This Stunning Spiral Galaxy Is Mesmerizing – Image Took 9 Hours Observation Time on Hubble Space Telescope

Spiral Galaxy NGC 5643

NGC 5643 is about 60 million light-years away in the constellation of Lupus (The Wolf). Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, A. Riess et al. Acknowledgment: Mahdi Zamani

This stunning image by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope features the spiral galaxy NGC 5643 in the constellation of Lupus (The Wolf). Looking this good isn’t easy; thirty different exposures, for a total of 9 hours of observation time, together with the high resolution and clarity of Hubble, were needed to produce an image of such a high level of detail and beauty.

NGC 5643 is about 60 million light-years away from Earth and has been the host of a recent supernova event (not visible in this latest image). This supernova (2017cbv) was a specific type in which a white dwarf steals so much mass from a companion star that it becomes unstable and explodes. The explosion releases significant amounts of energy and lights up that part of the galaxy.

The observation was proposed by Adam Riess, who was awarded a Nobel Laureate in Physics in 2011 for his contributions to the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe, alongside Saul Perlmutter and Brian Schmidt.

29 Comments on "This Stunning Spiral Galaxy Is Mesmerizing – Image Took 9 Hours Observation Time on Hubble Space Telescope"

  1. WOW – 9 hours so well spent. What a stunning and absorbing image of a stupendous galaxy.

  2. so where’s the original hi res image? didn’t see on NASA

  3. Behold the handiwork and beauty of our Creator.

  4. Those diffraction spikes look odd.

  5. That truly is one amazing picture

  6. Cool (computer generated) compost of another galaxy. If the Hubble took the pic then show us. I’m not going to say anything else, but come on. You know that a computer did that right…? Not (THE CREATOR) ?

  7. Creators magic and detail everywhere you look…

  8. Seems to me like a saint said , “I only know that I know nothing”

  9. Where’s the hi res image?!? Yes, behold the CREATOR…..THE BIG BANG!!!

  10. I’m really laughing my butt off reading those cynical comments from those if you say to them it’s daylight at 12:00 noon, they will say it’s midnight.

  11. Siddiqa Amatullah-Rahman | December 15, 2020 at 12:59 pm | Reply

    Beautiful, Spectacular and Powerful.
    Thank you

  12. Clark Henderson | December 16, 2020 at 7:22 am | Reply

    The devil put dinosaurs here
    Jesus don’t like a queer

    • God created all things Clark including the angelic creature who rebeled against his maker and to be a devil or resistor. The devil did not create anything. And Jesus does not hate homosexual persons he hates the practice of homosexuality. If Jesus hated the person who practices sin then he would not have given his life for all mankind, but he did die for humankind with the hope that they would abandon wrong conduct and choose right conduct.

      • Ehh, guys.. This is the science of astronomy, which has no room for this kind of religious nonsense.
        [- But for the sake of the argument; If god/Jesus felt so deeply against the practice of homosexuality, don’t you think he’d squeezed it in to the 10 commandments!? Like ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery – nor engage in homosexual activities’]

  13. Somebody gotta be looking at our milky way through their telescopes…

  14. Is there another galaxy in the top left area of the pic? Looks farther away with a red coloring.

  15. It was not created it was evolution in an absolutely mind blowing amount of billions of years just like the earth took billions of years to luckily end up in the right place to evolve for life to exist, remember we little humans were once chimps.

    • If we were once chimps as you claim Paul, then why are there still so many chimps in the world surely they would have evolved as well over the millions of years surely some of them would already be in some period of evolutionary transition that we could obviously see and observe, but they are not are they Non of them are. What! Did they just decide that they were not going to evolve into something better??? Or did they all just forget that they were supposed to evolve?? That makes no sense.

  16. Breathtaking.

  17. Nature,,the ultimate architect.

  18. If we were once chimps, then why are there so many chimps still around??? Did they forget to evolve into humans??😜🤪

  19. Awe inspiring. Images like this helps me right size our troubles, thanks for publishing this.

  20. Dash Anthony Bryan Flagg | December 20, 2020 at 1:13 am | Reply

    Of course it’s a computer generated image. That’s how we get images from space based telescopes. What you thought somehow hubble exposes actual film that is then somehow transported back to earth for development? Doesn’t mean the image is fake.

  21. Dave Satterfield | January 11, 2021 at 5:55 pm | Reply

    The Creator😂😅🤣…Yeah, and it revolves around the earth😂

  22. Since time is part of the basis by which all things come to fruition, it appears evolution is quite a miraculous design technique. It is remarkable to consider being created by the creator to be creative. Those words from Jesus of Nazareth, “Be like this child”, seem to remind us of our free will and yet also our fitting feeling, response, “Thank you Abba”.

  23. Beautiful picture. I’ve listened to all the theories and all but one are speculation. Do not confuse the words in the Bible with religion. Religion is the practice of rituals. Everytime you sit Dow and watch your favorite football team play and run the head of some doll, that is religion. The big bang theory is so vague and full of holes, when argued for, provides no concrete, definitive answers. Evolution is even more sketchy, always talking about the missing link, only for humans, the creature, is perfect. Only his thoughts are impure and his actions are immoral. Wisdom that comes from man is from the view point of this world and not from the Father. This galaxy was not created by man and man will never be able to comprehend how this and all others are/were formed. Enjoy the beauty that was created because as humans that is about the best we can do.

  24. Brian J Kachelman | April 29, 2021 at 11:06 pm | Reply

    For those of you saying you can’t find the NASA info… It was easy. Here ya go…

  25. SHAKEEL AHMAD | May 1, 2021 at 2:19 pm | Reply

    The image is mind blowing, yet it needs no mention that it is is just a compilation of of 9 hour long toil of Hubble, which makes it so appealing and good to look at object.
    As far the creation of Cosmos and its unabated working for billions of years is concerned that requires an almighty Creator, as otherwise this orderly running of all these galaxies, and stars and planets therewith, was to be out of question.
    More so unique is the creation of our living planet and the creation and evolution of Life thereon could not be automatic or the work of some “blind watchmaker”. However, the evolution of Homo sapiens from some Champs is just just the brain-child of Charles Darwin, which could not face the test of time or any objective criticism to any notable degree or standard.

  26. A rebelious child will always find fault with his parents,so does a rebelious human being with his Creator.

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