Scientists Discover Simple Trick To Run Faster

Glowing Wireframe Sprinting

A new study has shown that using simple analogies to encourage players to focus on their environment can significantly increase sprinting speed. This technique, which improves performance more quickly than traditional training methods, has potential applications in both elite and grassroots sports, suggesting a new approach to coaching and athletic development.

Sprinting “like a jet plane taking off” will help produce Premier League star strikers of tomorrow, new research has revealed.  A study conducted at the University of Essex, focusing on Tottenham Hotspur’s academy, demonstrated that that just a few words can instantly boost sprinting speed by 3 percent over 20 meters.

It would normally take weeks of targeted training to achieve such a large increase. These short bursts of acceleration are largely seen in goal-scoring situations and could be the difference in beating a defender and finding the net.

Dr Jason Moran, from the School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences, discovered simple analogies increased performance in this key area. The study showed elite young players ran faster when focusing on their environment rather than their body.

Dr Moran said: “The words we speak to athletes have a demonstrable and instant effect on their performance. It’s long been known that it’s better to direct an athlete’s attention to the environment around them rather than focusing on their body positions which seems to interfere with the fluidity of movement. This could be enhanced even further by using certain analogies, for example, asking a player to ‘accelerate like a Ferrari’ may create a more evocative image in their mind instead of simply telling them to run fast.”

Research Findings and Methodology

The research used 20 members of the North London side’s academy, all between 14-15-years-old. Before taking part in sprint drills the promising players were given different directions before running.

External analogies telling them to “push the ground away’ achieved better results than “driving their legs into the ground.”

And top performances were encouraged by players being urged to “sprint as if you are a jet taking off into the sky ahead.”

In coaching, analogies can make it easier for someone to learn how to move their body in the right way by hiding complicated instructions within in simple spoken words. For example, by using analogies, a coach can tell an athlete how fast and in what position their body needs to be, without using hard-to-understand technical terms.

It is thought that this could be particularly advantageous in young learners who may show relatively lower levels of focus. Away from elite sport, it is thought these cues and coaching tactics could be used in PE lessons and at the grassroots.

Dr Moran added: “Although these findings focus on the highest level of youth football, it could easily be used in schools or on a Saturday morning. By using a simple analogy teachers and parents might be able to get the most out of their kids whatever the sport.”

Reference: “How effective are external cues and analogies in enhancing sprint and jump performance in academy soccer players?” by Jason Moran, Matt Allen, Joshua Butson, Urs Granacher, Raouf Hammami, Filipe Manuel Clemente, Megan Klabunde and Gavin Sandercock, 1 February 2024, Journal of Sports Sciences.
DOI: 10.1080/02640414.2024.2309814

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  1. So then going in with the thought if. Like Goku sayain powers given by God. Actually Does something…. Does the image matter?

  2. the article about sprinting faster reminds me of how I accomplished this in jr high. I saw a movie titled Billie starring Patty duke as a runner who concentrated on a beat as in music. she concentrated on the steady best then sped the beat up and ran faster. worked for me. ended up fastest in the 100/400 and was made to be last runner in relay to “catch” up. baton hand over was the hardest for some cause their speed slowed due to concentrating on hand over. good times tho

    • Paul Julian Roa | March 10, 2024 at 5:15 pm | Reply

      Why as you age do you decrease your speed?I feel stronger now than I did say maybe when I was 30.Is it muscle deterioration or something else?

  3. This is complete bull crap. I wonder if it’s one of the joke “scientific” papers that gets debunked as a deliberate hoax three months later. Just written and submitted for the lulz.
    The idea that you’re going to increase an elite athlete’s performance materially by sharing some mundane analogy is laughable.

  4. The power of suggestion is a powerful thing the ability to convince yourself what you can achieve is truly remarkable convincing yourself that you can take off like a jet you don’t have to bury your feet into the ground but let your feet off the ground it’s possible if you just tell yourself and believe just the inkling of it words are powerful

  5. George Holmes | March 10, 2024 at 7:13 am | Reply

    I believe I can fly … maybe

    I believe Joe Biden is competent … not so much

    I believe in a “2 state solution” … only if that means giving half of California to the terrorists.

  6. Walter Payton considered 1 of the best running backs. Used a similar but different technique. To focus his speed would run down hills (make him run faster than normally could)
    He discovered by using this technique
    by gradually increasing his sprints down hill. He said it did 2 things control & speed.

  7. Diane Brietzke | March 10, 2024 at 10:21 am | Reply

    More information please

  8. The power of thought is very powerful for sure. Try this, have your athlete do a thigh pop with a low load band around the ankle, the focus is to kick the cushion as hard and fast as possible and use that image when sprinting. The results are amazing.

  9. nah, they had of just watched toystory 2 or something “run like wind Bullseye”

  10. Jeremy wilson | March 11, 2024 at 2:36 am | Reply

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