Biomarkers News

Biomarkers, or biological markers, are measurable indicators of some biological state or condition. They are often used in medicine as signs of normal or pathological processes, or responses to a therapeutic intervention. Biomarkers can be physical traits, molecules, genes, or specific changes found in body tissues, blood, or other body fluids. The use of biomarkers is widespread in diagnosing diseases, monitoring the progress of diseases, predicting disease course, and evaluating the effectiveness of treatments. For instance, cholesterol levels can serve as a biomarker for heart disease risk, while the presence of certain proteins might indicate cancer or autoimmune diseases. Biomarkers are also pivotal in personalized medicine, where they help tailor treatment plans based on the individual characteristics of each patient’s condition. Additionally, in clinical trials, biomarkers are critical for assessing drug response and safety, thereby accelerating the development of new therapies.