they verified that it is not a combination of other factors like genetics and/or personal life that makes people more or less depressive.

  47. Good to know. I never buy that grass-fed, cage free, wild caught BS anyway, too expensive and nothing but a marketing gimmick.

  48. Eating carbohydrates with high fat is one thing, but many people report eating a zero carb diet that is only beef, salmon, lamb, eggs, chicken, and zero plants, results in an elimination of depression and even no longer needing anti depressant medications. Future studies should control for this variable or their results are invalid.

  49. JONATHAN W YOUNGSON | June 3, 2022 at 5:53 pm | Reply

    Does anyone else find it interesting that all of the proteins, that are “bad” for you, are mainly supplied by small business/family farms and not the corporate food conglomerates? 🤔

  50. Maybe if homey (picture) took that crap off his face and got his brain some oxygen, he’d be a little less down?

    • People ask “how you can tell when a rodent and fruit fly is depressed”.

      Their activity slowed down.

  51. Christopher A Martin | June 3, 2022 at 5:56 pm | Reply

    How can you tell if flies are depressed?!?

  52. This is why I don’t take Scientists seriously. So if you eat healthy you’ll get depressed? I have no respect for most Scientists because they torture animals and don’t do a thorough study. How do you know if a mouse is depressed? Did they tell you? Study on killers and pedophiles. Not animals.

  53. Matthew Nealon | June 3, 2022 at 6:01 pm | Reply

    Poorly set up.

  54. Timothy Pruett | June 3, 2022 at 6:02 pm | Reply

    It could be wearing the usless mask.

  55. They said the the flies were depressed….

  56. REALLY.,..
    Sounds like the biggest Fake News article since the debut of Covid..

  57. People ask “how you can tell when a rodent and fruit fly is depressed”.

    Their activity slowed down.

    • Thanks for the article. So presence of proline in plasma seems linked to depression. The fact that two different gut bacteria cause opposite effects would seem to indicate that increasing lactobacillus intake could help balance this out. Perhaps we should chase that steak with some yogurt.

  58. They were probably hired by Monsanto.

  59. Follow the money.

    • They’re pushing the green new deal narrative, eat bugs and be healthier. Did Billy Gates pay for this ridiculousness too? I see nothing sourced, just a lot of blah blah blah. Fire up the grill folks!!

  60. I don’t like the results of the study. Therefore it must be wrong.

  61. Mask is a symbol for double think.

  62. Most importantly, why are they making poor, short lived fruit flies depressed? How do they tell when a fruit fly is depressed? Is being born in a lessor fruit, say, a cantaloupe instead of a ripe peach having to “overcome” difficulties for a fruit fly?

  63. I wonder if beyond meat funded this.

  64. What “difficulties” did the flies and mice need to overcome?

    God help me, I’ve had an omelet and now I’m struggling to cope

  65. Patrick Keilly | June 3, 2022 at 6:48 pm | Reply

    Cage-free chicken eggs and grass-fed beef and wild fish cause depression. It sounds more like they are pushing for caged chickens and non-grass fed cows. What it looks like, to clarify, is that the happier the animals, the more depressed we become? Sounds like brain washing for people to believe that treating animals like crap causes us happiness when we are fed those animals. Seems like fishy advice. Look, happy cows in California produce delicious and nutritious milk. I don’t like this article. Seems corruptive.

  66. Yeah, let’s see the actual science behind this study because I call b.s. The New studies done today never reveal the full process because they know we wouldn’t be able to reproduce and get the same results. 🤦‍♀️

    Depression comes from a lack of vitamin D, which comes naturally from the sun. We eat many of these things and yet, we aren’t depressed because of this “protein”. If anything, it has HELPED our depression because we are cleaning up our diets.

    I say do proper studies on GMO foods and the fact the FDA allows a certain % of rat urine and feces to be in the foods they try to feed us.

  67. What a hit piece everybody I know that goes to a straight beef diet or meat diet of these items actually feel way less depressed and research shows proof of that I wonder who paid for this research and it’s funny how they target grass-fed and cage free chicken egg yolks people please do not listen to this go and get your research Bill Gates all of them are trying to get you to go to all these foods that are man-made and not natural but for me I’ll stick with natural

  68. How do you know when a fly is depressed?

    • Sangrok Moon | June 3, 2022 at 9:05 pm | Reply

      I wonder if way more people were depressed before farm raising animals was not possible, which I don’t think is true. Research seems to be very one dimensional simply tried to find the common denominator in group of people with depression.

  69. I’m not buying the cage free chicken one. I have 100 hens that roam 1 acre. Never have we felt depressed eating our eggs.

  70. Defender of Truth | June 3, 2022 at 7:09 pm | Reply

    “grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, gelatin, bone broth, organ meats like liver, and cage-free egg yolks” So foods Bill Gates doesn’t want the public to eat are bad? Grain fed beef is okay? Caged eggs are good? “Functions of proline include helping form collagen, regenerating cartilage, forming connective tissue, repairing skin damage and wounds, healing the gut lining, and repairing joints.” Yep, sounds like something Bill Gates would not want you eating.

  71. Kiryn Silverwing | June 3, 2022 at 7:21 pm | Reply

    My main question is: why the focus on “grass-fed” beef, “cage-free” eggs, etc? Is this protein not found in animal products treated less humanely, and if so, isn’t that an important thing to talk about? If not, why mention it?

  72. Depressed flies? I’m calling it…

  73. I still find the study, as described, persuasive as to causality even without a control group. This finding aside, meat-eaters seem more likely to get depressed if they DON’T have the meat they want in their food rather than if they do, which should suggest the opposite conclusion.

    Beyond that, if this study is sensitive enough to identify just one protein among the eleven non-essential ones as the culprit, it’s probably sensitive enough to eliminate most other confounding factors. And, of course, the confirmatory study that it mentions with fruit flies IS experimental.

  74. Ahahaha what a load of bull crap.
    Of course the healthiest things a human could possibly eat is now miraculously linked with some bad thing.
    These people are absolutely evil.
    You will eat the bugs.
    You will live in the pod.
    You will own nothing.
    And you WILL be happy (or else!)

  75. This is pseudoscience at its finest

  76. Studies like this without properly controlled factors or just pushing a new age agenda for vegan diets. This is clearly an anti meat / animal-based propaganda study. We’re eating fewer animal products than ever and more vegan based diets and yet are cancer and heart disease are higher than ever in history

  77. The type of people to drink bone broth and eat cage free eggs and expensive local beef are upper middle class millennials looking for purpose and trying to be healthy in a world that they hate. Of course they’re depressed.

    • I’m definitely below the poverty line and a millennial…and still I invest my money in local grass fed beef, organ meats, pastured chicken and duck eggs etc make the bone broth…after three years of veganism I needed to heal bad and it has been the absolute best investment in my health ever. Worth every penny and honestly, I look great. People ask what my secret is. This article gave me a good laugh though.

  78. Adam Richard Gallant | June 3, 2022 at 7:46 pm | Reply

    Also curious about study details

  79. There definitely should be standards of what articles are shown on the internet.

  80. I’m getting depressed that I wasted my time reading this fake article : (

  81. Ridiculous article. I agree, depressing to have wasted the time reading this article.

    • “But not everyone who had a high intake of proline was more depressed…Thus, it was observed that circulating proline levels depended on the microbiota.”
      The study suggested the difference in depression measures was related to the difference in the intestinal bacteria of the subjects, that helps digest the proline. The article does not recommend a change of diet, nor apparently did the researchers. Their comments were that the study suggested directions for further study.

  82. Isanybodylistening | June 3, 2022 at 8:21 pm | Reply

    And how do you know if a fly is depressed ? Sounds like they want to make us afraid to eat natural foods.

  83. How long after not eating the above items would it take for proline to not be in your body?

  84. Ah yes, more propaganda to get us to eat bugs and fight climate change… oh please.
    This means that everyone must have been depressed centuries ago uh?

  85. Murielle Macron | June 3, 2022 at 8:48 pm | Reply

    Seems to fit into Bill Gate’s and Klaus Schwab’s notion to rid the world of edible farm animals. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.

  86. Makes you wonder who funded the research.

    • Do the math. Location: Spain. The animal abuse in this country is huge, now they passed a few European laws making sure chicken have more space and grass fed beef is becoming more popular again. Animal factories were hugely affected and still are. They are about to pass some animal rights laws as well. They are getting nervous.

      This is no coincidence. Apparently they forgot to mention animal factories in this article…so now we know who paid for it.

  87. I fond it hard to believe that animals in grazing on their natural diet and in their natural habitat is a problem for us. Sounds like propaganda for the farms making cows eat corn, and hormone fed chickens.

  88. Mgleeson, good question. It is almost impossible to control so many factors to make this bold claim. This is another nonsense in the name of science to fulfilling their hidden agenda by scaring people.

  89. In other words more so-called damaging evidence against healthy food. I’m sure Gates is loving this article.

  90. The benefits of wild caught fish vs farm raised fish and grass fed beef vs grain fed beef seem much more beneficial than a little higher level of proline.

  91. I wonder who funded this? Sounds a lot like you will be eating bugs and you will be happy.

  92. Garbage. More anti-meat BS. It’s the agenda. Sautéed crickets, anyone??

  93. I want to know how much of the protein one could eat without depression getting worse

  94. I guess it’s bad for evil scientists and large companies if people eat way better. Less purchase of unhealthy foods and harmful medications.

    Any one must know by now that your results can be skewed towards your desired outcome.
    Immoral to even put out such a fad

  95. This reads like a computer generated article

  96. Depression is linked to trauma associated with the environment a person grows up in and brain chemistry. In addition, depression is hereditary. The key to helping people with depression is not diet, it is through cognitive therapy and medicine management. Which also includes exercise.

  97. Taking off that face diaper would help

    • It isn’t a face diaper. And no it wouldn’t.
      Since you believe masks don’t work, that must mean if you need surgery you would be fine if they didn’t wear masks or gloves?

  98. Very low quality and quantity study. Less than 200 individuals, virtually no controls. Cite discredited source material. Really should have a disclaimer this needs more research and a peer review as well as confirming studies. Highly disappointed in the way this publication sells this “study”. Very sensationalized.

  99. Michelle Brown | June 3, 2022 at 11:02 pm | Reply

    Without proper education, my vocabulary is limited. However, I am interested in bacteria and depression. Maybe, not so much, about grass fed beef.

  100. How does one know a fly is depressed?

  101. The “subtle” attempt to discourage consumers aside, does the use of mice and flies to evaluate potential causes of depression a bit insulting? Did these, er, “guinea pigs” fill out a questionnaire as well? Behavioral changes alone do not imply or diagnose psychological depression. However, a bacterial transplant from another species would be a reasonable explanation for the recipient’s lack of energy.
    What a farce!

    • I have seen the concerned comments of a lot of the people and they seem to have validity. We need a wholistic, as complete as possible approach to health. The protein proline won’t cause everyone to get depressed and I won’t be put off eating those foods . All the pieces of health information fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. The more pieces we have , the greater chance we have of good total health . If the information helps a % of people great . Good points regarding flies and rats. Whilst they may not be as good as humans to test it may be better than nothing. I think we do ourselves a disservice if we stop eating everything as soon as we hear there might be a problem with it. By doing multiple helpful things we can have confidence that we have the best chance of being healthy.
      Just as you can’t run a car without petrol, oil in the engine , water in the radiator so many people are running themselves with lack of essential nutrients. If for example you are a vegan it’s highly likely you need to take Vitamin B12 to avoid permanent mental health damage . It would be so worth while doing our own study of nutrients. How many of us know how much iron the various groups of people need per day and how much of the foods we need to get it ? If you don’t eat animal products the iron from plants is non haem and you need Vitamin C to aid absorption- oranges , kiwi fruit etc with a large amount of green vegetables or iron rich food every day . Vary the greens as some contain natural substances you don’t want too much of – chromium in broccoli ( eat wasabi, horseradish or mustard with broccoli to activate the sulfurane – anti cancer)
      Tumeric and pepper are a powerful combination
      There’s Vitamin D – no exaggeration- is ##extremely important – who wants cancer, multiple sclerosis , depression and just about any health condition
      Then there is potassium- coconut water is so good – a cup morning and night are a boost- like many nutrients I think we need to spread their intake . There is magnesium- helping over 300 processes in body and many more.
      We can live so much better !
      I have a small , non professional site with info I have learnt over many years including how to get cholesterol down naturally ( I did it myself )

  102. Why do people have the idea that our ancestors were healthier than we are today? We’ve never as a species lived longer lifespans than we do today.

    • I just got home from visiting my 94 year old grandma who has been in the most depressing nursing home for ten years being kept alive on pharmaceuticals. Quantity of life maybe increased but quality of health has certainly not.

  103. So basically all the healthy protein: cage free eggs, free range chickens, grass fed beef, wild caught fish – don’t believe it. I smell an agenda here.

  104. Hmm, seems like a bunch of shills for Monsanto. Organic bad. This whole things just seems.. off.

  105. It makes me sad, thinking of all those depressed fruit flies. Not to mention the people studying them.

  106. This a bunch of lies

  107. ScienceMatter19 | June 4, 2022 at 12:32 am | Reply

    If you believe this you are dumb as a box of rocks.
    Someone with an IQ in the 160s.

  108. That’s just eat up with stoup

  109. That’s enough internet for today.

  110. Absolute New World Order Nonsense. Take your studies and shove them up Klaus Schwab’s butthole.

  111. Nicholoas Lewis | June 4, 2022 at 1:55 am | Reply

    All u broke hoes follow me on Roblox at cathicanthang uwu

  112. — But not everyone who had a high intake of proline was more depressed. When studying these people’s intestinal microbiota, a relationship was also observed between depression and bacteria, as well as between depression and bacterial genes associated with proline metabolism. Thus, it was observed that circulating proline levels depended on the microbiota. “The microbiota of patients with high proline consumption but low plasma levels of proline was similar to the microbiota associated with low levels of depression and was enriched in bacterial genes involved in the transport and metabolism of proline”
    — Flies that ingested food with Lactobacillus, which in mice was associated with less depression, showed they were more willing to overcome difficulties they faced afterward. In contrast, those that ingested Enterobacter, which is associated with depression in humans, were much more depressed.

  113. Why on those kinds of edible animals? Why grass fed, pasteurized, and cage free?

  114. Tom Morrison | June 4, 2022 at 2:34 am | Reply

    I’m just waiting for the study which shows the dietary factors in developing anti-science conspiracy theories & idiotic “didn’t happen to me, so it’s not real” comments.

    THAT would be worthwhile!

  115. Honestly it seems more like a demographic of people that are aware enough that grass fed is healthier are more likely aware of the poor state of the world. I wonder if they controlled media intake during this event.

    • I thought the same, that those who are conscious enough to eat ethically are conscious enough of the state of the world. It specifically intrigues me that cage free eggs are listed, because what actually differs between them and caged chickens?

  116. This is what these people does to confuse the public. I bet that the reasurch of this misleading information was funded by someone who have something to gain by people not eating natural foods

  117. Where the hell is the funding for this coming from?

    Studying flies???
    Have we run out of things for scientists to get paid to study?

  118. I stopped reading after the specific mention of “Grass Fed”, “Free Range”, and “Wild Caught”. Obviously another twit is out to push their agenda. Probably a pasty, weak, nasty ass, transgenderd to woman twit with a neo penis.

  119. You sure it’s not the gut bacteria?? Or maybe that the conclusions came from nice and fruit flies not humans? Are you serious????

    • What a load of crap. The people coming off meds for depression from doing a carnivore diet have more credibility than these so called researchers.

  120. Victoria Labadia | June 4, 2022 at 4:28 am | Reply

    Was the study funded by Bill Gates and other Globalist elites ? I doubt the methodology is correct.

  121. Diana Harris | June 4, 2022 at 4:41 am | Reply

    This: “ grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, gelatin, bone broth, organ meats like liver, and cage-free egg yolks. According to the study, a diet rich in proline is linked to an increased risk of depression.

    Researchers from Girona Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBGI) and Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona, Spain, have discovered the role of an amino acid in depression in humans, mice, and flies. It is proline, an amino acid found in a broad range of foods such as gelatin, grass-fed beef, and wild-caught fish. The findings…depression. This has a tendency to insinuate that if you eat the non-organic – – eggs from commercial farms, beef from commercial factory farming, and the worst foods then you WON’T be, because it ONLY mentions the ones that are organic, natural, and or healthy! “I smell a rat.”

  122. It’s also found in many vegetables, but you needed to suit your narrative didn’t you. What shoddy writing. Stop trying to polarize people to sway them to your disproven narrative. Proline isn’t bad for anyone, it’s actually required for many bodily functions. It doesn’t cause depression, they haven’t dug deep enough yet to figure out the actual mechanism of depression. Correlation is not causation. Learn to Science, P1.

  123. Frieda Middleclass | June 4, 2022 at 4:51 am | Reply

    The typical American consumer doesn’t purchase cage free organic poultry or eggs, they don’t purchase grass fed beef. It’s extraordinarily expensive. I just find the never ending propaganda to go vegan, overtly ir covertly, a scientific preaching and not always true ala CDC virus messaging for one glaring example. I can only think this article was geared to the common man that can barely afford $3.50 per dozen eggs so he decides to raise his own chickens, turkeys and beef, pork animals.

  124. Nathaniel Vinsel | June 4, 2022 at 5:00 am | Reply

    This article and most of the comments are what is called propaganda. Generally propaganda is a mix of partial truths, exaggerations, fear or emotional manipulation. This is a great example of social engineering. Dictators the world over use similar tactics.

  125. Another case of fake news. And you all took the bait. I hope it was wild caught! LOL!

  126. Yall just get paid by the food company to manage their sales now? This is insulting.

  127. 1. For questions on study details, you might read the paper, as well.
    2. For questions on amino acids don’t use Wikipedia or Facebook.
    3. If curious about organic and grass-fed vs. corporate, consider that people use to eat only “organic,” grass-fed so fewer variables on the study animals’ health
    4. Therefore, it’s not burn on “clean,” it’s an observation that high meat diets will have more amino acids and some of those should be filtered through certain gut bacteria to reduce plasma concentration.
    5. Proline substitutions can occur during protein synthesis, disrupting the shape and function of many proteins.
    6. I’m surprised how many people reacted negatively to the article without checking the study.

  128. Lol smells like total BS from the climate change loons. Please.

  129. I admit I didn’t finish the article. But.Im now especially depressed that my eating kindly bred proteins that I’m going to hasten my loss of my unique expression. Mmmm

  130. This is the kind of trash that should be censored.

  131. Eat Zeee bugs. Own nothing and be happy

  132. Eat Zeee bugs

  133. Slightly disenchantment | June 4, 2022 at 5:40 am | Reply

    I work in medical research. Sponsored by the NIH typically. My peers and I mentioned frequently how we don’t believe much of it because it’s typically picked and pulled apart. The data that they want is pulled out they leave the data back they don’t want which doesn’t mean it’s not good data. And it can get very political also

  134. Is this an article from the “onion “?

  135. Eat Zeee bugs

  136. The guy in the photo is wearing a mask. That’s why he’s depressed. Controlled by the state. No free will. No critical thinking.

    • Oh puleez… Sounds like you drank the Koolaid. Where’s your free will? Can you form an uninfluenced opinion of your own?

  137. Ohhhh suuuure, of course it’s just the meat that comes from animals that are kept healthy. What a crock of sh$%… anybody else seeing an agenda here? I’m so not surprised that they didn’t mention any pork… especially considering that pork is actually really bad for you… don’t believe me? Go read about pork and why it is nasty… but oh heck no, nobody says anything about that here. Seems more like they are trying to discourage people from eating healthy.

    Wanna know what really causes depression? Sugar, processed food, overuse of genetically engineered and mutated food, most fats (the unhealthy ones), high starch and high carb food…

    But that’s gonna be next. You just wait. But hey, don’t believe me, I’ve only been studying nutrition for several years and it’s become an obsession of mine.

    It’s the same when it came to banning vaping products even tho there have been no studies done that prove their argument. But there have been massive studies done that show that it saved lives. And plenty of longterm smokers have quit tobacco because of it. There’s even a video of one of the countries experts cardiologists that speaks about the benefits of it.

    So yeah no sorry, not buying it.

  138. I don’t say this lightly but the comments here are dumb. This isn’t an endorsement of factory farming. It’s just a link between a specific protein and depression. Also, to assume that the chemical changes that compose let’s say grass fed beef or free range eggs likely aren’t universally good for you, on the aggregate better for you, very possibly but likely not every single chemical difference only has upside for human health. Biology doesn’t work like that.

    Fruit fly tenacity is measured by seeing how long they persist at attempting a task before ceasing. I know there’s similar results in mice from large doses of lactic acid bacteria where they just measured how long the mice will swim in circles around an inescapable aquarium before giving up and floating. I’m sure the fruit fly test is somewhat similar.

    As someone stated, the guy biome is probably a huge factor here and could produce paradoxical effects. In different metabiome types.

  139. Oh yes the war on the ancestral diet rages on. I am 61 yrs old on a carnivore diet which healed every health issue I had. I look like I am 40 and have the energy of a 20 yr old and I am not kidding. People are amazed. Take the time and do your research and try everything to find what is best for you. Don’t let them fool you!!

  140. This is stupid 😂

  141. Conclusion: get yourself a happy meal.

  142. This is such bulls***. So grass fed beef is bad but beef I have to buy at the store is a-OK. Same for “wild-caught fish” and range fed chicken. So long as my government is in control of the food supply its good for me.

  143. Other than the gelatin, all the foods they’re highlighting are those that are common among homesteaders, off gridders, and individuals not depending on traditional meat and egg processors. They don’t like people who are self sufficient. Just another scare tactic. Since Covid, science has gone out the window.

  144. SciTeachSalem | June 4, 2022 at 6:48 am | Reply

    This is a total bastardization of the original article. No mention of grass fed beef, pasture raised chickens or any of the other food products are mentioned in the article in Cell Metabolism. This is propaganda and I will never trust Sci tech for information. Always go to the source folks!

  145. The greatest contributor to depression is the Biden administrations’ idiotic and destructive policies that are destroying our economy, our families, and our nation.

  146. Amazing, All naturally raised food ingredients have role in depression!
    Let’s move our lives towards non-wild-lives, or better over all the artificial meat!
    So What annomally will bring us the animals who have lived in cages all their lives!?
    Out: in nature catching an animal has it’s rules: ran pray, dead out of water fish and so on, they all change the levels of diffrent amino acidsm so make tge food healthy for hunter

  147. A lot of these comments seem to be angry either because they like meat or “clean meat” or they don’t like meat, period. So it’s funny that both pro and anti meat are making negative comments about this article. I think most people missed the most important thing in the article: it is not really the meat, it’s the microbiome. It’s whether or not you have the bacteria that manages the proline in the way described. Want to be healthy? Diversify the bacteria in your gut. Take a probiotic supplement with the most number of strains you can find and eat fermented foods whenever you can. You can do that and eat meat or you can do that without eating meat.

    • The article emphasizes proline avoidance but glosses over the effect the gut biome has on proline. It’s using some knowledge to promote an agenda of avoiding wild, natural, humanely raised animal products.

  148. What’s depressing is this article—
    I can only imagine how they get the control group of mice “depressed “
    I’d like to put the researchers in there—
    “F’k” with their minds and see how they like it.
    Shameful that money is being spent on such frivolity.
    Disgusting and unnecessary.

  149. I call bull. Who paid them to say this?

  150. This is hysterical. They left out exercise and sunshine. Fake news.

  151. I am seeing something slanted in this study…seems like they want to start pushing lab created meats and eating bugs on the masses, which is what Gates and all those scum are doing. People are seeing right through it though. Propaganda piece right here

  152. I’ve been eating organic grass-fed meat & range-free eggs for years and am a happy, upbeat young 69 yo woman. Shot that study down the tubes!

  153. It’s the chemicals used in processing that makes people sick. But food has to be processed to keep. Because there are so many people to feed in the world. Moderation is key….

  154. Kate Lawrence | June 4, 2022 at 7:39 am | Reply

    Hang on only, free range? Only, grass-fed? But citing nothing?
    This is beyond illogical unless it’s brought to you courtesy of
    the factory farming industry. And I agree with the other comments who are feeling like this is really a gut issue. Yeah.

  155. Only grass-fed beef, only pasture-raised chickens, only cage-free eggs? What bullcrap is this.

  156. American Voter | June 4, 2022 at 7:52 am | Reply

    Stop messing with the circle of life. We are botn. We die. How we CHOOSE to live is on us….not food, guns, politics, etc.
    I control MY life NOT Big Pharma or Big Brother! Im an American woman whose FREEDOM is due to the deaths of our ancestors and the rights they fought for to be free from tyranny and communist status!
    Ever ask yourself why or how you have the FREEDOMS to be who you are? No where else in the world do they have our Republic FREEDOM that was built by Capitalism NOT Communism!

  157. Not an Onion article?

  158. Please read the actual study. In everything-go to the source not the reporting of the source for accurate information. Read the study, listen to the speech, read the actual proposed law, watch the footage of an incident-STOP allowing others to spin things. It’s hear-say and unreliable.
    This article focuses on the protein not on the microbiata-gut-health relationship that the study does. I would strongly assume that they focused on individuals eating grass fed beef and other nutrition with the least amount of chemicals and processing in attempt to minimize the affects of poor, factory based production of food and be able to just focus on the type of protein. It is not, by any means, a push for factory farming.

  159. Wearing that F’ing mask will cause depression, take it off.

  160. Terrence Bennett | June 4, 2022 at 8:28 am | Reply

    The research was done in Spain. I’m assuming that most of us live in the US. Most often people aren’t eating the crap that we eat. What we consider healthier or organic, is probably standard fare in most other countries. This study says to me that their are issues with those foods. That doesn’t mean that the crap we eat isn’t far worse, because it is.

  161. Wow, this is laughable.
    I guess people are getting to healthy because of healthy free range foods. Big pharma is not getting enough. Let’s buy the foods that has the most chemicals and keep animals in horrible conditions! Or even better…let’s go vegan.

  162. Who funded this odd research project and where did the context originate????

  163. “But not everyone who had a high intake of proline was more depressed…Thus, it was observed that circulating proline levels depended on the microbiota.”
    The study suggested the difference in depression measures was related to the difference in the intestinal bacteria of the subjects, that helps digest the proline. The article does not recommend a change of diet, nor apparently did the researchers. Their comments were that the study suggested directions for further study.

  164. Depressed rats huh?
    And you know that how? 😂

  165. I think this is bull crap grass fed cows and pasture raised chickens. Maybe in excess prosped towel and pasteurized chicken aren’t good for you but I highly doubt eating too much breast fed and pasteurized chicken I have depression


  167. Wow, the comments are hilarious to read, much more entertaining than the article however the comments do show how much people actually understand what they read much differently some of you need help

  168. sounds like someone on the bill gates payroll.. i bet insect protein does not have it..

  169. Carnivore Depressed Fly | June 4, 2022 at 9:40 am | Reply

    Riiiiiight. “Study” LMFAO, because flies get depressed. Hahahahaha, what a crock of crooked corrupt paid for publication with a horrible agenda. Believe this “science” please, I’m sure Darwin awards can take care of the rest.

  170. Why don’t you do a study on how people wearing masks breathing their own toxins cause depression.

  171. You will eat bugs. You will have nothing, and you will like it.

  172. For everyone complaining about this article, make sure you read through everything with it. You can also find it in the scientific journal that they state near the beginning. This isn’t the only study or article that covers this. You can also do your own research into foods with proline. This is more about the interactions with proline and the bacteria within our gut health. Proline is very good for the body. They’re stating the link between depression and proline. I just recommend doing full research before getting heated over the article especially if you quick scanned what it says

    • Thanks for being only voice of reason here. But it IS misleading how proline is introduced in article because it is in all animal protein (as well as some plants). My guess is this has to do with poor research/ writing by person who wrote the article, not the research being discussed.

  173. Interesting most of the comments seem like attacks on every part of this article. My opinion. I read the article and have absolutely no idea what all the words were. My question at the end was what has proline and what is good/bad in my diet.
    I want to learn things too and I’m fortunate to have a great doctor to explain everything. So I give a nod to all those well educated people doing these “important things”. And depression is very important. At least he’s not counting how many fleas can fit in the average bottle cap. So many variables there. Anything can be studied and everyone comes to their own conclusion. For myself, I just want explanations so that I can understand them. Yes, dumb it down.
    I read it. I read your comments. Thank you all for taking the time. It’s a beautiful day and I’m going out to play fetch with my dog.
    That’s how I deal with my depression.

  174. Not very scientific! Interesting how only eating GMO-fed,caged animals leads to depression. Did they write this paper at Davos? Robo RN, MSN

  175. For me high protein diet is done nothing but improve my health actually saved my life I was 75 lb and was very very sick started drinking boost drinks and Royal does improved not to mention I gained 30 lb and I’d say about a year and my depression level is so much better than ever it’s uncanny so I don’t know what this study here approves and then every time I’ve read pretty much says the opposite of what the study says this is this is pretty harmful if you ask me because people in what they never get depressed and stop eating as much protein when actually it does exact opposite

  176. This study is a ridiculous waste of time. Of course it’s been the cage free eggs causing depression the whole time! Not the million other real life problems and struggles people maybe live with and go through.

  177. Having a deviated septum that interferes with breathing through the nose can cause lifetime depression. Virtually all the people I know who complain of depression and even take drugs like lithium etc. have trouble breathing through their nose. There is a connection between the use of the nose to breathe and the brain, and why exercise is so good for depression is that the brain is finally getting enough oxygen so a good sinus evaluation should take place before more chemicals are poured into the body. This is my theory alone, as far as I can tell. It is based on personal experience.

  178. Bill McKenzie | June 4, 2022 at 10:09 am | Reply

    No wonder the guy in the first photo is depressed. He’s wearing a mask. He’s bought into COVID hysteria.
    Apparently you can prove absolutely anything with “Science”.

  179. One of those scientific articles paid for by some part of the food industry. Natural food being bad for you is ridiculous.

  180. Very good point.
    My favorite comment.

  181. Nicole Le Grow | June 4, 2022 at 11:09 am | Reply

    In the future they want everyone to eat bugs and plantbase, so from here on out all the studies will show negative light on the current foods we been eating in my opinion to help push us to flip. Real issue food shortages

  182. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks this was published by the government to deter people from eating better and buying more processed food. The rational part of my brain believes this is caused by human pollution that has poisoned the earth that our “healthy” animals now feed off of so of course it’s all bad.

  183. I wonder who was funding this research? Big Phama,Corp farms? Been eating carnivore for quite sometime. 67 now. Extremely healthy. Graves disease condition I had has disappeared. No meds now.I seriously have doubts about this science.

  184. I love all the other intelligent critical comments. This medical research project like most is based on flawed assumptions, poor definitions, and a narrowly selective narrative. Here’s my two cents……Tgey don’t define depression or the type, intensity or time-span of the depression. Depression or sadness or a reduced mental energy level as a temporary occurrence is normal, natural and a part of the healthy process of experiential integration. So, eat the grass-fed beef, free range chicken and eggs if you feel healthy doing it. And eat your organic vegetables and fruit too. Why does the media and so-called scientific research want to make us feel sh*tty and confused about healthy living. F off.

  185. Ridiculous. I can’t even read the whole article. You can’t blame a piece of meat for society’s issues. People would have depression no matter what they eat because of more serious things that might not even be in their power to change.

  186. Away do your research first to prevent you from running into a jackass Barber.

  187. It does seem curious that all the food items mentioned are foods that many knowledgeable people in fields that deal with healthy nutrition are advising the public to consume. One does wonder why does an egg produced under more natural conditions would have more of this proline than one produced by a chicken fed mass produced grain and confined.There certainly is a difference,IMO, between experiencing depression because of a real emotional setback,and being depressed constantly, even in circumstances that would be expected, generally, to make one happy. So this initial assumption definitely needs more study-one that concentrates more on the individual who is depressed to find out what they’ve been experiencing in terms of stress, their diet, and a whole lot of other things to see what the cause could be.

  188. How about let me eat what I want and y’all go eat what you want. Simple.

  189. I see all these farmers moping around depressed every where I go.

  190. How is it that the specific foods named are the healthiest forms of those things: fish, meat, eggs. I need an explanation before I’d accept this study wholecloth.

  191. You will be 100% depressed if you only eat fake meat and do not get necessary essentials from animal meats. People die because they believe bulls***. Our bodies need a diverse diet and are massively more complex. Be free and eat a variety of meat

  192. Give me a break.. ur gonna tell me naturally fed animals r now linked to depression when what… grain fed animals and farm raised fish and caged chickens that don’t see the light of day r better for u?? nope not buying it.. sorry..

  193. The number of simply reactive commentators here is what’s depressing to me. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of learning about the scientific method and how scientists do their best to assess and eliminate bias. Why do people need to believe in a “truth”? Scientists tend to be the most open-minded, least fearful people because they accept that our understanding of physical reality–including the vast diversity of human response TO it–is ever-developing.

  194. There must be other factors, my daughter being a vegetarian suffers from depression while most adults around her are high protein consumers and no issues with depression.

  195. How does one know when a flie is depressed.

  196. He’s depressed because he keeps wearing a disgusting pointless germ-infested mask over his face. Why is anyone still wearing a face mask? There’s no science supporting wearing one, but plenty of science proving they do nothing but harm people.

    • Please share the studies that prove they harm people. Cause from what I can find all the studies show wearing proper, not cloth masks, reduces spread of Covid and protects against allergies.

  197. So healthy and “animal friendly” foods, like pasture raised chicken and beef, are bad for you? Guess we need to disband PEETA and go back to cage raised for. How many times have we been told that a certain food was bad for us, only to find out in subsequent studies that it is fine.

    The bottom line is “everything in moderation”. Anything and everything can be bad for your health if you over indulge.

  198. So just how depressed we’re these fruit flies? Did the study provide miniature psychoanalytic couches and therapists to determine the extent of the flies depressed mood?

  199. The gut microbiome has been linked to things like depression for awhile now.
    The title of this article and statements appear to be in support of eating crap Beyond Meats and support of vegan diets.

    • How is that your take away? Did you miss that it was an attack on the healthier, morally better meats, not an attack on all meat?

  200. Yes ger rid of everything natural used for thousands of years you need genetically modified everything. Haha spare me just like engineers re designing the wheel to roll smoother

  201. So cage-free chicken is linked to an increase in depression but caged chicken is not? I think I may have discovered the funeral of this”study”. What twattle: research my eye!

  202. I’ve read that a lack of vitamin D3 can cause depression. So really different factors likely contribute, unless all were accounted for in the study. A fly suffering from depression…was it trapped inside a lab for months with no access to sunlight?

  203. Sounds like someone doesn’t want us to eat free range animals for some reason. Eating healthy animals and pollutant free plants make you a better human.

  204. This is clearly propaganda to push those who are trying to consume a healthier omnivorous diet to go plant based.

    Oddly enough, those who eliminate plants and adopt a carnivore diet tend to have more balanced mood and hormones. Join a few carnivore and ex-vegetarian groups on Facebook and you’ll see what the real world looks like.

    Beware of epidemiology and bulls#!t
    clickbait articles like these. 😉

    • Notice the wording. It’s not trying to push a plant based diet, it’s trying to push against those eating the healthier and morally better sources of meat.

  205. If there’s 1 thing the world has learned from this pandemic is “science” published in MSM is a lie, can’t be trusted, and absolutely is not in the best interest of humanity. Take a good hard look at the industry mass production meat industry, then let’s see what you’re “science” has to say about the health of people, livestock and the earth. This article makes me disgusted.

  206. Jackson McCurdy | June 4, 2022 at 6:08 pm | Reply

    I wonder why they didn’t mention who paid for this study? This whole thing is a crock of you know what. This is clearly some green new deal crap. Just remember this. The people spearheading this green new deal will never have to make ANY of the sacrifices that they are demanding of us. If they get it in full swing and full implementation they will be riding around in private jets and heating and cooling multiple mansions at the same time. Notice that they fly in private jets for big conferences that are planning the green New deal, and then they get out and get in a gigantic limousine. They will never make any of the sacrifices that they want us to make, just remember that.

  207. It sounds more like people who have issues absorbing the proline are having the issues. Maybe that gut bacteria blocks it and they aren’t actually getting rnoigh of it.

  208. Picking a flashy title does not help people understand the study. Diet obsessed people just focus on the meat and can’t wrap their mind around the fact the study is really talking about bacteria in relation to the breakdown of a certain amino acid, if they bother to read it at all.

  209. Showing a masked man with an article title is just more messaging driving and agenda that now links protein into the equation…it never ends for thise driving a message. Authentic science, clinical studies and unbiased research no longer exists…maybe that’s what the agenda driven class wants anyway.

    • What mask agenda? They legitimately help protect from Covid, qnd if everyone were to wear them as they are supposed to, instead of all those fake cloth masks, there would be a drastic decrease in the number of people getting Covid.

  210. What a d-bag trying to convince everyone not to eat grass-fed and pasture-raised meats. I guess this means we should all go to Burger King and chicken barns injected with growth hormones for our protein. What a tool. He is definitely in the pocket of big chicken companies.

    • Just because a fact happens to be true doesn’t mean the person repeating it is neither a dbag nor attempting to convince you of anything. Sheesh

  211. You know what depressing? The idea of eating animal that suffer from their birth to their death.

  212. How do they know if flies or mice are depressed?

  213. Shekilledcovid | June 4, 2022 at 9:35 pm | Reply

    I was hoping it was something I ate, but I don’t eat any of those things 😭

  214. Eating expensive but healthier food can make you depressed if you don’t feel you received any extra benefit from it!

  215. Coincides with all the No Meat propaganda they’ve been pushing hard lately. Not surprised.

  216. Just because a fact happens to be true doesn’t mean the person repeating it is neither a dbag nor attempting to convince you of anything. Sheesh

  217. Anonymous Ph.D | June 4, 2022 at 10:41 pm | Reply

    Who ACTUALLY funded this research? I saw a pattern in this article’s statements that added up to two letters…BS. This is brainwashing 101.

  218. Don’t believe this. Free range and grass fed animals were the initial diet of our ancestors. If they were depressed, how did they accomplish what they did to de elop our current civilization. This is nothing more than an attempt to turn public opinion against beef and chicken, so Bill Gates can push his bug protein and lab-created meats. Do NOT be deceived! Depression is created by how you frame your observations. If they are viewed in a positive manner, you will be optimistic and happy. If they are viewed in a negative manner. With visions of doom and gloom, then you will be depressed. Monitor your thoughts.

  219. Nasty, Aaron, and arrogant. Was happy to read the first part of your answer, but not the second part which was judgemental and full of unsupported, mean, personal attacks which were totally unjustified. Your reply to Anthea and Danni sounded very misogynistic too. Just sad you are, Aaron.

  220. Pathetic comments once Again from a largely smug wholly ignorant crowd.

    Terrified of science.

  221. Prices are headed skyward across the board and these researchers think even the working middle class can afford such types of foods from your organic grocers. Why is it that the food that’s supposed to be healthier and better for you and the source animal is being targeted in this study now? I can tell you what’s involved in my battle with depression and it isn’t the food I eat. It’s about one man in a dictator-run country who should be assassinated for intentionally killing scores of innocent civilians under the false flag of anti-Nazi propaganda. It’s about an entire political party who think clinging to an academically-incorrect belief of the 2nd Amendment is more important than removing access to assault rifles and instead solely blaming mental health. It’s about Big Oil making TRILLIONS of dollars of PROFITS on a yearly basis yet still causing budget-busting energy prices to the end-consumer while spending dozens of millions annually to lobby against H2 fuel cell tech, EV tech improvements, or anything else to wean us off fossil fuels that’s slowly killing our world. It’s about wondering what the next generation of children is going to suffer in 10 to 20 years when climate change impacts the weather even more severely (exceptional drought in CA), or eliminates places like the Santa Monica pier, Coney Island, or the sub-sea level New Orleans.

  222. Who funded this study Bill Gates

  223. Convenient that studies are being pumped out in opposition to meats as the WEF pushes alternative protein source materials and doctrine.

  224. Candis Robinson | June 5, 2022 at 3:57 am | Reply


  225. The original research article in Cell Metabolism makes no mention of the dietary sources of protein. The author of this scitechdaily article likely got his sources from the first hit that shows up when you Google proline rich foods, a website which touts the benefits of grass-fed meat, cage-free yolks etc. WebMD, a more neutral source, simply says “The primary sources [of proline] are protein-rich foods including meat, fish, and dairy.”

  226. Something feels off about this study, almost like I was written to mislead. There is no controls described and so many other factors to look at before coming to a “conclusive correlation.” Just something off here and feels deceptive.

  227. This article is horse sh*t. They just want us to eat bugs so THEY can have the good protein that’s listed in the article. Grass fed beef and bone broth are good for you. This is just part of the NWO.

  228. I pretty much doubt that these claims are valid. Proline is everywhere and some plant derived foods contain significant amounts. Scientists should stop using association and correlation statistical tests to determine cause and effect. Gut-brain interactions have been proven and I will not argue a potential relationsip between microbiota and mood. But to home in on proline as a culprit is beyond any stretch of imagination.

  229. Living causes depression down on this horrible planet either have it or you don’t

  230. Most Hindus strive to live in the consciousness that their choice of foods bears consequences, according to the law of karma. Even the word “meat, ” mamsa, implies the karmic law of cause and effect. Mam means “me ” and sa means “he, ” intimating that the giver of pain will be the receiver of that same pain in equal measure.

  231. Shawnda L Tobias | June 5, 2022 at 7:24 am | Reply

    This is literally vegan/anti agriculture propaganda at its finest . Processed foods ,dyes antibiotics ,GMOs and mass raised foods are to blame for these issues. I grew up on a farm ate food we raised and none of my family has been depressed . Don’t fall for the BS

  232. I get depressed when in don’t have a grass fed burger.Sounds like vegetarians are trying to find ways to say we’re depressed.

  233. David A Greenberg | June 5, 2022 at 7:48 am | Reply

    Was this study was funded by food producers who prefer to keep animals in cages?

  234. What a joke. Just happens to list all the animal products that are farmed in the most humane ways. Some big food corp behind this study. That’s more depressing than the food.

  235. Franklin Nash | June 5, 2022 at 8:59 am | Reply

    I’m starting to believe the conspiracy theorists and think that the New World Order wants us to start eating soylent green….lol

  236. Hence why vegetarians can’t write good songs.

  237. Dr. George Lisjak | June 5, 2022 at 9:14 am | Reply

    They need to do a study of how mask wearing causes depression. People who still wear them are the real victims of the plandemic.

  238. Theodore Tappen | June 5, 2022 at 9:36 am | Reply

    After reading this article it is no wonder that people question many scientific findings. My question is, how do these “scientists” measure depression in fruit flys?

  239. Ever encounter people who live off their own grass fed animals, raise all their own food? Any of them depressed? Which feedlot, or industrial meat packer paid for this drivel?

  240. The actual study appears to be quite thorough, with no industry funding, and it does explain how they measure “depression” in rats and flies. BUT there’s NO mention of any specific dietary items – only the amino acid and microbes involved. What the study actually says is “high proline consumption + wrong microbes = depression”, and it rightly places as much emphasis on the microbes as the intake.

    The jump to “it’s these foods” is SciTechDaily’s. While I wouldn’t be surprised if a correlation between animal protein and proline is valid (that’s pretty typical for an amino acid), there’s no actual reference to that in the study, and no source for the claim in the article. The decision to call out specifically grass-fed/wild-caught animals without is particularly odd, and does indeed read like it has an agenda of supporting either factory farming or vegetarianism. So [citation needed] for the correlation of not just animal protein, but *properly-fed* animals, SciTechDaily.

    Those of you giving anecdata about “I eat meat and I’m fine/better”, *even assuming the article’s claim about grass-fed beef etc as the source of proline is correct*, per the study, that’s because your microbiome has the right bacteria, and/or perhaps you have an allele that keeps the proline/breakdown products from getting to your brain. You’re not wrong to say it’s not really all about the intake, or that the article makes a pretty dubious claim, but you aren’t in any way invalidating the study.

    Those of you going off about masks… learn to science, you idiots. There HAVE been actual studies, and masks – and even more so getting vaccinated – DO help.

  241. Just another bs story,trying to get the steeple guided into their crap.why if you listen to all their science you would be living on tactics and toothpicks.only time I get depressed is when I read crap like this! For every article you read there’s always another one that says just the opposite! Welcome to the age of misinformation, now go get a grass fed steak,jeez

  242. I don’t believe this one bit. Not one. Basically it’s saying that farmed fish, cows fed crap by human and caged chickens don’t have this type of protein. Bull-crap! I heard siren words right away. This is big industry trying to steer consumers away from natrual meat or kinder treatment of animals meant for human consumption probably because it costs more money to do it and they want a bigger profit margin. I don’t believe this at all.

  243. Debora Oliveira de Lima | June 5, 2022 at 11:03 am | Reply

    This article is so obviously biased. It tells you”do not eat prganic/grass fed animals! Keep buying from the mass producer huge companies instead.” This irritant when “news” try to manipulate the masses to continue empowering the powerful

    • You are absolutely right. Completely biased this study was and seemingly it is pointing to how eating unhealthier meat is how to keep us all happy. Let’s keep factory farming so that we may eat meat that lived a depressing life,ruined our world, can make us smile. Depression is linked to much more than a diet. The depressed I know of can’t even afford to eat these healthier options they have listed.

  244. I almost feel bad for the idiots that buy into this s***. This is proof that our government in the world government are attacking us.

  245. Oh my goodness! So what do I eat? No I know why I have depression. Do I need to start eating unhealthy food now?

  246. I bet someone got a perk from special interests to write this document. Hmmm….I don’t even consume meat and can see that.

  247. This is another reason why actual scientists have a bad reputation because of misleading information and special interest groups funding this garbage. Do real scientists a favor and quit writing such nonsense

  248. Quetzalcoatl | June 5, 2022 at 1:47 pm | Reply

    Snakes, rats and parasites hide, steal and live off of the decent, the loving and the generous. The authors, supporters and promoters of this article should be treated like the above mentioned pests.

  249. Trevor Phillips | June 5, 2022 at 3:18 pm | Reply

    Makes sense. Most of the people eating Vegan & free range look like a bunch of starving Zombies. Depressed people are always looking for ways to self medicate & most secretly eat more crappy junk food than normal people do because their bodies crave it like crack ! That’s way Vegans act like crack addicted lunatics .

  250. William James | June 5, 2022 at 3:20 pm | Reply

    If not used they would. Humans been eating meat and fish for millenia as staple diet. If consumed and not used and stored it would be a problem like exercising. Get up and go for walk 😄

  251. Jason A Gaddie | June 5, 2022 at 5:04 pm | Reply

    So eating the most natural ancestoraly appropriate food creates depression? Give me a break guys

  252. “Proline is a nonessential amino acid.” ???
    The hydroxlation of proline (and lysine) is required to synthesize collagens….the most important structural protein in all higher animals. Hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine are two amino acids that are not in the 20 of the genetic code. The authors of this study apparently are unaware of that basic fact. That’s depressing.

  253. Big ag companies must be scared of the organic/grass-fed competition to fund this bogus research.

  254. Gut bacteria seems to be a good way to help body process overabundance of amino acid and overall health.if they can give to rats then were n xt. NOT A VALID CONCLUSION. BUT OPENS POTINAL FOR BETTER ONE. AMINO ACIDS NEED TO BE STUDIED EXTENSIVELY.

  255. They want people to be unhealthy and die. That’s why they tell them the healthy food causes depression. So they start eating the killer stuff.

  256. Ha, interesting article as it may be. From my studies I find happiness and enjoyment from good cooked beef and bbq chicken. Maybe they meant from lettuce, I see lettuce enjoyment from people when they go on salad diets. Just a observation.

  257. Pu…. Juice is the protein of the future.

  258. I’m pretty sure this is a giant lie. I feel fantastic all the time and I eat mostly only meat. These stories always crack me up. I see what your trying to do nutjobs.

    • Ernest W Rowe | June 6, 2022 at 1:48 am | Reply

      What a poorly designed study. Cell Metabolism should be embarrassed for letting this propaganda pass peer review. Looking for a loose correlation between some random nutrient and depression can go both ways. You could run the experiment on 20 different nutrients with a confidence interval of 95% and chances are one of the tests would have an incorrect result. Throw out the other 19 that show nothing and publish the result that fits your bs narrative. I’d like to see someone replicate these results. Maybe they would if they ran the experiment enough times 😂

      • Well said! Thank you, Ernest! However, is this article truly peer reviewed by the research community or a select few. Thanks, Roger

  259. It is one of the worst ways to do sa study. Totally irrelevant.

  260. Steelballs Mcgee | June 5, 2022 at 11:31 pm | Reply

    This is the biggest load of bulls*** I’ve ever heard and it’s actually the complete opposite.I feel amazing when I eat those things. Especially when I eat grass fed beef and free range chicken eggs.

  261. Skimming this article was enough to address a serious problem called Monsanto, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs and the rest of the s*** fed to this country. I eat grass fed, organic, no high fructose corn syrup
    I am 62 and in Excellent health

  262. Dee Dobibson | June 6, 2022 at 4:26 am | Reply

    What depressing is lies & propaganda like this!! Almost as funny as the bull crap that “ fish gave feelings!!”! What the hell are these flutists trying to do to ya?? Starve Americans to death?!? Wake up America! We are under attack by B Fates& his cronies!

  263. JELLO! Cane sugar and ground up bones!
    No wonder I’m depressed.

  264. Just another way to control humans. Hey, everyone, you need to be vegetarian or …… depressed. I am sure that the tested flies were really bummed out.

  265. This is total baloney healthy grass fed beef free range chickens and eggs and there yokes organ meats all good for you you must be climate warriors that eat the highly processed impossible burger and such because you know all that poop an what not FJB

  266. All this research about me and my mom plus my ex husband she hates he the throw up Im a women Im not exact whos the fly but mom would throw up alot way back in the 80s she suffered depression then too if we eat vomit we get depression too

  267. Big red flags: Correlation does not equal causation and peer review is essential. I see this article as a biased, uncontrolled and unblinded substandard research article that is a waste of everyone’s time and money. Please tell us who sponsored this study? Thanks for allowing comments but please address these issues with honesty and transparency. Thanks. Roger

  268. Excuse me your telling me that foods that our parents grandparents ate which was devoid of artificial color msg flavorings weed killer high fructose corn syrup is causing depression sounds like you work for the food companies that produce these poisons in our bodies and these fake foods are causing the depression

  269. This research sounds like it was bought and paid for by cattlemen who grain feed livestock and farm fisheries to criticize people wanting humane livestock farms and natural food sources (including GMO feed) for animals. Don’t buy into this fake research.

  270. Kylyssa Shay | June 6, 2022 at 8:13 am | Reply

    So basically everyone was depressed before the 1980s? Because it wasn’t legal to stack hens instead of giving them floor space, so close to all the eggs and chickens we ate were cage free by the modern definition of cage free. Salmonella was less common in eggs back then, because the hens weren’t always covered in each other’s feces. Also, a substantial portion of beef was grass fed as well, before big beef really pushed and got people eating beef every day instead of in normal amounts and they had to grain feed to keep up with increased demand.

    This “study” raises some red flags and reads like it’s trying to promote the ethically problematic, environmentally unsound versions of beef and poultry products.

  271. Eat meat nake me happy. Eat vege make me depress. Complete opposite.

  272. Where to begin….this is an absolute contradictory article. Proline is an amino acid essential to body functions such as skin repair and wound repair amount other benefits and the body does create proline in addition to it’s ingestion through the intake of meats, fish and eggs.The rest of this article is nonsense and how I know this is the items they listed such as cage-free eggs. Anyone want to explain how cage-free eggs are worse than any other eggs including factory eggs? I could claim obesity causes depression but that is speculative at best.We always look for something to blame our defiencies on and this is just another example.

  273. The actual scientific paper makes no reference to the grass fed, pasture raised, etc. meats. It appears to be a separate agenda by scitech… don’t fall for this targeted attempt to move a ridiculous agenda.

  274. Looks like another junk science article, it’s sad but even the publications that try to do science do sensationalism instead

  275. Establishment MSM | June 6, 2022 at 2:39 pm | Reply

    -= FAKE NEWS =-

  276. WILLIAM SANDERS | June 6, 2022 at 4:13 pm | Reply

    Likely it’s not the beef causing the depression. It’s the chemicals they put in the beef. And hormones and all other crap they put in beef. None of our food is organic. It all has some sort of junk science crap in it. Ohh they say it won’t hurt you they say. Bull crap. Stop putting crap in our beef. Stop injecting our cattle with hormones and crap

  277. God established his creation from the beginning. Put all things on earth including food from herbs, to plants, fish and animals. I do not believe mans word over God. All things are good according to God in His creation. If man would stop hybriding, hydrogenating and genetic engineering Gods created foods we eat, we would be better off.

  278. Maybe the depression comes from the high price of grass fed beef and free roaming chicken

  279. I know why. All these foods he speaks of are what people on a low carb or keto diet eat. A keto diet causes depression. It did for me. It was bad. That was years ago. I ate a slice of pizza after 2 months of no carb and I felt qlot better. You need carbs people.

  280. Levan Khmaladze | June 6, 2022 at 5:26 pm | Reply

    Most people get depressed from not eating those foods and having overworked lives of western society

  281. Only the cage free eggs? Riiiiiiight.

  282. They want you eating bugs while they eat filets

  283. So I know a fruit fly is experiencing depression when they begin listening to grunge music more & begin cutting & staying in room 24 hours a day sleeping? I just don’t know how one determines such a psychological state in a fruit fly. I have a few who arrived with the sweet fruit on the counter in the kitchen & really focused on their flying skills along with whether they were moving quickly verses more slow, but very difficult to draw a conclusion about any of their states of mind except for Desmond, he’s @sshole, always been an @sshole since he arrived to fruit bowl, nobody likes him, a real know it all. “No Desmond nobody’s talking about you @sshole!” That was close!

  284. How can you tell if a fly is depressed?

  285. How could they possibly tell if a fly was depressed or not?

  286. For the fly depression: Is it nature or is it nuture? (Maybe we need a third category: Is it scientists?)

  287. Most strikingly, this press release mentions “grass-fed beef”, “pasture-raised poultry”, and “cage-free eggs” as being rich in proline. The original research article does not mention any of these foods. So why did this press release use these foods as examples? And why not mention CAFO-raised beef? CAFO beef also has proteins containing proline. This press release goes beyond the data for incomprehensible reasons.

  288. If your reading this article, maybe the first question that comes to mind is who is conducting this research? Who is funding this research? Is it an independent source or Government controlled? Observation: Providing a photo with a man wearing a face mask with a caption that mentions depression, can be interpreted
    as a ‘Red flag’! Someone could proclaim whether or not the depression is being induced by a person’s stigma (the mask) or lack of oxygen & not necessarily what he or she ingests.

  289. Dont Tread On Me | June 8, 2022 at 10:25 am | Reply

    Propaganda much… zero mention if COVID. Why is the cover photo of someone wearing a mask? Try to normalize it all you want I will always push back on this insanity.

  290. Jesse G Keene | June 8, 2022 at 10:34 am | Reply

    Sounds like a marketing ploy with special interest money and funding is affecting the study. Studies like this are very complex and on another note there’s a study out there that shows these foods that have these proteins have other proteins that counteract the depression proteins

  291. Nonsense. Now take out the carbs and do the same study. Carbs mixed with these protiens is the issue, not the protiens themselves.

  292. This is a bulls*** study. Eating organic beef and eggs reduces depression! I am living proof. Been a pure carnivore for 6 months and I feel better than I’ve ever felt before.

  293. The Fly
    By William Blake

    Little Fly
    Thy summers play,
    My thoughtless hand
    Has brush’d away.

    Am not I
    A fly like thee?
    Or art not thou
    A man like me?

    For I dance
    And drink & sing:
    Till some blind hand
    Shall brush my wing.

    If thought is life
    And strength & breath:
    And the want
    Of thought is death;

    Then am I
    A happy fly,
    If I live,
    Or if I die.

  294. I believe several people who commented here believe that the article says the higher levels are in those who DO NOT consume pasture raised beef, chicken, etc. They are saying there is a higher chance of depression in those WHO DO, though make an exception for those whose gut microbiota are in balance. This makes me seriously wonder if this study was backed by those in the GMO industry. Especially since they state this without conclusive evidence.

  295. So, they state that this protein in found in “grass fed beef”??? Not grain or corn fed beef, which is terrible for human consumption.
    Furthermore, it relies on a questionnaire, which is unreliable. BS study

  296. Really? Just like when they said eggs are bad for you and eating nonfat/lowfat is the answer. Our nursing school professor told the class there will never be a cure for cancer, which killed my 14 yr old sister, because the medical community makes too good of a living off of it, and diabetes.

  297. friendly spider | June 8, 2022 at 3:53 pm | Reply

    It sounds like the microbiome is much more important than the proteins themselves. Yet this article suggests instead, at least at first glance, that the foods are the important thing. Much more sensational and clickbaity that way I guess. I highly doubt that meat and eggs are inherently “bad” for mental health.

  298. Daniel Fitzgerald | June 8, 2022 at 4:59 pm | Reply

    WTF????? So before we could genetically engineer all the food that we make now we were really depressed??? So depression is now the mother of all invention? Because everything listed is what everybody ate before we became scientist!

  299. I seriously couldn’t believe this wasn’t an onion article lol This seems super specific to the more natural food source, which sounds extremely sketchy.

    • This insane. How is consuming abused,farm/cage/tank-raised,contaminated, toxic,unexercised,mutated,chemocal/steroid-injected/soaked,sea-lice & disease-infested fish & livestock the better choice? Makes no sense! Besides,we can exercise,meditate,drink/eat herbal concoctions & fruits/veggies to combat all of this.

  300. Emily O'Connell | June 9, 2022 at 12:13 am | Reply

    I was wondering how you can tell when a fly is depressed? Wow!

  301. Omg..this make sense on what’s going on with me…no more pasteurized eggs and caged free chicken eggs for me…

  302. This “study” is nonsense. You can correlate anything when someone wants you to eat less grass fed beef and cage free chicken, only the most natural and expensive types of protein to consume. Hmmmm. Who wants us to eat more bugs and own nothingbso we will be happy???? Klause Schwab at rhe WEF???? Google has these crap articles all the time. Want to be less depressed? Turn off the propaganda news.

  303. Marie Spinner | June 9, 2022 at 6:21 am | Reply

    Hard to believe any research study these days.🙄. In fact, the opposite is probably true if the Big Pharma Anti-depressant world funded the study.

  304. michael d tobeck | June 9, 2022 at 11:19 am | Reply

    This is what happened to me when I started consuming everything on that list instead of processed foods and garbage.
    -Lost over 90 pounds
    -Have increased energy
    -Less hunger and food cravings
    -Healthy blood pressure and sugar
    -Saved money on not going to restaurants
    People are waking up to old meths and I think this is trying to scare people away from the new positive trends.

  305. Delisa Russell | June 9, 2022 at 11:24 am | Reply

    Maybe related to lifestyles of the free range, grass grazing, wild fish,etc. They probably live low stress existences, unlike the captive/farm raised Animals that likely face multiple, constant WTF experiences daily up to their pending demises. The captive ones might not even know the pleasure of free ranging, grass roaming, free swimming, unfiltered warm Sun rays, freedom to explore desirable land and water sources so they may have developed something physiologically, or loss something physiologically (probably nuero.) where they are basically chronically depressed and therefore no longer even produce what the happy-go-lucky, [clueless] ones still have going on naturally. The happy-go-lucky ones might not have the stress/depressed/coping experiences and existences and grow up mentally healthy without the nuerological changes that captives developed. If happy animal life is like what I remember on Charlotte’s Web they surely have favorite pals and routines daily and not the constant bleh of captive life. Captive animal prob. so used to no elbow room, odd aromas, forced mingling, losing offspring, pals, etc. maybe even got word about the pending “arrangements”, never had proline or long lost generations ago. Happy-go-luckies probably more lively, share bonds, notice when the homies are missing and experience emotions after making rounds and pals and fam. missing. Distrust may even develop towards humans. The same way Cows have a spike in panic hormones if stressed before slaughter (Kosher slaughter methods reduce this i read) maybe the free Animals have a surge or gradually produce proline(?) which then almost karmically? karmicly(?) deal back when they notice a “change in the cipher/energy/daily environment and that wtF feeling goes reality mode and they ,to their surprised get rounded up, powerless, Animal style livid, shoulder to shoulder, out their element, deep, and join the missing homies. All looking at the humans sideways, feelings hurt I’m guessing. And forbid they end up within earshot or can see the slaughter room/area.

    Dang skippy if that’s the case.

  306. What’s depressing is that consuming humanely raised animals and eggs causes depression. That’s all I buy and will continue to buy.

  307. Sounds like more like Left Wing Democrats trying to control what should eat and what not to eat. If get rid the L wing democrats and other stresses like blm and anitfa, maybe we won’t be depressed.

  308. Sounds likely that this is a cheap “web designers’” way to get their “$/:{|¥” off because they have nothing better to do! Lol

  309. How does one know if a fruitfly feels depressed?

  310. Looking at the original study, (which all of you should do btw before making assumptions) I didn’t see any mention of the types of food used in the study. So where did the list of foods come from? There was a link to a food list in the study, however it wouldn’t load.

    It could very well be that there is a correlation between this amino acid and depression, but I wouldn’t jump to the same conclusions presented in this article without further, better controlled studies.

  311. IDK it seems certain amiunts of depression is normal and healthy, in the ying and yang theory happy is balanced with sad.

  312. B…b…b… Follow the science! LOL. Just another political gimmick. All the foods mentioned can be raised and processed without government or big business involved. Hmmmmm….. I prefer to follow the dollar to find the fat man.

  313. Seems like this was published by vegans about the “dangers” of eating meat.

  314. Not buying it. Wondering how much they were paid to publish this nonsense.

  315. They forgot to mention that proline is in soymilk and other soy products at way higher levels than the other food sources they mentioned. Hmmm.

  316. So is wearing a stupid I mask

  317. I’ve never suffered from depression but I get deathly ill if I smell gelatin or organ meats.

  318. Who sponsored this study?
    Where is the proof?
    Where is the proper comparisons that were supposed to be made with confined feeding animal operations cows, pigs, chickens, goats, etc…?
    This study seems extremely biased.

  319. Grass fed beef and cage free eggs before being harvested, slaughtered or sold are always roaming out and about to get the natural nutrients in its natural habitat so if you eat this and you just stay home watch tv and don’t do anything, outside it could cause depression the genes you eat does not match your type of activity go for canned things lol.

  320. How do you know if a rat is depressed? They don’t speak.

  321. Sounds like large food corporations are trying to convince us that eating meat, the natural way it was intended, is bad for us. Not buying it.

  322. If you click on the link at the very end of the article (DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2022.04.001), you will be taken to the actual study. There, you will NOT find a reference to any specific foods that contain this proline amino acid. You can easily do a search on the page for the various suspects; there is zero reference to cage-free eggs, pasture-raised chickens, organ meats, or any of the other culprits. The fact that this article isolates humanely raised animal products without a word as to what would make them contain the guilty proline while not their alternatives is a major red flag. It takes away from the study itself by pointing fingers as if merely choosing inhumanely raised animal products would somehow magically avoid proline and thus stave off depression. This is a poor example of journalism. Don’t take my word for it. Just look at the study yourself and then decide.

  323. How do you tell flies are depressed? Do they eat less s***??

  324. Robert Petersen | June 11, 2022 at 9:53 am | Reply

    Was this study funded by Monsanto or what?? Resistance is futile – you must eat our GMO and Roundup laced food products or else ! The depressed fruit flies clinches it !! LMAO

  325. James Dudley Buchanan | June 11, 2022 at 11:47 am | Reply

    So this study means the grain fed cattle and caged chicken products are the best and will not cause depression?

  326. is the bias in the original study or is it in the summary I just read? Perhaps these amino acids are just more abundantly present in the grass fed beef; I need to read the study. Also, the funding should be stated in the possible conflicts of interest.

  327. For how many generations has non-grass fed beef been available to the general human population? 3, maybe. Leaves thousands and thousands of years when Homo Sapiens Sapiens was prone to depression. Might explain the cave fetish.

  328. Hagbard Celine | June 11, 2022 at 5:14 pm | Reply

    So many ignorant people saying the study is anti-meat, did you actually read the article? It’s clearly pro-factory farming. It’s not a stretch to hypothesize that the Gates Foundation might be funding this study, but it’s got nothing to do the simple-minded left-right politics that so many people buy into. If you do the research and “follow the money” you will discover that big money fund both sides. Keeping people divided and maintaining the status quo is good for business.

  329. Hahaha it’s seriously almost comical at this point! That specifically “grass fed” “pasture raised” and “cage free” were called out! You’re fooling no one. We know gut health and brain health are connected. We know bone broth is healing to the gut. This is all just a joke. Please stop with your “studies”… you couldn’t have been any more obvious with what agenda you’re pushing.

  330. This article sounds like a 1 April joke. It’s DOE ends 2022.04.001. It is obvious like someone indicated before me that there is no evidence or any prove of any statements of this article.

  331. One question, how can we tell if a fly is depressed?

  332. This study is a joke but I can understand why it was funded.

  333. MEAT BAD ! CHICKEN BAD ! EAT ONLY BILL GATES FARM FOOD MADE OF BUGS AND SOY ! this what this is all about, climate fear mongers say meat is bad but say nothing about multimillionaire corporations massive pollution effects on the planet …this artical is a joke.

  334. Earthly friend | June 11, 2022 at 10:18 pm | Reply

    Hey guys. Vegan here. Nothing is worse than eating an animal.and no one is more depressed than an animal that is going to be eaten. Stay safe…animals.

  335. I’m so confused! How do they know if the mice and flies are depressed? And, how the heck did they fill out the survey?

  336. Either the premise of this article is badly written; or pure vegan propaganda. First of all; proline is in ANY kind of beef and all eggs. Mentioning grass-fed beef and cage -free eggs is so obviously written toward those ” responsible ” people who STILL eat animal products, but are highly conscious of the mental state of a laying hen that is merely a worm collector and a part of the food chain
    and using MORE resources on boutique grass lands for the elite meat on the hoof, but need a bit of a push to go all veggie. Strange that the scientists would insist upon these specific terms. I simply cannot believe that they accrued data to prove their hypothesis. This is more pseudo-science and grant fodder. The source institution , I would take with a heaping spoon of sodium chloride. Just like GWp and ” climate change” , the elites know that a sizable percentage of people have a poor; public school education and take everything on the propaganda screens from 1984, with all seriousness of a hear attack. Just remember the covid crap that we now KNOW was all uneccessary based on real data. Amino acids are an ESSENTIAL part of living organisms. I promise that there are many more relevant causes for depression. There are lots of bad behaviors like eating and drinking the modern junk foods. It seems the mega corps have stifiled critism of their wholesale consumption. So many conditions ailing us are directly caused by our abuse of food. But, keeping us in the dark medically, physically, spiritually givesBig pharma, Big Farma, and the Medical Treadmill their booming business.

  337. GetToThePoint | June 12, 2022 at 1:25 am | Reply

    Short of it: WHAT A BUNCH OF BUNK!

  338. LOL. No wonder I never liked liver as a child. The dogs were fed under table. Nothing could disguise the taste for me. On sad side, I don’t think my depression was caused by eating was already in the works, long before that.

  339. Stephen Szibler | June 12, 2022 at 2:45 am | Reply

    Appears to be a reputable, peer-reviewed journal that published the research. I do agree that mentioning grass-fed as a variable sounded weird.

  340. Sounds like the meat industry-leading people away from organic,free range or grass fed proteins. Instead they want is to believe that meats pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, and god only knows what else is good for us now!!! All lies!!

  341. Well first of all I don’t know how you can tell a fly or a rat is depressed but I would surely be depressed if I was kept in a laboratory all day and wasn’t allowed to go outside and get fresh air and sunshine like these animals and insects would normally do on a daily basis so your experiment is flawed and I myself have lived on ribeye steaks every now and then for weeks at a time, AMAZING! Is the only way I felt every time but unfortunately it’s too expensive.

  342. Isn’t interesting that the man in the article is wearing a mask? Why? Maybe THAT’S why he’s depressed. I have no interest in reading an article that is promoting the use of a mask..trying to normalize it, sick of it.

  343. The real issue is the microbiota. Depression is a symptom, not a cause.

  344. Interesting since we’re up to 91 meat processing plants, chicken plant, bird flus etc….perfect timing.

  345. The 91 plants being mysteriously blown up, burned to the ground that is. Not 2 months ago it was 19.

  346. Two questions. Who founded the study? Sound like an attack on natural raised food. How can you tell if a fly is depressed? Since they have a very short life span.

  347. Beefalo soldier | June 12, 2022 at 11:20 am | Reply

    Turgid disinfo. Do the opposite of what this fake science says

  348. Correlation is not causation.
    In other words, this study (yes, I read and understood the original cited text)is not proof of anything.
    I could also give away blue t-shirts and poll the recipients. A percentage will be suffering from depression. Should I then say, blue t-shirts are linked to depression?
    Junk science. A person can manipulate data to support any claim if the parameters are broad enough.
    I also noticed several comments about keto/depression. This article does not single out keto diet.
    It says,”grass fed beef, pasture raised chickens, cage free eggs.”

  349. Would love to see the data for this…lol….it is beyond hilarious without it though. And to think that some people may believe this makes me sad.

  350. Was this study funded by the junk food industry?

  351. Ummm … I see no control for metabolic errors. Proline is not essential. So any deficiency would be corrected by normal feedback mechanisms.

  352. Reading the original study it says nothing about the foods mentioned in this article. I’ve been depressed most of my adult life. As mentioned in previous responses PHQ-9 is a questionnaire about what the depressed person perceives there depression level to be at. This questionnaire is not a quantifiable measure of the persons depressive state. It only measures the perceived level and is used to determine the progression or regression in a patients mood.

    In this study they used gene sequencing to determine what bacteria are in the test subjects gut. They use large databases to (from the DNA sequencences) determine what bacteria/viruses etc. are in the test subjects gut.

    They then correlate the PHQ-9 levels to the amount of proline in the blood stream of the test subjects.

    Then they injected test rats with the bionome from the test subjects to determine if the correlation is still valid. The mice were then “frozen” to determine which rats were more resilient to the cold. Same thing was done for the flys except that the fly larva were stressed by having to crawl up something with a gap in it. The more determined the larva to bridge the gap the less depressed they were considered.

    A Large statistical analysis was performed to determine the correlation between the Proline and the response of the stress tests by the mice and the fly larva and the human test subjects.

    The authors seem to confirm a correlation but, not being a statistition, I’m not sure if it is a good one.

    There were a lot of graphs that seemed to me to not provide the final result but that’s just me. If there is anyone out there that could write a sentence or two on the graphs provided in the original study please send them along.

    Thanks in advance.

  353. JPaul Emerson | June 12, 2022 at 4:51 pm | Reply

    My father suffered from crippling depression his entire life. After he passed, I learned it was a hereditary condition going back generations. I can’t afford meds or therapy or supplements so I concentrate on my gut microbiome. Fiber and yogurt to start the day, milk (with acidophilus if I can get it) at every meal, and NO organ meats or nitrates. My fitness tracker tells me when to go for a walk, and I am still just barely coping. But if I didn’t do all that, I wouldn’t even be able to leave the house. So I have to praise any researcher who goes with their “gut” instincts!

  354. More predictive programming. I bet next they study Bill Gates lab-grown meat, and all the study participants’ depression is cured.

  355. Tom McQuillen | June 12, 2022 at 8:32 pm | Reply

    How can you tell when a fruit fly is depressed?

  356. I think some of you are missing the point… the article is not telling you instead to eat processed meats not industrialized beef. Industrialized beef is high in antibiotics and growth hormones, this study shows grass fed beef is as detrimental for health AS grass fed beef. Conclusion : red meet in general is BAD FOR YOU in the long run.
    A plan- based diet is much healthier.
    There are testimonials of butcher men that have brought to light the horrors of slaughter houses example : when cows meat has cancer growth they don’t cut it off, they just grind to all together and such. And some that cut the cancer growth area, it is just that, they still sell the rest of the carcinogenic meat.
    But this article is just a tiny small part of obviously the whole experiment. You have to read more if you are into health. If you are not into health you will just find excuses to keep on eating read meat.

  357. Total BS research paper. Designed to discredit eating clean and benefit artificial meat and other “engineered” foods. Look hard enough into this researchers and you will find some common themes…..

  358. There is no such thing as organic or anything based on what these animals eat anymore aside from being medically treated for a larger yeild. The pesticides from fields that use them are blowing all over the grass that’s fed to these livestock to market them as natural and healthier than other animals is a fairy tale.

  359. I don’t believe a bit of this
    This is just another lie trying to get us to stop eating me because they blame the farm animals on climate change
    They are so full of crap

  360. There is nothing 100% in this report. People have different DNA etc. If I were guessing it is truly an effort to become vegan.

  361. Cover photo subject is easily diagnosed = face diaper cephalalgia. Get that rag gone !

  362. Depression is a very generic term for a broad range of possible mental illnesses.
    I definitely believe in the gut/brain connection to mental health. We need to remember that we are responsible for our own health in terms of figuring out what works for you and remember what doesn’t jive with your chemical makeup. The healthier we are the less strain we put on our system. Educate yourself on herbs, roots , oils etc. Plant some stuff – touch the earth🌎 🌎 🌎

  363. Sounds like someone’s getting a payoff.

  364. Letsgobrandon | June 13, 2022 at 5:13 pm | Reply

    This sounds like a study funded by big pharma..bogus and all bullsh*t

  365. Of COURSE these new “scientists” would relate depression to eating cleaner animal meats… all while pushing a proven toxic vegan diet. I know more about nutrition than these so called doctors, the fastest way to depression is to eat a diet that is void of 50 micro nutrients.

  366. No, its mask wearing that is depressing and causes depression, panic attacks, and asthma attacks.

    They want to reduce carbon and humans are carbon. These evil people can just disappear!

  367. I would rather be in touch with my emtional ups and downs instead of being giddy. However if eating a big mac will make you happy i will be in mcd’s drive thru asap

  368. Who pays you?

  369. I call horse sh*t! Now they say the few healthy things cause an issue, lol…study, study, study from every bullsh*t place is considered fact. Nothing like continuing to lie to the general public with concocted stories and fear. Just stop. And tell me how you great minds measured depression rates in flies lol cant you geniuses. People please stop listening to everything you have feed to you, you’ll live a much happier life.

  370. So eat those meats and eggs with hormones and chemicals and you won’t be depressed? This article is a complete joke.

  371. To Aaron Singer, No not everyone can afford the grass fed beef or free range chicken, try having $45.00 for food a month, yes that’s only 45.00 for whole months worth of food, lets see you manage to eat what you do now on that, I bet that would just be a days worth of food for you, and this study is bullcrap, like many have said. How do you know that a fruit fly is depressed, or a mouse, do they talk to you? It’s ridiculous

  372. This will never make peer reviewed levels. Naturally occurring meat and fish are bad? So with the lack of full information you want everyone to assume that hormone and antibiotic saturated, farm raised meat and fish are the best way to go? Obsurd!

  373. mike sansbury | June 14, 2022 at 6:30 am | Reply

    depressed rats are a major problem for those who eat rats

  374. Many of the commenters are casually dismissive of a study they know nothing about, relying solely on their priors and anecdotal evidence with far less rigorous examination they ask of these scientists.

  375. And then I read another article…

    So, pick your poison : mitigate depression or mitigate dementia; or, just add whole milk(5%fat) plain. Greek yogurt to a healthy all meat diet and suffer neither… perhaps.

  376. Depressed flies…? Seriously? Just not feelin’ da buzz, are they?

  377. How do rats fill out the depression questionnaire? Little pencils?

  378. Allison French | June 14, 2022 at 9:38 am | Reply

    You have got to be kidding me. What a bogus article. Reads like it was written by the (eye roll) climate crisis bandwagon.

  379. Wow , BBB agenda propaganda? Misinformation disinformation, misleading information, unbelievable!!!

  380. Linda C Aiello | June 14, 2022 at 11:16 am | Reply

    Liar liar lair

  381. How do they measure depression in flies?

  382. Political ploy to get people to stop eating beef. Qll of my ancestors ate beef and none suffered from depression. They were strong men and women

  383. Bear the Real Scientist | June 14, 2022 at 12:24 pm | Reply

    New World Order wants you eating their plant based meats. For a month,I put plates full of grass fed beef mixed with free range chicken. Not only did the flies look happy but they brought their friends and partied. You should see their smiles.

  384. I agree with the following: So, grass-fed beef and pasture-raised chickens are supposed to be bad now? Seems like this article was published by the meat industry.

  385. Studies done by clowns… not sure whats the reason to write articles like this…to sell more farm raised fish maybe?

  386. I’m not buying this for one second. Who could benefit from making people think that organic foods are bad for you? More so, who could afford a group of scientists to make this claim!?

    Total bought and paid for BS.

  387. 0dahwon Imknot | June 14, 2022 at 3:05 pm | Reply

    And God looked around Eden and said, “it is good, but I will improve it”.
    Then god created confinements for all the consumable animals. He divided the fish for man to a pen, birds to a wire box, he domesticated hogs and cattle for them and placed them in pens and feedlots. “Now it is truely good”, he said. And it was for years.
    But came from the other lands, the Nogs convinced Adam and his family to destroy the corrals, pens and feedlots. The animals were released to range free upon the land and waters. Lo, the voice of Satan had spoken through the Nogs.
    Depression set upon the land.
    It took many thousands of years before the wisemen of the Deep Pohkets came to show that animals should not of the free range, nor wild be eaten. And only those of confinement would nourish the mind, body and soul. And so the Plight of Depression was lifted. The Wisemen’s pockets full.
    And God said, Why did this Science Daily website publish such untrue drival? My creation was natural adaptation created over millions of years. But planted research and stories muck up my world with bribery.” And a Great Disgust was cast upon the land.

  388. How convenient that this research coincides with the push to reduce meat consumption.

  389. Just more bull***t to try and manipulate people. People are unique. What affects one doesn’t necessarily affect another.

  390. I love the red dye they add to the meat in grocery stores.Sometimes twice if it has been repacked (twice).
    You are clueless what you are getting unless your raising your own.

  391. Amanda L Tripp | June 14, 2022 at 5:28 pm | Reply

    Proline is also found in elevated amounts in all legumes and soy…weird how they didn’t include that in the paper only animal bases sources when they are relatively low in comparison.

  392. Eating garbage is also related to depression, I’ll take my chances with the healthier options!

  393. Depressed fruit flies…yeah…right. Betcha I know the research tech that judged them to be so…

    Joe Mamma.

  394. First of all the article is not a reputable source. Only .net,.org, or .gov sites are reputable

  395. Why do they specify the way the animal were raised? Is it the same for conventional animals? Did they ask the flies if they were depressed or did they look at their posture and see if their wings drooped down and they had a sad face?

  396. With the upcoming food shortage they would release this article so that people won’t become upset. Less food and less protein causes depression and not the other way around. Good luck fooling people with this.

  397. This is no new revelation,Pythagoras spoke about the benefits of adding more legumes & decreasing meats in our diet. Albert Eisten found a direct correlation between red meat & anger.i.e people who ate more red meat were biologically & psychologically more aggressive.So this “new” information is thousands of years old & another baby step towards curtailing from eating their foods if choice.
    I’m not disagreeing with the facts that certain foods do effect people differently..just saying this is not new information

  398. Fred Forehead | June 15, 2022 at 11:56 am | Reply

    Is s*** considered a protein? I get depressed whenever I end up having to eat s***.

  399. How many eggs and how much beef and how much chicken was eating per week the article didn’t say?

  400. How do you know when a fly is depressed?

  401. The article isn’t saying meat is bad, or eggs. People are quick to jump to triggers nowadays. It says if you eat certain things with proline, like meat, eggs, etc, and if your gut biome isn’t handling it properly, the proline in your bloodstream will cause depressive symptoms as per a standard questionnaire. Questionnaires aren’t unusual for diagnosis of depression.

    So yes, yet another clue that gut biome health is extremely important.

  402. New studies find that, unless you rely completely on what the government supplies you, you will be sad. If you become self sufficient and supply your own food by farming or fishing, you will not be happy. So, be dependent on big brother. It’s the only way to be happy.

  403. It is quite interesting that all of a sudden proline, one of the key components to protein synthesis, is now under scrutiny. Interesting. This is happening right around the time food sources are becoming “lean”. The only time depression is a leading side effect is if you’re taking a large amount of proline into the body via injection. Multiple times a day.

  404. What a big fat lie! How do they know if mice and flies of all things are depressed AND if they eat these foods!! Even if the fed them these foods how do they know they are depressed?? They can’t answer the questions either!! How dumb do you think we are??

  405. I see that I am not alone in wondering who funded this research. Perhaps the depression is legitimate having eaten more humanely raised food. I know how sad it makes me to think of chickens who don’t get outside and just get fat and pigs who are so heavy that their trotters can’t hold them because instead of muscle they grow fat.

  406. Wrong conclusion. The corrected conclusion should be money causes depression. You have to have money yo buy these organic food, grass-feeding cow, cage-free chicken, and then get depression, so money is the cause, not proline.

  407. Depressed flies?
    Sad article…. hahaha!

  408. New research shows scientists have found a specific protein in both our brains and our blood that could be a hallmark for depression.

  409. They are completely ignoring the Fact that b12 and b6 are known to help with depression, which also comes with Meat and fish products. The thing is we people eat more Plant Proline and by that no b12 or b6, as they are animal based Vitamins. Thats why people are more depressed, not because of meat which we ate since forever. They just want to sell you more Industry made Plant based Fake Meats. Thats it

  410. nilushi jayasinghe | December 16, 2022 at 5:38 am | Reply

    When i eat gelatin and beef liver, I get extremely depressed. Not only do i feel depressed but also anger. I did not understand why I felt terrible after eating this food but now I know.
    Depression can cause by food, hormones and many other things. When I drink tea or coffee, i get depressed and have panic attacks. I stopped caffeine because i feel so depressed. Chocolate also makes me feel extremely depressed.

  411. Why not just include fresh air and sunshine in the list of health risks? So natural foods consumed by our much healthier ancestors are bad?Grass fed beef has a much healthier omega 3 to omega 6 ratio. Pasture raised chickens produce much more nutritious eggs. I’m sure the nutritional benefits far outweigh the slight increase in proline. This is analogous to concluding the risk of injury is much less for people wearing straight jackets locked in a padded cell.

  412. Probably a bloody vegan. Incidentally if true, there’s a lot of proline in insect protein, the crap that the WEF and the likes of sociopath Bill Hates want us plebs to eat, to “save the planet”.
    Personally, I am fed up with “teams of scientists” and “experts” with an agenda and vested interests, peddling THIS patent crap, the cumulative effect of which, is making us less healthy,unless of course that is the intention of the stealth eugenicists, carbon reduction by the elimination of four billion+5 “useless eater” carbon based humanoid lifeforms.

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