Something Really Wants Our Attention: One Cosmic Object Emitted 1,652 Fast Radio Bursts in 47 Days

FAST Catches a Real Pulse From FRB 121102

FAST catches a real pulse from FRB 121102. Credit: NAOC

Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are an energetic phenomenon that is one of today’s greatest cosmic mysteries. These mysterious flashes of light can be seen in the radio wave portion of the spectrum and usually last only a few milliseconds before disappearing forever. Since the first FRB was observed in 2007, astronomers have been anticipating the day when instruments with sufficient sensitivity would be able to detect them on a regular basis.

That day has arrived with the completion of the 500-meter (2,000-foot) FAST Radio Telescope (aka. Tianyan, “Eye of Heaven”) in southwest China. Since it commenced operations, this observatory has vastly expanded the number of detected FRBs. In fact, according to research led by the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NAO/CAS), the observatory detected a total of 1,652 independent bursts from a single source in 47 days.

The research, which was recently published in the journal Nature, was conducted by researchers from the Commensal Radio Astronomy FAST Survey (CRAFTS) project. CRAFTS includes researchers from the Cornell Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science, the Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and multiple universities in China, Australia, and the U.S.

To break this phenomenon down, FBRs are highly energetic, producing a year’s worth of Solar output in the space of milliseconds. In rare cases, astronomers have found bursts that were repeating in nature, which has allowed them to conduct follow-up studies. While the origin of these bursts is still unknown, possible explanations range from hyper-magnetized neutron stars and black holes to cosmic strings left over from the Big Bang and even alien transmissions!

This exotic explanation is especially appealing where repeating FRBs are concerned, as repetition lends itself to artificial explanations. This includes the signal designated FRB 121102, which was originally detected in 2012 and is the first known repeater and the first well-localized FRB. Not only has this signal been traced to a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light-years away, but it is repeatedly bursting at pretty regular intervals.

Previous observations determined that it repeats on a 157-day cycle that consists of a 67-day inactive phase, followed by a 90-day period where it would repeatedly emit intense radio flares. In recent years, Pei Wang and the many institutions participating in the FAST telescope project have monitored FRB 121102’s and recorded several repeating bursts – one that consisted of 20 pulses in one day and another where 12 bursts were observed in two hours.

From these, Wang and his colleagues were able to refine estimates of FRB 121102’s cycle, which they now place at 156.1 days. But when they examined the backend data obtained by FAST during its commissioning phase, they noticed that FRB 121102 experienced a truly energetic period of activity. During the three months, running from August 29th to October 29th, 2019, FAST detected no less than 1,652 independent bursts in 59.5 hours spanning 47 days.

SETI Homes in on Strange Fast Radio Bursts

The Green Bank Telescope monitoring the galaxy for Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs). Credit: UC Berkeley

While the rate of radio pulses varied throughout this time, a record 122 bursts occurred during the peak hour – the highest event rate ever observed from an FRB. Based on the detected bursts, the researchers determined that they have a peak energy equivalence of 480 Nonillion (4.8 × 1037) ergs at 1.25 GHz, below which the detection of bursts is suppressed. As Dr. Wang said in a CAS Newsroom release:

“The total energy of this burst set already adds up to 3.8% of what is available from a magnetar and no periodicity was found between 1 ms and 1000 s, both of which severely constrains the possibility that FRB 121102 comes from an isolated compact object.”

They also determined that bursts’ energy distribution is bimodal in nature, meaning that they are distributed one of two ways, depending on the energy level. In other words, they found that weaker FRB pulses are more random while strong ones occur with greater consistency. Moreover, these latest results also allowed the team to investigate the range of theoretical causes and narrow them down.

For one, the lack of periodicity (or quasi-periodicity) of this repeating FRB challenges the notion that it results from a single rotating compact object (aka. a black hole or neutron star). Second, the high burst rate disfavors high-energy or contrived mechanisms, which casts doubt on theories of alien agency. But most of all, they found that the high-cadence of these bursts (where many happen in the course of hour-long spans) will facilitate future statistical studies.

Lorimer Burst Artist Impression

Artist’s impression of the Lorimer Burst observed by the Arecibo radio observatory. Credit and Copyright: Danielle Futselaar

Basically, they anticipate that astronomers will be able to conduct investigations into the periodic nature of these bursts, with searches lasting between 1 millisecond and 1000 seconds. What’s more, they anticipate that the FAST telescope will play a vital role. “As the world’s largest antenna, FAST’s sensitivity proves to be conducive to revealing intricacies of cosmic transients, including FRBs,” said Prof. Li.

In more recent news, the CRAFTS project has reported the discovery of six new FRBs, including a repeater that is similar to FRB 121102. These and other radio sources are cataloged on the CRAFTS website.

Adapted from an article originally published on Universe Today.

For more on this study, see Origin Unknown: Over a Thousand Powerful Cosmic Explosions Detected by FAST Telescope in 47 Days.

Reference: “A bimodal burst energy distribution of a repeating fast radio burst source” by D. Li, P. Wang, W. W. Zhu, B. Zhang, X. X. Zhang, R. Duan, Y. K. Zhang, Y. Feng, N. Y. Tang, S. Chatterjee, J. M. Cordes, M. Cruces, S. Dai, V. Gajjar, G. Hobbs, C. Jin, M. Kramer, D. R. Lorimer, C. C. Miao, C. H. Niu, J. R. Niu, Z. C. Pan, L. Qian, L. Spitler, D. Werthimer, G. Q. Zhang, F. Y. Wang, X. Y. Xie, Y. L. Yue, L. Zhang, Q. J. Zhi and Y. Zhu, 13 October 2021, Nature.
DOI: 10.1038/s41586-021-03878-5

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    I know it’s a basic question, but has anyone looked at these emissions in the frequency range as equating to Morse code? Why not try the simplest way to communicate when not knowing the intellect of whom your talking with…start with the simplest solution’s first.

  5. Clearly not science, or they would know arecibo collapsed.

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    Maybe they have been trying to reach us about our auto warranty about to expire

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  14. C’mon folks…the object is 3 billion light years away…there is absolutely no sense in replying or trying to”converse” with it…3BILLION LIGHT YEARS AWAY…Anybody want to live forever!!!

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  17. To answer another comment, we aren’t trying to communicate with them because the objects are several billion light years away. This literally means that any living species that happened to send a message from that far using light waves would likely be long dead by the time we received the message. It literally took 3 billion years to reach us. When you look out into the far reaches of space, you are also looking deeply into time itself.

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  22. I’m surprised you people believe in this kind of nonsense. There’s not an ounce of evidence to prove aliens exist, and really, there isn’t even any implication that the exist either. These so called “radio bursts” are merely a natural phenomenon, and yet you reprobate minded fools look at it as hope for alien life?! How? If there is any tangible evidence that is concrete, I challenge any who are able to present it to me. If you cannot, then let it be known that it is because there is none

    • Nick, theoretical physics might not be for you. These geniuses don’t get to see what they discover or often can’t even prove it but it works. Quoting Star Trek, “There’s 40 Billion Stars in our galaxy and there’s 40 Billion galaxies in the univers…” Alien life might or might not be visiting us but there’s no way earth is the only source of life in this ever expanding universe…

    • Evidence abounds! The galaxies are spilling evidence all over the universes.
      As for proof: Currently surmised ‘absence of proof’ is *not* proof of absence — anyway no worries while it might well be assumed your message is from Mecca & vetted by the Saudi princes — have a good ‘bung’ from their coffers.

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    • You’re kidding right?
      Can’t travel faster than light so minimum 3 billion years…

    • •Along with ‘fast’ light waves as observed via the article — radio waves also being part of the electromagnetic spectrum are observed at the speed of light (±red shift or violet shift according to differential movement between ourvantage point versus the electromagnetic source.

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    Firstly, Nick, don’t think you understand just how many stars and galaxies there are, there are more stars in our galaxy than grains of sand on a beach and more galaxies than grains of sand. To say there is no life anywhere else would be foolish, we have no proof yet no… Apart from the well known meteorite that is likely to have come from Mars that contains evidence of worm like microorganisms. Secondly, it takes light 3 billion years to travel a distance of 3 billion light years. A light year is the distance light travels in 1 year, what did you lots learn at school, oh wait I know the answer. Fingers crossed it is aliens, I hope it’s a signal from some sort of faster than light drive, would make sense if it was given off from more energy than our sub however, sadly it’s probably not.

  31. … who even gets an idea that advanced civilizations will communicate with radio waves…

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