New Breakthrough Paves the Way for Extending Human Lifespan – Scientists Successfully Transfer Longevity Gene

Glowing Green DNA Longevity

Researchers successfully transferred a longevity gene from naked mole rats to mice, leading to enhanced health and increased lifespan. Naked mole rats, noted for their resistance to age-related diseases, have a gene that produces high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HMW-HA), which when introduced to mice, demonstrated potential anti-aging benefits.

The successful transfer of a gene that produces HMW-HA paves the way for improving the health and lifespan of humans, too.

In a groundbreaking endeavor, scientists at the University of Rochester have successfully transferred a longevity gene from naked mole rats to mice, leading to enhanced health and a longer lifespan for the mice.

Naked mole rats, known for their long lifespans and exceptional resistance to age-related diseases, have long captured the attention of the scientific community. By introducing a specific gene responsible for enhanced cellular repair and protection into mice, the Rochester researchers have opened exciting possibilities for unlocking the secrets of aging and extending human lifespan.

“Our study provides a proof of principle that unique longevity mechanisms that evolved in long-lived mammalian species can be exported to improve the lifespans of other mammals,” says Vera Gorbunova, the Doris Johns Cherry Professor of biology and medicine at Rochester.

Gorbunova, along with Andrei Seluanov, a professor of biology, and their colleagues, report in a study published in Nature that they successfully transferred a gene responsible for making high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HMW-HA) from a naked mole rat to mice. This led to improved health and an approximate 4.4 percent increase in the median lifespan for the mice.

A unique mechanism for cancer resistance

Naked mole rats are mouse-sized rodents that have exceptional longevity for rodents of their size; they can live up to 41 years, nearly ten times as long as similar-sized rodents. Unlike many other species, naked mole rats do not often contract diseases—including neurodegeneration, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and cancer—as they age. Gorbunova and Seluanov have devoted decades of research to understanding the unique mechanisms that naked mole rats use to protect themselves against aging and diseases.

Naked Mole Rat

University of Rochester researchers successfully transferred a longevity gene from naked mole rats to mice, resulting in improved health and an extension of the mouse’s lifespan. Credit: University of Rochester photo / J. Adam Fenster

The researchers previously discovered that HMW-HA is one mechanism responsible for naked mole rats’ unusual resistance to cancer. Compared to mice and humans, naked mole rats have about ten times more HMW-HA in their bodies. When the researchers removed HMW-HA from naked mole rat cells, the cells were more likely to form tumors.

Gorbunova, Seluanov, and their colleagues wanted to see if the positive effects of HMW-HA could also be reproduced in other animals.

Transferring a gene that produces HMW-HA

The team genetically modified a mouse model to produce the naked mole rat version of the hyaluronan synthase 2 gene, which is the gene responsible for making a protein that produces HMW-HA. While all mammals have the hyaluronan synthase 2 gene, the naked mole rat version seems to be enhanced to drive stronger gene expression.

The researchers found that the mice that had the naked mole rat version of the gene had better protection against both spontaneous tumors and chemically induced skin cancer. The mice also had improved overall health and lived longer compared to regular mice. As the mice with the naked mole rat version of the gene aged, they had less inflammation in different parts of their bodies—inflammation being a hallmark of aging—and maintained a healthier gut.

While more research is needed on exactly why HMW-HA has such beneficial effects, the researchers believe it is due to HMW-HA’s ability to directly regulate the immune system.

A fountain of youth for humans?

The findings open new possibilities for exploring how HMW-HA could also be used to improve lifespan and reduce inflammation-related diseases in humans.

“It took us 10 years from the discovery of HMW-HA in the naked mole rat to showing that HMW-HA improves health in mice,” Gorbunova says. “Our next goal is to transfer this benefit to humans.”

They believe they can accomplish this through two routes: either by slowing down the degradation of HMW-HA or by enhancing HMW-HA synthesis.

“We already have identified molecules that slow down hyaluronan degradation and are testing them in pre-clinical trials,” Seluanov says. “We hope that our findings will provide the first, but not the last, example of how longevity adaptations from a long-lived species can be adapted to benefit human longevity and health.”

Reference: “Increased hyaluronan by naked mole-rat Has2 improves healthspan in mice” by Zhihui Zhang, Xiao Tian, J. Yuyang Lu, Kathryn Boit, Julia Ablaeva, Frances Tolibzoda Zakusilo, Stephan Emmrich, Denis Firsanov, Elena Rydkina, Seyed Ali Biashad, Quan Lu, Alexander Tyshkovskiy, Vadim N. Gladyshev, Steve Horvath, Andrei Seluanov and Vera Gorbunova, 23 August 2023, Nature.
DOI: 10.1038/s41586-023-06463-0

The study was funded by the National Institutes of Health.

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  1. Linda E Peveto | August 27, 2023 at 8:55 am | Reply

    Where can I sign up to be a guinea pig for this research?

    • Billionaires will be first in line for this, then millionaires, then slowly work it’s way down the chain to ordinary people….

        • More clinical trails are required.

        • Scientists playing God and trying to redo all of His plans… What could possibly go wrong? These mad scientists need to stop and just let people live out their lives. Not to mention, if everyone starts living much longer lives the planet will fill up with people and there won’t be enough food, water, places to live, and other resources for all the people on the planet. Animals will go extinct faster than ever, all the trees on the planet start getting cut down, putting all the CO2 into the atmosphere that claim it change nuts are concerned about, and the planet will lay in utter ruin. But hey, I guess do what you want to do mad scientists!

          • A few points may be valid but what about children or people with extreme pain, dying, or simply their quality of life.

          • Only thing you’re not thinking about or realizing is the fact that with every new idea or improvement to already existing ideas, is they’re always more ideas/findings that come out around the same time another one does. And some are just ideas split off another idea. In other words, you looking at a big picture thru a peephole. Meaning you’re looking at a bigger picture then you can see.Thru the peephole your only able to see so much all at once. Until you look all the way around, you going to miss somethings. So let me help, help you have a broader/more insightful opinion about the subject. First off you gotta think outside the box, or I should say outside the planet. You think if we finally found a way to extend our life span, we would stop there? You don’t think we would ever find a new planet we could live on and/or save ours from the damage we’re doing to it so far? The longer we live, or at least the longer a certain few live, the more advancements we would have. You know, basically the more time they have to perfect what they started. Just something to think about. A place to start with the thinking about.

          • I’m sorry, but if you still believe what our ancient ancestors claimed about a “God…” You’re kind of unintelligent. I’m not saying there isn’t a “Creator” or “Creators,” but there’s no way the Bible holds any validity anymore.. it’s so blatantly ridiculous. It has a lot of morals and values and truth, but a God is far-fetched. And if there was an all knowing God and he didn’t want us to do such things, he wouldn’t have made us in the first place.. if anything I think whatever put us here, did so with the intention of us experiencing and experimenting. Otherwise why would there be so much unknown stuff? And why would we only be able to learn through trial and error?

        • I want to be in this program

      • I think the way it actually works is ordinary people will be the guinea pigs. Once the science is perfected it will be ridiculous expensive and only available to the wealthy and the gatekeepers. If it actually worked and say even doubles human life expectancy it will be suppressed and only available to world leaders and royalty. The finished product will never be available to the poor masses same reason poverty still exists in the wealthiest countries on earth.

    • Look at the names of researchers at the bottom, they seem like mostly Chinese, Russian and Muslims, these are brilliant people who will one day discover amazing medicines and cures to improve the health and lifespan of humanity, then there are some nutcase comments here full of hatred… why should these smart people increase the lifespans of haters and angry people?? This research should be kept away from mentally unstable people and nations.

      • I don’t think the cure for ignorance is rejection, perhaps some of the comments that you see have a person of more value than what is present on the surface.regardless the whole classification hierarchy monarch esc ideology has no place in science where the only focus should be the productive pursuit of knowledge and hopefully the betterment of mankind, no that is not me saying anything should go or that ethics shouldn’t be of crucial importance on the contrary I believe the subjects being made aware and given a choice first and foremost can avoid many problems and gain the experimental knowledge feedback that can be exceptionally enlightening in some cases.

        • It’s too funny when when ones talk in the manor that you did within your comment. Seems kinda questionable if you made rough drafts of your comment, to be sure that what you say comes out flawless, priss, and perfect. A good chance that I happen to have a higher IQ, and I don’t even talk the way you did. Loosen up a bit.

          • Well written comments should be embraced and revered, not ridiculed. They’re a breath of fresh air and relief from the typical incoherent and fragmented thoughts that many people struggle to compose.

          • High IQ individuals would know to use “manner” not “manor” in the opening sentence of your comment.

    • Interesting! I’ve had cancer 4 times all clear for now. Sure would like more information on this! Thank You !

  2. I would love to be considered to be a subject for the research . Please let me know if there is any why I can contribute to the research..

    • I am interested in participating

    • Hahaha..You’re done with life hey? Throwing in the towel and straight sacrificing. Maybe you were thinking that you can be a test subject and get pumped up with all the research juices and get live longer. Well most likely wouldn’t to that way. You’d likely just be a rag doll for failure test scenarios. Just sayin.

      • Possibly you’re right or maybe it will work and you’ll be better. Everything has to be tested and have participants… look at the Covid vaccine. People volunteered for that.

    • What makes you think you wouldn’t be part of the control group?

  3. I would like to take part in the procedure

  4. The chiefs of this world wont let this happening, this is not in their “Project”.

    • You Just don’t think this out do you? Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Stupid ass

      • I’d like to take part as well!

        • What’s f**king wrong with gene scientist? Leave us alone. There are like children whose parents didn’t play with them but gave them useless toys and now they are seeking for others to be there toy.
          Grow up and leave us the f**k alone.
          All this gain-of-function research disguised as something beneficial to the human course.
          Real humans are seeks of this. You f**king folks can only do this for a short time bcos winter ❄️ is coming.

          • You really do need help. Anger, hatred and bitterness can destroy your health.

          • John sawetch | August 28, 2023 at 5:57 pm |

            Would like to be part of the research

          • Ben Waiting for Immortality | August 30, 2023 at 7:17 pm |

            You watch too much TV and don’t get out enough, man. Innovation starts somewhere. I, for one, would love a gene that stops, or seriously reduces, inflammation. Your tribe of people are afraid of your own shadow and afraid of any change. Humans innovate. That’s what we do. That’s how we worked our way to the top of the food chain. Not by claw or tooth, speed or muscle. Innovation is how we will get off this planet. The time will come when this planet is gone. When that happens, all the gods in history couldn’t bring it back. As another commenter said, each innovation spawns further innovation. Nothing advances without change.

      • I wonder what would happen if you gave it to someone with cancer already. Will it cure the cancer? That would be miraculous. Of course big pharma will shut it down quicker than the ten years it would take.

        • Definitely worth a try. Also, could accelerate their research. The bar is much lower to try to help people who are likely going to die without treatment, who have tried the other approaches.

        • Seems like a good idea to me, proves that humanity is still able evolve and grow.

      • Well you can put my name into the mix .
        Sounds intriguing….

      • Arnold Ficklekle | August 28, 2023 at 7:40 pm | Reply

        I’ve been David Sinclair and his projects and I really do believe that this is possible that we’re just missing a chemical that research has been looking for and studying for quite a while I believe we’re getting really close to making this happen put me first in line I’m not wealthy I’m not a Billy Gates I’m just a guy that reads a lot studies a lot and I’m very interested in your project as I am in David Sinclair’s

  5. Earlier The Better | August 27, 2023 at 5:00 pm | Reply

    Eventhough Birds are not mammals, why not try to transfer the HMW-HA gene into Eggs of at least 10 various Bird Species? Experiment will be successful in a very short period, if it works in at least 1 Bird. Gene is a Gene. Doctors will lose their Jobs – Just a Joke !

  6. Wow! It’s exciting to think multi-millionaires will have longer lifespans in just a few decades.

    • Some of those that were going to die of cancer might live longer. Steve Jobs was an anomaly. Most filthy rich people go to legitimate doctors who detect stuff early, and employ the most valid treatments. Jobs went to nutter pseudo-doctors. If he had gone to real doctors, and trusted them, he would likely be alive and cursing at his workers.
      Of course, there are also rich people who seek narcotics from doctors, and can always get one who will give them what they want. Those don’t generally live long.
      The mice in the control group were not routinely scanned for cancer and given treatments and surgeries to remove it. So the 4.4% gain is likely even smaller in humans.

      • Yeah, liver cancer is not a trifling matter. And the availability of viable tissue-type compatible donated livers, apparantly not even a billionaire could source one in time to save his life.

      • I agree in the sense that rich people have the money and can see just about any doctor they want! I also think the doctor will also be more willing to see them because of who they are!!! Regular people are at the bottom of the totem pole.

    • For sure lol.

    • I’m so happy for them 🤩🥳🥰😍!(sarcasm alert) Maybe they will deign to rule over us, wouldn’t that be so kind and thoughtful of them ❤️?

  7. I have end-stage COPD I’m on Oxygen Now
    How are you doing with fixing up peoples lungs? I have a longevity of all sides of my family.

    • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy might help. Seems to help a ton of things. My Dad thought he had great genes, and he did. His father lived to 97. But my dad routinely exposed himself to chemicals at his business, and got leukemia. Good genes only get you so far, prevention is the name of the game.

    • Pig lung transplant? They have modified some pigs, so we have less rejection issues with their organs. Still, extreme desperation choice. And not likely to work long term. They also likely want to do it with someone with no other issues.

  8. Katrina Dymond | August 27, 2023 at 7:53 pm | Reply

    Man has to stop trying to play God. We are designed to only live to a certain age. This is discusting.

    • Yeah why even try. Let’s just forget health forget doctors and forget technology advancements. God will handle it right

    • Throw away your glasses, hearing aids, artificial joints and pacemakers, cyborg. You are supposed to have bad vision and have to be guided, in the nude. And stumble everywhere, because you can’t see.

      Forget about surgeries…definitely “playing God” there. C-sections definitely out. Using fire to cook with? Shame! Antibiotics? Vaccines? Sunscreen? And what hubris, eradicating smallpox. Smallpox was killing one third of all children, he must have wanted them dead?

      Just some temple repair using genetic surgery. No different than any other surgery, other than the tools.

      You decided a person is their DNA, not their soul. I guess identical twins are not two people? They have the same DNA.

      • If God didn’t want us to be smart he wouldn’t have allowed us to learn. If the tree of knowledge was real it was a trap all along and part of the plan.

  9. Include me in you research please, am a pure black,African, trials on me

  10. Sign me up

  11. This is great for People that really need it and I hope it works for Dogs to so My little dog will live as long as I do 🥰

  12. Interesting, I did my thesis paper on DNA. Can a research group put me to work. I have time.

  13. fontaine clusteurphuque | August 28, 2023 at 5:59 am | Reply

    I mean no disrespect or snark, but death plays a vital role in the overall scheme of things that is as important as birth and the choice to reproduce. The last thing we need is for a bunch of idiots to overstay their welcome.

  14. Even if life is not lengthened, this would be life-improving by eliminating suffering brought on by arthritis and other inflammatory disease processes, usually attributed to aging.

    • The article says nothing about arthritis or inflammatory diseases. This better gene form that reduced the risk of cancer.

      • Kelly littleton | August 28, 2023 at 7:23 pm | Reply

        Yes it does actually! It address possible help with inflamation and arthritis. Re read the article. And being a 5 year cancer patient with a loving family, saving lives by eliminating factors in the physical pain and eventual death before you have lived a full life because of a disease like cancer is an obviously logical approach to this cancer patient.

        • Kelly littleton | August 28, 2023 at 7:28 pm | Reply

          Oh yea, sign me up,and btw thanks to President Trump
          I now have the “Right To Try”. Thanks President Trump !!!

          • C’mon Kelly. This is a scientific site, not a political one, my friend. Let’s respect our peers together, peacefully 🙏🏽❤️🤷🏽‍♂️.

        • You need to reread it. The Naked Mole Rats have less of a number of things, but there is no reason all that would be from one gene, and almost certainly isn’t. The gene they are testing is just for anticancer, and maybe some other subtle improvements associated with having better fidelity in DNA copying to the next generation of cells. I am not saying it is impossible that it will reduce arthritis. But the scientists almost certainly would have mentioned that, and the article, if it had happened.

  15. I’d like to be part of your research

  16. A 4.4% Increase in Longevity is statistically insignificant.
    That equates to an extra 15 days of life for the mouse.

    • It might be statically significant if they used enough animals. If it helps us, it is probably more in the quality of life area, as we often treat cancer and often buy people more time.
      With less genetic errors, cell generation to generation, more tissues should be doing what they are supposed to be doing.

    • A 4.4% increase to a human living to the age of 80 would be another 3.5 years of life. Would you consider that insignificant?

      • “Statistically significant” and “significant” are completely different things. “Statistically significant” means it is with reasonable certainty beyond statistical noise…not just chance. If the difference found is small enough, then you need a large sample size to show that it is likely to be real and not just chance.

  17. I am a physician and I tend to shy away from the temptation to genetically modify humans. With regards to cancer, it is my opinion and professional recommendation that ALL couples seek genetic testing and genetic counseling prior to conceiving children. With regards to longevity… There are currently just shy of 8 BILLION HUMANS on the planet, a number that is steadily and continuously increasing over time, and the resources available to sustain us are finite. Also, keep in mind that sometimes living into your 9th decade and beyond is not as pleasant or glamorous as one may fantasize that it might be.

    Finally, with regards to the “sign me up” and “I’d like to be part of your research” comments: I wonder if you are mistakenly assuming that this new technology could be applied to you in order to extend your life expectancy? To clarify, this technology would only be available to future generations.

    • Kelly littleton | August 28, 2023 at 7:43 pm | Reply

      Are you nuts dude ? Are you a New World Order fool ? My god that is so insensitive and ridiculous to not value living past 50 or 60. They arent proposing it would turn humans into mutants jeez. There is plenty of room for me my family and all American Citizens where i live in the Great Midwest that produces your food. Do you live in an over crowded city or something. Step out here to the midwest we dont have an overcrowded anything. And if we run iut of stuff to eat, and Walmart shelves are bare, we can just grow more corn and beans and wheat and pigs and cows and chickens. And then we in the rural area will eat and you city folks will starve or do what the NWO idiota propose, eat synthetic lab grown meat, like Bill Gates suggests,or eat BUGS. Wake up City Folks, we feed you

      • Good thing “Climate Change” is a hoax, cause otherwise we’d be soooo 🥵⏳⌛️🧯🔩 screwed!

        • Climate change will be solved soon. On the edge of destruction is when we develop Tony Stark levels of inventive capability.

        • What is not known could a new disease be created from this. Could this change our children that might be born after parents get gene change. There are a lot of unknowns that would have to be looked at, before humans get this type of gene. Plus what would be the long term effects. We shouldn’t just say let’s let it out might be a bad genie.

    • I am with you wholeheartedly! I am in my 60’s and feel it every day. I don’t want to live to be 120. I’d have 40 more years of working ahead of me. I have always been of the opinion that we aren’t truly afraid of being dead, but the pain that comes before it or for the people that care about me, the pain after. There’s nothing wrong or unnatural about death.

    • Your 1960s, 1970s, Population Bomb, thinking was never rational. Just a repackaging of Thomas Malthus. Both disproven by time. Resources are not meaningfully limited. They are only limited inasmuch as the technology we employ limits them. We could easily grow 10x as much food with greenhouses and feed 80 billion people. Using artificial light, far more than that. We do need to limit fishing, and obviously abandon whaling. Whale poop is very important for algae. Hunting also needs to end. We can’t have a billion hunters out there. Use VR or something.
      Tissue cultures can provide most meat, further driving down our environmental impact. Fish farming, on land or underground, can be productive. Chickens grow fast enough to still be efficient. Though, we could look into modifying iguanas to grow rapidly, as an even more efficiently produced food. And I see no issue with mixing textured soy protein with meat. I know that is what they were feeding us at lunch at a school I went to in the 1970s. Well, some sort of soy added to the burgers. I loved it.
      We can and hopefully will get off fossil fuels. I think hydraulic fracking geothermal will become the go-to power supply at very low cost. We can use heat exchange water heaters, furnaces, dishwashers, and clothes washers. All land transport should have breaking regeneration of some kind. We can use energy to manufacture chemically building materials, and materials for any number of products. I am not talking plastic…chemically identical printed materials to natural materials, and more exotic stuff. If we make enough electrical power, and do the proper research, we can make anything we need. Mining can be automated and have minimal surface effects.
      Eventually, we will make most of the macronutrients, even as we make some “natural flavors” today chemically, directly.

  18. You know, there is probably a 50% chance you will get a placebo, if you are chosen. And if you got the treatment, it is likely to be a drug, and you will be cut off at the end of the trial.
    Also, unless you are going to die of cancer, this probably will not extend your life by much. If it looks like that will be the thing to get you, there are a number of things you can do to minimize your risk.
    If you get sequenced and upload the file to Promethease (note spelling), they will give you a report for just a few dollars which is highly detailed (No, I am not affiliated, and it is only $12). That, plus asking around and finding out what killed your ancestors, should put you on the right track as to the killers you have to look out for. Then read up on those, how to prevent them, and get tests to see if there is any progression of any of these. You need to see if your interventions are working, and where these things are at.

    Almost everyone should take basic steps to stop heart disease and cancer. And obviously smoking anything is a mistake. The best level of drinking is none. They thought a little was best. That was due to errors in study design. They included people who could not drink because they were too unhealthy to drink, as “nondrinkers”, skewing the results when they died.

    Better if this treatment is a drug. Every genetic modification, so far, comes with a $1 million price tag, and the vast majority of people can’t afford that. They would probably be a lot cheaper if they were done to embryos, but that is still illegal.
    We should be fixing all the crummy genes in the next generation, so they live long, healthy, productive, lives. Everyone has 150 or so, less than the best allele forms of human genes, out of our 20,000 or so genes.

    Also, this alone is not why naked mole rats live so long. The main reason is lower body temperature. That is why bowhead whales can live to 200 years, and the most genetically similar whales only live to 70 years, and are our temperature. We can affect that only a little, because human enzymes need to be in a narrow temperature range to function well. We can reduce it ironically by sauna, hot baths and such, as our temperature goes down lower than before the sauna after being elevated. Reducing inflammation also reduces body temperature. And there are a few other ways too.

  19. Sign me up please

  20. 4.4 percent increase in lifespan is pretty small. We have increased mouse lifespan in many other ways much longer. That said, several of those experiments work on features that are already much better in humans. This form of this gene appears to be much better than ours. This might reduce the chance of cancer, but is not the main reason naked mole rats live so much longer than mice. They live longer because they have a low body temperature. They are effectively cold-blooded. That is why they don’t need hair. Humans are pretty limited there. We need our enzymes to be in a pretty tight temperature range. Sauna can cause your temp to go down a little, after it increases it for the 25 minutes or whatever you are in there.

  21. Would love to be able to take part in this project.

  22. Just because it works on animals doesn’t mean it works on humans.
    As a matter of fact nothing works the same,we are all different, just because aspirin works for me doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

    • Only 4% of successful animal trials have any bearing on human research. Countless research has been lost because some study that didn’t work on animals would have worked on humans, so it was deemed useless and forgotten.

  23. I’m applying for testing.

  24. I would consider being part in the extention of human lifespan research as a Guinea pig

  25. Edward Fairchild | August 28, 2023 at 11:55 am | Reply

    If there is any type of way to becoming under consideration for any type of trials involving this discovery, I would love to be considered for a participant.

    • True. But I’m not leaving the earths life in 900 million years on the off chance some deer or beetle will develop tool use capable of protecting our atmosphere from deadly natural increases in sun brightness. Developing enhanced medicine is going to improve with other sciences no matter what. Just like tang and titanium were created thanks to space travel research. Idiots already get to live for decades. An extra 4 years won’t matter.

  26. Pleasant thought, but even if real won’t be for the surviving worker bees once WEF’s plan to kill us off down to 500M worldwide population kicks in…Can’t have long lived proles running around; this therapy will be reserved for the elites…

    • Pretty sure the majority of billionaires won’t let some super rich mad scientist bozos destroy their cash crop. 500m isn’t enough consumers to keep all 8-900 of them happy.

  27. Wow so many of you people are as blind sheep… Sign me up, yeah yeah sign me up. This is what’s wrong with our planet too many people blindly follow foolish men that call themselves scientists.. these same people probably also believe we came from monkeys. Fools.

  28. Simon K. F. B. | August 28, 2023 at 4:28 pm | Reply

    It’s honestly amazing to see how many people here completely misunderstands what this is, as well as misunderstanding the medicine industry too. No, “Big Pharma” won’t shut this down. They absolutely want you to live longer. You’re not much worth if you’re dead, not even for organ transplant, as those are some seriously high requirements. Not saying they would just harvest people, as you’d have to consent to that, but if you’re gonna go with the “Big Pharma money machine” conspiracy, then I will show you why, according to economics, you’re wrong. Cause “Big Pharma” also sell vaccines. Why? Because your bodys immune system will drop every antibody that haven’t been used in a certain period of time. That’s the reason you need new Tetanus vaccines every 12 years. And the reason you needed multiple Covid vaccines (and still do if you wish to stay protected), although in Covids case, it is also because of constant and rapid mutations that make each previous vaccine useless the year after. The flu does the same and require a new vaccine every year to keep a better shield. It would be the exact same thing with this particular treatment. Especially considering it would most likely be released as either intraveneous or oral medicine (injections or pills for the average joe/jane).

    Another belief in the comment section is people thinking this won’t be for the general population. It will. Slower aging means longer working lives, which means more productivity.

    There are also folks who believe this type of research is made by sadistic scientists who just want to experiment on humans and to that I think it’s easiest to declare them a lost cause. They’re so deep into the world of conspiracy theories that they disregard all of human history, regardless of the evidence put forth. They probably don’t even believe in the Geneva convention which bans the use of testing on humans, unless those humans are volunteers and completely understand the potential consequences of them subjecting their bodies to such research. They probably don’t even know that being a human test subject will make you some serious bank. It is not a low paying occupation at all, as your health is on the line and the scientists know it.

    Let’s also tackle the folks thinking that just because this works on mammals, doesn’t mean it would work on us and that we are all entirely unique, even down to genetics and body function! Spoilers, they’re wrong. If we all were so unique, we wouldn’t have this modern medicine and 9 times out of 10, if it works on mice and/or pigs, it will work on us, as – genetically speaking – we share A LOT of genes. As a matter of fact, less than 1% of our genome is actually specific to humans, and its even less than that which is unique to each person. It’s enough to not make the entire population one big pool of incest, but it’s not enough to not have medicine work with the vast majority of the human population. Which honestly should be expected from an evolutionary standpoint, as all animals on earth are, at our essence, made of carbon and Hydrogen bonds, which have mutated and grown more and more complex over billions of years. And considering that all mammals share a single common ancestor (when going back far enough), it isn’t hard to figure out that when the longevity gene of an unusually long lived mammal (aka, naked mole rats) is found, then that can of course be adapted to humans too. It won’t work straight off the bat of course. But to say it won’t work at all, is like stating 2³ and 4×2 can’t both be 8 (which they are) and then wanting others to believe you, despite the fact you’re disregard literal mathematics. Which provide way better evidence than “trust me bro!”

    This discovery is monumental. Humanity absolutely needs this, if we want to discover how to save the Earth without losing our technological advancements and current comfort and health. We have monumental problems staring us in our faces and proclaiming bulls*** like “the world leaders will kill us all down to 500M” (which they won’t, even if they’d like to. It’s too difficult to hide and requires too much effort. That idea is just as sane as the Chemtrails conspiracy, aka not at all) or that “these sadistic scientists just want human guineapigs to test their sick ideas on!” Or that “these scientists just want us to work longer” is all just people with the mindset of working harder, rather than smarter.

    Right now we have to spend at least 18-20 years on teaching each new generation the basics of what we know and then they have to spend another 10-20 years building expertise and helping to solve the problems, only to die 20-40 years later. That’s horribly inefficient and it forces us to spend way too much time on actually fixing the problems, which also means that the chances of a fix coming too late, rise higher and higher for each passing year.

    This kind of research could mean a few decades more, which allows us to push even further. Because the facts are that global warming won’t destroy life on earth. It will destroy life as we know it and wipe out a majority of the life on our planet, including us, but it won’t destroy life itself. Earth will rise again, but we won’t be around to see it. Nor will we ever get to experience space travel or colonize and give life to other, dead planets.

    Life is beautiful. It’s okay if you don’t believe such, but it isn’t okay to try to stop others from living a life they consider to be good. You have no rights over anyone’s lives. Not even your childrens. When this becomes available, you don’t have to get it. You won’t be forced and even if you are, you can’t be stopped from putting an end to your life, when you don’t want to continue living. But you should not stop others from getting to experience longer lives. Their life isn’t yours, so you have no right to make decisions for them. Just as they have no rights to make decisions for you.

    And if you think this will make overpopulation worse, think again. People do stupid s*** all the time and although this increases the protection against chemically induced cancer tumors, there will be people who think it makes them completely immune. Infinite life does not exist. It cannot exist, as everything must end. All this gene does, is delaying the inevitable. We all must die some day. But we may find a way to live long enough to undo the bad we have done and redeem ourselves, before we eventually perish. True beauty is not leaving evidence of us for future civilizations or aliens to find. That would be desperation to be acknowledged. True beauty is accepting that the most important moments of our time, is the lives we live and the memories we share with those around us. Everything after that, does not matter, as we won’t be there. True beauty is letting go and let life move on, as if we never existed in the first place. At least so it is to me. And research like this, can make that possible.


  29. Hey I would like to be a part of this scientific break through.

  30. Hey I would like to be a part of this scientific break through. We could all benefit. Open your minds.

  31. Naked mole rat…. Evolved tartigrade???😁

  32. What is special about humans they can learn. I watched end of life for work. I learn from you – and everyone and every other one. I know I may sound weird -but I can learn.

  33. Social Security Retirement Income Would Run Out Unless They Raised The Age Limit To 70 Because Of Longevity… Government Wanted To Depopulate People , So For Starters , This Is For The Elite Riches Only …

  34. To me alot of people are sick maybe through genes but also all the crap they put in our food sources.Also our creams lotions soaps detergents etc.So if they find something that can reverse some of these things that they make available to us and there certain side effect that they hide from us or swear are not dangerous!No two people are alike as far as there bodies so they can never really say it is safe !If this leads to helping some avoid cancer that would be great or curing some cause with all the cancer research I am dumb founded there are not cures for some by now or so they say.Pharma comp. I am sure they keep that at bay.I do not trust what certain people who are filling there pockets and disregarding the compassion of humans and there lives for wealth .Which I feel is getting worse every year!I hope this break through will help some in some way science is amazing as long as they are forth coming on the not so nice results.There is always a price to pay for getting to be well and live longer I feel.good luck and god bless those that it may help hopefully at some point.

  35. I’d be willing to try. I have Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) and it painful and progressive. There’s very little money given for research especially from the NIH. They have a few treatments over like 50 years they try but most only work a bit for a while. To date, there’s no cure! This is what Celine Dion announced she had in December 2022.

  36. I just read lots of comments here and i think i need to leave my comment as well. In my observation, scientists in the past have made the same thing by creating medicines for lots of various disease which at the end extend the life of the victims. Nothing wrong with this test. I am only affraid of abusing such as applying it for covid 19 virus…lol. CMIIW.

  37. I can see this technology becoming divisive and used by evil actors wanting to recreate the master beyond gender sexual orientation and skin color using their class/money to divide the new race systems of the future here as the poor die young and the rich live forever.

  38. What good will it do? You won’t be able to retire because social security will raise the age to 120. Unemployment goes up. Housing costs go up when people aren’t selling/ moving due to age (or death). Food issues become more prevalent, but the land will be used for more housing. Environment gets worse.

    Science needs to spend less time increasing longevity and more time improving the lives we have.

    • People living 4.4% longer because most people that are getting cancer won’t get it, will not cause Social Security to start at 120 years. You also forget that the elderly are the most likely to vote. The politicians can never mess with them, and expect to keep their jobs.
      But playing along with the idea that interventions will extend average life expectancy to say 150 years would not mean the environment must get worse. The reality is that the environment has gotten better since the 1970s, in many ways, despite the fears of population explosions. The air is much cleaner, indoors and outdoors. The rivers are cleaner. City runoff is cleaner.
      We need to end fossil fuel use, and we likely will in the next 30–50 years. That could be accelerated somewhat, if people are determined. The human footprint will probably shrink, even if there are more and larger cities. Most of humanity’s footprint is the land taken for farms and ranches. When we start using greenhouses, artificial lighting to grow plants, tissue cultures to grow meat, and many other technologies, we will be able to return land and water to the wild, even if population were to multiply 10 times.

  39. Right on a procedure for the elite to lengthen their life to continue to compound the worlds problems to which they are a majority contributor whereas the poor will be told with a smile no. Science

  40. If this will provide food to the planet and better health, l am for it God allowed Adam to live over 900 years If it is right, God will allow it but if not, the bad angel will try to destroy it. Don’t forget that Scientists!

  41. Lord Abdelrahman | August 29, 2023 at 6:40 pm | Reply

    I want join to this experiment 🧪

  42. Or we could just live out our natural lifespan AND STOP F***ing S*** UP

  43. The result will be living 200 years with great health but all the while looking like a naked mole rat.

  44. You Already know | August 31, 2023 at 5:38 am | Reply

    Everyone is missing what’s really going to happen. People going to start putting the crap in them there going to start getting sick then the Zombie Apocalypse BAM…..

  45. People need to live less long. We’re a s*** stain on this planet.

    • Yes if youre referring to pro TRUMP MAGAs,but No! to anyone else.Look at wanksta*n Marjorie Taylor Greene(IQ 88) and the s*I*stain Lauren BOEBERT(IQ 86)…

  46. Son-Brother-Friend-Dad-grandpa-Uncle-Nephew-Cousin-Stranger | September 1, 2023 at 8:30 am | Reply

    Why don’t people see it?? They already have that technology and even more… and What if WE DIDNT have to DIE?? Because we dont.they are so more advanced than they let leak out its sad… we shouldn’t have to have health problems anymore yet who hasn’t buries a precious loved one ? And most likely more Than 1 …..
    We must make them culpable and share what they should be’s EVERYONES right to know…the WHOLE TRUTH

  47. If Joe Biden or his democrat successor is elected, there will no longer be billionaires who will receive this gene first.We will tax them as they were taxed in the 1960s i.e at 90%.All people will benefit from this not to mention our deficit will be reduced.We must tax the mega rich whilst effecting price and rent controls ,the violation of which will mandate automatic confiscation of all their assets.The days of the rich buying legislators will be over.The complete redistribution of wealth will.ensure not only a longer life but a long prosperous one for all.THE GREATEST GOOD FOR THE GREATEST NUMBER.No more Joe Manchin/ Kirstin Sinema criminals on the take from Nelson Peltz.

  48. Agree with the new discoveries,always I am for better,healthier,longer life ;will be amazing to see a better World on planet 🌎 Earth.

  49. No thank you I got no problem leaving planet earth

  50. Enter…The Mole People!

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