Hackers Attack ATT. Is Your Wireless Phone Safe?

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AT&T recently reported that an organized attempt was made to hack information from as many as 1 million wireless customer accounts, but they want customers to rest assured that no accounts were actually broken into.

According to an AT&T spokesperson, auto-script technology was used to find out if AT&T telephone numbers were connected to online AT&T accounts. No other details have been revealed about the attack, and the wireless carrier hasn’t revealed how the attempted hack job was discovered.

Approximately 1 million customers were reportedly contacted by hackers via email, according to Computer World. AT&T has contacted the customers that might have been affected. I know 1 million seems like a huge number but when you consider that it represents less than 1% of AT&T customers, it’s a good sign that security is of vital important to the wireless carrier.

Still, it’s nerve-wracking to consider that something so essential these days is susceptible to attack. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your wireless phone’s security, and FOX19 recently revealed a few handy tips that can help keep hackers out of your life.

It turns out that some of the best ways to keep your phone from being hacked are the exact same precautions that can help keep your computer from being hacked, so you can get double-mileage from the same information.

Ways to protect yourself from hackers include:

  • When you download an app check out the reviews and make sure it seems reputable.
  • If an app asks for a lot of permissions to access your information, that’s a big red flag
  • If you get a text from what appears to be your bank don’t respond.
  • Be suspicious of any text asking you to text, email or call in personal information, and don’t download an app from a link you get in a text.
  • Make sure your phone is up to date on the latest software updates so you’ve got current protection against new threats.
  • Some cell phone providers allow you to forward them questionable texts so they can investigate.
  • Always lock your phone so you need a password to open it, so if old fashioned thieves swipe your phone or you lose it, no one can access your account.

You might feel paranoid when following some of these steps, but it beats having your bank account information stolen and there’s nothing wrong with protecting yourself in this digital world.

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