Scientists Have Determined the Cause of Lethal Climate Change That Occurred Millions of Years Ago

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Scientists have linked mass extinctions and climate change over the past 260 million years to massive volcanic eruptions and Earth’s astronomical cycles. This research, emphasizing the role of CO2 emissions in climate change, reveals an intricate connection between Earth’s geology and its position in space, distinct from modern, human-caused climate change.

New research reveals that Earth’s geological history is tied to astronomical motions—not just the planet’s interior.

A team of scientists has concluded that that has occurred over the past 260 million years and brought about mass extinctions of life during these periods was primarily caused by massive volcanic eruptions and the resulting environmental crises.

Its analysis, which appears in the journal Earth-Science Reviews, shows that these eruptions released large amounts of carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere, leading to extreme greenhouse climate warming and bringing about near-lethal or lethal conditions to our planet.

Astronomical Cycles and Earth’s Climate

Significantly, these phenomena—which occur every 26 to 33 million years—coincided with critical changes in the planet’s orbit in the solar system that follow the same cyclical patterns, the researchers add.

“The Earth’s geologic processes, long considered to be strictly determined by events within the planet’s interior, may in fact be controlled by astronomical cycles in the solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy,” says Michael Rampino, a professor in New York University’s Department of Biology and the paper’s senior author. “Crucially, these forces have converged many times in the Earth’s past to foreshadow drastic changes to our climate.”

The researchers, who included the Carnegie Institute for Science’s Ken Caldeira and Sedelia Rodriguez, a geologist at Barnard College, caution that their conclusions have no bearing on 20th- and 21st-century climate change, which scientists have shown to be driven by human activity. The studied pulses of volcanic eruptions last occurred about 16 million years ago.

However, they add that the analysis nonetheless supports the well-established impact of carbon dioxide emissions on climate warming.

Volcanic Eruptions and Geological Phenomena

The scientists focused on continental flood-basalt (CFB) eruptions—the largest volcanic eruptions of lava on Earth, with flows covering nearly half a million square miles—and other major geological events over the past 260 million years. These included ocean anoxic events—periods when the Earth’s oceans were depleted of oxygen, thereby creating toxic waters—as well as hyper-thermal climate pulses, or rapid rises in global temperatures, and resulting periods of mass extinctions of marine and non-marine life. 

They found that CFB eruptions frequently coincided with these other lethal geological phenomena, illuminating the larger impact of volcanic activity. The connection with astronomy is evidenced by the commonality of the multi-million-year regular cycles of volcanism and extreme climate with known cycles of the Earth’s orbit in our solar system and in the Milky Way galaxy.

The authors found that the agreement between the geological and astrophysical cycles is much too close to be merely a chance occurrence. A major remaining question, they add, is determining how the planet’s astronomical movements perturb the Earth’s internal geological engines.

“This is an unexpected connection and predicts a convergence of both astronomy and geology—events that take place on the Earth do so in the context of our astronomical environment,” observes Rampino.

Reference: “Cycles of ∼32.5 My and ∼26.2 My in correlated episodes of continental flood basalts (CFBs), hyper-thermal climate pulses, anoxic oceans, and mass extinctions over the last 260 My: Connections between geological and astronomical cycles” by Michael R. Rampino, Ken Caldeira and Sedelia Rodriguez, 25 September 2023, Earth-Science Reviews.
DOI: 10.1016/j.earscirev.2023.104548

3 Comments on "Scientists Have Determined the Cause of Lethal Climate Change That Occurred Millions of Years Ago"

  1. When we cross the plane of the galaxy we cross a thin disc of concentrated dark matter.
    The data seems to support that there is more than just CO2 at play in the climate. This could easily and cheaply proven with telescopes from earth as were used to collect some of the original atmospheric tsunami on Venus data. It could also prove the existence of dark matter in the solar system and if not physicists would need to come up with a better explanation for what is happening throughout the solar system. If an annual planetary alignment can result in a 20 degree spike in temperature at the poles of our planet 2 months later, then evaporating a significant amount of dark matter near L1 should be seen in weeks. Although if you generate enough heat you would pretty much prove the concept right then and there.

    Dark matter phase transitions could be a primary climate driver. If the solar system passes through an area of higher liquid dark matter content the planets cores would all receive more heat due to increased phase transitions thus heating the earth from the inside out.

    Heating of the planet from the inside out would result in :
    Increased ground temperatures
    Increased sea temperatures
    Increased nighttime temperatures
    Increased seismic activity
    Increased earthquakes

    We are currently passing through the S1 dark Matter stream

    Dec 12 2016 Venus Mercury alignment tsunami rotation slowed

    Dec1 2018 Venus Mercury alignment tsunami rotation slowed

    June 3 18:00 2020 +0 29 North Venus Earth conjunction VENUS TSUNAMI facing the Earth day 1
    July 2020 Siberian heatwave and Antarctica temperature spike

    Jan 9 01:00 2022 +4 51 North Venus Earth conjunction VENUS TSUNAMI facing the Earth and the planets were slightly closer than the last conjunction 585 days
    March 18 2022 Concordia Station spiked 39 C degrees due to unusual air patterns near Australia
    North Pole regions hit 30C above normal

    Aug 13 11:00 2023 -7 41 south Venus Earth conjunction VENUS TSUNAMI was past the outward deflection and on its way back 1166 days also Venus was south of the orbital plane

    Oct 28 2023 I predicted a major heat release in the Arctic and Antarctic due to combined tidal affects on the dark matter sphere around the sun in combination with the movement of the barycentre of the Earths location. VENUS TSUNAMI was facing the side and the distance between the planets was further and there was no online data from Concordia.

    DATES TO WATCH for tsunami rotation ?? Pre and post rotation rates are needed
    Jan 16-25. 2024 Mercury Venus alignment
    Mar 07-20 2024 Mercury Jupiter alignment Venus Mars alignment
    Apr 11-18 2024 Mercury Earth alignment Jupiter Uranus alignment
    May 20-28 Venus Jupiter Uranus alignment Mercury Mars Saturn ? Neptune ?
    June 15-23 Mercury Venus alignment

    Venus atmospheric temperatures from 2009-2017 also were higher after conjunctions
    Venus atmospheric rotation takes 4 days – atmospheric tsunami takes on average 5 (4.9?) days to circle Venus since 1986 this could be caused by an offset dark mater sphere as a result of wobble induced by overflow of LDM every 5 days when the sphere is closest to the sun. This departing kick is what keeps the offset between Venus and its dark matter sphere which then accumulates LDM for 5 more days. The interval from the data I found varies from 4-6 days the 6 day stretch was after the 2022 conjunction which may have depleted its dark matter reserves resulting in a slower tsunami rotation. The clouds at that level take 5.7 days to circle the planet (tsunami speed = 328 kph)
    The earths core also has an 8.47 day wobble.
    NASA issued a climate change warning for Mars after Mariner 9 (icecaps melting)
    Neptune has been heating up since 2018

  2. “They found that CFB eruptions frequently coincided with these other lethal geological phenomena, illuminating the larger impact of volcanic activity.”

    The most important word in this statement is “frequently.” If it doesn’t happen every time, then one has to have a good explanation for the exceptions, or run the risk of being accused of Cherry Picking.

    This is not the first time that these authors have published on this issue, e.g.:

    What does appear new is blaming all the extinctions on warming from elevated CO2 and ignoring other gases or phenomena. An excellent example of this is evidence that The Great Dying — or End Permian — involved the intrusion under and into coal beds, releasing things like carbon monoxide, mercury, arsenic, volatile organic compounds often referred to as “coal tars,” and sulfur dioxide, in addition to carbon dioxide. More problematic is extensive vulcanism with lowered temperatures, such as during the Oligocene.

    “However, they add that the analysis nonetheless supports the well-established impact of carbon dioxide emissions on climate warming.”

    One commonly sees the assertion that it is “well-established” that CO2 is responsible for past and present warming. However, these assertions ignore the claims by physicists Clauser and Happer that it is theoretically not possible. The claims ignore the appearance of temperature changes a millennium before CO2 changes, as documented in the ice cores from Law Dome, Antarctica. Additionally, there is poor correlation between global temperatures and atmospheric CO2 over geological time scales in general, and over shorter time scales. The best apparent correlation is over recent decades. However, there are good arguments that it is a spurious correlation which disappears if one assumes spurious correlation and adjusts for it in a mathematically rigorous manner.

  3. I can identify with blaming dark matter for everything going wrong because I do that all the time. It’s sort of like how the shamans and mystics blamed everything wrong on evil spirits and demons. I have a theory that dark matter comes from the minds of people who are frustrated that they can’t figure out stuff they lack the knowledge to explain but still want to jabber that they have it all figured out, unlike the rest of us. I notice that some people are still blaming astronomy just like in ancient times

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