Pterosaur News

Pterosaurs were flying reptiles that lived during most of the Mesozoic Era, from about 228 to 66 million years ago, coexisting with dinosaurs and finally becoming extinct at the same time. They are not dinosaurs themselves but are closely related. Pterosaurs ranged in size from small, sparrow-sized creatures to some of the largest flying animals ever to have lived, with wingspans exceeding 10 meters. These creatures were the first vertebrates known to have evolved powered flight. Their wings were formed by a membrane of skin and muscle stretching from their elongated fourth finger to their hind limbs. Pterosaurs had hollow bones, a feature that lightened their bodies making flight possible. They are known from numerous fossils which show that they were present all over the world. Their diets varied from species to species; some were fish-eaters, others were insectivores, and some may have been scavengers. Pterosaurs are often mistakenly called “flying dinosaurs,” although they are technically not dinosaurs.