Coronavirus Spreads to 8 New Countries Overnight, Now in 73 Countries

COVID-19 Coronavirus Map March 3

Coronavirus Map: Distribution of COVID-19 cases as of March 3, 2020. Credit: WHO

Note: There is now a newer Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report 44.

WHO Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report 43

  • Eight new Member States (Andorra, Jordan, Latvia, Morocco, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, and Tunisia) reported cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.
  • The increase of COVID-19 cases in the Eastern Mediterranean Region is of great concern. The WHO Regional Director of the Eastern Mediterraneanregionreiteratedthe need to enhance surveillance and response activities, and share critical information, as being essential to containing the outbreak and strengthening health systems.
  • The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is implementing a comprehensive plan to support country preparedness and containment efforts for COVID-19. Barbados was one of the first Caribbean countries to acquire test kits and reagents for COVID-19 detection, and receive training on how to use them.
  • Real-time training is critical for effective preparedness and response. WHO has several COVID-19 online resources for health professionals, decision-makers and the public in multiple languages. Please see the COVID-19 courses on OpenWHO here.

Risk Assessment

China: Very High

Regional Level: Very High

Global Level: Very High

Coronavirus Situation in Numbers


    • 90870 confirmed cases (1922 new)


    • 80304 confirmed cases (130 new)
    • 2946 deaths (31 new)

Outside of China

    • 10566 confirmed cases (1792 new)
    • 72 countries (8 new)
    • 166 deaths (38 new)

Countries, territories or areas with reported laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths, March 3, 2020

Country/Territory/Area Confirmed Cases
China 80304
Republic of Korea 4812
Italy 2036
Iran 1501
International (Cruise Ship in Japan) 706
Japan 268
France 191
Germany 157
Spain 114
Singapore 108
United States of America 64
Kuwait 56
Bahrain 49
Thailand 43
United Kingdom 39
Australia 33
Switzerland 30
Malaysia 29
Canada 27
Iraq 26
Norway 25
United Arab Emirates 21
Austria 18
Netherlands 18
Vietnam 16
Sweden 15
Lebanon 13
Israel 10
Iceland 9
Belgium 8
Croatia 8
San Marino 8
Finland 7
Greece 7
Qatar 7
Ecuador 6
Oman 6
Algeria 5
Denmark 5
India 5
Mexico 5
Pakistan 5
Azerbaijan 3
Czechia 3
Georgia 3
Philippines 3
Romania 3
Russian Federation 3
Brazil 2
Egypt 2
Indonesia 2
New Zealand 2
Portugal 2
Afghanistan 1
Andorra 1
Armenia 1
Belarus 1
Cambodia 1
Dominican Republic 1
Estonia 1
Ireland 1
Jordan 1
Latvia 1
Lithuania 1
Luxembourg 1
Monaco 1
Morocco 1
Nepal 1
Nigeria 1
North Macedonia 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Senegal 1
Sri Lanka 1
Tunisia 1
Total 90870

Recommendations and Advice for the Public

If you are not in an area where COVID-19 is spreading, or if you have not traveled from one of those areas or have not been in close contact with someone who has and is feeling unwell, your chances of getting it are currently low. However, it’s understandable that you may feel stressed and anxious about the situation. It’s a good idea to get the facts to help you accurately determine your risks so that you can take reasonable precautions.

Your healthcare provider, your national public health authority and your employer are all potential sources of accurate information on COVID-19 and whether it is in your area. It is important to be informed of the situation where you live and take appropriate measures to protect yourself.

If you are in an area where there is an outbreak of COVID-19 you need to take the risk of infection seriously. Follow the advice issued by national and local health authorities. Although for most people COVID-19 causes only mild illness, it can make some people very ill. More rarely, the disease can be fatal. Older people, and those with pre-existing medical conditions (such as high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes) appear to be more vulnerable.

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