Increasing Lifespan by 10%: Scientists Identify a New Promising Anti-Aging Drug

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However, it is important to note that the researchers do not recommend taking this drug as there are some side effects.

Researchers in New Zealand have discovered a drug that has the potential for longer and healthier aging.

An Aotearoa New Zealand study, recently published in the renowned journal Nature Aging, has advanced the timeless pursuit of immortality.

The University of Auckland’s Waipapa Taumata Rau trial shows that administering a cancer treatment drug to healthy middle-aged mice (one year) for a prolonged period increases their lifespan by an average of ten percent, bringing it to around three years.

In this study, mice were fed a control diet or the same diet with the addition of a drug called alpelisib. Not only did the mice fed the drug-containing diet live longer, but they also showed some signs of being healthier in old age such as improved coordination and strength. However, the researchers are cautious about application to humans since the mice treated with the drug also had some negative markers of aging like lower bone mass.

“Aging is not only about lifespan but also about quality of life,” says research fellow Dr. Chris Hedges. “Therefore, we were pleased to see this drug treatment not only increased the longevity of the mice but they also showed many signs of healthier aging. We are working now to understand how this happens.”

Principle investigator Associate Professor Troy Merry says: “We are not suggesting that anyone should go out and take this drug long-term to extend lifespan, as there are some side effects. However, this work identifies mechanisms crucial to aging that will be of use in our long-term efforts to increase lifespan and health span. It also suggests a number of possible ways in which shorter-term treatments with this drug could be used to treat certain metabolic health conditions and we are following this up now.”

Professor Peter Shepherd says that alpelisib targets an enzyme called PI 3-kinase.

“We have been working on developing drugs to target PI 3-kinase for more than 20 years as evidence indicated they would be useful to treat cancers as many cancers have an excess activation of this pathway.

“Therefore, it’s great to see that these drugs might have uses in other areas and reveal novel mechanisms contributing to age-related diseases. It also shows the value of a long-term investment in research in areas such as this.”

Reference: “Dietary supplementation of clinically utilized PI3K p110α inhibitor extends the lifespan of male and female mice” by C. P. Hedges, B. Shetty, S. C. Broome, C. MacRae, P. Koutsifeli, E. J. Buckels, C. MacIndoe, J. Boix, T. Tsiloulis, B. G. Matthews, S. Sinha, M. Arendse, J. K. Jaiswal, K. M. Mellor, A. J. R. Hickey, P. R. Shepherd and T. L. Merry, 23 January 2023, Nature Aging.
DOI: 10.1038/s43587-022-00349-y

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