Breaking Light Speed: The Quantum Tunneling Enigma

Quantum Tunneling Concept

Quantum tunneling allows particles to bypass energy barriers. A new method has been proposed to measure the time it takes for particles to tunnel, which could challenge previous assertions of superluminal tunneling speeds. This method involves using atoms as clocks to detect subtle time differences. Credit:

In an amazing phenomenon of quantum physics known as tunneling, particles appear to move faster than the speed of light. However, physicists from Darmstadt believe that the time it takes for particles to tunnel has been measured incorrectly until now. They propose a new method to stop the speed of quantum particles.

In classical physics, there are strict laws that cannot be circumvented. For instance, if a rolling ball lacks sufficient energy, it will not get over a hill; instead, it will roll back down before reaching the peak. In quantum physics, this principle is not quite so strict. Here, a particle may pass a barrier, even if it does not have enough energy to go over it. It acts as if it is slipping through a tunnel, which is why the phenomenon is also known as “quantum tunneling.” Far from mere theoretical magic, this phenomenon has practical applications, such as in the operation of flash memory drives.

Quantum Tunneling and Relativity

In the past, experiments in which particles tunneled faster than light drew some attention. After all, Einstein’s theory of relativity prohibits faster-than-light velocities. The question is therefore whether the time required for tunneling was “stopped” correctly in these experiments. Physicists Patrik Schach and Enno Giese from TU Darmstadt follow a new approach to define “time” for a tunneling particle. They have now proposed a new method of measuring this time. In their experiment, they measure it in a way that they believe is better suited to the quantum nature of tunneling. They have published the design of their experiment in the renowned journal Science Advances.

Wave-Particle Duality and Quantum Tunneling

According to quantum physics, small particles such as atoms or light particles have a dual nature.

Depending on the experiment, they behave like particles or like waves. Quantum tunneling highlights the wave nature of particles. A “wave packet” rolls towards the barrier, comparable to a surge of water. The height of the wave indicates the probability with which the particle would materialize at this location if its position were measured. If the wave packet hits an energy barrier, part of it is reflected. However, a small portion penetrates the barrier and there is a small probability that the particle will appear on the other side of the barrier.

Reevaluating Tunneling Speed

Previous experiments observed that a light particle has traveled a longer distance after tunneling than one that had a free path. It would therefore have traveled faster than the light. However, the researchers had to define the location of the particle after its passage. They chose the highest point of its wave packet.

“But the particle does not follow a path in the classical sense,” objects Enno Giese. It is impossible to say exactly where the particle is at a particular time. This makes it difficult to make statements about the time required to get from A to B.

A New Approach to Measuring Tunneling Time

Schach and Giese, on the other hand, are guided by a quote from Albert Einstein: “Time is what you read off a clock.” They suggest using the tunneling particle itself as a clock. A second particle that does not tunnel serves as a reference. By comparing these two natural clocks, it is possible to determine whether time elapses slower, faster or equally fast during quantum tunneling.

The wave nature of particles facilitates this approach. The oscillation of waves is similar to the oscillation of a clock. Specifically, Schach and Giese propose using atoms as clocks. The energy levels of atoms oscillate at certain frequencies. After addressing an atom with a laser pulse, its levels initially oscillate synchronized – the atomic clock is started. During tunneling, however, the rhythm shifts slightly. A second laser pulse causes the two internal waves of the atom to interfere. Detecting the interference makes it possible to measure how far apart the two waves of the energy levels are, which in turn is a precise measure of the elapsed time.

A second atom, which does not tunnel, serves as a reference to measure the time difference between tunneling and non-tunneling. Calculations by the two physicists suggest that the tunneling particle will show a slightly delayed time. “The clock that is tunneled is slightly older than the other,” says Patrik Schach. This seems to contradict experiments that attributed superluminal speed to tunneling.

The Challenge of Implementing the Experiment

In principle, the test can be carried out with today’s technology, says Schach, but it is a major challenge for experimenters. This is because the time difference to be measured is only around 10-26 seconds – an extremely short time. It helps to use clouds of atoms as clocks instead of individual atoms, explains the physicist. It is also possible to amplify the effect, for example by artificially increasing the clock frequencies.

“We are currently discussing this idea with experimental colleagues and are in contact with our project partners,” adds Giese. It is quite possible that a team will soon decide to carry out this exciting experiment.

Reference: “A unified theory of tunneling times promoted by Ramsey clocks” by Patrik Schach and Enno Giese, 19 April 2024, Science Advances.
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.adl6078

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  1. I have to be a believer, but sometimes you can’t know know everything you see/read, when there is much more than we don’t don’t know. It’s time to just say “yes, there is more to our universe.

  2. What AI garbage nonsense is this article? It’s so overly redundant like every other AI generated article. Hire writers. Or hire a damn editor to actually read this before posting

  3. Does this mean that the answer to the phenomenon of tunneling is analogous to the answer for the two slit experiment?

  4. Science and religion lean on each other, and when one can’t imagine a solution, the other can. Spiritual people understand there is a God within a God, ad infinitum, and a Universe within a Universe, ad infinitum. So, quantum tunneling is maybe just looking at “quantum” as the frontier between atoms and the universe within the atom.

    Oh, and we call the Universe, God, or Universe Mother, the Creator of us all.

  5. ALAN MIDDLETON | May 20, 2024 at 10:45 am | Reply


    There is no secret to wave particle duality or speeds vastly in excess of the speed of light.

    The problem is that Einstein removed the background medium.

    The background is in the form of a neural network made from totally solid annihilating energy. A variation of John Wheeler’s 1955 quantum foam. The structure was found by Ron Pearson and is described in his 2007 book Creation Solved?. I joined Ron’s research team in 2008 and together we found the power source which is the surging of Pearsons OPPOSED ENERGY DYNAMICS smacking vibration into the filaments at all volumes of its structure.

    Einstein’s TENSOR MATHS will transfer directly to Pearsons compaction of the background medium as vibration energy is flowed to produce the illusions within universe. Also under Pearson, light, which has no rest mass, has mass due to its velocity. Therefore it couples with gravity. However, gravity is just a computational factor.

    The patterns spiral galaxies which are known to rotate as flat discs which would not form the spiral, are actually formed by the star illusions being projected along the patterns of the sub-quantum vibration energy flows. Their power supply.

    Neural networks are known to self organise when constantly fed with energy. What evolved, but what has always existed, is a vast intelligence system which is constantly searching for new ways to express itself. It is infinite in size.

    The basis of this system is vibration powered computing running in the superconducting filaments of dark energy. Because atoms cannot form at near absolute zero temperature, the cosmic microwave background is not the left over from the BIG BANG, it is a system requirement to enable the display mode to form the illusion of our environment.

    Because these filaments are totally solid but of no mass they conduct organised vibration at near infinite speed over vast distances.

    Atoms are nothing more that patterns of vibration. This vibration is so fast it could never be seen or measured as a vibration, particularly from within an artificial environment like the Earth world. (Privileged Scole Experiment information from Manu)

    The extrapolation system which runs our time stream and the Universe illusion steps along and has a framing rate. So extrapolation and display are the reasons for wave particle duality.

    I hold pictures which support this framing rate and also the natural structure of the background MATRIX. However the SOURCE could well have redesigned the structure to make it stable and adaptable to the creation process. Ron Pearson was concerned about the filament structure degenerating into a liquid state. A kind of cosmic Alzheimer’s.

    Our minds are ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE. Our bodies are nothing more than a sophisticated cartoon. The brain is a means of communication with the mind. When the brain dies the mind lets go of the brain. There is no death. (Scole Experiment information).

    Science makes the mistake of thinking that there are laws of nature but this is not true. There is an operating system which will normally conform to a set pattern but can be overridden by those more advance beings on the higher frequencies of life.

    The Scole tape information from Manu has told me that there are thousands of these environments, many of which are non-physical.

    Information from the designers of the Earth/Universe illusion via Brigitte Rix who is also a member of the Pearson Research team and Scole Experiment Afterlife Research Association, tell us that the universe is not as big as science thinks it is because it is built from layers of vibration which make it appear bigger than it actually is. I saw an article in which a reasearch team proposed that atoms which are further away from our solar system may be vibrating at a lower rate.

    The Earth world was the product of design and development by two teams who developed two systems for beings of MIND AND LIGHT, to experience a new form of artificial solidarity. The systems were tested and refined. Ideas were exchanged and developed.

    The background intelligence, THE SOURCE, converted the thoughts of the designers into a working system.

    Far more is known than can possibly be imagined by those blinded by the view of science which is locked into the Earth Game Program. The truth lies below the quantum level.

    All that exists is vibration powered sub-quantum computing running at ultra high speeds and developed to extreme levels. It had no beginning. It will have no end.

    We are inside one of its many displays.

    ALAN MIDDLETON (Pearson Research Team)
    SCOLE EXPERIMENT AFTERLIFE RESEARCH ASSOCIATION. For more detailed information visit my section of this website.
    20th May 2024

  6. Daniel Hoffelder | May 21, 2024 at 9:37 pm | Reply

    So, once again, all we end up being is a disposable carbon/ water battery, about to be replaced by lithium and silicon ai.batteries .. and God only knows what’s next- some one plug this thing, if it serves on other purpose then enslavment,death and task master ..

  7. We live in a QL soup of particles made up of Quarks, Leptons and gluons that virtually never actually enter spacetime. All however have the potential to temporarily be in spacetime and part of something bigger. Just like you know someone is making soup because you can smell it without ever actually seeing it we know that virtual particles exist even though we can’t see the vast majority of them come from. What separates us from this soup is the fabric of spacetime. Mother nature was also smart enough to make the fabric of spacetime thicker where it contained more mass, this fabric is what makes up Dark Matter.

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