New DNA Research Changes Origin of Human Species

Human Homo Sapien Concept Art Illustration

A new model for human evolution asserts that modern Homo sapiens stemmed from multiple genetically diverse populations across Africa rather than a single ancestral population. This conclusion was reached after researchers analyzed genetic data from present-day African populations, including 44 newly sequenced genomes from the Nama group of southern Africa. The research suggests that the earliest detectable split in early human populations occurred between 120,000 to 135,000 years ago, after long periods of genetic intermixing, and that subsequent migrations created a weakly structured genetic stem. Contrary to some previous models, this research implies that contributions from archaic hominins were unlikely to have significantly affected Homo sapiens’ evolution.

New model for human evolution suggests Homo sapiens arose from multiple closely related populations.

A new study in Nature challenges prevailing theories, suggesting that Homo sapiens evolved from multiple diverse populations across Africa, with the earliest detectable split occurring 120,000-135,000 years ago, after prolonged periods of genetic intermixing.

In testing the genetic material of current populations in Africa and comparing it against existing fossil evidence of early Homo sapiens populations there, researchers have uncovered a new model of human evolution — overturning previous beliefs that a single African population gave rise to all humans. The new research was published on May 17, in the journal Nature.

Although it is widely understood that Homo sapiens originated in Africa, uncertainty surrounds how branches of human evolution diverged and how people migrated across the continent, said Brenna Henn, professor of anthropology and the Genome Center at UC Davis, corresponding author of the research.

Village of Kuboes

View of the village of Kuboes, on the border of South Africa and Namibia. DNA samples were collected from Nama individuals who have historically lived in the region. Credit: Brenna Henn/UC Davis

“This uncertainty is due to limited fossil and ancient genomic data, and to the fact that the fossil record does not always align with expectations from models built using modern DNA,” she said. “This new research changes the origin of species.”

Research co-led by Henn and Simon Gravel of McGill University tested a range of competing models of evolution and migration across Africa proposed in the paleoanthropological and genetics literature, incorporating population genome data from southern, eastern, and western Africa.

Nama Woman

Nama woman standing in the doorway to her home in Kuboes, South Africa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Credit: Justin Myrick-Tarrant/with permission

The authors included newly sequenced genomes from 44 modern Nama individuals from southern Africa, an Indigenous population known to carry exceptional levels of genetic diversity compared to other modern groups. Researchers generated genetic data by collecting saliva samples from modern individuals going about their everyday business in their villages between 2012 and 2015.

The model suggests the earliest population split among early humans that is detectable in contemporary populations occurred 120,000 to 135,000 years ago, after two or more weakly genetically differentiated Homo populations had been mixing for hundreds of thousands of years. After the population split, people still migrated between the stem populations, creating a weakly structured stem. This offers a better explanation of genetic variation among individual humans and human groups than do previous models, the authors suggest.

“We are presenting something that people had never even tested before,” Henn said of the research. “This moves anthropological science significantly forward.”

“Previous more complicated models proposed contributions from archaic hominins, but this model indicates otherwise,” said co-author Tim Weaver, UC Davis professor of anthropology. He has expertise in what early human fossils looked like and provided comparative research for the study.  

The authors predict that, according to this model, 1-4% of genetic differentiation among contemporary human populations can be attributed to variation in the stem populations. This model may have important consequences for the interpretation of the fossil record. Owing to migration between the branches, these multiple lineages were probably morphologically similar, which means morphologically divergent hominid fossils (such as Homo naledi) are unlikely to represent branches that contributed to the evolution of Homo sapiens, the authors said.

For more on this research, see DNA Reveals a New Twist in Human Origin Story.

Reference: “A weakly structured stem for human origins in Africa” by Aaron P. Ragsdale, Timothy D. Weaver, Elizabeth G. Atkinson, Eileen G. Hoal, Marlo Möller, Brenna M. Henn and Simon Gravel, 17 May 2023, Nature.
DOI: 10.1038/s41586-023-06055-y

Additional co-authors include Aaron Ragsdale, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Elizabeth Atkinson, Baylor College of Medicine; and Eileen Hoal and Marlo Möller, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

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  1. The title and writing in this article will mislead people. It’s a poorly worded piece that will lead to misunderstandings in a large part of the uneducated public. This research doesn’t “change the origin of species”. It has always been assumed that multiple interbreeding human populations were in our lineage. This research simply confirms that which other research pointed to already.
    Mark my words, this will bring all the nut job creationists out of the woodwork.

    • Do creationists even read SciTechDaily?
      Been on this site for a few years and can count the number of Bible-thumper-arguements on one hand.

      • Cletus Atwood | May 18, 2023 at 9:24 pm | Reply

        And yet, even with your bombastic intellect, you still can’t spell “argument.”

        • Is that the best you can do, Cleeeeeetus? XD

          • You probably looked up how to spell argument and made fun of this fellow. What a freaking idiot.

        • Lol it’s a wonder our ancestors just didn’t smother there young , especially if they knew the holier than thou additude running rampant here… If you think the public is stupid and ignorant they your mistaken most aren’t some are but you take the cake thinking every one is stupider that you

        • Brenda Boudinot | May 25, 2023 at 4:12 am | Reply

          Agreed. This will be used to argue creationism if found.

      • Sure we do. We love reading lame attempts like this to try and keep the antiquated “evolution” argument still alive. Lol. DNA is just too complex to just have POPPED into existence, and it sure didn’t evolve from a fish.

        • All I can say is that when you follow the science the science constantly changes. Therefore I’ll say is; and this too will pass. This new finite thought, believed to be the absolute all-knowing will be erased when science reveals new truths. Paridise reveals all.

    • mintas lanxor | May 18, 2023 at 1:17 pm | Reply

      It’s not only creationists but also white supremacists, who just can’t stomach the established, “out of Africa” theory, and sci-fi panspermia nutjobs.

      • And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

        Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

        • That would make your God a Sorcerer too which both Never existed ?

        • Nice troll.

        • Why would the Lord be seperate from our origins, evolution and creation are the same story, how we got here.

        • How can we ever truly call ourselves civilized if we go on believing in spooks and fairy tales, told by farmers and also curious humans of course, thousands of years ago. It’s more than time to dish out superstition and spooks from the lives of modern society.

      • White… suprema…. BWAAAHAHAHAHAAAA! OMG, you lefties see the walls dripping with racism and oogly-boogly un-PC shadows XD

        • Ferret Out Power Mongers | May 19, 2023 at 8:45 am | Reply

          I feel your ignorance.

        • This newfound fox News technique of reverse the truth is exactly what destroyed the republican party of old and fed this new LIE in every sentence rodent masquerading as Republicans. Its not political its SCIENCE.

      • It’s also evident by how weak “White” genes are. A Black man with a white woman or white man with a Black woman results in Black children. That is because the original people are Black. “White” people are anomalies, they are the result of inbreeding which locked in weak recessive genes, genes that serve no benefit for humanity overall.

        • Dale H Burghardt | May 20, 2023 at 6:01 am | Reply

          This guy probably still scared of Albanos. Tell me arevyou still practicing cannibalism, or has your witchdoctor told your tribe of Cargo Cult psychotics to stop that practice.

          • Hello. Interesting article. The comments are pretty silly.
            Will you please answer the question of validity to these new theories in light of the mitochondrial Eve research?
            We cannot invent non-existing origin, not can we invent extra time to reinforce hypothesis.

        • Almost black. Another white mates with the almost black & wala! White!
          WHO cares!! Why can’t people seek peace rather than ‘I’m better than you’ geez
          Oh, I’m 5th generation from a black grand dad…I’m white.

          • And you have the genes from the inbreeding. This is what makes whites unstable and historically attack others. The stock human is the Black man and Black woman. Just like the Steppe Wolf is the base from which the dog came from. The dog with it’s breeds are inbred and those inbred breeds have a lot of unstable characteristics. Many are nervous and shake all the time, while others bite out of the blue. The stock human is what the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Babylonians were, even many Chinese. You all come from the stock Black human but you all have many unstable characteristics from inbreeding during the last few thousand years.

          • Donni James | May 22, 2023 at 3:58 am |

            Are you truly?……let’s see that DNA.

          • So, there’s been hundreds of thousands of years worth of dead people and these various types of homo erected variants, but there’s not enough evidence in the fossil records? There should be an abundance of fossil records. Just like with one type of animal turning into another type. There’s not enough fossil evidence. That’s why these things are always considered theories. It can never be a scientific fact. Science is observable, testable, and has to be repeatable. Every day we hear of some new humanoid that someone has discovered and people want to be right so badly that they will believe anything that supports what they want the evidence to say, either evolutionist or creationists that they just vomit it out of their mouths as a proven fact. I never believed in God growing up, but I never believed that we came from monkeys either or that one animal turned into another. We’ve had recorded history for thousands of years now and nobody has witnessed any transition of one animal into another. Even though people considered the “Big Bang Theory “ to be facts are now having to scramble and make excuses for why the new James Webb telescope isn’t showing expansion at a rate of the universe that is inconsistent with what it would have to be in order for the Big Bang to be true. There are many other problems that are arising with the theory as new information is coming in with the new telescope also. I could never get on board with nothing exploded into everything and order came out of chaos. Nothing just happen to put itself together in nature. We see that nature is destructive. It also violates the 2nd law of thermodynamics. I mean just logically speaking it is more likely that a being put this together than nothing exploded into everything that makes up the universe, that everything that just happens to be needed to sustain life overcame odds and also came from nothing, then chemicals just happened to come together to become a single cell organism that actually survived and produced offspring and this either happened multiple times for the different species or we all came from this miraculous single cell asexual organism that miraculously knew it had to find nurishment and to replicate without having a brain. Then after those miraculous events the offspring had to know the same things, plus add new things to start becoming a complex organism. These things had to each want to evolve into the same exact thing to keep trying through trial and error until they made it. Call me what you will, but after years of thinking it completely through, I’m going with a creator and I’m happy about that because I know what I believe and where I’m going when I die. I also know my life is worth something and that I’m not one of these people that believes life is a cosmic accident and there’s no real purpose to life. Then they fear death believing it’s the end, but they aren’t really certain because they could be wrong and what if they are? Most popular atheists were contemplating this on their deathbeds and terrified of both prospects really, but at least if they were right the would be in hell for all eternity just because they didn’t want to believe in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God that came into this world to die for the sins of mankind, was buried, and rose again defeating death for them. People get stuck on Jesus rising from the grace. There were over 300 witnesses. It doesn’t take that many witnesses to prove your case, but many atheist’s have tried to prove this false and end up becoming believers. You should try it. If the resurrection of Jesus never happened then Christianity can be proven false. There will be some religious nutcracker that reads this and will say it takes more than just believing, but I know the Bible. They will use James 2 “faith without works is dead” to try to prove their point. I agree that that faith is dead. It’s not doing anything for anyone, yet it’s still faith and all it takes is a moment of faith to be saved. The way you live after that is supposed to be between you and the Lord. I know once I believed and understood what I was given then I wanted to get to know this God. I wanted to please Him because I was grateful. I struggle to stay grateful. My sinful nature gets the best of me and I go my own way at times, but He always leads me back to Himself and I learn more on how to overcome those things. God never expected anyone to be perfect. Before or after receiving salvation. That’s why He had to send His only Son. If you live for Him you will find peace of mind in this life and if you are His son or daughter and don’t choose to live for Him then He chastises you as a parent would their child. If you continue you could be called home early and not fulfill a purpose He has for your life and lose a reward you may have gotten, but He will never let you go, He will never lose you. It took me years of really thinking this through because I wanted to do what I wanted to do and I didn’t want to have to answer to anyone. I understand that mentality, but don’t let it be too late that you come to understand that God made salvation so easy because He loves the whole human race, but satan has distorted His message and used self righteous and religious people to turn His message of love and a free gift to one of making humans believe they are unworthy and that they must first become righteous before they can be saved which is a works bard salvation and the Bible says that salvation must be accepted as a free gift. Anyone that tries to come another way is a thief and a liar. These people try to steal God’s glory and He won’t have that.

        • Anthony S Corrado | May 21, 2023 at 3:13 am | Reply

          You’re a sick person.infact the only racism i see is from lefties or as i call them illiterates.

          • If we’re heading towards another mass extinction because of man, greed, ignorance and not being able to remove one’s head from their bottom, long enough to look around at the poison Mother Earth has endured. Possibly realize we’re all connected and interconnected. The children of the world don’t deserve to grow up in this. It’s supposed to get worse before it get’s better. The old ways of corruption and greed do not work. Has the pandemic not taught the ignorant anything? There’s definitely a difference between knowledge and wisdom. If you had either you’d know we’re all connected. Why so much hate in your heart… Did you not design the blueprint of your human experience on this Earth plane? Or did you forget.. the veil of forgetfulness.
            What’s hu? What’s man?
            Darker hues act as a natural sunblock. Maybe bill Nye can explain. The Bible is also man made. The creator is in everything. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.

          • History past and present shows who on the planet surface has promulgated a cultural sick psychosis of hatred.

        • Inbreeding had to start somewhere for there to even be a population to migrate. The recessive and ‘weak’ genes were developed before they showed themselves. The northern migration caused genetic mutation due to less sunlight such as a lower level of melatin in the skin, redheads being able to produce their own Vitamin D due to lack of sunlight and so forth. Survival of the fittest is an instinct of any species. Even female bees kill off the male bees in the cooler months when food reserves dwindle due to lack of available pollen. So,I fail to get your point of why white are unstable and attack others. Your posts sound exactly like the mantra of the UBN gang, United Blood Nation.

        • Mister Jimmy | May 24, 2023 at 1:08 pm | Reply

          You sound like quite the racist. Be better.

        • That is so untrue. There are many biracial children of black/white parents that look totally Caucasian! The singer Halsey is a great example, white mom, black dad.

    • Being educated doesn’t necessarily involve knowing/understanding evolutionary &-or genetics’ nomenclature & theories, i,e., ignorance of the latter =/= being a part of the “uneducated public.”

      • Amen just because you went to college doesn’t mean you are the base color from which everyone evolved from, oh yeah black gene is the strong gene, it is the base color, if that were true everyone would be getting darker not lighter,ignorance multiplied by ignorance is the amount of people that graduate college.schools largely teach what ignorant people that believe in the bible want the schools to teach,mainly because if there wasn’t a Bible or something ignorant to occupy our time, we might actually figure out way off this prison planet and how to get our powers back.

    • Being educated doesn’t necessarily involve knowing/understanding evolutionary &-or genetics’ nomenclature & theories, i.e., ignorance of the latter =/= being a part of the “uneducated public.”

    • Thank you. My thoughts exactly.

    • Big Ralph,

      Exactly what does the educated public believe? Because as I’ve seen over the past few years, the fossil record seems to have been inaccurate up till very recently.

      We get theoretical scientific opinion which is not even best guess scenario to try and pound a square peg into a round hole! The probabilities of this mass evolution, is an epic impossibility.

      Where is all of the evidence of these so-called links which seem to be missing. More best guess scenario? Throughout the ancient or semi-anient written history, where are descriptions of those links? I haven’t seen any! From 1 single-celled organism, everything on this planet has arisen. Seems pretty far-fetched! Considering what it would take to just randomly apply the right amount of chemicals to create a living organism, which humanity has been trying for over 100 years!

      Now all of a sudden all these different life forms evolved around the same time? What’s the probability of that? Just the thought process behind it is extremely unintellectual.

      Just like going from asexual procreation to sexual procreation meiosis versus mitosis, The much easier, division of one cell into two cells. They both are identical! And somehow that changed into two cells combining their DNA to form a separate and distinct offspring! Something so much more complicated, even more so than night and day, proves ignorance and a heaping helping of naivety.

      How many aminos are there? 26? How complicated was just one amino acid to accidentally occur? Now, assuming all 26 evolved out of thin air, how many aminos does it take to make a protein? And how come all of these random applications of amino acids make thousands of different proteins? Many of these proteins in one cell?

      And let’s take a look at how these proteins are arranged to form DNA, and then, let’s not forget RNA, which is necessary to be able to read the DNA. It just becomes more and more complicated! So, who’s uneducated?

      You’ve got people on these threads freaking out about artificial intelligence, and it turning on humanity, but then humanity was not a product of intelligent design? You all just contradict yourselves!

    • Danielle sullivan | May 20, 2023 at 11:19 pm | Reply

      I completely agree. It’s like they write these kind of articles or “find” these “New” findings to make themselves feel productive or as if they are doing something, anything!… they want proof for their boredom because honestly they aren’t proving anything new to the human race in this day in age especially when you can’t even understand what they are saying. They really should study up on media, networking, social skills , grammar. I’m just saying. Something else so much more of importance could have taken space here . Rather than this article that not only repeats what we have known, but explains it in a way that we don’t when care to know. Oooooo ahhhhhh woooooowwww how fascinating.

    • Interbreeding ,and creationlists . My oh my. What do you believe. If so monkeys evolves into ,homosapians, is it? They all would have .So that theroey is out the window. Jesus alpha is now %100pure water. He and only he is %100 . And does exist even if science can’t find it. It is right infront there eyes yet they denied him. I do like bananas. Have a nice day.

  2. Jenwit Suwannakote | May 18, 2023 at 10:05 am | Reply

    What about my updated my history story

    • I read all of your comments . And do not a single one of you know that our existence was by design to do the work of a superior race that where here to mine the planet resources. Tens of thousands stone tables explaine this . Why would anyone take the time to write in stone what and where we came if “that what is written isn’t true. Origin has already be explained except it and move on…

  3. Scitechdaily has plenty of crazy religious people and general nutjobs. Every time they cover quantum anything people come out to say how stupid or amazing or useless or a bunch of other superlatives it is.

  4. 135,000 years for the African populations doesn’t explain 300,000 year old foot prints found in Germany recently. “Out of Africa” and “palace/temple” fetishes of Science and Archaeologist never ceases to amaze/humor me.
    Perhaps one day we’ll come to the truth, but not “everyone accepts Africa” or Science’s blockage of fresh non narrative finds.

  5. For all we know our existance was via a primer designed by a species that has been around since the big bang. An extra-terrestrial species that planted our DNA 300 millions years ago in the sea during Pangea

  6. Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado | May 18, 2023 at 3:39 pm | Reply

    Creationist here. But I am not your typical type – I do believe that Evolution is the process that was the original intent of God assuming that He did not foresee the coming disobedience (not likely). So nothing here challenges a God creator – it only affirms it in my view. How? Simply, Evolution is a perfecting process – and God is perfect. There is no conflict nor contradiction. I am happy to illuminate further according to your valued questions.

    • Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado | May 18, 2023 at 5:05 pm | Reply

      Never use the Word of God wrongly or become an accuser of the saints as this makes you a devil.

    • Personally, I’m a “Crevolutionist” – Intelligent design and then hands-off since the Big Bang.

      • Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado | May 18, 2023 at 10:08 pm | Reply

        But then the Biblical narrative breaks. I see in Genesis 1 an initial creation with evolution set in motion and hands off UNTIL the revolt of angels led by Lucifer which caused a great disruption in the universe – particularly centered on God’s little “project”. Then God re-formed everything and just finished man.

        • Except your interpretation isn’t in alignment with texts older than the Bible… like the Gita.
          Crevolution isn’t disharmonious with any Talmund, the Gita, Gautama’s writings or the Bible.
          Look for the common thread and run with it.

      • We’re just as likely an experiment if that’s the case. Our entire universe could conceivably exist on someone’s lab table. Given the dilatant nature of time, it could be argued that the entirety of our planetary and celestial experience could have occured in mere seconds from the perspective of an outside observer.

    • PAUL R. Miklo. | May 19, 2023 at 9:52 am | Reply

      The Bible is not a Harry Potter novel written by a monk. Those who do not believe should read the prophet Isaiah. “On this mountain HE will destroy the WEB THAT IS WOVEN OVER ALL NATIONS.” The world wide web is here. The end is coming near.

  7. Your premises – inherently flawed, & therefore such inferences that are based on them – fallacious. For knowledge of our origin, noology is the way.

  8. Your premises – inherently flawed, & therefore such inferences that are based on them – fallacious. For the knowledge of our origin, noology is the way.

  9. Elizabeth Chirchir | May 19, 2023 at 5:53 am | Reply

    This discovery is explaining evolution but does not explain the origin of man. Its just a rubber stamp to adaptation of man to its environment over time.

  10. Truth Sets Free | May 19, 2023 at 6:07 am | Reply

    Sometimes when one group fears even the ideas presented by another group, they shoot out insults like “nutcases and nutjobs.” I certainly am convinced that not only human beings, but also all other physical things were created by Jesus the Christ. When He returned to His own created earth about 2,000 years ago, many of them did the same thing some of you are doing right, which is reject Him and sling nasty insults at those who acknowledge Him as the creator of all things. All of these “theories” of human evolution refuse to deal with the most crucial issue of “origins.” You cannot have gradual change of something that does not exist to begin with. Forget this game of theories called “human evolution.” Force yourself to actually deal with the issue of “origins.” Your scientist “god” with all his fancy letters before or after his name will never be able to deliver you that reality, no matter how much faith you invest in him. The truth is that ever since sin entered the human heart, human beings have been coming up with every imaginable means to deny the God Who made them, so that they can try to deny the judgment that will come as a consequence of their sins. Put your faith in Jesus the Christ, the Great Savior, not the scientist who has no power to save.

  11. Have fun with this one | May 19, 2023 at 7:08 am | Reply

    Scientists have saved a great many live in history so I think that shoots your comment dead pretty quickly. Also it sounds reasonable that science is the mechanics of how God made the universe work and set the marble in motion to then step back and see what happens. God is a scientist, and is simply taking notes on what happened after after this universe of an engine was created. To put more stock into why God did anything is to simply waste your time. We can figure out how but why really doesn’t matter. Once you die you die and you’ll find out. We just pull each other down trying to find out while we are alive.. if you really want to know then just kill yourself…

    • Truth Sets Free | May 19, 2023 at 9:24 am | Reply

      It shoots nothing dead actually. I was not referring to just the physical “life” our bodies experience here on earth. According to Jesus the Christ, your condition in the next life that comes are this present one ends is exceeding more important, so much so that gaining all the material wealth, health, and comforts possible in this life, cannot even begin to compare to the value of the next, provided you have be saved from the consequence of your sins. Jesus was more than qualified to speak about such a topic in that He actually died and ressurect from the dead about 3 days later, by the way. Research it. It’s an undeniable historical fact of which I recommend the work of the distinguished scholar, Dr. Garry Habermas.

      You speak of “science” like many others do, as if it is actually tool entity capable of enacting or doing something. Let me explain something to you, “science” is a powerless, non-entity. It can do nothing. Here is an Oxford dictionary definition of science: “The systematic study of structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation, experimentation, and the testing of theories against the evidence obtained.” So, by definition, a omnipotent and oniscient Creator God, does not need to use “science” to do anything. He created the very physical laws and principles that these “scientists” simply “monkey” (sorry, hard to avoid the pun here) around and eventualy discover by deduction that they exist.

      You speak very confidently about what God did and why (i.e. – God is a scientist and is simply passively sitting back watching things unfold and taking notes on them.) Where did you get this information from?? Because, in the bible, where we find the only recorded history/source of God’s revelation to humanity, He states things like this: “Remember this and show yourselves men; Recall to mind, O you unrighteous. Remember the former things of old, for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done, saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure, calling a bird of prey from the east, the man who executes My counsel, from a far country. Indeed I have spoken it; I will also bring it to pass. I have purposed it; I will also do it.”

      Does that honestly sound like a God passively observing the history of the world unfold while He takes notes? I could provide probably hundreds of such clear declarations from God in His word unequivocally stating that He is determines and actively fulfills the events in His creation. He is sovereign over all things. When I hear people make these statements about God passively observing world history, I have to thing they are either just ignorant of the Bible or just flat out deceptive. Many of these people are the same ones quick to ask where was God when 911 or some “natural” calamity happened.

      As far as your statement about it being futile to try and answer the questions of WHY God does things, I’m not really sure what triggered that, but that is a pretty authoritative statement on your part that I would certainly dissagree with. Firstly, trying to understand the matter of “origins” as opposed to leap-frogging to focus solely on the issue of “transitions/change/evolution” is not a WHY question, it is still a HOW question. I think you are confusing categories there.

      However, it is NOT a waste of time to try to figure out WHY we exist, because the why helps to answer the question of purpose, which is often tied to where we are going (destination). The “why” really does matter, because it is actually what helps to prevent this futility you hinted to. This same Jesus the Christ, Creator of the universe, said our purpose is to be in a right relationship and interaction with Him our Creator. However, this can only come about by us trusting in Him and his substitutionay death in payment for our sins/moral crimes against Him.
      I don’t need to die to learn about what happens in the life to come. Christ Jesus has already made that plain and His word is truth. I have no desire whatsoever to kill myself. I often wonder how those who actually believe this utter non-sense which produce a purely futile existence manage to not just kill themselves. But then again, per the current statistics, sadly many of them do including the young who are being fed this empty worldview in thier public school systems.

  12. So many lies from so many previously legit sources means nothing can necessarily be believed. Sad state of affairs. Lefties have poisoned the well of knowledge.

  13. I would challenge anyone who feels there is no creator, to name one single thing in existence today which just suddenly appeared magically, mysteriously. How about your dating process? Which of your tools u use to make these outrageous determinations evolved as described by Darwin? Further , in the thousands of years of written history, is there one single instance of a documented evolutionary new species evolving from one already in existence ? Without any intervention or manipulation from an outside source ? Better yet let’s use the scientific process and let’s take let’s say a Rolex watch probably the finest timepiece ever invented by man’s efforts and let’s disassemble it and put all of its parts in a bowl. now will that watch ever become a working Rolex again? Even if you were to toss the parts in the air and catch them in the bowl again I don’t care how many times you do it it will never become a working watch. It’s a theory and remember it is a theory of evolution was true then certainly after a billion or so tosses in the air that watch would reassemble itself and work again. Now tell me who’s the fool the one who believes that he was created by design from a higher power or the one who believes he just occurred accidentally through the process of mutations. If the process of being we’re such as a scientist state then certainly they would be able to recreate that process . can you give me one example where they have? I challenge anyone who believes they are here simply by accident due to mutations to go ask your mother how you came to be . Tell her you were an accident and a mutation . I mean if mutations in theory of evolution were true then how come we don’t have new humanoid species popping up all over the place ? I mean if it worked then wouldn’t it still work now? If this all occurred over hundreds of millions of years and mankind was the end result why hasn’t it taken it any further after all according to you it’s had hundreds of millions of years to evolve don’t you think that during that time. Something new would have come about? I’m sorry for you that you feel you’re so worthless that you were just nothing but an accident. I’m sorry for you that you don’t see enough value in yourself to believe that someone took the time to design and make you.And I am sorry for you that you don’t have enough intellectual capability to look around you at the things that exist not that man has made but that was purported to have been created or evolved as you put it and not see the intricacy the complications the beauty and the wondrous nature of all that exists. I would challenge any of you who say there is no God of creation to produce something nearly as wondrous as you reside in but to do it as you stated it happened through accidental mutation. There’s nothing accidental about the human body and the wondrous nature of its workings. There is nothing accidental about the organism you call home known as planet Earth. Please by all means step up and create for me a universe filled with stars and planets . And in your process of judging what tools that were supernatural did you use to make these measurements? Because if you were using tools manufactured by man, then you were using a tool with limited understanding. Those of you who seek the truth but do so using information that is untrue our only fools of your own demise. I’m sorry that you have no respect for the creation that was given such to the point that you are destroying your own host namely planet Earth. Your lack of respect for all that was created will be your own undoing. And I am sorry for you that your existence will cease to be by your own hands. Let me ask you a question scoffers. It’s a theory of evolution were true then that would have to hold true for all things including the progression of knowledge. so am I to believe that the processes as you describe them to have occurred or what make the very things you discovering exist or did they exist before you came to these conclusions? Whom among you has lived long enough to actually test the theory of evolution? Those of you lacking knowledge know this the very first act of God was to separate the darkness from the light. To those of you who dwell in darkness cry cry for the dying of the darkness, for the light of the world cometh and before him every knee shall bow. Soon yes very soon you will know be on the shadow of a doubt what is true and what is right. I pray you do not pass before this occurs so that you may truly know your maker.

    • Jamie G. CARDINAL | May 20, 2023 at 12:06 pm | Reply

      I’m a new firm believer and decided to become a student of the Hermetic philosophy and the three initiates of the Quabalian… I hope I quoted that right.. lol, but I am or we, individually yet connected, what ‘ALL’ is or has me created to be. From what I’ve studied, Most is true to how you express your belief, but with more than enough acknowledgents of angels & demons, higher spirits, even God, Jesus, and Lucifer. Sure! We as individuals get our rights and choices of in whatever and/or whomever they feel is their proper. In the end, we are only an energy embodied into earth as a living organism created by the “ALL” itself. THAT IS ALL AND NITHING IS GREATER THAN THE ALL. THE ALL even created EVERYTHING we humans want to or shall want to believe in. Heaven n Hell though, is in us just as GOD is in us altogether. But in us, we are creators of ALL that we see! An imagery of we visioned simply from our mind, reenacting and believing it to be real and so, making and becoming a reality A PERSON(S) dream became a reality. An imagery once upon a time, a crazy, out of this World thought!
      This, I do strongly believe in. And to answer both of your questions.. Sure, I have faith there was a GOD and what not, I never got PAST page 4 in any bible CAUSE so merging inside my beliefs and true faith is not found in such writings passed down and rewrote for society to be controlled, thanks but no thanks, and my apologies if you feel opposed, that is honorably your mind to do so. I got my true belief and My own faith, but you got yours so I won’t bother expressing n save myself my passion of…
      And YES, with the right mind and dedication, ANYONE could fix that ROLEX watch after being dismantled, 1.) But why would I, I can just send it in via mail to either have it resolved or fixed.
      2. It would be of course challenging, but If I were to, I WOULD “believe” i could fix and have “Faith” I should have the ability in, MYSELF, that I can… For
      All the power in me, I will have got it. You see.. To think it’s “impossible” is allowing yourself to believe it can’t be done by ANYONE.
      “I’M POSSIBLE” I always believe I can and have faith in myself as well it can be done.. Fine! If not by me, it shall be concurred for my faith I create for such person!
      THANKS FOR you disregard of faith in others, but such is Life. SORRY NOT SORRY, But we as one, ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. I too, love thy neighbor! As I respect you, always!
      Poor ROLEX. LOL 😉
      J.G.C. (CANADA)

  14. And to those of you wondering what about the Rolex let me just say this it took a master creator to make that watch in the first place and it would take a master creator to put it back together and make it work again so just like the Rolex are you to the maker if you find yourself in pieces and you want to be put back together again turn to God he created you he loves you and he can mend you.

  15. So I’m from London UK and used to debating and critical thinking on most subjects and thought this was an educational site but I find the actual pieces rather disjointed to say the least but the comments after I find just a slanging match, never mind where we came from but where are to heading to because this isn’t ok.

  16. The Lord made a quantum universe, from pop ups on the screen to the farthest stars and galaxies being in my quantum opinion magnified veiws of sub-atomic particles.

  17. I think the most relevant thing here is that YOU ARE. now what are u going to do with it?

  18. Bob Parabicoli | May 19, 2023 at 8:23 pm | Reply

    Hey folks we live in a universe where everything we think we know is wrong or at best incomplete every time we come up to a solution to a problem only leads to more questions that in itself is the exciting part of the problem

  19. Do any of you have jobs. Please just go serve someone with your skills and leave this back and forth discussion. It serves no one. Service is God.

  20. The universe and the natural forces that exist within it are not capable of creating themselves. Only a supernatural force can create something from nothing. We are animals evolved from apes just like all other evolved animals today. We and all other living animals await our recontinued nonexistence.

  21. Fact: The many of stories of the old testament were not true. Noah, Moses, Adam an eve , etc did not exist. The stories of the new testament were written many years after Jesus died on the cross and contradict. None of these stories were written by the actual apostles that walked around with Jesus. That makes you really wonder why these people did not write anything if they really believed Jesus was divine including Jesus own brother.
    The council of nicea forced the followers at the point of a blade.
    Most religions are based on violence, the crusades, the Muslims holy wars , etc
    Homosapien apes are not the image of God.

  22. I owe my life to GoD as I see It .

  23. After reading through these comments it is fairly clear that regardless of where we started, we have not evolved. In fact we have simply become semi educated a – holes.

  24. Anthony Melton | May 20, 2023 at 4:45 pm | Reply

    It “human race” not “species”. And I for one already know where the human race came from, God!

  25. Niki Rasmussen | May 20, 2023 at 5:03 pm | Reply

    Grow up, whoever is on this black people white people crap have obviously forgot something explain Chinese, Mexican, Indians, Columbians, etc….. come on im waiting. It’s simple people as the continent broke apart evolution came about where that continent lie evolution took place and that’s why there are different races I hate to tell people this but seriously maybe we all were Jewish, or middle eastern. Many years ago I doubt a skin colored darker than lighter skin colors could have survived in Greenland, Finland, and I doubt that lighter skin colored people could have survived in Africa, Mexico Jamaica. It’s obvious that evolution has made people the color they are one day because the majority of us dont live outside we will all be one race. Who cares all of us every single one of us does not realize that there are major effects to our systems that happen because of what we have been thru and how we deal with it. That does not make anyone better or stronger. Im sorry that black people today feel the need to have to say stupid ridiculous s#!t that they are stronger lol. No one is. My kids are mixed my sisters kids are mixed my daughter white blue yes, light hair my son having the same father is a mix in color, and neither one is better than the other and if you want the truth my son has more medical problems than my white mixed daughter. So that is bullcrap. Also medical speaking black people above all other races alhave more medical problems than anyone and are susceptible to diseases that only black people can get. That right there tells me your no better than I am nor am I better than you. Grow the hell up, this talk is racissist and yes you are a racissist black person. Who obviously feels intimidated by white people. And don’t tell me cuz you were a slave. Your ancestors were the ones who sold you to be slaves. Direct your anger towards that. Of course if your ancestors were never sold you more than likely would be in a village in Africa right now having no access to these forums not to mention knowing how to read and write. Sorry if my spelling is incorrect im on my phone and it’s about to die so I can’t go back and proof read. God bless stop the hate things are evolved quit this bulls*** this is what is ruining this country this world and your letting the evil government influence your judgment. In order for there to be peace we need to come together. They don’t want that their mission is to divide and conquer. Grow up seriously its old its annoying and everyone is sick of your crying about being oppressed its insane I wish I had scholarships to go to school cuz im white!! I wish that I could apply for grants cuz im white Grow up. No one not one race has suffered as much as the jews and you never hear them cry, you never hear them complain or blame there faults on anyone but themselves.

  26. Niki Rasmussen | May 20, 2023 at 5:07 pm | Reply

    Wait I have 3% left battery, so ladies do you know what our government wants to call us now, mind you men are men or man, but w9men are being called “birthing units” now what in all honesty women are the ones who suffer because of men. This is insane look it up I promise you that is how we are viewed.

  27. First off, they really need to pull their heads out of their a**** and start dealing with the fact that not all people originated from Africa. And 95% of humans alive today have Neanderthal in their DNA. Neanderthals did not originate in Africa.
    Second, I’d like to address this subject of a singular god creating all things. Stop and think about the fact that, before christianity, cultures from all over the world, who never interacted with each other or knew other cultures existed, at one time had many gods; sun gods, moon gods, thunder, lightning, rain, plants, light, death, etc…and strangely, alot of those cultures had the same number of gods. As populations grew and cultures advanced, they started learning of each other. Then along comes a zealot who wants power and control and for everyone to worship him or follow his beliefs. With this comes the problem of convincing people. So this zealot and his followers devise a plan on how to do so. They take bits and pieces of all these different cultures and make them part of their religion and center them around their main character, if you will, and they write a fantastic story, and sagas were part of every culture, the better the story, the more it would be repeated. Best example; the wafer and wine was stolen from the druids. And slowly people started following the zealot and those people convinced others to follow. And as we all know fanatics will do anything to accomplish their goal. Imprisonment, beatings, public displays, even murder. Spanish inquisition comes to mind. Christians have managed to force their beliefs on many cultures because they deemed them as savages and their selves as superior. We all are parts of the so called human race, no matter our color, beliefs, or education. All are equal and none should be on a pedestal of their own making.

  28. Can’t wait to get back to where we don’t see colors or hate anymore peace and amen back to the beauty and love sharing

  29. Norman Bannerman | May 21, 2023 at 1:50 am | Reply

    The FACT that Darwin’s THEORY of Evolution IS NOT NAMED Darwin’s LAW of Evolution, tells it all.

  30. I will never be able to believe people turned white lol, when literally melanin is cause over time from the sun. Believe what you want but there is a common theme around the last 30 years or more with information. My roots do not come from africa I assure you neither does the earliest pieces of art, architecture, and ideas from humans africa was late and still is sticks and stones in alot of areas… another way to bend and warp minds into thinking we are one with the masses of immigrants same as social medias selective cancel feature the list goes on. Can’t be mad at the white man for being the alpha.

  31. We are evolution

    • I bought a Lada in 1804 and buried it in the Sahara Desert. In 2023 I exhumed a beautiful BMW. True science is worth a lot. The aforementioned is only reading material.

  32. Farabi Farab | May 21, 2023 at 4:02 am | Reply

    Meaning no monkey involved…

  33. Yeap… we all came from Mars. Then we started breeding with the natives.

  34. Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

    Believe in Jesus Christ and be saved.

  35. Thank you Holy spirit for opening my eyes,thank you Jesus for paying my debts, Thank you Father for saving me .Now I Can See how great thy salvation is.I was deceived,I was in darkness, I was Doomed,but now I have everlasting life.

  36. For us Oh God for falsely information like this, l believe your word from Genesis to Revelation, This is against your Word, only you can change the mind of your human creation 🙏🏽So sad 😢, l see what we can’t believe everything we see or hear 🙏🏽♥️🙏🏽

  37. Lol good one!

  38. Deacon joseph r godleski | May 21, 2023 at 7:03 pm | Reply

    I am a deacon in the lutheran church my question to evolutionist how do you prove your postion
    Since one evolution is a theory not factional two your theory has many what ifs and missing facts
    To prove it to be a truth the whole theory relies on Radom chance
    Like you say it was chance the earth is put in a orbit not too close and not to far from the sun
    So life can be sustainably on earth you claim man came from a slimy creature that crawled
    Out of the swamp and lived on land and evolved from a reptile like creature to ape then man
    But you can not explain why man have in only a few thousand years breed and keep dogs
    And we have thousands of different breeds of dogs faster then what you say through evolution
    Stamanites crystal found growing down from caves you claim are millions of years old
    But in a scientific study scientist were able to reproduce the same results. Using the same conditions in.
    Only a few years and you believe it took millions of years
    You also will not believe what the Bible talks about man and Dinosaurs both co existing at the same time
    On the earth we will agree with that but that was about 10 thousand years ago not millions of year ago
    How do you explain that

  39. The main problem with the scientific community is the delusion to equate theory as fact. Hundreds of anthropological studies and finds have proven that the theory of evolution is not a viable explanation for the origin of species, and yet, even with so much fossils found that refutes the standard accepted theory of darwinism, the established body of scientists still cling to this weakly positioned theory. What is unknown to many in the scientific community is the reality of many fossil findings that refute the theory of evolution. To this day, it remains a theory and not a fact. There is no strong evidence of the fact that we evolved from apes. The missing link still has not been found. There are a lot of positioned speculations posing as facts when in fact anthropologists still cannot prove it and people still believe this as the most plausible theory despute a lack of evidence. Based on vedic anthropological studies, one of the reasons as to why there is a slim probability of finding any fossil remains of homosapiens is due to the ancient cultural practices that was practiced (cremation of the dead) and only the entombment of important religious and royal individuals. And second is the fact the the earth’s crust has thus been moving, along with which any such fossil remains have been moved further down the strata that anthropologists are digging down. And finally, there are hundreds of fossil finds that defy the prevailing theory on the origin of species that defy the time line and theory of darwisnism that has been systematically been kept, covered-up or dismissed just because it does not support the prevailing theory. This selective process, which goes against the scientific process of investigation, is a political movement that supresses such information because it destroys the very bedrock on which the established theory of evolution reats upon. So, anything that weakens or gives rise to proof that darwisnism is wrong is systematically erased to ensure darwisnism continues to gain acceptance in the scientific community. You may read the book forbidden archaelogy which exposes and details the analysis and findings including the systemic eradication of all finds and proof that challenges the established theory of evolution as the origin of species. There you will find more proof that humans (modern and ancient) have existed longer than what evolutionists believe to be true. Evolutionists are so afraid of these finds and systemically eradicate or cover them up, in fear of weakening their claims to the origin of species that creationists may piggy back on. I am not saying creationists are necessaraily correct, but factually what the reality is, the theory of evolution is definitely not the factual explanation of our origin.

  40. Babel again.

  41. The lie is in the words “closely related species”. Wonder why the species were closely related? Some people still pay attention to detail.

  42. I think if God doesn’t step in man with all his knowledge will end up destroying himself!

    • George Carlin | May 22, 2023 at 11:12 pm | Reply

      There is no God, never been. Learn history of your religions, Christianity is also a copy… it’s all so obvious, how can people be so stupid to believe in a book of ancients fairytales is beyond me.

  43. Yeah I’m not an African monkey, sorry.

  44. Scripture is correct it is not always literal and makes use of metaphor. For example the Genesis 1 narrative is related to chaos theory and emergence. Day 1 being the creation of the fundamental constants such as glthe light constant C. Day two is the seperation of structures of the cosmos from the voids. 6000 years is the age of human civilization. With the start if the 7th milleniun being the end. The return of Christ will bring about the eternal sabath.

    Proof of the spiritual can be seen that we have found no intelligent life even though we looked and our existence proves it is possible. There js even a seal in the sky which shows we are at the exact place abd time; there is no scientific reason that the sun and moon are exactly the same size in the sky so we can have perfect solar eclipses.

  45. The garden of Eden is the Earth by the way. Man being placed in it indicates perfect harmony with God and nature with the four rivers surrounding it being the four fundamental forces of the universe. Mam being expelled fromntge garden represents him being out of sync with nature since disobeying God.

  46. To me (opinion) a large number these “opinions “ show a complete disregard for humanity. It appears that it’s easier to hate and give in to easy line of reasoning created by hate. There are so many big lies to go around and of course it’s what someone believes to be true, not to be confused
    with faith, because in today’s world a lie is easier to believe (what’s in your heart?) than a truth. A big lie comes from hate. When hate is in your heart there is a focus in one direction and anything else is a lie.

  47. There will never be any scientific proof to replace God, as long as these non-believers keep trying to push God out of any existence, Faith will always overcome the lies. but that’s what people forget He have us a choice the easy road or wide road which leads to destruction or the narrow road and hard tough road which leads to Appreciation, Respect, Accountability and Life. As Jesus said I am the way and the only way to the Father. God Bless. Remember to love one another.

  48. Man spread out far and wide since the dawn of time. It’s funny to me, how they are testing a small tribe in one area and basing their findings off that alone. You would need to test the whole area and then cross reference against other areas, to only see, that there were many migrations “out of Africa.” I’ve recorded my DNA matches for 8 years now and I do see from my “time invested,” that we didn’t intermix with other areas, like stated. May be the “common folks did,” but the ones “in power,” did NOT! The only time the intermixing of bloodlines happened were for power, doweries, land, and bring peace to an area. The main recorded “Historical Figures,” intermarried, until something (to enhance their power) came alone. I know this for a fact, and until others take the time with their DNA Matches like I did (and still do) you will NOT know the truth about your family’s origins. All the platforms that offer DNA testing, don’t tell “the masses” this little fact, thousands of hours of one’s life is needed to find out one’s true origins. DNA is a puzzle, 1 DNA match is a puzzle piece and time is needed to build the big “puzzle picture” of one’s origins; that don’t come from a swab, it comes from time invested! No one seems to have the time needed, so it will always come full circle to “the masses,” learning from particle research, and what they want you to believe;) Do the work and don’t listen to sites like this. The only reason I came across this article, I asked google, “Why do DNA platforms lie about origins?” After years of recording, my origin narrowed drastically and now I know my family’s true story. The original origins and what I have today is VERY different! Most of the testers will NOT know their truth, it takes work. Just thought I’d share this FACT if any of you are testing to find out your family’s origins.

    • ***Correction*** The only time the external mixing of bloodlines happened, were for power, doweries, land, and bring peace to an area.

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