Redefining Brain Function: Physicists Overturn Long-Standing Assumptions

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A new study challenges the long-held view that the neuronal soma is the key computational unit of the brain. By demonstrating that dendrites play a crucial role in neuronal plasticity and other dynamics, this research could redefine our understanding of brain functionality and disease origins.

Recent research suggests that a number of neuronal characteristics, traditionally believed to stem from the cell body or soma, may actually originate from processes in the dendrites. This discovery has significant implications for the study of degenerative diseases and for understanding the different states of brain activity during sleep and wakefulness.

The brain is an intricate network comprising billions of neurons. Each neuron’s cell body, or soma, engages in simultaneous communication with thousands of other neurons through its synapses. These synapses act as links, facilitating the exchange of information. Additionally, each neuron receives incoming signals through its dendritic trees, which are highly branched and extend for great lengths, resembling the structure of a complex and vast arboreal network.

For the last 75 years, a core hypothesis of neuroscience has been that the basic computational element of the brain is the neuronal soma, where the long and ramified dendritic trees are only cables that enable them to collect incoming signals from its thousands of connecting neurons. This long-lasting hypothesis has now been called into question.

New Research Findings

In an article just published in Physica A, researchers from Bar-Ilan University in Israel reveal that many dynamical features that are commonly attributed to the soma may stem from dendritic mechanisms.

“Typically, in-vitro experiments examine neurons using a fixed holding membrane potential, imitating the physiological conditions of intact brains in an awake state,” said Prof. Ido Kanter, of Bar-Ilan’s Department of Physics and Gonda (Goldschmied) Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center, who led the research. “We went against conventional wisdom and performed new types of experiments, violating the physiological conditions of the brain. Results showed that neuronal features are independent of these physiological conditions, a finding which strongly pinpoints dendrites as the segments which control neuronal plasticity features, such as the neuronal firing frequency and the stimulation threshold of the neuron.”

A paradigm shift in brain research: The new neuron and the new type of learning. Credit: Prof. Ido Kanter, Bar-Ilan University

Presented experimental evidence supports previous research by Kanter and his experimental research team — conducted by Dr. Roni Vardi — indicating efficient dendritic tree learning evidence for sub-dendritic adaptation using neuronal cultures, together with other anisotropic properties of neurons, like different spike waveforms, refractory periods and maximal transmission rates.

The new results call for a re-examination of the origin of degenerative diseases, since the origin of many neuronal functionalities are beyond the traditional framework and must be attributed to the dendrites instead of the soma. In addition, results question the origin of awake and sleep states of our brain which are commonly attributed to the level of the somatic membrane potential.

Reference: “Neuronal plasticity features are independent of neuronal holding membrane potential” by Roni Vardi, Yael Tugendhaft and Ido Kanter, 1 November 2023, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications.
DOI: 10.1016/j.physa.2023.129351

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      This very, very heavy responsibility on Mehrdad is institutionalized in me.This issue is so complex, sensitive and precise that it has no limits.Maybe I know the entire secret of the creation of the earth and the creation of the universe, but this is not an interesting thing for me, a person who knows everything.He can’t have a peaceful life.These issues in the date of my son’s birth become more complicated by combining my own date of birth, my wife’s date of birth with birth certificate number and my date.My birthday with the date and the time I was in my mother’s womb with the addition of the day I was born will be the number of 114 surahs of the Qur’an, the number of 30 parts of the Qur’an and the number of60 parts of the Qur’an, all in the combination of the dates that I said at the time of my birth with the date of birth I and the number 17 of the Muslim prayer and the number 72, which is related to the seventy-two people who were killed, are related to the story of the Qur’an.By combining the dates of birth of my paternal family members with mine and dozens of these more complicated issues, it made me wonder how they could do God’s work.So, compared to the work of the gods and lords of the world, it is very strange and amazing and immeasurable.It is not possible for anyone to learn from me all the experiences that I have and have experienced about the unseen world, and now I have learned all my knowledge in one night, unless you have experienced what I have experienced in practice, the same problemthat I have said, but I I may not be a happy person.I have not saved anything from the world and I suffered very, very hard.I was forced to go to camps for 11 years and sat in 900 sessions in Narcotics Anonymous and collected the experiences of others.If he has worked the twelve steps and sat for ninety sessions and listened to the words, he will become a saint.A saint means, for example, he will become a professor and perhaps a philosopher, but I sat for 900 sessions and listened to the words, and later I understood that all of this was a divine test.I will tell you later.I am sending a message that I have a book and a treatise, and the great powers of the world should help me bring my treatise to the fore, so that the old religions become new and the disturbing religions are abandoned, and the law of thegods and the masters of the world gradually take the place of religion and religions.He revealed and said that the time has come for the Muslims of the world to follow the law instead of religion, and the treatise that I bring from the Lords and Masters of the world separated religion and religion from politics and did not make the choice ofreligion mandatory, our Lord God said that time It has come that the law works instead of religion, and God and our reason said that mankind has progressed so much in terms of establishing security in countries that there is no longer a need for the clergy toforbid people from sinning and history has shown that in order to implement the orders of the Qur’an The old religions are the most abuses and killings of Muslims because of disturbing religions and the time has come for God to bring a new religion and religion thatrepresents God from among the Shiites who should be from those who agree with the Islamic principles of the Qur’an and the correct verses of the Qur’an and the perspective of the Qur’an.I have to reveal the book of God’s law that I have written

      to bring to light so that old religions become new and disturbing religions are abandoned and the law of God and the masters of the world gradually take the place of religion and religions.God revealed to me and said that the time has come for the Muslims of the world to practice law instead of religion which I bring from the Gods and the masters of the world, they separated religion from politics and did not force the choice of religion.The idea of ​​establishing security in countries where there is no longer a need for clerics to forbid people from sinning and history has shown that due to the implementation of the false orders of the old books of religions, the most abuses and killings of Muslimsare due to disturbing religions and it is time that God By bringing a new religion and religion that is the representative of God from among the Shiites, he must be one of those who agree with the Islamic principles of the Qur’an and the correct versesof the Qur’an and the view of the Qur’an.He set me up with the Quran and other times when the numbers of the times are related to the verses of the holy books and to the times when I am connected in the numbers of the squares of Tehran to the numbers of the verses of the Quranin the times when I was residing in Mehrdad and I was living in the numbers The fields that are related to the numbers of the verses of the Quran, none of the Muslims, especially the clergy of Iran, can not accept Mehrdad’s being chosen and theowner of time, who is the vicegerent of the time, the vicegerent, the savior, and the savior of the human world, but I have nothing to do with ordinary people.I have no difference from a human point of view, only my difference is that the Gods and the masters of the world chose me to put aside the old religions and wars and conflicts because of religious, ethnic, racial differences and other issues, etc., which caused war, and no religion over another There is no superiority.All religions lived in order to guide mankind to the right and true path.They came so that people should have good deeds and good behavior.Whether these principles came from God or from earthly people, we must be righteous and righteous.I was 17 years old.We went to Haq Azar Middle School, Tehran, Pars Khazarin, 117. I shouldn’t bring up these issues, but there are many issues that I am tied to time, but you say, well, what is the use of these things thatGod has given me time on earth to to be chosen by the world as a savior and executor to guide the people of Iran and let the elders of the world accept my proxy so that I can put forward the divine orders through the orders of the religionand the new religion that God has revealed to me.Lord, so that justice is done and realized, and Muslims, especially in the Middle East, do not fight over old religions, because wherever Islam was, the Muslim men of those Muslim countries were fighting, why should people still fight over religious issues andIslamic prejudices, Israel and Palestine.And why did Iran and Iraq go to war?How do I own time?Now there are signs in my birth date.When I multiply my date of birth from beginning to end, it is equal to the speed of the earth.It is obtained in one second and one hour.The speed of the earth and the speed of light are obtained in one second and one hour

      And these are all related to time.From the day, month, year, to the decade of my birth, multiply it and get the time ruler.In the combination of the birth of my father who is Muhammad and he was born on the 17th and I was born on the 43rd with the birth My father, who is 17 years old, and my birthday, which is 43, are combined.60 and sixty seconds in a minute and sixty minutes in an hour.It may be 360 ​​and I was 17 in 360. These issues in the date of my son’s birth are combined with my own date of birth., my wife’s date of birth is complicated with birth certificate number and my date.Birthday with my wife and son, combining the date of birth of my paternal family members with me and dozens of such things.He thought how to do God’s work.Work May the gods of the world be so precise that all this is shown to me, compared to the work of the gods and lords of the world, it is very strange and amazing and immeasurable, this is how Iran is connected to the earth.It was connected and has a strange meaning.The old word Iran-earth I remember 52 years.Before the start of the nationwide program of the Iranian television network, which started working, the logo of the program was Iranzmin, the name of the program of the first channel of Iranzmin and Iran was a message to all the countries of the earth.In terms of the language of the gods and lords of the earth, there are many words.I have to say because I have to tell and tell the truths of the gods of the earth.Why am I the owner of time, because I know from the future what will happen in the world and what will come to the earth and what will be the order of the gods of the earth for the superpowers of the world and my religions.I am saying important things, but those who were from the Iranian army were shot in 1958 and 1957 by Imam Khomeini (RA) and the leadership of the Assembly of Experts.The execution and shooting of generals were done by the Ayatollahs, but why America and England?did not stop them from being executed, know that the structure of the gods made by humans is so detailed that I believe there are forty of your gods.It still appears in various forms.I could not understand the structure of your gods and my gods, but you The superpowers of the world, with all that progress, you still haven’t been able to understand the secrets of God’s creation, how many million years of history and civilization didhumans have?When did the earth get destroyed?It has been burning for trillions of years and the earth is a planet that has been formed for twenty billion years, but it was not habitable because it has thousands of active volcanoes.Scientists said that the life of the universe is about thirteen billion years.A year has passed, but now that the James Webb telescope The most distant galaxies arrived, those galaxies said that they are ninety-seven billion light-years away from us earthlings.Now they should say that ninety-seven billion years have passed since the age of the universe, but this is not the case.The distance of the galaxies has nothing to do with the age of the universe.No bang.Consider that two hundred billion galaxies are placed in a black hole, in that big black hole there will be no healthy hydrogen atoms left and after the explosion the stars will be reborn and in a very, very big explosion, it’s great.Materials Chemicals, proteins and vitamins, which are the necessary ingredients for life.They are not healthy enough to create life on a planet next to the stars after the big bang.I said thirty years ago that Herschel and Kepler’s theory could not be true.

      Of course, I read the book Asterism and the Galaxy, which the two American scientists used a radio telescope to emit microwave waves from the galaxies, and it took billions of years for them to reach the earth.They were able to imagine the world with that very large radio telescope and I saw the images of billions of galaxies opened my mind and I read that astronomy book when we were in Tehran Pars Street 117 and I was 17 years old, that is forty-two years ago I had read that book and at that time I also believed in the Big Bang theory I had my doubts about the two great American scientists, but I would not reject it.However, I accept America, which is very supportive.Its astronaut scientists are the first to speak in the world, but the general policy of America is in the hands of the big American capitalists, and they, unfortunately, determine the final decisions of the Parliament and the Assembly.They are the enemies of America, and this has caused the United States to implement policies for the countries of the Middle East region in which the economic interests of the United States are considered, and this policy has caused a lot of damage to Iranians, whichincludes many other social and cultural issues.The clerics have been left open in Iran and this policy of American politicians has caused the power in Iran to be in the hands of a handful of religious sheikhs, mullahs and extreme Shia ayatollahs in Iran and the situation of the unfortunate people of Iran and theMuslim people of the Middle East since the time when Christians The priest and the pope held power in Europe and committed heinous crimes against the people of Europe.The situation of the people of Iran is no better than during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, it is even worse.And the institution, headquarters, and courts that the clerics had at their disposal have already been shown in history that they oppressed the people through both Islamic and Christian religions.And they came to power according to the Qur’an, they were the cruelest religious government and they committed so much cruelty and murder.Just refer to the history books of Tabari and Sana’i.It is not necessary for me to explain anymore.I only ask America and England, which are the great powers of the world, to Help me so that I can reveal the instructions of our Gods, whose language is the Gods and masters of the world, most of them are Farsi, perhaps all theGods of the earth, those who previously had millions of years of history on the earth came to the conclusion that the alphabets of the Gods who create should be It should be Farsi because the most accurate alphabet and words are in Farsi and the signs I sawon the countries and seas are related to Farsi.This issue is so important in the work of the authors of the earth and you should not easily pass it by.Regarding this issue, it is very, very important.I can’t explain it in a few pages, but over time, I will send you a message in this regard, the great servers of the world, and let me also say that when I translate Persian into English, you know the text,dictation, and spelling will change, but you will understand the meaning of the text in general.May you understand Mehrdad, chosen by God, the land of Iran, may he protect you in all stages of your life

      Sorry thank you dr aghakesiri ghaeem sahebzaman in iran and universal
      THANK you gods by u time in iran is 2:43

  2. dr mohammad alekesir sahebzaman | January 14, 2024 at 10:39 am | Reply

    dr mohammad alekesir sahebzaman | January 14, 2024 at 10:30 am | Reply
    I have to say a few things about the text above, I didn’t reveal my nickname before.I am locally known as Alexir.Of course, we changed several houses and these were all the work of the Lords of the Earth.You should know that I will explain in a way that I will explain later.With evidence, evidence and documents, I am truly the guardian of the time and the special representative of the lords of the earth.I have a number of accounts.I will not repeat what Salman Rashti did.He may have been right, but I consider caution as the first condition.Maybe I, and after me, my book.It is very likely that my supporters will bring this issue to light.This is very, very important.The law of God will be implemented and the religions that will be rejected are the orders of the Lords of the world.Whether it will be implemented by me, or God and other Gods will implement the new law of religions, or God will implement the new law.bring religions to the fore by the savior and his messenger, it doesn’t matter if wise people issue a law that old religions are abandoned, in any case, this matter will be realized, let’s pass this issue, I want to explain the wordQayyim Qayyim is a word that has several meanings and it was determined by God and the Lords of the world.Send me a message.I don’t know the weapon.I need to give an address.My duty is to inform about the history of humans on earth and the fate of humans on earth, and I have a duty on my part to tell the facts that happened on earth to the world and especially to Believers and Muslims of Iran, I mustbring the word of truth and what has been assigned to me to appear, God willing, this essay and the dictation of God is also the same word, God willing, I want the translation to translate the word God willing like Farsi, and if possible, the word religions Of course, this may not be possible in translation

    • dr mohammad alekesir sahebzaman | January 16, 2024 at 3:55 am | Reply

      A good news for you astronomers, you don’t need to waste your valuable time on researching the knowledge of planets outside the Milky Way.The Lords of the Earth told me that it’s time for humans to understand that there were people who lived on Earth before them, whose bodies are now under the earth.It is 2000 meters underground and we have to find them because of the machines they built, to find the secrets of the human earth.

  3. kesiri doctor mohammadmehr | January 24, 2024 at 12:32 am | Reply

    With greetings and courtesy to the pioneers of science and technology in America, today is March 22, 1402 AH, according to Iranian history, and January 12, 2024, and I am Mohammad Mehr Al-Kathir, known as Kathiri.They want to identify me.The leaders of the dictator and criminal of the Islamic Republic in the illegitimate regime, the criminal, the religion of the Islamic Republic, there is no freedom of speech.They acted uncivilly and assassinated several prime ministers.The people of Iran have no secret about the policies of England, America, Syria, and France towards Iran.In 1980, France, England, and the West made extensive propaganda for the arrival of Imam Khomeini, of course, before the arrival of Ruhollah.Khomeini, who wants to support Iran, came from France, from Paris, before Imam Khomeini returned to Iran, the mullahs, mullahs, and ayatollahs who supported Imam Khomeini, before Khomeini came to Tehran from the French capital, Paris, Shiite clerics for nearlytwo months.They advertised in congregational prayers in the big cities of Iran.We, the people of Iran, are in no way a secret to the policies of Western countries towards Iran.Unfortunately, the huge factories that produce the world’s largest military weapons are located in France and especially in the United States.The owners of these factories are in the politics of the American parliament.and France are influential and this has made the hands of Islamic leaders open and they are dominant in determining the seditionist extremist governments in the Middle East and wherever there were Islamic governments in a country that was involved in war, this issue is related to the Lordsof the Earth and very It is very complicated, wherever there is Islam in a government and a country, there has been ethnic conflict, sedition and war in this age of war in the Middle East countries, especially Iran and Arab countries, if there isa war, it is for the benefit of countries that produce missile and military equipment.And warplanes and the country of France and the United States speak first.In this regard, in the world, I am the master of time and know all the secrets of the earth and astronomy.By God and the lords of the earth, America and its politicians should know that Al-Qaeda could not have carried out the September 11 operation without the help of the lords of the lead and the people whose relatives were killed by Israel did not die the same way, the souls of great people take revenge.We Persian speakers used to call the soul a genie in ancient times.There are also, but not all the great spirits of Gods and Jinn lords.This is a very important and complicated issue, but we cannot clarify it on this website.We only ask the great powers of the world to stop the criminal and dictatorial regime of the Islamic Republic that dominates Iran.They tried to overthrow and exclude Iran’s clerics from interfering in politics, so that the westerners will not be harmed by the lords of the earth, God is the guardian of the people and the truth,
    Of course, I must say that America has always been a peacekeeper in the world, and World War I and World War II ended with America’s intervention, but I don’t know if the Lords of the world had a secret for Imam Khomeini to besupported by superpowers, no one thought that Ruhollah Khomeini was such a bad person.Fight with Iran, when Imam Khomeini came to Iran in 1358, he shot all the army chiefs who were in the prisons of the Islamic Republic.Khomeini’s father, Seyyed Mustafa Khomeini, was killed by the gendarmes of Reza Shah’s army in a conflict on the border between Iran and Iraq.Seyyed Mustafa had a gun and was a rebel.It was when King Reza Khan of Iran ordered that if the rebels surrendered, they would be given amnesty.Seyyed Mustafa Khomeini did not surrender and was killed in the clashes in the same villages on the border of Bazargan.From there, Khomeini became an enemy of the imperial government.By his order, he executed the soldiers who had surrendered to the people and had joined the people and were in prison.This work was done by the Beit Rehbar and Khalkhali and the ruling that was approved by the Majlis of Leadership and Faqih Experts, of course, Imam Khomeini the First He had issued this order and then the parliament approved it, but less than two years later, God and the lords of the earth took revenge, and in 1960, 72 people were killed in the explosion of the Islamic Council, the same people who had signed the shooting order of the heads of the imperial army.They were all killed in the Islamic Council in the year one thousand three hundred and sixty.I know about the power of the Gods and Lords of the Earth to change the maps of countries in the shape of humans and mammals.I know issues and secrets that I still do not know exactly.Of course, I realized that God and the lords of the earth determine the names of some countries and some continents, but this issue can be verified.
    Mohammad Mehr Al-Katheer GODS BY 12:12PM

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