Archaeologists Make Dramatic Discovery: A Prehistoric Human Type Previously Unknown to Science

Static Skull, Mandible, and Parietal Orthographic

Static skull, mandible, and parietal orthographic. Credit: Tel Aviv University

Dramatic Discovery in Israeli Excavation

  • The discovery of a new Homo group in this region, which resembles Pre-Neanderthal populations in Europe, challenges the prevailing hypothesis that Neanderthals originated from Europe, suggesting that at least some of the Neanderthals’ ancestors actually came from the Levant.
  • The new finding suggests that two types of Homo groups lived side by side in the Levant for more than 100,000 years (200-100,000 years ago), sharing knowledge and tool technologies: the Nesher Ramla people who lived in the region from around 400,000 years ago, and the Homo sapiens who arrived later, some 200,000 years ago.
  • The new discovery also gives clues about a mystery in human evolution: How did genes of Homo sapiens penetrate the Neanderthal population that had presumably lived in Europe long before the arrival of Homo sapiens?
  • The researchers claim that at least some of the later Homo fossils found previously in Israel, like those unearthed in the Skhul and Qafzeh caves, do not belong to archaic (early) Homo sapiens, but rather to groups of mixed Homo sapiens and Nesher Ramla lineage.

Nesher Ramla Homo type — a prehistoric human previously unknown to science.

Researchers from Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have identified a new type of early human at the Nesher Ramla site, dated to 140,000 to 120,000 years ago. According to the researchers, the morphology of the Nesher Ramla humans shares features with both Neanderthals (especially the teeth and jaws) and archaic Homo (specifically the skull). At the same time, this type of Homo is very unlike modern humans — displaying a completely different skull structure, no chin, and very large teeth.

Following the study’s findings, researchers believe that the Nesher Ramla Homo type is the ‘source’ population from which most humans of the Middle Pleistocene developed. In addition, they suggest that this group is the so-called ‘missing’ population that mated with Homo sapiens who arrived in the region around 200,000 years ago — about whom we know from a recent study on fossils found in the Misliya cave.

Two teams of researchers took part in the dramatic discovery, published in the prestigious Science journal: an anthropology team from Tel Aviv University headed by Prof. Israel Hershkovitz, Dr. Hila May and Dr. Rachel Sarig from the Sackler Faculty of Medicine and the Dan David Center for Human Evolution and Biohistory Research and the Shmunis Family Anthropology Institute, situated in the Steinhardt Museum at Tel Aviv University; and an archaeological team headed by Dr. Yossi Zaidner from the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Timeline: The Nesher Ramla Homo type was an ancestor of both the Neanderthals in Europe and the archaic Homo populations of Asia.

Prof. Israel Hershkovitz: “The discovery of a new type of Homo” is of great scientific importance. It enables us to make new sense of previously found human fossils, add another piece to the puzzle of human evolution, and understand the migrations of humans in the old world. Even though they lived so long ago, in the late middle Pleistocene (474,000-130,000 years ago), the Nesher Ramla people can tell us a fascinating tale, revealing a great deal about their descendants’ evolution and way of life.”

Fossil Remains of Skull and Jaw

Fossil remains of skull and jaw. Credit: Tel Aviv University

The important human fossil was found by Dr. Zaidner of the Hebrew University during salvage excavations at the Nesher Ramla prehistoric site, in the mining area of the Nesher cement plant (owned by Len Blavatnik) near the city of Ramla. Digging down about 8 meters, the excavators found large quantities of animal bones, including horses, fallow deer, and aurochs, as well as stone tools and human bones. An international team led by the researchers from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem identified the morphology of the bones as belonging to a new type of Homo, previously unknown to science. This is the first type of Homo to be defined in Israel, and according to common practice, it was named after the site where it was discovered — the Nesher Ramla Homo type.

Dr. Yossi Zaidner: “This is an extraordinary discovery. We had never imagined that alongside Homo sapiens, archaic Homo roamed the area so late in human history. The archaeological finds associated with human fossils show that “Nesher Ramla Homo” possessed advanced stone-tool production technologies and most likely interacted with the local Homo sapiens.” The culture, way of life, and behavior of the Nesher Ramla Homo are discussed in a companion paper also published in Science journal today (June 24, 2021).

Prof. Hershkovitz adds that the discovery of the Nesher Ramla Homo type challenges the prevailing hypothesis that the Neanderthals originated in Europe. “Before these new findings,” he says, “most researchers believed the Neanderthals to be a ‘European story’, in which small groups of Neanderthals were forced to migrate southwards to escape the spreading glaciers, with some arriving in the Land of Israel about 70,000 years ago. The Nesher Ramla fossils make us question this theory, suggesting that the ancestors of European Neanderthals lived in the Levant as early as 400,000 years ago, repeatedly migrating westward to Europe and eastward to Asia. In fact, our findings imply that the famous Neanderthals of Western Europe are only the remnants of a much larger population that lived here in the Levant — and not the other way around.”

Nesher Ramla Research Team

(Left to Right): Israel Hershkovitz, Marion Prevost, Hila May, Rachel Sarig and Yossi Zaidner. Credit: Tel Aviv University

According to Dr. Hila May, despite the absence of DNA in these fossils, the findings from Nesher Ramla offer a solution to a great mystery in the evolution of Homo: How did genes of Homo sapiens penetrate the Neanderthal population that presumably lived in Europe long before the arrival of Homo sapiens? Geneticists who studied the DNA of European Neanderthals have previously suggested the existence of a Neanderthal-like population which they called the ‘missing population’ or the ‘X population’ that had mated with Homo sapiens more than 200,000 years ago.

In the anthropological paper now published in Science, the researchers suggest that the Nesher Ramla Homo type might represent this population, heretofore missing from the record of human fossils. Moreover, the researchers propose that the humans from Nesher Ramla are not the only ones of their kind discovered in the region, and that some human fossils found previously in Israel, which have baffled anthropologists for years — like the fossils from the Tabun cave (160,000 years ago), Zuttiyeh cave (250,000), and Qesem cave (400,000) — belong to the same new human group now called the Nesher Ramla Homo type.

“People think in paradigms,” says Dr. Rachel Sarig. “That’s why efforts have been made to ascribe these fossils to known human groups like Homo sapiens, Homo erectus, Homo heidelbergensis, or the Neanderthals. But now we say: No. This is a group in itself, with distinct features and characteristics. At a later stage small groups of the Nesher Ramla Homo type migrated to Europe — where they evolved into the ‘classic’ Neanderthals that we are familiar with, and also to Asia, where they became archaic populations with Neanderthal-like features. As a crossroads between Africa, Europe, and Asia, the Land of Israel served as a melting pot where different human populations mixed with one another, to later spread throughout the Old World. The discovery from the Nesher Ramla site writes a new and fascinating chapter in the story of humankind.”

Prof. Gerhard Weber, an associate from Vienna University, argues that the story of Neanderthal evolution will be told differently after this discovery: “Europe was not the exclusive refugium of Neanderthals from where they occasionally diffused into West Asia. We think that there was much more lateral exchange in Eurasia, and that the Levant is geographically a crucial starting point, or at least bridgehead, for this process.”

Reference: “A Middle Pleistocene Homo from Nesher Ramla, Israel” by Israel Hershkovitz, Hila May, Rachel Sarig, Ariel Pokhojaev, Dominique Grimaud-Hervé, Emiliano Bruner, Cinzia Fornai, Rolf Quam, Juan Luis Arsuaga, Viktoria A. Krenn, Maria Martinón-Torres, José María Bermúdez de Castro, Laura Martín-Francés, Viviane Slon, Lou Albessard-Ball, Amélie Vialet, Tim Schüler, Giorgio Manzi, Antonio Profico, Fabio Di Vincenzo, Gerhard W. Weber and Yossi Zaidner, 25 June 2021, Science.
DOI: 10.1126/science.abh3169

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  2. You mean scientists these days don’t know everything???!!!

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  9. Doug Christensen | June 26, 2021 at 6:43 am | Reply

    In the end, I believe we will find that true science and true religion will compliment each other.

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  15. Gabriel Atkins | June 26, 2021 at 9:59 am | Reply

    It’s amazing to me to see people who fully believe that everything just happened. Also refuse to see the evidence of creative design. Chances of universe just came to be from nothing is like drop airplane parts in a tornado and it coming out fully assembled.

  16. Why is it scientists usually only find parts and pieces of “human” ancestors and then extrapolate to say they were “pre-human”? These are nothing more than dead gorilla bones. Evolution only happens in artistic renderings and cartoons.

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    This group of peool found fossils of a jaw and a piece of skull and have created an entire fantasy world around them, a “revealed truth’s that all you “pro-science” people just blindly believe and have absolutely no chance of independently verifying before you do.
    Half of you now think what you read here is true and historical fact yet there is no way to verify it. Blind faith much.
    Did you know 2/3rd of all results from peer reviewed science experiments can not be recreated by the peers? Lol.
    I’m not anti-science. I’m just anti-idiot. Most “pro-science” idiots are actually just religious zealots if a different creed.

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    • The universe is just too big and diverse to have been mysteriously created out of nothing by sheer happenstance.

      Opposite statements, both used to defend whichever side one lands on and clings to with verve for validation a conclusion was the accurate one. It seems to work either way which I guess means it also doesn’t work.

      The things we know are really just the things we think we know.

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    As to God, I was 5 when I saw Him. 40 when I saw Jesus Christ. Sadly, the reinterpretations of the Bible are corruptions. There were many races of man before God created man a 7th line in His image and likeness. There is an afterlife and afterdeath. Quibbling about origins makes you neglect the urgent issues of the present, witch are spiralling down to global disaster, unless mankind can finally unite. Time will tell.

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  36. People here say that Science explains everything. Science cannot explain 60% of the stuff mankind has found. Remember too that Science is a man made invention. Sure it can describe stuff but its made by man, it is not perfect. If you have something against religion, then just be upfront with it, but don’t be blurting out poorly educated claims. To this day Scientists do not even know what exactly caused the bigbang. Don’t give me the: “friction or molecular energy”. Because even if that was the case, how does your “Science” explain the perfect conditions for life? If Earth was a centimeter farher or closer to the sun, If it spun too fast or too slow, life would not be possible. Evolution is a BS greater than a flat Earth. For those of you calling religious people “ignorant” I suggest you curb your “intellect”, saying stuff like that makes you as ignorant as anyone else. Guys, the brain was made for a reason. Please use it

  37. JOHN PETER SORG | June 28, 2021 at 7:14 pm | Reply

    I find it fascinating that supposedly these folks can extrapolate a skull’s construct by a couple of small pieces! Really, it’s a guess at best! And closer to a fantasy in someone’s science fiction type thought process rather than reality! And, by the way, who’s to say that whatever they found was not a deformity on the individual who these pieces of skull actually belong to? Even if you could possibly extrapolate that construct, how would they know that it was not a one-off deformity?

  38. Ah,
    True science = Discovery, knowledge.
    True religion = The root of all evil.

  39. Tony E St Clair | June 30, 2021 at 9:53 am | Reply

    2 bits of bone, does not a skeleton make.

  40. Who’s to say whose right or wrong …everyone has their own opinion and of course they’re wrong in my opinion (by the way mine is the correct one..says everyone)..the subject of religion is a personal one as is the subject of science…scientists at work on presumstion and where the facts lead….religion works on the premise of mine is the only true religion and every other one is wrong ….so when making statements about either subject do it with an open mind..human being’s are fallible and not perfect…and before you judge others make damned sure that you are perfect and you haven’t made any mistakes…..

  41. Lmaoooo what are all these religious people even doing in the comments of this article? Imagine this level of having no life. It’s like if atheists started frequenting religious sites just to tell them they disagree… ridiculous.

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    Where does a village come from if they are the first people?

    So I suggest perhaps evolution happened as “evidenced” by the preexisting village as described in genesis.

    And that creation perhaps also occurred. As we now know that it is entirely possible and factual to manipulate DNA to gain a desired result, and to clone living animals from the DNA of others. Living or dead.

    As to who did the cloning remains in question, but written historical evidence points to a species called Ananahki.

    Not god or gods, but scientific advanced.

    My question is, who created them? Or, where did they evolve?

    Where are they now? Still here? Wiped out? By whom? Themselves? The flood?

    People get so fired up about protecting their belief system when its called into question.

    What you believe does not define what you are. Not even who you are.

    The very honest brutal truth is that no one knows either way. To answer the question with any other reply than, “I don’t know”, is pretty much just lying to protect your idea of self. Its ego.

    Its ok to be mistaken. Its ok to accept new information. Its essential to scrutinize it for truth.

    There is usually some underlying truth in myth.

    Use it as a compass to guide you to truth.

    Stop hating on each other and look towards another’s belief system as a piece of the puzzle leading to the big picture.

    You act like soccer fans. So competitive! When none of you are actually playing the game. Just sitting in the stands. Needing something in life to make you right and them wrong. You more and them less. You the winner and them the loser.

    What if both sides stood together? All win.

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