A New, Non-Addictive Painkiller With Fewer Side Effects

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Researchers discovered that the compound benzyloxy-cyclopentyladenosine was a potent painkiller in test model systems.

A promising new non-opioid painkiller (analgesic) has been discovered, with potentially fewer side effects than other potent painkillers.

A team of researchers led by scientists from the University of Warwick’s School of Life Sciences has analyzed a compound known as BnOCPA (benzyloxy-cyclopentyladenosine) which was discovered to be a powerful and selective analgesic that is non-addictive in test model systems. BnOCPA also has a unique mode of action, which could provide a new path for the creation of pain-relieving drugs.

The study, conducted by the Warwick team in collaboration with researchers from the University of Bern, University of Cambridge, Coventry University, Monash University, and industrial organizations, was recently published in in the journal Nature Communications.

In the UK, between a third and a half of the population report having chronic pain that is either moderately or severely disabling. Such pain negatively affects the quality of life, and many of the often prescribed painkillers have side effects. Opioids, such as morphine, oxycodone (OxyContin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), and methadone, can cause addiction and are dangerous when used in excess. There is thus an unmet need for new, powerful painkillers.

Many drug works by activating adapter molecules known as G proteins on the cell surface. The activation of G proteins can cause a variety of cellular effects. Because just one kind of G protein is activated by BnOCPA, its actions are very selective, minimizing the possibility of negative side effects.

Dr. Mark Wall is from the School of Life Sciences at the University of Warwick and led the research. He stated: “The selectivity and potency of BnOCPA make it truly unique and we hope that with further research it will be possible to generate potent painkillers to help patients cope with chronic pain.”

Professor Bruno Frenguelli, principal investigator on the project, from the University of Warwick’s School of Life Sciences, added: “This is a fantastic example of serendipity in science. We had no expectations that BnOCPA would behave any differently from other molecules in its class, but the more we looked into BnOCPA we discovered properties that had never been seen before, and which may open up new areas of medicinal chemistry.”

Professor Graham Ladds, co-principal investigator on the project, from the University of Cambridge, said: “This is an amazing story looking at agonist bias for a GPCR. Not only does BnOCPA have the potential to be a new type of painkiller, but it has shown us a new method for targeting other GPCRs in drug discovery.”

Reference: “Selective activation of Gαob by an adenosine A1 receptor agonist elicits analgesia without cardiorespiratory depression” by Mark J. Wall, Emily Hill, Robert Huckstepp, Kerry Barkan, Giuseppe Deganutti, Michele Leuenberger, Barbara Preti, Ian Winfield, Sabrina Carvalho, Anna Suchankova, Haifeng Wei, Dewi Safitri, Xianglin Huang, Wendy Imlach, Circe La Mache, Eve Dean, Cherise Hume, Stephanie Hayward, Jess Oliver, Fei-Yue Zhao, David Spanswick, Christopher A. Reynolds, Martin Lochner, Graham Ladds, and Bruno G. Frenguelli, 18 July 2022, Nature Communications.
DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-31652-2

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  1. I want to subscribe

  2. Priming us for the next miricale pain killer that will kill thousands.

  3. I really think science should look into things other than pills. If there is pain, instead of just “killing it” through copious amounts of medications which alter and damage our body’s biochemical processes, why can we not find the root causes of pain and how to correct them. Managing symptoms is not health, normal uninterrupted bodily function is true health

    • Maybe because many types of pain are caused by conditions, disease and Injuries that cannot be fixed.

    • Dand ray, this was a horrible boomer take. I would be embarrassed posting this. But thats just me 💁‍♂️

      • Have you considered that “Boomers” have been around alot longer than you?
        Don’t you think you will see and learn some things over the next 20,30,40 years, or do you know it all already?
        Well we’ve heard this garbage a dozen times and watched our friends become addicted and die. So think before you cast off people who don’t have your youthful ignorance.

    • There is too much money to be lost in Big Pharma!

    • They’ve tried and failed. Wake up. Most prescriptions are maskers. Not just pain pills.

  4. treating the pain is far more profitable than finding the cause and fixing the underlying problem. It is all about the $$$$.

    • I have a spine and neck that can’t be fixed! Most people with spinal and vertebrae degeneration have no cure available! No doctor can rebuild the vertebrae!
      They have no cure!

  5. “ Many drug works by activating adapter molecules known as G proteins on the cell surface.” should be “ Many drugs work by activating…”. Reading this was like a slap in the face. Anyway the root cause of chronic pain is often inflammation of a nerve.

  6. What could POSSIBLY go wrong???

  7. Just wondering if it is an NSAID?

    • I think it’s a gamma receptor drug like a Gabapentin which is primarily for nerve pain not a Delta Mu opioid receptor Agonist which actually gets rid of physical pain

  8. I’d be interested in the human trials.

  9. Non addictive pain killer? We have heard this before

  10. Looks like it is either still in vitro or they would have said which animal model they were using. Only about 0.1% of lead candidates become approved drugs. And it takes years. Don’t hold your breath.

  11. How can I get into a drug trial using this product I have diabetic neuropathy also planter fasciitis in both feet can barely walk or stand I know nothing will take the pain away I’m hoping just to easy it so I can enjoy some time with my

    • Inasmuch as I’m addicted to my pain relief medicine, I direly need something like this to break the disgusting addiction,and still stop the pain.

    • Disabled Marine Veteran | September 6, 2022 at 3:11 am | Reply

      Donald, I am not a doctor but do suffer from chronic plantar fascists and complex regional pain syndrome there are alternatives but idk about your other issues. Lidocaine was a saviour for me both in patches and a cream it’s expensive but has come down the otc work but not as well most patches need the edges trimmed off with good scissors if they don’t work or you have trouble with them sticking (bottom of the feet) can be problematic with the film not the cotton backed versions., compression socks or even arch supporting socks carefully placed over them cn keep them in place.. I was able to walk through a Walmart the first time using them instead having to sit after every aisle.. I couldn’t wear them in back or other needed places so I got the cream and use both sparingly and never both at the same time it is cost prohibitive but if I give you even one day with your grandchildren that should be priceless. There are other meds for neuropathy like Cymbalta but the side effects aren’t worth the trouble in my opinion. elavil is even worse I thought it was a miracle drug but lost my memory and never recovered some of it. Lots of trial and error idk if you can use this info but hopefully it helps.. there are other topical compound medicines that might even be able to be made just for you. There’s also cannabis is also an option in some locations but also takes trial and error to find what works for you,, someone else in this forum said they hallucinate which is possible for people taking too much or unaccustomed to high thc instead of a balanced cbd:thc ratio or even cbd by itself which might be all that’s legal where you live. Some have used it to get off opiates, unfortunately there is no magic bullet or a one size fits all solution as we each have our own unique circumstances and might respond differently to the same treatment. I do wish you luck and hope this helps

      • I am on Medicaid and can get the 5mg Lidocaine patches paid for through insurance. The key is you do not get prescribed Lidocaine directly or they deny. I get ZTLIDO 5MG.I do need prior authorization but it is always approved and you are allowed 3 patched a day 12 hrs on and 12 hrs off. I also get the Lidocaine creme paid for by Medicaid. It is the OTC CVS brand Lidocaine 4% and between the patches, the creme and my few 10mg oxycodones I get I manage to survive. And yes I cut the patches to fit my feet. Usually in half and then wrap them as needed. Before I had Medicaid I was paying a ton for both thing and even after never having a clue that some OTC items would be picked up. So also something that might work for Donald too maybe? Hope it helps either of you.

  12. I’m sick of all these ‘new drugs’ that ‘aren’t addictive’ to treat pain when we have something that works. It’s bs. People are dying from being taken OFF these meds.

    • Agree they punished the wrong people,for chronic pain it’s necessary to live normal pain free. I don’t think these people have ever experienced chronic pain.

    • Yep I agree! Their doctors aren’t taking them off slowly or cutting them off completely without weaning them off. Then they turn to street drugs or heroin and are dying that way or suicide because they’re in complete agony for the same reason they were out on the pain meds to begin with it. It’s awful these doctors are doing this to patients. I thought they went into the medical field to help people…

    • Yes! I remember when Ultram wasn’t addictive. It was HELL getting off that drug! I was basically forced to go to Methadone clinic after having my meds cut so low that I lost 30 lbs and was in so much pain.

  13. Go Ahead

  14. Franz Schubert iii | September 5, 2022 at 5:38 pm | Reply

    I hope it works out. But let’s not forget that many of our worst drugs were initially marketed as safe and non-addictive. Heroin, for example, was originally touted to be a safe alternative to morphine.

  15. Iam 70 been on pain meds for 50+ yrs. as a guinea pig for Dr.Herrington in 1960’s. They are slowly killing real chronic pain people by reducing our pain relief meds. because of people and Dr. Who abused the opioids,so we pay the price. I have no quality of life now, can’t walk,Pain all day, don’t subject my pain on others so Iam alone,who wants to hear someone crying day and night in pain. and just about ready to check out due to this constant pain. They told us we don’t know what your life will be like as you are the first to get this surgery, well it’s hell. This is the appreciation you get for giving body to the medical professionals to help others. Never again. I took plenty of pain meds my whole life, never did street drug and don’t drink or smoke. They have lowered pain meds.to help the Cartel sell their goods thur open borders.iam not saying their not dangerous but they are needed for alot of long term chronic pain people who don’t get high from them. I have NEVER felt high from them, but they say get Legal MJ now, well that should be taken away it makes me Hulucinate and no one cares about that, it’s ok! I can work, drive, and never tkt.or cause accident,have social life, normal life when I use right dose of Percocet. Terrible

  16. Someone is hording all the pain killers. Doctors and pharmisist are all making big bucks somewhere because there are more herion addiction than I’ve ever seen in my 57 years of living. Then you have rehabs. Thats got to be the biggest money grab that was ever thought of.

    • how to increase death and private prison population:
      create addicts by overprescibing pain meds then cutting people off cold turkey…check.
      once crisis levels are reached send legit pain patients into the streets by cutting them off too…check.
      rinse repeat.

  17. What innocent animal was tortured in a lab to test this? What pain was inflicted on the sentient beings in order to see if this was effective?

  18. WOW sounds great but how can you trust them. Everything is about $$$$ like they really care if we’re drug free and no pain. Yeah right. I refuse to be a lab rat.

  19. Anyone watch Dopesick on Hulu? They said opioids weren’t addictive also.

  20. Sounds hopeful to the optimist over here.

  21. Purdue pharma 2.0

  22. Modern science is driven by big pharmaceutical profits and that makes it untrustworthy. I’d trust the geniuses hiding from being used by any government or pharmaceutical company to lie for them after indoctrinating their minds.


  24. I hurt every day with out pain killers..lf I have to take it every day then it doesn’t matter if is addicting..we need something that is hard to build a tolerance to

  25. Jeff Hendrickson | September 5, 2022 at 7:35 pm | Reply

    Just give fentanyl in large quantities to all. Problem solved no more pain

  26. All you have to do is look at the front page of the surgeon general it says… to prolong not prevent illness or injury…. big pharma is the number one money Maker for politicians and the rich they give two s***s less about who they’re killing as long as their pockets are full

  27. I am a 68 yr. Old complex chronic disease patient and turned down lung transplant because I had to resort to marijuana edibles to ease bone crushing pain. I was on fentanyl patch over 22 yrs. Forced to titrate off due to all illegal overdose several yrs back. How can a seriously illegal patient who had no issues w meds for many yrs. Get stripped of relief because the government and pharma can’t get their priorities straight. First do no harm is for legitimate pain patients as well as addicts.

  28. Correction…seriously ill LEGAL patient

  29. Im on suboxone so im screwed

  30. I am terminally ill and chronic paid because of it. I have an inoperable tumor, and very susceptible to infections. There is NO way to fix me. Or the pain. People should know the facts before knocking something. This drug might get me out of bed!!

  31. After 20 years, I weaned myself off of my fentanyl patch and oxy pills. At one point, I was taking 100mcg patch (strongest available). But my body needed evermore meds. I wanted off the nightmare merry-go-round. I still had (have) pain, but I no longer have to be treated like an addict who misuses medication, and they no longer have the ability to rule my life; being treated like a child, and discouraging alternative solutions. The anxiety and stress is gone. However, the pain is ever-present. I would volunteer for a trial.

    • Blontrobl, I am very interested in your opinion of how you felt when taking opioids for your pain vs not taking any. The big question for me is it better to just deal with the pain or lower the pain but have the side effects. I struggle with this. How would I handle times when the pain is so bad I can’t find relief in any position. Something has to give there or I will lose my mind. Can you help me with this?

  32. When you’re in true chronic, severe, debilitating pain in multiple areas of your body & drugs like morphine, etc. hardly touch it…..you would deeply appreciate science striving to find better & safer medications!!! I applaud all those involved & look forward to a hopefully positive outcome!! Keep the research going!!!

  33. Fool me once shame on you! Fool me tw… just shove your stupid innovations somewhere far from me, you lying greedy scumbags

    • I have been in 9 accidents, 8 of those were people using their cell phones while driving and slammed into my vehicle and 1 person was trying to catch all of the lights on yellow in a 30 mph zone and he admitted to the police that he had been going 80mph and when the light turned red for him he couldn’t stop and broad sided my vehicle. One of the drivers who was on her phone in Dallas traffic came from the far inside lane to the exit lane where I was the last car in that lane of backed up traffic and she slammed into my car at 70mph. So for years I have suffered with chronic pain and severe nerve damages in my spine and legs. Doctors have had me on different opioid medications and some with bad side effects. But because I chose to deal with some of my pain instead of becoming addicted to these dangerous drugs I charted my medications daily and I didn’t want to get an addiction. So it’s possible to be on opioid and not develop an addiction to them.My quality of life is no where what it once was and some days it’s very hard, but at 72 years old now I just underwent shoulder replacement surgery and unfortunately my surgeon doesn’t believe in opioid medications and sent me home with nothing but baby aspirin until I threatened to call the Texas state medical board on him.And even at that he only gave me a 10 day supply of Perkaset then switched to tylenol #3. I have never abused any of my pain medication, never failed a drug test and always had pills left after it was time to refill my medication. So many people are being hurt and allowed to suffer from pain because of the new medical board laws governing pain medication. We are being lumped into the same basket as the people who are addicted and have abused their pain medication. It’s wrong and abusing their patients.

  34. A patient needing pain relief needs it NOW, not when someone comes up with “a better mouse trap” (so to speak).

  35. Let’s have it. I have degenerative scoliosis and am in constant, sometimes excruciating,pain. I can not get anyone to prescribe anything that works. Okay, addictive, but I’m 65 and barely function! Mercy, please, I need relief. Guess I have to go to the streets?

  36. I have pain from intra alterial drug injection of Subutex in my neck on BOTH SIDES hit altery now I have had pain from my left jaw line down my neck under my armpit circulating down into my shoulder blade can’t get a deep breath this has been going on for 3 weeks pain is a 7 to 10 sometimes I’m scared to go to ER and tell them what happened but it really hurts anyone to talk to out there please email me

    • GO TO THAT EFFIN ER, ARE YOU INSANE?!?! SCREW THE PAIN, WHAT ABOUT INFECTION!!!! Why were your slamming subutex anyway?

    • Why did you decide to inject Subutex.. into your neck..? Are you asking for help now after abusing your pain medication (one that’s prescribed most commonly for addicts getting clean) by shooting it up in, not one, but both sides of your neck,..and cuz of that you now have new, chronic pain issues? What are you asking these readers and commenters for? Some secret new drug or new hook up? Advice? I’m a recovering addict and I can tell you probably where you went wrong, and that’s shooting up Subutex in your neck where you can easily damage nerves and blood vessels, or contract something/get an infection in an area close to Major vital organs…
      Stop abusing drugs. Go to a doctor and tell them what happened.

  37. Isn’t addiction with a professional’s care better than suicide?

  38. Donald, I was misdiagnosed with plantar fasciitis and “treated” but my Ortho and my pain doc. Neither helped, until I brought it up to my osteo Dr. Problem solved in 15 minutes! He even treats neuropathy. I don’t know anything about these G proteins, but opioids block signals between nerve endings, slowing the rate at which pain signals transmit to the brain. They don’t heal, only mask pain. I can’t take NSAID’s, so it’s acetaminophen and opioids. I don’t have much faith in this new placebo sounding, miracle cure!

  39. As a RN & Chronic Pain Patient I’m always interested in viable pain relief methods. I’m constantly being told that New Alternatives are found everyday. So One that targets One agonist versus several does sound promising. Now if the cartels will leave it alone, the Government officials that know Zero about Medicine will leave it alone while Researchers, Drs and Patients can be left alone to evaluate this method Glory be to God!

  40. I would very much want to be in the drug trial as I have been on opioids since 2017 and want off of them but have degenerative disc disease and nerve damage along with rotoscoliosis

  41. My husband has had numerous surgeries. I would LOVE for him to find a non narcotic pain reliever so he could have a better life. Being able to move. And not be addicted to a narcotic med that eventually stops working n is done just to not be sick from the withdrawals.

  42. I highly doubt that big corporations like Big Pharma are going to let this even see the light of day. It will be too much money lost on the ever existing Opioid Crisis in EVERY COUNTRY AND STATE!! Which is nothing short of a continued cash grab for them.

    • Big pharma is already losing out on billions due to doctors cutting people off and less are getting prescribed. Too many people are already suffering. They need to just make a drug that actually works and isn’t going to harm our organs or bones and cause addiction.

  43. Ek persoonlik het chroniese pyn. Geen skedule 4 meds word gegee almal bang vir verslawing Maar op 58 het ek in elkgeval geen goeie lewens kwaliteid asgevolg v voordurende pyn. Is selfmoord daneenigste oplossing? Soms voel dit die dokters hou daarvan om in beheer v jou lewe tewees.al wat ek vra gee my die medikadie wat nodig is dat ek darm n klein bietjie verligting kan beleef en normaal voel as pil werk.

  44. Who claims something is addictive? Are people to suffer pain because some jackass says they should? Generic Norco hardly does anything! It makes you sleepy! That’s not pain control. If medication is dosed correctly and monitored there is no such thing as fking addition! Wait till you are 68 with three chronic pain conditions! And have to carry on!!

  45. Warning! Comment section may throw you into severe depression (╯︵╰,)

  46. One commenter wondered why clinical researchers don’t look to other methods of pain relief that do not just treat the symptoms of pain that often require multiple doses of oral or injectable meds over time, rather than targeting the source of the pain & alleviating with a one-time or short-term drug delivery, procedure, or other – with intent of a ‘cure’. That’s a very valid question with a sobering answer: modern medicine is based on allopathic principles. In simplest terms allopathic medicine treats the symptoms assoc with a disease/condition to temporarily alleviate or improve the diseased state (chronic pain/ hypertension, etc). Homeopathic medicine on other hand is based on mildly aggravating the symptoms of the disease state (with dilution factors of plant extracts or chem compositions to trigger a healing/immune response from the body. An example of homeopathic therapy is a traditional vaccine produced with killed/live & attenuated disease-causing virus/bacteria. Homeopathic medicine was mainly practiced in the west until the 20th century when a more complete understanding of physiology & body processes that allowed allopathic medicine to develop drugs to specifically hone in on improving the symptoms of disease. And the booming pharmaceutical industry was born! With the exception of vaccines, antibiotics & recent med treatment of hepatitis C & to a lesser extent traditional cancer, chemotherapies, drug development has almost entirely focused on TREATING SYMPTOMS of chronic disease vs focusing on CURES. I’m a pharmacist who worked for big pharma for 20yrs. I was a fierce proponent of the industry arguing about the HUGE cost of drug discovery to explain high drug cost & that drugs were cheaper in other countries mostly because they relied on US new drug development. However, I wasn’t always seeing the trees in the big forest! And yes, it took lots of money to get a drug approved/marketed but there was (and is) a total imbalance between research dollars for NON-CURE med development vs for disease cures. Its MUCH more profitable to keep patients indefinitely on a med for a chronic disease than a cure! And while ‘pill taking’ will one day soon be a thing of past & remembered as the Dark Ages, in the immediate future expect big pharma to continue to develop MORE drugs (at higher costs) for the NON-CURE of chronic diseases that is deeply rooted in the philosophy & practice of allopathic medicine!

  47. Maybe all you nay sayers are all to happy being a slave to addiction because it’s easy ,me being disabled ,kicked the opiates and am all welcoming a non-addictive pain killer, then maybe also it will control the opiate problem this nation has , I’ll be for the human trials for sure ,and the rest of you ,if it works like described ,what’s that mean for you no more opiates ? Ahhh

  48. I share the skepticism of a new non-addictive painkiller. We’ve definitely heard that before. However, this is promising as it’s not a opiate and it doesn’t have a depressive effect on respiration or cardiac function. That’s big news!

  49. No it’s NOT an NSAID! It clearly stated that it was analgesic, Pete Maio or whoever else was wondering but apparently didn’t comprehend the article… Anyway, they said the very same thing about Ultram/Tramadol some years back
    My sister and uncle end up addicted to it. My docs have it to me on top of 2 other meds that lower the seizure threshold so I end up ha ing one behind the wheel of my car. Thankfully I was parked at a restaurant. I don’t see this being any different because it was an analgesic too. I use an all natural plant to kill my pain. The alkaloids are similar to that in morphine but it’s all natural.

    • Hi Kristen, What kind of plant do you use for your pain? Do you consume it or use it topical? I’m really interested in trying whatever it is that you use. I also suffer from chronic pain and have trying many different options from natural to over the counter, to vitamins, to making even my own numbing salves over the years. Unfortunately I haven’t found much that works or doesn’t make me feel sick to my stomach.
      Thank you in advance

      • She is probably talking about kratom. If people didn’t have kratom there would be hundreds of thousands more dead from their fake “opioid crisis”. People have pain and need medicine!!

  50. Pain is just dis-ease trying to get out

  51. Prickly lettuce tincture is natural and can be made at home without big pharma .must be careful with it tho as you can od on it

  52. People die from misuse of the medication and thinking they can manage an addictive substance. I’ve lived with chronic pain my whole life, I use medication sparingly to help manage and control the pain. It was never meant to make it disappear. I’d be interested in something with less side effects

  53. Where is the big big money for the man, if they actually solve problems? Huh. Instead of just kinda fixing things providing long term cash flow for pharma… And trust me I recall another drug that was, in fact non habit forming.. smh

  54. It’s always new non addictive, not damaging your organ’s, it’s always the same, just use bee venom and bypass all that chemical experiments.

  55. I hope this new pain killer works.
    Be7ng a person that uses a oain klller when my paim reached 6 I avoid using oppiods so I donot become addicted.

  56. I’m on pain killers and I went thru withdrawal so I could have surgery and I really felt like I was going to die I have two more surgery to go so it would be nice not to take pills that bout take your life. I have real bad back I my surgeon help me but I been in back pain for 30 years so I hope and pray it works. But I will still need pain medicine.I had a pain pump just taken out for my surgery. So I know what pain is so please tell me more about this medicine.

    • Hi, can I ask why you had to go through withdrawal to have surgery? Is that something the doctors made you do? I never heard of that before.
      Sorry you had to go through that. I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant.

  57. As a subcontractor for 4 decades on ladders and scaffolding has taken its toll on my spine. My body was in superb form for most my life. And then. What I didn’t know was that I was eroding my disc’s away from the constant pressures I’d exert on my back.
    2007 Memorial day. I walked out my door and walked into a wall. Something was wrong and I drove straight to the Hospital. What happened next changed my life.
    An MRI later and half a dozen white coats descended upon me.
    Here I am, 50 nothing years old, recently divorced and I’ve got a life changing decision to make.
    With zero insurance, the hospital gave me a choice. Neck surgery or lower back surgery. It was my lower back that hurt the most until they told me of the outcome of not doing the neck surgery.
    Of the vertebrae touched or fused in my neck, I’d be paralyzed from there down. Plan B was in effect.
    The operation done, I re-habbed and was sent home. That was a 2 week process. I woke to use the bathroom and fell to the floor, paralyzed. My neighbor came by in the morning and found me on the floor, soiled. Back to the hospital I went. Released again and returned home. My back was itchy and I showed it to my neighbor. Back to the Hospital again. My back had gotten mercer, I think. I had boils on my back and they had I/V’s running thru my veins. Released again. Boy did I lose my definition! Limp spaghetti. I had work to do.
    Fast forward to today.
    Finally had lower back surgery.
    Once in Sept,21 and Apr,22 or 3.
    I’ll never forget that day as it was my birthday. Some present.
    During and before my last surgery
    I’ve tried EVERY known medication for pain. Shots, needles(acu.p)
    and all pills capsules etc.
    15 years worth of medication.
    Opioid, before they were fashionable
    was the only med that worked. Made me feel close to normal. A Doctor once told me, if I use the medication for your pain and not your brain you would not get addicted to them. I do and still believe that. Here’s the point.
    Since my last surgery’s, I’ve tried 110% to get my body back in shape. I went to physical therapy
    worked out in my pool and used hand weights to strengthen my core. I’ve dropped 35 pounds of gut. I’m busting my ass and I think that I can’t get any better.
    I’m playing a psychological war in my head over this. And I’ll tell you why…I’m 100% better physically but about 60% of my former self. Hey, no delusions, I’m 69 years old. I tell people I’m 2-34 and a half year Olds.
    I’ve gone from a cane to a walker to a 4 wheeler with a seat! Going backwards. Medication is not as effective any longer, I walk, not far, without a devise and can not stand against a wall and touch the back of my head to it.
    Being positive is what works for me. Lately even that seems to have a shelf life.
    Any suggestions, anybody, anybody credible??

  58. I too am in daily pain from degenerative disc disease. I’ve taken otc to epidurals in my back and neck with no relief. I would love to try this new medication

  59. Samuel D Holmes | September 6, 2022 at 6:24 am | Reply

    I’ve been on oxycodone for sometime. It works great. But what happens if I stop it? How would I know these new meds could get me though the withdrawal ?????

  60. Timothy S Butler | September 6, 2022 at 6:26 am | Reply

    Everyone thinks finding the root of the pain and fix it.Sorry it’s not that easy.Ive been on opiods for 30 yrs.In order for the problem,they’d have to fuse L1 to S2.That much spinal fusionmeans no bending and more pain than what I have now.The obvious isn’t always the best

    • I’m in a similar situation. I’ve herniated the same disc 3 times in my lower back. S5 L1 I believe. I had two back surgeries already and just recently herniated it once again. Now the doc wants to do a fusion. After doing much research, I refuse to have it done. There’s more negatives then positives. I don’t want to risk more pain then I’m already in, risk being paralyzed, or losing 20% of my mobility permanently. Those are just some of the risks.
      The last 6 weeks I’ve been in complete agonizing pain. I couldn’t even walk, couldn’t lift my legs or move my feet. The slightest movement was wicked painful. I literally was stuck in bed laying on my side or back for 6 weeks. Getting up was a major challenge but I had to get up to walk around time to time to avoid being stiff in the rest of my body. Clearly I couldn’t work like this either. As of last Friday I could finally walk again but still have a lot of pain. Prednisone is a miracle drug for inflammation but I had to beg the ER doc for a higher dose and keep me on it longer then a week. I’ve also been on narcotics for the last 15 years, but been on the same dosage for about 8 years. My doctor won’t increase it or add anything else to help with the pain. It doesn’t work the same as it once did. When I have a flare up like that, I’m suffering so much and just have to wait until for the steroids to do it’s job. On a regular day to day basis, it’s barely taking the edge off and I suffer a lot. I hate how people ruined it for the us, the ones who really need these meds to get relief and to get up day to day to go to work and to make an honest living. I’m at the point I may need to file for disability. Only problem is I don’t know how I’d survive and pay bills waiting to get it approved. If you’re working they deny you instantly. People who are suffering in pain get screwed in more then one way. Whatever this new drug this article is talking about, hopefully it’s on the market soon. I’m willing to try it and do a trial if offered. But I have a feeling it’s just like any other drug.
      I also have a lot of side effects from meds. Which sucks bc opioids are really the only med that’s helped me over the years where I don’t have bad side effects and it doesn’t make me feel sick to my stomach like other meds.

      • Noooo way! Fusions are life changing. Find a reputable neurosurgeon not an orthopedic surgeon. My entire lumbar back has to be fused, I can’t wait! My cervical neck fusion was the best choice of my life

  61. Daniel Castillo | September 6, 2022 at 6:39 am | Reply

    1st, I want to counter the opinion of one gentleman [I did not catch his name], but wonder if he even Has severe/moderate chronic pain. I say this simply to point out that, yes, yes, yes, it would be ideal if the medical researchers could find the root causes of a patients pain, But in the meantime, finding and, or developing painkilling meds will have to suffice until any of those remedies can be found!! Those of us who are desperate to have pain relief very clearly understand that!!

  62. If the chemical blocks ir reversed pain I will want to use it again, and again, and again. It may not bind opioid receptors directly but the endogenous opioid system will be activated.

  63. Looks like they rediscovered Tylenol.

  64. “Non addictive pain pills with less side effects”
    Sounds like what was said about OXY

  65. I am very very interested in your new pain non addictive pill ,I have been on pain pills for years can you please help me, Thanks

  66. Purdue pharma promised the same thing about oxycodone and we are still feeling the effects of being lied to.

  67. Thc works great for pain. It’s just not supported by big pharma because they can’t make money on it.

  68. Some people just don’t understand that is is many pain. Causing problems that are not fixable. I know, cause I have lived with chronic pain and nerve damage for over 10 years. So, don’t be so quick to judge. This would be a blessing if it was to work.

  69. First off the people that abuse pain meds are usually not getting them legally! People who die from illegal opiod use should not be included with those who die from legit legal use because the people who get it illegally can still get theirs and others that do it legal cant. Its BS! stop hurting people that have legit need and use them properly. Go after those who obtain it illegally. The illegal users deaths should be counted separately from legal users.

    • Noooo way! Fusions are life changing. Find a reputable neurosurgeon not an orthopedic surgeon. My entire lumbar back has to be fused, I can’t wait! My cervical neck fusion was the best choice of my life

    • That’s absolutely INCORRECT!!!!! Please do research on the topic

      • It IS correct that most people dying from fentanyl “opioid” overdoses ARE getting it in their illegal drugs, mostly without knowing it! That’s why they are dying! YOU are the one that needs to research, Jill.

        Also – Many people, doctors included, were saying physical dependence is the same as addiction. IT IS NOT!!

  70. @kristen
    That all natural plant that has the similar alkaloids was once something I preached about too, until I had to get my second shoulder surgery and my plan was after the surgery I will be on a opiate for the post op then bye bye all however my withdrawals from that plant were so severe that I couldn’t sleep not to mention the REAL opiates we’re not even hitting/touching me because I was so tolerant from that natural plant the level of withdrawal I was at and tolerance I had built was insane …. But I never would have thought that plant was that strong I hope that you can taper and get off that I held that substance up high too thinking it is natural way safer then opiates but man oh man was I thrown through a loop hole …. 3 days after full shoulder surgery I had to be put on suboxtone because the withdrawal of the kratom was unbearable and the norcos were being canceled out because of the kratom that stuff is worse then heroin it just doesn’t kill u as quick ….. it hits your liver and u won’t know it until it’s to late …. If ur seems to good to be true it usually is

    • I’m glad I read your comment about the plant! I asked her what it was and waiting for a response. I was so interested in researching it to possibly try it but now that I know the name of it since you mentioned the name and I could look it up , no thanks!
      Plus what you mentioned about going through withdrawals from it. Who would’ve thought?! How scary that must’ve been for you.

  71. Dr EDSON Andre Johnson | September 6, 2022 at 8:10 am | Reply

    Is t his pain killer Coming from nature?is it a natural occuring or synthetic drug?

  72. Heather Smith,
    You need to get a malpractice attorney.

  73. I see quite a few comments from those who do not understand that chronic pain isn’t just debilitating its life threatening.A lot of them also fail to realize that there is only treatment for numerous painful conditions, no cures. I would love a med that allows my pain to become a background noise to my life instead of it being center stage. I would love to know what nearly pain free days are again. What a joy it would be to walk, to drive, get dressed and shower, and all in one day. Those who speak on pain relief without so much a clue should have several seats.

  74. Gabapentin helped my grandpa get off opioids. I’m always excited for more alternatives

    • I have never ending chronic pain. I am in a pain clinic or I would get nothing to relieve my pain. I am on gabapentin 3 times daily and on Norco 7.5 which I can take 3 times a day but never do! My normal level of pain is 5 on scale of 10. When my level of pain goes higher then I take my Norco. If this new drug does come out my prescription drug plan probably won’t pay for it and it will be too expensive for me to buy since on Social Security.

  75. Just like the non-addictive oxy codone!

  76. I would be interested in being in on a trial study.

  77. If it kills pain….it’s addictive…period…there are no exceptions to this.

  78. Thank goodness! I hurt so badly after 2 back surgeries. I don’t want to take meds to have me addicted to something. But Tylenol is not getting rid of the pain! I had rather hurt than take addictive pain meds.

  79. Lol here we go again

  80. I believe if you can drink you can share it

  81. I like my pain medication just the way it is. That’s not the problem, getting medication is the problem. Cancer patients that were in so much pain they turned to the streets fir heroin as doctors were afraid to write prescriptions career scared over patients suffering.

  82. But does it work for the pain. I have an MRI report that says I have degenerative disc disease, bulging disc’s, and pinched nerves!! Until there is a cure for my back, I need the pain pills. I take them sparingly, and never more than what’s prescribed!! I am not alone.

  83. And NSAIDS are impossible for people with my stomach conditions!

  84. Tzaddikim 1 aka Omega Rinse | September 6, 2022 at 12:31 pm | Reply

    I like my pain killers to cause euphoria. My pain is physical and mental. I took shrapnel in the left side of my head and broke my collar bone, shattered my jaw and lost 9 teeth in an I.E.D strike. I have been on 105 milligrams of Methadone since 2007. Without it I would curl up and pray for death from withdrawals and pain. It’s the only medication I take but it acts as a antidepressant from the euphoria I receive as well. If they can find a non addictive opiate med tht would be the stuff. Opiates have saved my life.

  85. After learning what Harari proposes, I’d be very leery of any new drugs or vaccines!

  86. I’m very leary of new drugs, having taken both Vioxx and Bextra.

  87. I’d rather take Kratom than anything pharmacy has to offer.. BTW 🖕 to the government

  88. Jill Elaine Young | September 6, 2022 at 12:54 pm | Reply

    People who have not or are not suffering from inoperable pain don’t know what we who are have to go through every day. We are never offered a seat at the table when all of these new regulations are being thought up to control issues caused by those who only take drugs to get high. Yet we are the ones who are forced to live with the decisions and actions of the DEA and other beaurocrats who decide we can’t be allowed the medications that would stop our unnecessary pain and suffering. People like me are living in a world that most others couldn’t conceive of for lack of reference. Just getting from morning to night while taking care of our responsibilities is an overwhelming and I’m sure life shortening endeavor. Pain is ruling our every action and decisions are sometimes based on what our pain level is and whether or not we have medication to take that will allow us to do what we absolutely must do to function. My doctors are not always able to help us because the powers that be are not knowledgeable or educated enough to know what they are doing to people who can’t function without the aid of medication.

  89. I’d like to try it I have severe back pain that I struggle with everyday of my life. It sounds promising.

  90. Can we please have a tiny bit of optimism and hope? Also, as stated not all sources of pain have options for removing the cause.

  91. Steve people would take you more seriously if you could spell simple words like miracle

  92. Where have I seen this movie/series before? 🤔

  93. Boy! Science has come a long way in pain relief. I predict in a couple of years, you will be able to see your doctor for your herniated disk pain. He’ll have you put your hand on a table, and he’ll smash it with the biggest hammer he has. He’ll then ask, “Now, how’s that back pain?”

  94. They said the same thing about Oxycontin.

  95. I just got off a 420 morphine equivilant of prescription hydromorphone.
    I had 2 spinal surgeries last year and am waiting to see about a third in October to have 2 disc’s replaced.

    One thing I can say for sure is what they said was true. My pain levels pretty much stayed the same off the opioids as they were ON the opioids. I mean the pain got worse on the opioids and when I took them I felt better but now it’s just at the level as when I took them. I use advil and Tylenol for pain relief, maybe a bit too much and a pain cream.

    I told my doctor that I k ew I would have to come off of them at some point but as thi gs were getting worse (2nd surgery) the dose had to go up.

    I was also prescribed Effexor as a nerve pain reliever as well as anti depressant. This too was addictive. The effects of effexor withdrawal and opioid withdrawal were BOTH terrible.

    There are a lot of nay sayers but if you’ve had acute pain and need relief there is nothing like opioids. It would be nice to have an alternative. There will always be negative side effects but when you’re experiencing it you will take ANYTHING to kill the pain. I was on them 24/7 for 2 years.

    It took me 3 months to taper off of them and the best part about tapering was that when I was done… I was done. I fought wanting them though… there was constant crying suicidal thoughts and severe depression. I hope this is a drug alternative that will help people.

  96. This will not be affordable in my lifetime

  97. All doctors and pharmacists in the US are being so careful now so they are not accused or arrested for over-prescribing. I would be interested in this trial to see just how it address my chronic pain.

  98. @Jeff Hendrickson I was given Fentanyl in the ICU. After waking up from a 6-day induced coma, I was experiencing delusions and frightening hallucinations. I suffer from debilitating joint pain and you couldn’t pay me enough to be on that stuff again no matter how pain-free it would make me.

  99. Didn’t they say the same thing about heroine at one time?

  100. But until it’s proven to work, let’s take all of the current opoids away from patients and let them withdraw until they are in so much pain they true to the streets!

  101. Nicole Perrault | September 6, 2022 at 4:55 pm | Reply

    I have chronic neuropathy pain due to CRPS Type 2 which I actually have to explain to most Drs, extremely disturbing, this injury occurred 12/13/2011. Tried all options, why not try something new that is pill form so what,and is not addictive. How would I become a candidate? Please and thank you for at least attempting a new treatment.

    • Abigail Richards | September 7, 2022 at 3:34 pm | Reply


  102. We do not know long term side effect so it should be priced low for twenty years.

  103. Debra Ann Kellogg | September 6, 2022 at 6:22 pm | Reply

    Omg I’m in same same boat. Just recently Dr will not wrote iopiate prescription to Walmart. Was told to find another pharmacy. Well nobody will take me. I’ve started tapering. Feeling sick pain coming on. Dr office told me to find another pain clinic. Mind you I’ve been with this pain clinic since they’ve opened. Omg. What are you going to do for the withdrawls . They said they will give meds for that. Omg. Four yrs ago I was going threw this almost died trusted a Dr said I was mental gave me meds I ended up in icu for 12 days shut my kidneys down. They as the Dea people want use to die. I do not know what to do. I’ve thought about doing myself in and just think everyone would be better off. But no I am not going to do that. I see the Dr next week. Boy is this visit going to be a good one. I will probably be kicked out of pain Management… I think there is no other meds for pain. I have had a half normal life but my future looks grim. I can not fix it. I’m really in trouble now. I also called a detox people which on now online they prescribe suboxone. They said I’m not a candidate because I’m not an addict just dependent. What the heck. What’s going to happen next I need my meds for pain. Lost in the pain Management control. So so pitifully…… I do not know what to do… I could keep going on. But tomorrow’s another day I’ll be consumed by more phone calls today it was 3 1/2 hrs. But I will not give up…and I do not believe in this new med…

  104. Practically everything can become addictive. Porn is addictive.

  105. Hi Kristen, just fyi an analgesic is any kind of drug for pain. NSAIDS and opioids and Tylenol are all different types of analgesics.

  106. I wish someone would’ve believed I had pain in the very beginning.
    Especially my family.
    It makes me want to be alone

  107. Christopher Reyna | September 6, 2022 at 6:56 pm | Reply

    I want to try it

  108. Kratom is already here. It’s better and safer than opioids or opiates.

  109. I don’t want this at all. So tired of having “non-addictive,” drugs pushed on me as a safe or alternative to tried and true medicine. Just give me a nice, safe, OTC Opiate.

  110. People who don’t suffer from chronic pain don’t understand what we go thru! Plus we are looked at like drug addicts just because we are on pain killers. I had a dr in the ER refuse to take care of me when i went there in excruciating pain due to a fractured rib, only because he saw i was on pain meds for Rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I wasn’t even there asking for meds!! i just wanted an xray or something to make sure i didn’t have anything more serious. He refused to see me so i walked out of there in utter shock and sadness that i was treated like a dam drug addict! This pain med crap is just over the top! Go after the ones who are selling heroin on the streets, not us!

  111. So 💯 percent true, these doctors all of a sudden put their tale between their legs and messed up patient’s by just cutting them off and you’re on your own….my son is one of them!!! And then couldn’t find a dr to help him because they right away assume you’re looking for the high and his was the lowest dose!! Now he’s almost ready to go looking for illegal drugs…and God willing he does not!!! It’s these Dr’s that ruined certain people’s lives and they don’t care!!! And Pharmacist are the same type of people!

  112. I agree with all the above comments that chronic pain sometimes can not be fixed and legal pain killers are the only help. It’s a catch 22 but for those of us suffering, it often feels like no one cares… especially the medical ‘professionals’. Most do not empathize with the suffering patients. Not sure what the solution is but it seems like it’s not been working out for too many.

  113. What’s the pain killer name ??thx

  114. There are ways to treat pain without pain medication it’s just a lot harder more painful in the beginning and it isn’t permanent. I finally had spine surgery four different times and now I’m off of pain medication but I was dependent on it for years until I learned about a thing called nerve Burns where they go in and they burn the nerve endings coming right out of your spine that lead to the spot that hurts my brother back 20 years ago was a quadriplegic and even though quads aren’t supposed to feel anything he had horrible pain the doctors were able to go in and burn all the nerve endings coming right out of his spinal cord the led to the places where he was having pain mainly his legs and feet since he would never walk again he did not need to feel that pain so what they did to him was permanent but there are temporary Burns and the nerve endings grow back after 6 to 8 months so every 6 to 8 months you would have to have the nerve Burns done but at least you wouldn’t have to be on pain medication

  115. As a long term sufferer of chronic post surgery pain syndrome and tried every medication I have simply decided to give myself a use by date. When I turn 60 in October I will end my suffering myself.
    There is no cure or treatment for the damage the surgeon did removing my gall bladder.
    I am currently seeing a pain clinic but there treatment seems to be pushing pychologist
    visits! Doesn’t help when your in unbearable pain “talking”
    about how you feel!
    The problem is that the people who run these clinics have not experienced constant debilitating pain.
    One Doctor actually told me the only cure for my problem was death, I do know he was joking but no truer words have been spoken. To all those commenting and in pain my deepest sympathy.
    October 30 is my freedom day.
    I will rest in peace.

  116. Every so-called non-!ddictive painkillers I’ve tried has been awful. Terrible side effects and no retraction of pain. Not all people who are on opioids become addicted or run into problems.

  117. I also find being treatedke a drug addict looking for a fix degrading. I’m a 59 year old female with a chronic incureable pain condition .

  118. Make a simple damn machine that bolts to your wall and or floor so as not to be stolen. It will dispense your meds at the proper intervals as to only “allow” you to take what’s necessary. Small adjustments can be made by Dr. (who by the way has to or has direct access programming the device) for vacations, meds changed etc. with this digital age it can also monitor what it does and relay and abnormal or Miss-use of said device to proper “over lord”. Yeah some tweaking maybe but damn. It’s just like the little mouse fed opioids every time it rings the bell to test addictive properties in new drugs BUT in reverse.
    Chronic pain lifer. 20yrs on Percocet. Took my self off the devils candy. My Brian will never stop wanting this s***. Ever. 50yo. Been 5-6yrs “clean” lol but still literally, dream about pills. I was told less than 10% of patients get addicted!!
    What f***ing stats were they looking at????
    Big pharma is doing great things for a lot of sick and needy humans dogs cats wildlife stuck in a glass zoo but damn a drug commercial every other one. Toooooooo much money involved to even make a fair guess what to think!!?? Thanks politics!!!! 😘🖕🏼

  119. It was already know but big farmers been losing money to recreational and medical marijuana you’ll find no start coming out with a whole bunch of this crap to try to make back some of the millions that they’ve been losing

  120. Br8ke Back Becky | September 7, 2022 at 2:06 am | Reply

    Folks that shoot down a new pain med just from reading an article about must not suffer like so many of us do Pain meds are killing people who misuse and abuse them. They’re not killing us that are using them medicinally. The “as needed” part on the label doesn’t mean “Oh I need some with my wine”. Managing pain is work. That workload increases as I age. So I better become well versed and handle it as proactively as I possibly can. I’m a solutions girl. Sitting around posting a sour opinion about something that COULD be a viable answer for so many instead of trying to have an optimistic outlook on something new benefits who?
    COME ON AMERICA! Haven’t we had word diarrhea long enough? Let’s do something we haven’t done in awhile!
    Let’s be positive! Let’s be nice! Kind! Supportive! Caring!

  121. Bradley Emerson RN | September 7, 2022 at 3:06 am | Reply

    As a patient on opioids due to 15 spinal surgeries and was left with a complete fusion with rods screws and plates from C2-S2 and both SI joints fused,I would love to be in the human clinical trials. I’ll do anything to stop taking opioids
    I hope this isn’t an NSAID, because I can’t take NSAIDs due to a previous surgery on my stomach.

  122. If you experience severe chronic pain, and a drug effectively alleviates it, how would you not find the drug addictive? Factually, people prefer to live without pain and generally feel miserable when alleviation from pain is removed. Saying something effectively eliminates pain but isn’t addictive is like saying something is a dog but isn’t a canine.

  123. Can this painkiller be used on patients that are on warfirin and have mechanical heartvalved and or defibulator/pacemaker devices

  124. I’ve been on oxy and I can’t stand the withdrawal and oxy is the only thing that help me stay active help me

  125. Hey, I’ve been waiting for something like this for !any years. I suffer in chronic pain everyday for over a decade . When my injury’s happened the hospital didn’t give a choice other than begin me on multiple prescriptions for pain meds which gave me an addiction on opioids till today . But as my pain never decreased my tolerance for my prescriptions did and eventually the pain management specialist and primary physician thought I was just trying to convince them that the affect or ( the high ) was trying to accomplish. So they discontinued my prescriptions without talking about it or allowing me to continue so I was and now self medicating with street pharmacuticles. Which took my entire adult life and with the nation ongoing with drug addiction gave me Boone to understand and help me medically. I would love to have the best of both worlds with new medication. And have my life back without having to deal with dope sickness and overdosing which I have lost many friends to and I too overdosed a couple times. So please understand my perspective on this manner and be greatful it’s not you in my shoes. They should’ve made this Discovery long time ago.

  126. The herb kratom, epecially whenafe into a tea, activates the G receptors, and helps with pain but is way less addictive than opiates.
    Big Pharma wants you to think kratom it unsafe because it threatens them.
    Ive personally taken it for 10 years and it has kept me away from opiates while still managing pain and able yo funtion day to day. Also helps with other addictions ( alcoholism,meth) and depression

  127. I love with pain from genetic back issues. Scoliosis, 8 Concussions, 8 accidents. No I wasn’t driving 🤣 n most. I was pushed out of a car, I hot a deer, I missed a curve, I was a passenger in a car hit by a driver at 70 miles per hour. This is chronic pain. I’m 48. I’ve lived with it since I was 14. Oh I have only 4.5 discs. We need pain meds. PS I wish people got that most don’t have addictive personality.

  128. I was prescribed Demerol 100 mg. By my Dentist at 14,
    Then Mepergan fortis became the cure all pain medication through my 20s and 30s. I’m my mid 20s the Hydrocodones started being prescribed heavily, “ like 90 or more at a time’ , I presume hoping to steer the people away from Demerol and Mepergan, ‘ they both have Meperidine as the active drug. But then the MS Contin showed up and completely flooded drug cabinets all over America! A few years after that OxyContin hit the markets and as before, every Doctor who want plenty of business started handing them out. Now I’m in my late 50s and can no longer feel normal without a narcotic in my system to try and fill the missing Serotonin and Endorphins that my Brain in missing. I feel like a victim, made from a few generations of Doctors trying to make a large salary for themselves. At this stage of life I wish to be able to secure a supply of narcotics just to hold me over until I pass on to the next world, before all the Geniuses finally figure a way to get rid of all the decent Drugs that have left me in this situation.

  129. Does no one proofread anymore??? SMH

    • So, the guy is in constant pain, addicted to pain meds, and is just waiting for death. However, the thing that got a rise out of you and forced you to share your abhorrent wisdom with the rest of the group is that Martin cannot either type or spell. Way to go Jit Bag

  130. Zachary Botelho | September 7, 2022 at 7:29 am | Reply

    I have chronic pain and would be more than happy to be guinea pig/a patient in a study…

  131. Sir smokes a lot | September 7, 2022 at 8:14 am | Reply

    Is it Weed?

  132. If anyone remembers when oxycodone and oxytocin came to market it wassaid too be NON-ADDICTIVE,and here I am 22years later taking 30mg of both for chronic back pain chronic cervical neck pain since 2001 21 years later. It’s NOT about helping NO ONE but the Drug Companies bottom line and the prescribers new house cars and Children’s Fund. It’s NOT about getting to the patients root cause of their pain at all as each patient pain is different and the doctors office has become a drive thru operation now to maximize their Revenue.

  133. They say (doctors) that I take very high dosage of opioids daily along with other nerve meds. I don’t get high nor does it take the pain completely away. What it does do is take enough the edge off so I can somewhat take care of my family. Some days I can be a mom/wife and some days I can’t. Some days I can touch them and hug them. then there’s some day that we call “ no touch day”. I also know that if we ( me and my doctors) had not found the right combo I surely would not be here today. Why is it the I never hear the flip side of opioids ? The side that benefits from these drugs. And what is the number of people that truly benefit from these treatments vs the ones that abuse them? What is the percentage of doctors, good by the book doctors vs the doctors that abuse their position? Have any of you seen such data? I wonder if it’s because the good out weighs the bad. As a society are we starting cater to the minority instead of the majority? Is this practice spilling over into every aspect of our lives?

    Please be gentle. This is my first time ever responding to such a conversation online. lol

    • 1 percent of people abuse prescription options. I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids. My tramadal helps me be able to do light cleaning during the day. I can hug my kids but my adhd 8 year old will sometimes do the drop down hug and fall to the floor and that hurts because I don’t want to drop him.

  134. Was told EXACT SAME THING with tramadol…non addictive not harmful. WORST pill TO COME OFF OF!!

  135. Non-addictive?!! What good is that?!

  136. Great

  137. Yeah at this point I don’t trust I want to see the products I guarantee it contains antifreeze they put propylene glycol and everything now and it causes kidney failure

  138. If a pill can alleviate severe chronic pain, from any condition, then it will become addicting cause nobody wants to be in pain. Thus, the addicting need to want anything that stops the pain, and makes a person feel better, will cause their addicting need for any such pill.

  139. Just go back to giving opiate painkillers. Their the only things that work without horrible side effects.

  140. antipseudoscience | September 7, 2022 at 2:22 pm | Reply

    Wow, look at those loons in the comments pretending to be medical experts and conspiracy catchers…

  141. Abigail Richards | September 7, 2022 at 3:22 pm | Reply


    • Not Frank your Brother | September 13, 2022 at 12:13 am | Reply

      I think getting COVID 28 times have finally taken their toll Abigail. I think it would be a good idea to stop the anal sex for a while also.
      Oh, and stay away from my kids

  142. I have taken many different pain meds for years. They have killed my gut. Now I can’t get a Dr. too give any pain meds. Make my own marijuana oil. It helps a lot. Why do all meds have worse side effects that are worse than the disease you have?

  143. They already have some kratom herbal non addictive

  144. Wayne. DiRosario | September 7, 2022 at 4:36 pm | Reply

    I have been on oxycotdone for a number of years. Because Workers Compensation Dr. Fried yp more of my nerves in my back then he was supposed to during a operation. Which was Not reversible Not reversible. Started out on 80s 4 x day. Volunteered down to 60s then to 40s, 30s now to 15s 4,x a day. I am 69 years old. Never overdosed have severe pain in right leg because of disc disease. The Feds want my pain Dr. To reduce my pain medication even more. The Feds have no cue of how much pain we live in. They only know they have a problem with some people of the population overdosing and some dying. But people like me who have been on for 30 yearsx& never had a problem because I take itva prescribed. They want us cut back too . The Feds could give a good s***. But it’s ok for people to bring Fentanyl over the soythern border by the thousands of pills 💊. But people who got injured in law enforcement service we have to suffer because we have done everything right. We are penalized for doing exactly what the Drs. Require us to do. The system is broken . The Feds need to reexamine this whole matter. No wonder some people are committing suicide because they cannot stand the pain the Feds are actually putting them in.

    • The feds need to be gone. They are corrupt as it gets. They want you off the meds so you have to go to the streets to obtain illegal drugs so you can possibly die. Population control. Just like these methadone clinics, you can walk into any of them and say you have a drug problem and they will push up to 120 mgs on you a day. I go to a doctor with multiple MRI. Spondylolisthesis, spondylitis,disk disease and I have to jump through hoops of fire to get 2 5mg hydrocodone a day. I lied and had to go to the methadone clinic before I could get that set up. The street addicts are treated better than people with chronic conditions. Let that sink in.

    • Hi Wayne. Truly sorry for your situation. A couple of things. First, I never would have suspected that you even take Oxycotdone. Second, you are not the first patient that Dr. Fried screwed up. But, after the nerve thing, why did you let him even touch your back let alone cut into it? Third, you can’t get like, 60 or 90 pills from the people bringing in all those thousands from soythern border? And the Feds haven’t had a good sh** in years. They went from a pesky population overdosing dying thing to a pesky population suicide thing. Finally, anybody could have told you to never listen to what Drs.Refus and Margie Require tell you to do. They’re nuts and their System is broken.
      Law Enforcement System does everything right. That’s the one that set me off

  145. If it isn’t addictive, at the very least, people will likely become dependent on them. I know I sure wouldn’t be signing up for human trials, despite the pain I’m constantly experiencing.

  146. Oh yeah lube me up.

  147. They said that about oxycontin too

  148. It’s just another tease for those of us who suffer and look for anything to help. Non addictive , or less addictive? And who gauges what’s more or less when it comes to addiction less or more still equals addiction . Not sure on this sounds too good to be true

  149. Have any of you tried prialt? A very toxin from conal snails but now synthetic. It is in my pain pump with dilauded as carrier. Given in mcg. If you can find an anesthesiologist who is a bona-fide pain doctor, it could give you your life back. But with all meds, each individual is unique. So research it and you will be glad you did.

  150. If it’s not addictive that’s because it doesn’t work. Anyone in pain will become addicted to being released from that pain.

  151. If it works it’ll be addictive. If it’s addictive it’ll create tolerance. If it creates tolerance users will seek better and stronger – it will destroy lives. Or maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll just be a a multi billion $ sugar pill like the Covid vaccine

  152. I am putting this out there pain pills are not killing people meth Herron cokecane I’d so people needs to look in to things before say stuff not ture

  153. Absentmindedorofessor | September 8, 2022 at 12:50 am | Reply

    Amy I agree, I have been onopiods for twenty years and I am here to tell you. Without them I would be in a comatose state from pain or gone! I have damaged nerves from a back injury I received while serving my country, and I have been down the road of none opiods and other things like tense units spinal cord stimulators ect. And until you come up with somthinxgthat will completely eliminate the pain at hand I do not want to even hear about it. I have had to fight tooth and nail to stave off the crusaders against opiods looking for a feather in their cap by taking yet one more unfortunate some off of the very thing helping them hold on. To some semalant of normal life. With no regard to the consequences for the paicent longterm. These folks can not begin to understand the need for such life-saving molecules that are know as opiods. Don’t get me wrong If a new SAFE alternative ever shows up that is ever as effective as the molecules I already depend on I will give it a fair shake, and if it performs as advertised I am in. But give the fact I have to sign away what amounts to my foutyhamedment rights just to receive the life saving drugs I so depend on now. Just like a hardened criminal when I have done the right thing in life and stayed out of the legal systen.for give me if I am a little paranoid of new and better ways. I believe every board involved with making the decisions regarding the lifesaving drugs such as opiods should be made up of at least 50% Sever chronic pain suffers with at least ten years of fighting the oain so they have some Idea how the situation deteraites over time and not just a working theoretical knowledge of it. These will be the ones to hold the drug industry feet to the fire and keep the over zelious three letter government agencies at bay when the get a wild hair or see a political opportunity. You do not put the just out if training pilot in charge of the elite school for piolets or the fresh out of boot soldier in charge if special forces training. Why because experience matters to the point it drives the whole direction. The intended establishment is to move in. So why would it be any different when it comes to the planning and regulating of the medications that some not all but some depend on for a chance at life. I am hear to tell you I have never experienced a euphoric event not once in my twenty years with the molecules I take to relief my oain in a daily basis. If you truly look into it you will find those who tel you. They have exoeranced such effects from their oain meds most likely are the ines that are slightly adducted and not just using them for what they where intended. Because if you are in pain the only thing at some level in the oain that matters is the relief if said pain. And that is not euphoric it is simply a rescue and this allows one to rest and let the body as well as the mind begin to heal. Sorry this was so long but it is truth word for word letter for letter.

    • Hey AMP, never would have guessed that you have been taking Onopiods for twenty years. Nothing wrong with that. However, you really should not share late at night. And, when you realize that it is too long, it alreadybturned into a Ramble.

  154. That was the exact comment made by my Dr after being prescribed OxyContin. It killed my brother and landed in me in jail – my Dr was fired and I was left an addict. BEWARE!!!!

  155. Certain doses and strains of thc have been the most effective for both people with chronic pain, addiction and mental illnesses. They’re going to start making it legal for certain doctors to choose to prescribe. A friend of mine is addiction and pain free because of this.

  156. Yes that’s what said about tramadol,with the same ingredients and there just as addictive as the others .

  157. Sounds like tramadol 2.0.that was an analgesic too, that was “non addictive” big surprise! Its actually addictive and causes seizures in people who take things like antidepressants along side it. At least docs hackles should be up this time and people wont be seizing for months like i did before they figure out the culprit.

  158. We need a pain medication that doesn’t leave you severally constipated.
    That’s my only request ha

    • That’s a breeze compared to methadone withdrawal. My pain doctor years ago gave me that garbage. Stay away from it.

  159. How about if we just stop using drugs and heal ourselves with clean food and clean living.

  160. I’ve been on 2@3 different pain meds in the last 5years.Im just now trying to break a hydrocodone withdrawal system ‘s.Anything has got to be better I’ve suffered with this it’s beginning to wear me down.

  161. Always a new miracle pill for what ails us. Another load of $$$ for the huge pharma companies, and another drug that supposedly works wonders with no addiction. 🤔

  162. If you suffer from chronic pain no matter the circumstances you’re always criticized for that. I’m 56 & suffer from severe peripheral neuropathy & pain meds help me feel normal!

  163. Makes me wonder; if it comes from kratom. Green Bali or just Bali- some prefer red but just plain green; no mix helps a lot. I’m curious if big pharma found a way to use it. They are trying to ban it most likely because it’s cutting in on their business. Scientists are trying to keep it in because of opioid overdoses. It helps great with chronic pain. I have maiges dystonia and it helps keeps my eyes open. Gave me back my independence. But do they care? No. Greedy evil people. God help them. These are herbs that God put on the planet for our use. Not for countries to withhold with gun point then try to make themselves look like hero’s coming out with some miracle drug. all for the sake of money. Kratom helps with hot flashes also, depression, anxiety. Drug addicts take it for drug withdrawals. To the universities; If you have nothing to do with it my apologies and thank you but if your not sure please look into it. There has to be at lease 1 good hearted moralistic scientist that wants to stop unnecessary horrific animal abuse like fauci and the Envigo from Virginia allowing thousands upon thousand of dogs to be breed like herbs.. created by Inotiv…So no matter what country your lab is in there are scientist and drs being paid to infiltrate labs and will always find out what going on. What I’d like to know is what happened to these medical books of herbs from Doctors of centuries ago. You can’t tell me out of all the drs century after century didn’t record their findings with herbs. Don’t tell me the books disintegrated or burned in villages. There were smart people back then too. And got passed on. Since life began over seas well that’s where they are. No doubt China has some and other greedy people in other countries keep it under taps all for their love of money.. Maybe I’m wrong; maybe I’m not… Anyway Fight for Kratom… well people are waking up and finding out. Facebook: The Dystonia Dove. September is dystonia Awareness month. Please help support. Our goal is to create devices that make dystonia patients more comfortable. Volunteers needed. Thank you God bless

  164. I think any pain killer that actually works is going to have some form of addiction to those that have chronic pain. It may not be physically addictive but it will be mentally addictive.

  165. Vicky winkelman | September 8, 2022 at 8:42 am | Reply

    This new painkillers is it available in the USA and are there any clinicalsyidyd that they need people sincerely, Vicky winkelman

  166. I’d like to respond to the comment that Daniel made about his neuropathy. I have also had crippling neuropathy caused by one of the very early AIDS drugs. I also could not walk and it made me incredibly depressed. I finally found a pain doctor who understood how things work and prescribed the methadone for me. It has been a godsend. Unlike other opiates it does not make me euphoric or unable to function or cloud my thinking. What it does do is make my brain ignore the signals that it’s getting from my feet that are not real anyway. It works for me and I had severe neuropathy.

  167. If you hurt bad enough, you will try just about anything, if the pain killer.doesnt kill you, the PAIN will

  168. Ya, isn’t that what they said about oxycontin?

  169. Those asking to treat the underlying condition… please tell me when you hear about science racing to find a way to “cure” damaged nerves, as in those crushed in devastating car accidents or burns or the like. But the soul crushing pain that come with it stays. It stays for decades. It is inescapable and unbearable. For all of your helpful commentary, until you’ve watched someone live it or you’ve lived it yourself, please just f=@k off.

  170. When explaining new science possibilities educate how nerve receptors wrk,what they need is a non pill form med that is able to assist pain without messing with certain pain receptors in body cause when you dont have them..your in more pain,withdrawing from it for years after…our body creates all these pain relievers but we have not been educated how to use mind an body to induce making it naturally .medicine should be emergency only everything else is a chemical/biological balance with natural remedies with pain meds an slowly removing the pain meds to wean to more non addictive meds an techniques for pain relief is great! But a process,not quick fix..therapeutic activity,physical,spiritual, and meditation is is truly a pain reliever..it must be mind and body

  171. I wish they could develop a really great anti-inflammatory pill that you could put under your tongue and let it dissolve because I know things like Advil and Aleve do work the problem is they tear up your insides which is what happened to me for taking too much Advil
    I wind up with Barrett’s esophageal disease and now I can’t take Advil or Aleve or painkillers, so I live in daily debilitating chronic pain after a bad car accident

  172. Do you put it in your butt?

  173. Bill, you say the root cause of pain is inflammation of the nerves. I have 5 ruptured back disc, my right foot was fractured in 3 spot’s, my right knee is bone on bone no cartilage left, my left shoulder the proximal humorous, and humoral head were fractured and are now held together with a titanium plate and 8 screw’s. I have super bad arthritis in my hands and spine. But yeah the root pain of my bone’s hurting is the nerves. I don’t think so.

  174. Oh so its the new oxicontin, he said sarcasticly.

  175. That’s what they said about OxyContin. Which left hundreds 1000s of people dead of overdoses and encouraged people into a life of crime and prostitution To feed their addictions.

  176. I would love to be apart of the trial. Chronic back pain from childhood abuse would love to get a break from pain and inflammation.

  177. Does this increase serotonin? As of now narcotics do. So as someone who is in constant pain and can not get relief due to serotonin syndrome it would be an amazing break through!

  178. I have Lupus and nothing works. This pain is unpredictable and sometimes embarrassing to talk about. I’ve heard this before. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  179. They also say Tramadol is non habit forming… ha! I’ve been on the stuff for 5 years due to severe chronic pain from MS and fibromyalgia. Painkillers are made to be habit forming. Anything that almost instantly takes horrific pain away, or just enough away to be able to function as a human being, is going to become a “habit”. These pills are DESIGNED to make us get addicted. Also… this whole “miracle pain killer that isn’t addictive” narrative sounds awfully familiar 🤔🤔

  180. What another joke, placebo effect of this is at the same percentile, give me a break

  181. That’s what they said about oxycotin!

  182. Try cold Lazer I’ve had multi surgeries and pain pills. Make me sick.. I’ve used for years and so does the NFL NBA vets. Etc.. google it.

  183. I love how all these people have something to say or feel the need to share their opinions when they obviously don’t know what it”s like to deal with chronic pain everyday for years. You get to a point in life after suffering for so long that you’re willing try anything that might help. I truly hope that the people who are so judgemental never have to go through the agony of being miserable and not being able to find comfort in anything you do. But I promise if these people felt how I feel for even a week, they would be singing a different tune. I’m not backing this drug just want people not to judge thoughs who are trying to better their quality of life.

  184. There is an opiod with little to no side effects and not addictive. It’s called Ultram and use to be over counter and most doctors do not believe it should be classified as a narcotic. It helps my pain enough where I can function and no buzz. Surgery might not work and is a big ordeal with chance of complications. Some pain will never go away and just have to treat symptoms.

  185. You just have to learn to live with the pain or take opioids nuff said

  186. Actually steroids are good for a short term but when the sciatica comes back deal with it

  187. I have no problem trying it. I will not take Ocy nor morphine. Allergic to one and I teach university and Oxy makes me a babbling fool. Students get a kick out of it. I stopped it after 1 month. Now it’s just ibuprofen, solonpas, and rest every 40 mins after I work as I can’t last longer. I did 3 month injections, which worked great, but the injection site got very painful. So now I suffer. Quality of life is down

  188. Melda Bhooskavich | September 9, 2022 at 10:03 am | Reply

    Sounds like many of you need a pill to counter your negativity…

  189. If certain people had some self control their would not be a problem messed it up for everyone o well guess we will have to deal with over the counter or what ever they can find to make money and be test dummies.have a blessed day !!!

  190. Dear god. After reading this comment section, I weep for the future of this country. I seriously cannot believe how incredibly ill-informed 99.9% of the comments are.

    Are people really this stupid? Or does no one know how to read anymore? It literally says that it is a non-addictive, non-opioid painkiller. By definition, that puts it in a completely different category from oxycontin, which was marketed as a non addictive opioid. We now know that all opioids are addictive, no matter what.

    To the person saying that all pain medication is by definition addictive, you sound like a fool. Is ibuprofen addictive? Is aspirin? If you can discontinue its use without experiencing physical withdrawal, then it’s not addictive. This isn’t rocket science, people…

  191. Sounds a little too familiar. I do not trust pharmaceutical companies claims about anything anymore!

  192. concerned citizen | September 9, 2022 at 4:34 pm | Reply

    Another money grab for big pharma. When will people wake up to the scam? Continued dependence of people on petrochemical posion pills is highly profitable, why would this be any different? Treating symptoms, not the root cause is how western medicine works. Mainstream science continues to demonize plant medicines like kratom and previously cannibis until the truth started to come out. I personally use plant medicines and they work and have other health benefits. There is no such thing as non addictive substances. If it produces the desired effect, people will want more of it. Examples: coffee, sugar, and flour. Its up to the individual to exercise self discipline and know when to stop.

  193. Lots of doctors commenting?

    Anybody have a mother or father with spinal stenosis? Try fixing that one in a operating room

  194. I’m in such intractable pain. I’d be willing to try it.

  195. As a decade retired heroine and intentional fentanyl user I have still the same feeling about pain relief. Honestly, brass tax, there is no pill that is non opioid that is effective for the treatment of pain, not a headache or menstrual cramps but post opp invasive surgery collapsed disks blown out pre replacement knees lifelong debilitating pain anastesia and so on. I ruined my life by injecting heroine and the like and it isn’t the outcomes or actions resulting from my abuse; how I ruined my life is I will not take any prescription drug that is an opioid agonist because all my sociopsycological recovery physical recovery family recovery you have no idea of the minutia of even the most miniscule parts of life you destroy, for example if I have to give blood for lab work they use my corodid femoral artery or jugular vein because even the best of my veins are to beaten and shrunken to sustain even a butterfly needle for more than a short squirt and they shut down from abuse, that is the result of hitting the same couple inches of vein 50 or so times daily. I have pictures of my tracks from my arms hands feet and even penis before I admitted myself to treatment and currently; I had giant abcecces that rehab took me to the hospital for removal and looked bad now it is just a lot of scars that only those who know would recognize. To this day what people don’t factor in is that shooting dope from 25 to 35 you are still young and would generally have to get back on them for terminal reasons but what never crossed my mind is that after rehab I just found myself as an amateur long distance cyclist 100 plus mile competition and 30 miles daily just 5o train, anyway I got hit by a car and it destroyed shattered both of my knees and health insurance being what it is knee replacement is a bit away it has been 4 years I am 45 had a resting heart rate of 45 and was able to drive it to around 205 BPM and have it drop back to 125 in about 4 seconds which is about the pinnacle of cardiovascular health but now I can hardly walk I use a cane and wear 4000 dollars in custom knee braces that attempt to separate the joint and correct my gait. Not a day goes by that I have to come to terms with the fact that if it wasn’t for my ignorance I could have pain relief that works. All those pseudo opioids are probably like this one and don’t work, the idiot scientists since I believe gabapentin which is a GabbaH agonist isn’t even tied to physical pain and are geared for nerological pain, pain resulting from nervous system damage like carpel tunnel. Since the dawn of chronicled time opium has been the steadfast drug to relieve physical maladies but only on a temporary basis, for some reason our bodies have three receptors specific to pulling different opium alkaloids from opium in the blood brain barrier and correctly using them, it is almost a natural sympatico relationship whith nature providing the medicine and the specific parts of the brain with no other purpose than to catalog and utilize opium, generally the delta MU and Gamma receptors. Now they find a potential receptor then create a binding chemical do some clinical trials and “succeed” or fail. The clinical trials for opium as an analgesic span hundreds of years have maintained a +/- 90% efficiency given the proper dose and can’t be recreated by chemical medicine. I may not make sense but my long winded point is; and as a steadfast libertarian I believe in recreational drug use, most people do and goverenmental science hides the facts that drugs if 7sed in a similar situation to alcohol have no short or long term effects providing you can contain yourself but alcoholism will cause you to loose all you have worked for and give you a nice house on the street no different than a crack/cocaine MDMA or crystal meth user but alcohol is profitable to the government through tax specific bar tax rehab probation etc. I always envision shows like cheers with fat alcoholic bumbs like norm who is completely consumed by his alcoholism that it is highly visible even through the comedic overture of the show, he is there all day every day no one mentions him needing help. Anyway I like to take bar scenes or party drinking scenes and replace the alcohol with cocaine or meth and image the change, lets just say that replacing vodka with meth would be boring because responsible meth use would honestly result in doing homework or painting the house and possibly the neighbors house. Anyway the problem i have yet to enjoy a drug or alcohol that interfered with my life well actually alcohol has made me miss some work from a hangover, go figure the legal substance has been the most problematic but these are recreational drugs there is something different about opioids it to me is a secret, we were never intended to know that we can make ourselves feel that good, not to romance it but you are mindlessly willing to risk death multiple times daily and knowingly destroy your life e disenfranchised by your real friends and family and give all your money to a guy thay saus is pulling in now come out and really doesn’t show up for an hour and since you are weak and sick you have to wait. Sorry for all this i got mentally sidetracked because of the paraphernalia vending machines. Needles are the only paraphernalia that risk transmission of disease so why crack pipes or meth bubbles those are litteraly at the convenience store you meed a pharmacy to get rigs and it is way harder than it was you need at most a prescription for insulin where they used to be non regulated and up to the pharmacy then humm the government got involved and now not only do you risk your life with the drugs but also the needles. I was lucky i was dead only two times and got a DUI in the shrubs off the side of the road still with rig in hand bleeding and belt around my arm, yes that is how it goes i was driving and figured I would bang some dope. Keep in mind the fact that accidents happen and you may need legitimate opioids and if you abuse them the lortabs will not compete with heroine and the heroine wont work because a therapeutic dose after extended addiction is more or less unaffordable and it is not easy to get a fentanyl or morphine patch and good luck getting insurance to cover it; then if you have fought to stay off of it and get people whose trust you destroyed to trust you again,ie. I have been sober six years and still am not allowed to be on a joint account with my wife and i am embarrassed because my daughter was young but not young enough and found me on the floor after falling asleep plunging a little to much dope and fell ouy of my chair belt on arm needle in wrist had to expose her to my nephew on the floor with me doing cpr, but those are things I learned in treatment, you cant let those things go its part of why you made the choice to quit but you have to file it but cant cling to it just staying of the needle is how you pay your penance to who you overtly or inadvertently wronged. I don’t believe in AANA theee are good takeaways but i don’t believe in a higher power you can its ok, heroine addiction is not a disease neither is addiction it is your bad decisions repeatedly using substances that cause a physical withdrawal or just creating a habitat the AA mantra claims a barbie collector can have a disease. Take responsibility accept your mistake for what it is and figure out how to live in a world of triggers or temptation. Just quit trying to make drugs that pain relief CAN be the possible side effects. Use your opioids therapeutically under supervision and refuse take home high potency ones and once your good life will be good again and things you enjoyed before your honby was finding a viable injection site will come back like i said i rode 1000+ miles a month on my bicycle both road and mountain and regularly raced in for charity rides untill i got hit and hope to return to it when i get new knees. Thank you

  196. Stay with regular opiod . The people is they over prescribe the strongest ones . Have a breakthrough drug for that .

  197. Life..
    noone gets out alive.

  198. I’m pretty sure they said the exact thing about oxy-contin lmfao

  199. They said the same thing about oxy-contin, and started an epidemic of addiction in suburbs and streets of our fine nation.

  200. Like OxyContin in 96?

  201. Does anyone know if this drug uses the heme synthesis pathway?

  202. God, some of these comments…addiction and dependence are not the same thing, barely in the same ballpark. Addiction = a psychological belief or compulsion that one cannot “live their life” without a certain substance, or object – addiction is not limited to drugs. Sex can be addicting, gambling can be addicting. All depends on whether or not that person is psychologically predisposed to having an addictive PERSONALITY, whether through exposure via their environment, or as a passed-down genetic trait. Dependence = a physical and chemical reliance on a chemical – any chemical (caffeine, for one) – that, unless satiated, can cause a wide array of unpleasant physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, etc side-effects, whether that presents as agitation, depression, flare-ups, insomnia, loss of appetite, any kind of sickness, (depends on the individual). Addiction is a disease, dependence is the body’s reliance on whatever chemical, in order to behave “normally”.

    That being said, anything that relieves pain does not do so without needing a sacrifice from the body. Usually a sacrifice of seratonin, or dopamine, hormones that are responsible for keeping a body optimally functional. When those types of chemicals synthetically pass the Blood Brain Barrier, the brain is tricked into thinking that it no longer has to produce those chemicals naturally – it gets lazy. Then once the synthetic assistance ends, the brain doesn’t just get right back up to producing those chemicals at the same rate as before, and may very well never do so again (ex seratonin syndrome). This makes the brain think that the body is ill in some way, which then leads to withdrawal, whether that presents physically or psychologically also depends on the individual.

    Becoming addicted to any substance can lead to being dependent on it, even if your body isn’t, your /brain/ will find a way to convince the body into behaving as such. Conversely, becoming dependent on a substance can lead to becoming addicted to that substance, due to prolonged physical reliance on said substance, and the inability to feel “normal” when it isn’t being taken.

    The brain is a powerful thing, and quite complex, obviously. Everyone (should) know that anything touted as “non-addictive”, has an even higher likelihood of being something that can trigger addiction. That’s what these f*cks want; to lure people in with promises, and turn their hope into money for them, from the first dose, to the last month of medication they prescribe before cutting you off with very rarely a logical reason.

    With all of that being said, I know that I’m going to be on Suboxone for the rest of my life, but its better than living with debilitating daily pain and cravings for opiates, or living as a hollow shell just watching the clock until I can take more pills. I will always be an addict (recovering addict tbp), its not my fault, but its my responsibility. No matter what, the choice to start a medication is up to the person, not the practitioner. No one knows your body better than you do. If you think it’s too risky, don’t do it. If the risk seems worth it, then go for it. The sad truth is, nothing will ever get rid of the pain in the way we all want. This kind of sh*t is just the carrot on the stick that Pharma Co uses to keep their wallets full. They don’t care who they hurt, or how badly, to make that happen for them.

  203. Alright a new safer dope that’s what’s up good jobq

  204. Seriously any medication is addictive. Your body gets used to it whether you want to be addicted or not your body is used to that chemical being put into your body! Some things are more addictive than others because of the high effect. When a doctor tells you oh this antidepressant is not addictive it’s b******* I’ve had to go off of antidepressants and it’s been hell! You might not go looking for the drug on the street but your body is addicted.

  205. Evan Kwiatkowski | September 10, 2022 at 6:33 am | Reply

    I can relate to many here, as I suffer from chronic pain due to having Chronic Pancreatitis, which is so bad at times I ended up being medically retired from my profession. Along, with this comes multiple bouts of Acute Pancreatitis. I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted in my body, which does help at times. Currently I am on a high does of Morphine each day, but ER visits still happen as IV drugs sometimes id the only thing to make me feel better. I also do acupuncture as another way to help manage the pain. Opiates can be used successfully for both long and short term pain management, but you need a clearly defined plan, with the right doctors and specialists. I would encourage people to look at the stimulator as a possible aide for their pain. Also, look at including some of the Eastern Medical Treatments and combine them with the Western Medical Treatments. If you’re suffering from Chronic Pancreatitis, I know your pain well. Don’t loose hope there are ways to manage it. I forgot to include that I have also treated this with medical marijuana and it worked at first, but didn’t last unfortunately.

  206. Take a look at MyMd-1

  207. Try Suboxone.!

  208. Kathleen Jovanov | September 10, 2022 at 7:56 am | Reply

    I have already made a comment but then I see more posts and I just can’t believe my eyes. Jessica said Ultram is not an opiate they’ve changed that Jessica look in the Wikipedia it’s like one of the worst things you can take it was one of the worst things I ever had to detox from try not taking those meds and tell me how you feel on day three you going to want to kill yourself. And then I heard some other gentlemen say that it’s the people that ruined it for everybody no it’s not it’s the doctors over prescribing percocet 30s to anybody who had an MRI no matter what the MRI showed so you people need to get your facts straight before you start spelling off about a few people ruined it for everybody no I think Purdue Pharmaceuticals ruined it for everybody

  209. Having been in pain for years I’m looking forward to trying something different that come with a stigma of being a addict, The hardest part about taking pain meds is the looks you get when they ask what meds are you on

  210. I’ve been askin for yrs how come they don’t have a pain medication that’s not addictive that kills pain I’m sorry I’ve been a narcotic pain medication since 1997 from toothaches all the way up until 2018 when I left Wisconsin went back to the East Coast boom problem now I’m back on it 5 years later but not at the dose I was on before I was on 120 mg a day now I’m on 10 mg today I never abused my narcotic pain pills nor did I abuse my diazepam nor did I ever abuse my Adderall but yet I’ve been treated like I’m a drug addict and that’s not fair why do I or people like me had to pay the consequences for people who abuse the medications it’s not right morally ethically and spiritually and Godly and biblically in the whole nine yards it’s not right

  211. This is in answer to Jamie. I too have severe osteoporosis and Aseptic Avascular Necrosis (AVN) After being put on Prednisone for breathing problems. My vascular system collapsed. Smallest veins you have are the ones that feed your bones. Mine all died. So my whole skeleton began to die. I’ve had both shoulders, both hips and both knees replaced and my pain is totally debilitating. My pain is because of nerves being crushed by collapsing vertebrae and exposed bone nerves from thinning bones. It’s like every bone in my body has been broken 24/7 365 days a year! I’ve been going through this for 25 years. Well now the Drs are going to rebuild my spine! The surgeons go into your back laparoscopically and clean out all the crushed bone debris. Then wrap the vertebrae with a type of mold and fill it with cement. It hardens and you have a new vertebrae! Then they replace the damaged discs. I have over 20 vertebrae to be rebuilt. It will be a series of surgeries. But it can be done. With minimal recovery time and with great success I’m told. This will give me my life back! So Jamie, Go see a neurosurgeon and ask about having your spine rebuilt and say goodbye to pain! But in the mean time, painkillers are indespensable in people like us and our very lives. Without them we would die as certainly as if we put a shotgun in our mouths! So the development of non addictive pain meds is absolutely valuable and nessesary!!

  212. I cannot recommend enough these books: The Great Pain Deception by Steven Ozanich. I also recommend Healing Back Pain by Dr. John Sarno. If you’re ready to get off your meds and learn the truth about your pain, these books will change your life.

  213. Instead of bashing all the time we should see how this really is going to play out. If it’s a good painkiller with fewer side effects and addiction hey hallelujah but if it’s just the same thing like the other ones then OK don’t take it but let’s see what we find out instead of always talking s***.

  214. LIES… there is nothing dangerous or addicting about opioid medications!!!
    I have suffered severe pain since 1966 when a 4′ diameter, 10′ + length oak log fell off a flatbed truck and crushed my lower spine. Over the years add extreme sports, multiple auto collisions (none my fault) and these days two shot knees, a hip needing replacement, neuropathy and since April a torn rotator cuff and torn ligament!!! I have used everything opiate off and on since the 1966 incident, including morphine (dilaudid #4) and presently use #10 mg Vicodin and I’m hardly addicted! I’ve stopped the Vicodin for a week + at a time occasionally. Opiates have never caused me any problem with the exception of some self righteous doctor refusing to write me prescriptions! I go elsewhere! I’m too old to live in debilitating pain and I won’t!

  215. Just like Perdue said about OxyContin. Can you really trust any Big Pharma company?


  217. Kratom changed my niece from an intelligent clear thinking nurse into crazy Jack Sparrow staring into the clouds for messages. Reason why it’s banned in some countries???

  218. I don’t know how many times over the last almost 30 years I’ve read the same exact thing about a pain reliever. Deadly frogs, snails, jellyfish, so many medicines have been “discovered” that we never hear about again. It’s a shame. Instead of getting our hopes up why not work on how to help those with chronic pain? Seems a better use of the money. I don’t want to take pills. What I want is to be able to stand up and talk without being out of breath or go for a walk to my bathroom without falling down or not even being able to walk at all. I want to cook for my family like I used to and work 8-17 hours a day. But I can’t. I can’t do any of those things anymore.
    It would also be nice if the media would report about the real reasons for opioid overdoses – illegally gotten drugs. Whether heroin or pills that are mixed with fentanyl and restamped into pills that look like the real thing but are many more times deadlier – it’s, for the most part, illegally gotten opioids.
    Would be nice to get the word out that the drug dealers stopped being afraid and deal openly in many states because the DEA and police are going after the ones who go to doctors and get medicine. The law abiders are getting hassled while law breakers are jumping for joy. The illegal drugs coming across our border have, according to some estimates, risen 4 fold in the last year.
    Write about the rise in veterans deaths from suicide because, without warning, the VA stopped giving pain medicine to most veterans – many who have/had cancer. CANCER! All of the above is the result of the lies in the media about opioids and its “connection” to prescription drugs. Yes there are some doctors who have broken the law. Yes there are some patients who have broken the law. Is it American or any other countries laws to punish the over 95% of the people obeying the law for the less than 5% who break it?
    Write about things that matter. Please.

  219. I was on opioid painkillers for my chronic pain. Was going to a pain clinic and everything. Then all of a sudden there was this major change in how it was all done. I have chronic pain from a stroke that happened during combat. I wish they had left me there, but they saved me and got me the bed cal attention I needed to live. So now I’m living with muscle spasticity in my left side and epilepsy from the brain injury that occurred. But they want to take medicines away? Everything is much more difficult these days. And I don’t think I could go a day without the medications I needed.

  220. They said the same about the other pain killers.

  221. We have pain medication that has already been tested and proven to work and be good. It’s a shame that a president has put a stop to people being treated with the medication because someone overdosed on them. I can go to the new stores and buy marijuana but have a hard time getting pain medication for a bad back or 2 knees that are worn out. I’m old and have worked all my life . If I should die from the pain med I am the one responsible. You can bet the person that has made it hard for me, if in pain, will have all the pain medications he needs.

  222. When is the new non- opiod set to come on the market?


  224. Just another attempt to help the GIANT 58 Billion dollar a year profits pharmaceutical companies. The sky will be filled with more corporate jets and the waters with yachts. Analgesics? 🤣

  225. Absolutely, cure me don’t medicate me. Spinal cord damage patient. Rebuild my cord, please.

  226. It’s a good theory. I’m a bull rider so I’ve had my battle with addiction and pain. I’ve seen family’s and careers go down the tube. But let’s be sure before we jam it in throats. I smoke weed for pain still hurts but I’m happy😋

  227. I’m assuming most who have commented actually have chronic pain. As such, what all of us suffering from chronic pain want is NOT more pills. Sure they make great profit for US based drug companies, but I (we) would much rather this research be done to find a solution that is non invasive, and not a take up to 300 times a day, side effect riddled pill. Is it too much to ask for more research into an injectable or similar style treatment that will last up to 3 months (if we are prescribed painkillers and they are classed we are required to see a doctor within this time frame anyway) so we do not have to keep remembering to take a pill or 30, or when they wear off to find we have left them at home and now have no means of relief? As a research study, a new painkiller that is non narcotic is amazing, and wanted, but please start researching a new delivery system or we will never truly have the “relief” you speak of, and we need. I am 38, and have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, nerve, muscle, and skeletal damage, and I’m not even sure anymore if there are others, been suffering for a very long time, for context, and have tried many different approaches with specialists and have not gotten relief, maybe slight improvement. It has cost thousands and thousands of dollars, and I have to take a handful of pills 4 times a day. The pill approach to delivery is good for treating a cold. Most true chronic pain sufferers are tired of the cost, the side effects, and having to constantly take them. Has anyone in pharmaceutical research thought of this?

  228. I find a few beers along with a fatty works wonders for all my pain and anxiety. Much cheaper then paying for overpriced pills and supporting big Pharm. 😎

  229. Nope I’ll stick with kratom and thc thank you!

  230. I’m waiting for not just another pill but source of pain,we all know we have pain,you keep making 💊💊💊💊 I been trying 🕐 after time no questions no more 😂 pills.pain level 1/10=10s 🙈 in another world 🌍 you feel me

  231. Most people knocking opioids don’t need them to live a normal life. Drug poisonings and overdose deaths are higher than ever, so the “doctors got me hooked’ crap just doesn’t fly anymore. No doctors I’ve visited for my chronic arthritis pain will give me the proper treatment. And yes, I took Percocet for over a year. It worked well and I never became a crazed junkie. Now my doctor throws garbage drugs like Gabapentin (horrible rage side effect) and Lyrics, which got me so stoned I was walking into walls. They also injected my legs with some crap that made them worse and gave me an infection requiring 13 rounds of IV antibiotics.

  232. Oxycodon again

  233. Some of you commenting here obviously never had a mind for science; nor believe in it.
    I wonder, science can be seen, touched and felt to be sure and science has saved millions of lives through research and application; whereas Christianity and other theological ideals have murdered millions by their malevolent brutal pushers. Things that make you go hmmmm.

  234. So,they keep finding different drugs
    And blaming everyone for addiction. Yet,never holding insurance companies responsible for not doing procedures to regenerate or own bodies healing properties.Nor,willing to try to fix a problem. And we have 3D printers doing remarkable things. I guess the idea of printing a vertebrae and regenerating our tissue hasnt came to mind. While 3D printing is holding on an industrial level.

  235. Rebecca when they prescribed heroin for morphine addiction n

  236. Would help arthritic pain.

  237. Its amazing that when you first read that which is my second article on same pill. Then the thought flows thru ya like seriously it’s a new plan cuz Suboxone isn’t bad enough. From pill to pull right just one gets you high and subs don’t. And yet you can’t get off subs. Omg!!! Its a merry go round these pill makers suck.!!! However in the other side of the mind ya sign me up too. I have so much pain and allergic to anything that is for inflammation. I can take Tylenol and essential oil!!! That’s life. So ya maybe would be nice if this was a good pill for all. And not another death sentence…

  238. watch dope sick on hulu great 8 episode season and the truth and affects the rest of your life which is still on going in my life to date

  239. Some folks here may not realize that politicians jumped on the “opioid crisis” with their solutions passing laws (to garner your votes) that restrict the amount of opioid pain relievers. That literally hurt and killed many people with chronic pain. I think about suicide every day. Of course some of the same politicians look the other way while Fentanyl flows like a river through our open Southern border from Mexico (see more politics,here). I’m 60 years old & in chronic daily pain from back injury/ surgeries, plantar fasciitis in both feet, just had one knee replacement and need the other knee replacement…it’s bone on bone. I had prostate cancer and it was removed in 2019, so when I wake up during the night, it’s hard to get to the bathroom before I piss myself. So, just a little better narcotic pain relief would be great. I take Morphine but with these new restrictions on narcotic pain medication, the doctor had to reduce the amount that he prescribed me, to be in compliance. I live alone and have ZERO quality of life! Thank God the politicians are doing such a great job of solving the OPIOID CRISIS, though!!!

  240. Let’s face it folks, any medication you take on a regular basis is addictive. A lot of medications can’t be simply stopped but must be weaned slowly.
    For me I’d like some other options for pain management if there are any available. I have chronic pain blah blah just like everyone else on here. The thing that pisses me off…because we choose to do things the legal route by going through all the hoops and such the doctors require to get medication we are lumped into the same class as recovering addicts a lot of time. I’m not pointing fingers at addicts, bless them they have their own demons to slay. One pain clinic I went to, here where I live you have to go to a special clinic because no regular family Dr deals with pain management. Well this clinic required several classes to be attended while being lectured blah blah. All being paid out of packet. Then at minimum of two psychological tests. Then I was told that I put others ahead of myself…helloooo…mother and wife here. So another appointment with psychologist..against paid for by me. Finally get cleared for my medication fills..guess what happened. Stinking clinic got closed by the feds for Medicare/Medicade billing crap in reference to pain medication. I had a heck of a time getting my records. I believe the honest people are being lumped in with the dishonest. I’m up for no testing on animals. There are ways that testing can be done not on animals. I’d love different medication that might help better with pain without the constant harping and constant breathing down my neck by people who do not understand chronic pain. I can understand someone turning to drugs if they cannot afford to or cannot get medication legally. The pain is overwhelming. I won’t bore you with my list. I pray you never find out.

  241. Been taking oxy-percocet for 10 years. Shingles damaged my nerves. Nothing else works, and have tried them all. Addicted? What does it matter? I’ll be taking the minimum that manages the pain forever. Complain about big pharma making money. The guy that made Tums got rich. So what? Profit is the way to the next cure/treatment, through research. Research isn’t free. The government makes horror stories about drug deaths, but don’t distinguish between il/legal drug use. It’s a lie. Few legal patients die from pain treatment. Try your next surgery without pain killers. They have a legitimate purpose, and 99+% of people don’t have a problem with their use. A new, effective one would be welcome. Next they’ll bad-mouth them by yelling racist. Get real. There’s no monster under the bed.

  242. All these comments should be respected. They are writing about their own chronic pain and medical conditions. Its extremely hard to discover a miracle drug that will work for every type of pain. The government should not be involved in the medical decisions made between patient and their doctor.

  243. Will this eliminate Bite’n. Biggest pain for every American.

  244. I have Disk deterioration disease I’ve already had three neck c-12 c4-5 c-6 which called for donor bones metal plates plates screws and bolts. It is also now past time for them to go to my entire spine put a rod in a cage there’s nothing they can do about certain diseases cause excruciating pain I have a headache every day 24 seven doesn’t matter but my point is anyway how about everybody stop taking your blood pressure medicine that you take in every day and see what happens I take blood pressure medicine I take Benadryl every single day sadly to say the withdrawals off of those are worse are hell of a lot worse than the withdraws from my oxycodone.
    Sorry to inform everybody but even your natural herbs that you take your body with well with drawl anything and everything that you take on a daily basis withers ibuprofen Tylenol or even just your coffee or your Pepsi‘s or whatever and yes I am a baby boomer and also Gonna come home and babysit me Nora pharmacy that’s not the damn job and all of the people that are dying of these opiate in our opiate crisis bull crap everybody forgets to put in the article that there is always a freaking syringe involved in it so when you don’t take your medicine like you’re supposed to and you want to mainline it guess what that’s not anybody’s fault but your damn selves take your medicine like it supposed to be taken. Let me add if the CDC and the DEA would stop putting their recommendations not laws recommendations to where they scaring all the doctors people would not have to go buy it off the street corner not knowing what the heck they’re getting
    I would also like to add the fact that the FDA CDC and the DEA think that it’s OK to prescribe people Subutex and opiates oh guess what that’s a mixture for death

    Sorry I’m so blunt but that’s just me
    peace love and happiness

  245. Those Delta Mu agonists are really effective though! Especially if you manage yourself. Let’s be clear, physical dependence is not addiction and should be used in lieu of the addiction word unless the topic is about addiction which is a catch-all in most cases. We’ll see how it goes shan’t we?

  246. Or people can use a natural unadulterated dried and powdered leaf called Kratom which works better on my chronic neck pain then all the opiates, Tramadol, or any of the other Big Pharma money makers they put me on. The only problem is Big Pharma doesn’t have the patent on the leaf, has no means of monetizing it, and is taking notice of the fact that when people discover Kratom, they stop paying for the addictive poisons they create in labs. So, as is pretty much always the case in the profit over all else American culture, the elitist wealth holding corporations direct their senior political contacts throughout the US Government to take whatever measures are needed to prevent any curtailment of their profits. In this case, Big Pharma has the FDA cast a negative light over Kratom based on nonsense, who in turn coordinates with their ad hoc law enforcement arm, the DEA, to criminalize at best, or attach social stigmas to Kratom at a minimum. They already tried to add it to the schedule 1 list, but for once Congress listened to the voters and for the first time in the history of the agency, the DEA was forced to withdraw an emergency designation as schedule 1 of a novel substance.

  247. Wow. A trillion dollar industry can give us medication with “less side affects”. As a 9 year Glioblastoma cancer survivor, suffering from medication more so than the cancer, you should not pat yourself on the back for this.

  248. If it works well and provides people with pain relief the government/FDA will find a reason to ban or strictly control it.

  249. I have severe spinal stenosis and four heriated discs. Yeah I would like something for pain that is less addictive. But it will be years before it is available and then it will not be a generic version so insurance will not cover it for several more years until their patent is released. Yeah it would be nice but it will cost more than I can afford. So this new drug will still be about money. If you are well off good for you but us in the middle class will just have to wait.

    • Exactly Hopefully we are moving toward light therapy /med beds sooner than later BUT you understand the game I’m sorry for you I have stenosis too and there’s nothing for the nerve pain that won’t mess you up 8 other ways. “They create the problem & show up with the solutuion”

  250. Yea sure we believe yall, originally supposedly docs were told that oxy were non addictive & when clients filed suits against pharma they filed bankruptcy Disgusting. We have dead children an opioid crisis w/ fentanyl somehow mysteriously being found in all kinds of pharmaceuticals Prob just a coincidence though

  251. It has gotten way out of hand here in the states for people who really need their pain medication and with all the new law’s that have passed people with severe or chronic pain and all kinds of other pain cannot get enough medicine to fight their pain to be perductive in our everyday lives. I have severe nerve damage and i am ate up with chronic pain from head to toe and spurs in just about every joint in my body along with fibromyalgia. First they take away most of people’s medicine by lowering their mg. That wasn’t enough now my last visit they lowered the amount of pills i get. I don’t think it’s right that we all have to suffer because people of other people’s mistakes. Something needs to change or something better to come along. I don’t know maybe this is the answer. All i know is something has to change because people are suffering in pain and dying. Not right.

  252. Right. We’re on to you greedy criminals now with your new wonder drugs that cost a fortune, killing the suckers who believe you and will die or be maimed by your poison.
    Just eat a healthy amount of
    nutritious food and you won’t need to put that garbage into your body. Haven’t you learned anything? Follow the money. Don’t trust these people!

  253. Proud cotton farmer | September 12, 2022 at 10:52 pm | Reply

    Wait up, hit the breaks!
    Biden ( the lost creep roaming town or hunter)is obviously getting low on funds for the upcoming election. Some pharmaceutical somewhere…… actually every pharmaceutical company pays the government look elsewhere.
    When there is money to be made, the slimy creeps get paid.

  254. I’m happy for anything at this point. Sick of hurting on a daily basis.i can start crying right now thinking about how bad I’m hurting. Doctors don’t want to give you anything now days because of getting in trouble. 10 Percocets right out surgery is crazy! That’s what you are sent home with.Rulers now because of all these pill popping and sniffing pill people and hell they can get them all day long and people needing them can’t and it doesn’t matter if you pay tons of money on insurance. Just crazy Lord I hope someone comes up with something soon because I’m in so much pain I just want to die and nothing on the counter works.

  255. Makela M Gregory | September 13, 2022 at 1:03 am | Reply

    How many people will die from this pill

  256. Christopher Stephenson | September 13, 2022 at 1:06 am | Reply

    Slarty, regarding the comment about “boomers” I believe the intent was to explain that science has not advanced nearly enough to treat root causes for chronic pain. Its sort of like saying instead of launching a rocket to Mars that has no life on it why aren’t we launching a rocket to another galaxy to find a planet with life on it? The answer is simply that science would need to develop a tremendous amount in different fields of expertise to accomplish said feet. Research is essential to discover new treatments and cures, but it requires an incredible amount of money. Most research is dedicated to disease that is terminal “life threatening” thus chronic pain is a largely underfunded venture. We need a massive amount of funding to help people with Chronic pain find real solutions. Big pharma has deep pockets, and solving chronic pain would be something they fight against. As someone who has suffered from Chronic pain from a young age I have spent tens of thousands of dollars to find answers to solve the issue, but Physicians at the forefront of their field have all explained that my condition is untreatable with current medical science. My point from all this is that I will be grateful for any research that may help. If a new drug that is non addictive with less side effects is developed, that is fantastic! The opiate crisis is bad enough as it is, but for some individuals it is the ONLY thing that provides them any amount of relief and may be the best decision they have to have any sort of quality of life. Im talking about the people who have done physical therapy, had any potential surgeries, who have tried chiropractic, and massage, and all other methods recommended with no luck. Now its also true that many of these things are too expensive and unaffordable for many people I know who just want to have some type of relief, otherwise they would commit suicide. I have met people from all walks of life during my time spending countless hours going to appointments, with doctors around the United States. I know they would be grateful for anything that may help no matter how small the improvement may seem to you.

  257. If your suffering from some type of pain you take a pill for it. If you suffer from other medical issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, seizures,MS, arthritis,cholesterol and so on you take pills. Let’s be honost here everyone is an addict! If it’s not a pill then porn,gambling, shopping,stealing,smoking,drinking,sex and habitual liars just to mention a few…We Are All Addicted to something!just saying what I think!

  258. I have lupus and fibromyalgia. I never tried a street drug in my life or even comprehended folks slamming pills. Age 19.. yes 19 years young was prescribed 5 yes 5 narcotics and this highest milligram of each.( I had no clue there were milligrams back then) FF to only 3 months later keep in mind I’m take exactly what the Dr told me and exactly how much n often, however people became worried when wittnessing me faceplant into my food and pass out at the dinner table. While wiping mashed potatoes off my face and being accused of being “on weed” – no didn’t do that either – I f***in do now… anyways… While this physician got her kick backs I was lucky I realized the situation and didn’t become a vctim. If I didn’t live with others at that time, I may not have. Dr Susan Stutes surely knew about the status of limitations on taking this sbit to court. Why is it twobuears? If I’d lived alone as I unnware as almost anyone that age is (That information was not even close to as available back then BTW. So many people died they had to throw it out there cautiously then. My point is I am raising 3 boys alone 4 11 and almost 14 . I also work 50 hrs a week and I am only capable of this because of pain meds and cannabis.a pain med that actually helped me and wasn’t dangerous would have and would still chat e my whole family’s life.. It’s hard to tell your kids your sorry we can’t go wherever like we planned now cause mom’s antibodies don’t k now the difference between its on organs and and actual disease so my antibodies attack my organs. Already tried to kill me twice. I take pain meds cause I’m too young for disability and it pays for s*** anyway. Also, I’d rather not see my kids dissatisfaction when they realize mom is flared up so it’s not only we’re not doing anything today, it can also mean microwave dinner instead of their favorite spaghetti. Working? Ory guys we have to go swimming tomorrow instead. Most thebtime for them I push through but every f***ing single day of my life I fight with lupus with everything in me I push but it makesy life 30x harder than it has to be also was fighting this stigma about pains.. I’m flaring up thinking about it all.. knare up currently
    1-2 times a week and yes I’ve changed my diet, habits, did my research, nothing worked. I can’t be as good of mother or employee that without pain meds occasionally. I don’t need them that much orneven daily but sometimes a necessary inconvenience that makes a necessary difference. Egweeen sepenxNtYes it can always turn into. double edged sword. On n I ne end addiction and the other quality of life for me AND MY KIDS. So judgdgy judgers… please don’t speak of thints u read on I hate the stigma my kids hate it, doesn’t mean abusers are bad people. It can happen to anyone and NO S***HEAD NOT EVERYTHING IS CURABLE especially Lupus. E eryone can be educated though and hopefully now you better are.

  259. Is this pill selling over the counter or must you go to a doctor to get it. Plus can you get it on your prescription plan.plus is there any trials for it yet.

  260. These scientists have just become multimillionaires, unless this drug prices itself out of the market.

  261. if any of you don’t like pills then don’t use them. enjoy the pain.

  262. Having chronic pain from arthritis in my knees my shoulders and degenerative disc disease. Due to having liver cirrhosis I am very careful and pain relief medication, I take none as ibuprofen and acetaminophen are dangerous to livers. How does this medication affect the liver. I am waiting for an answer as to introduce this possible miracle to my doctor since it obviously is very new. Please help me.

  263. Yeah, I remember hurting my neck years ago from a fall from an icy crane I was operating. The pain I still have today more than a decade later. For about 2 yrs after my accident they tried prescribing me opiods, and I kept refusing because of my addiction worries. Finally, after convincing me that millions were using it with little to no addiction issues , I gave in. They were wrong. I quickly developed a tolerance and rapidly went up to the highest dose allowed by law. Not what the doctors and I would agree was an effective dose to give me a bit of quality of life. Today, it doesn’t even touch my pain, yet I must continue paying for and taking this medicine even though it don’t work. The withdrawals are the thing nightmares are made of. Instead of making new medicine, why not help the millions already addicted by fixing the opioid so people don’t get addicted. Normally, I would sue for how they ruined my life. But the injustice system already made a deal with the pharmaceutical devils, I a victim, never agreed to. Be careful when dealing with doctor’s, they don’t always have the true facts, pharmaceutical companies are rotten liars and really don’t give a hoot about you as long as they are raking in the trillions.

  264. The omission of respirator depression, I believe without promulgation, might just exterminate negative OD side effects.

  265. I’ll just stick with Qunol Turmeric Complexed.

  266. I’ll just stick with Qunol turmeric ,Thank you and good day .

  267. Amy’s response about no “root cause” or cure for degenerative spine disease is on target. Having this disease I have looked into all the latest treatments including stem cells for disk regeneration. It very expensive and < 5% effective. I will continue my quest for a "cure", but in the meantime drug therapy as needed when the pain is completely debilitating allows me to have a life.

  268. sign me up for trials,, Maybe it would help better for severe spine pain, im tired of the oxycodone not working.

  269. Genetic Researcher | October 20, 2022 at 2:39 pm | Reply

    Those that are crying about how Big Pharma won’t allow this need to stop and learn how this research and drug development works. If a less addictive and safer alternative were developed, it would allow millions more people with chronic pain to be treated, and would create many more customers. The market is there already. Safer and less-addictive/non-addictive medications would be a boon to the pharmaceutical industry–they have no reason to fear it. Those that still need opiates and those who are in recovery and need the medications used to treat addiction will still provide the market for those medications while allowing better and safer medications to be used by a bigger segment of the population.

  270. When is benzyloxy be available in the market?

  271. All I ever see is “might” “could” “possibly”. And yet people in severe pain get treated like junkies if we go for folk medicine (kratom, amanita muscaria, marijuana, arnica, yucca etc. The writing on the wall is opiates are on the way out and hopeful thinking is the new pain killer. How many years before we see a worthy pain killer? Will I still be alive? No thank you. If I have to buy black tar heroin to alleviate my suffering then guess what? I will do what I have to do. F**k politicians and doctors for not having the courage of their commitments. Apply severe pain to them and what would happen. Screaming bloody murder for opiates is what would happen.

  272. 10 year Pain | May 1, 2023 at 10:08 am | Reply

    I cant believe that the medical industry and Big Pharma found a cure to COVID 19 in a year but cannot find an effective treatment for pain going to so many years now. With all the advancements in modern medicine it’s a damn shame. It’s all about profits for Big Pharma.

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