Does Outer Space End – Or Does the Universe Go On Forever?

Spherical Closed Universe Concept

It can stretch your mind to ponder what’s really out there.

Right above you is the sky – or as scientists would call it, the atmosphere. It extends about 20 miles (32 kilometers) above the Earth. Floating around the atmosphere is a mixture of molecules – tiny bits of air so small you take in billions of them every time you breathe.

Above the atmosphere is space. It’s called that because it has far fewer molecules, with lots of empty space between them.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to outer space – and then keep going? What would you find? Scientists like me are able to explain a lot of what you’d see. But there are some things we don’t know yet, like whether space just goes on forever.

Planets, stars, and galaxies

At the beginning of your trip through space, you might recognize some of the sights. The Earth is part of a group of planets that all orbit the Sun – with some orbiting asteroids and comets mixed in, too.

Solar System Planets Orbits

A familiar neighborhood.

You might know that the Sun is actually just an average star, and looks bigger and brighter than the other stars only because it is closer. To get to the next nearest star, you would have to travel through trillions of miles of space. If you could ride on the fastest space probe NASA has ever made, it would still take you thousands of years to get there.

If stars are like houses, then galaxies are like cities full of houses. Scientists estimate there are 100 billion stars in Earth’s galaxy. If you could zoom out, way beyond Earth’s galaxy, those 100 billion stars would blend together – the way lights of city buildings do when viewed from an airplane.

Recently astronomers have learned that many or even most stars have their own orbiting planets. Some are even like Earth, so it’s possible they might be home to other beings also wondering what’s out there.

Galaxy Cluster ACO S 295

This packed image taken with the Hubble Space Telescope showcases the galaxy cluster ACO S 295, as well as a jostling crowd of background galaxies and foreground stars. Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, F. Pacaud, D. Coe

You would have to travel through millions of trillions more miles of space just to reach another galaxy. Most of that space is almost completely empty, with only some stray molecules and tiny mysterious invisible particles scientists call “dark matter.”

Using big telescopes, astronomers see millions of galaxies out there – and they just keep going, in every direction.

If you could watch for long enough, over millions of years, it would look like new space is gradually being added between all the galaxies. You can visualize this by imagining tiny dots on a deflated balloon and then thinking about blowing it up. The dots would keep moving farther apart, just like the galaxies are.

Is there an end?

If you could keep going out, as far as you wanted, would you just keep passing by galaxies forever? Are there an infinite number of galaxies in every direction? Or does the whole thing eventually end? And if it does end, what does it end with?

These are questions scientists don’t have definite answers to yet. Many think it’s likely you would just keep passing galaxies in every direction, forever. In that case, the universe would be infinite, with no end.

Some scientists think it’s possible the universe might eventually wrap back around on itself – so if you could just keep going out, you would someday come back around to where you started, from the other direction.

One way to think about this is to picture a globe, and imagine that you are a creature that can move only on the surface. If you start walking any direction, east for example, and just keep going, eventually you would come back to where you began. If this were the case for the universe, it would mean it is not infinitely big – although it would still be bigger than you can imagine.

In either case, you could never get to the end of the universe or space. Scientists now consider it unlikely the universe has an end – a region where the galaxies stop or where there would be a barrier of some kind marking the end of space.

But nobody knows for sure. How to answer this question will need to be figured out by a future scientist.

Written by Jack Singal, Associate Professor of Physics, University of Richmond.

This article was first published in The Conversation.The Conversation

98 Comments on "Does Outer Space End – Or Does the Universe Go On Forever?"

  1. If there is an End then there must be the begining of something else. More Space and yet another universe? My mind says an End is not possible.

  2. I think galaxies have an end. I think all material has an end. I think beyond that, where galaxies end, there might be more space but that also must end.
    Beyond space, there must be something else which is also the cause for the rapid expansion of everything up to that limit. I think our universe is expanding towards and into that region which has no space but it has something else. It might also explain why the expansion in some point is faster than the speed of light because light speed limit is only in our universe but not outside it. Beyond even that region I think lie the cause or even reason for our universe birth and maybe others as well.

    • Don’t you realize that, still with your type of sequence, it’s compelling to keep you going on and on, which is to say that now you have yourself one particular “constant “ in the creation drama, the great pursuit? The universe is a one whole. It’s boundless. It is not a subject for speculation by any serious thinker!

  3. I wish these type of articles would stop misleading people and talking as if “dark matter” has been discovered. Its still just a hypothesis, but this article pretends its been confirmed and that “dark matter” is a type of particle.

  4. Dr. Hujjatullah M.H.B. Sahib | February 13, 2022 at 9:29 am | Reply

    For most theists,the universe is CERTAINLY finite, without any question. But for scientists, who allegedly go by verifiable evidence, the universe may seem infinite as their various tools of telescopic perception keep improving yet couldn’t quite embrace the entire universal frontiers and its beyond !

  5. The questions in this article show us just how much science is still in its infancy! The universe just is, period! It’s expanding into anything because it’s already everywhere. It was not created. Because it couldn’t be a creation. No serious thinker would even want to consider such a question.

  6. I can explain it. Universe is infinite.. After universe ends something new dimension begins.we are just an ants in an anthill. If ant couldn’t understand cosmos , then how could we can? Thank you. But discovering never stops.

  7. if it does end, it does,
    if it doesn’t end, it doesn’t…
    … However, how would one know?

  8. Yes, one and only one could create the universe. GOD, Elohim, our creator did. Just think, we who know
    Jesus will find out soon.

    • I was so glad to read your comment. Another person who gives credit to Almighty God who actually created the universe.

      • God didn’t create the universe. And if he did, why did he make it impossible to travel to other parts of his creation?
        Surely he would’ve wanted us to see more of what he made.
        Also as all things need a creator, who or what created God?

        • Assuming ‘god’ means the force of creation, perhaps gravity in the form of opposite charges attracting but same charges repelling in proportion to the magnitude of each pair’s interaction; we should ask why do things attract or repel; why are somethings pulled towards one another but others repel each other? Why do charges exist?
          Supposedly Adam called the voice in his head God. Maybe he was more intuitive. The word god best represents the force of gravity or process of gravitation; males are highly attracted to or gravitate towards females.

        • Not very smart to call GOD a Liar!!!!!!

          • Some people use the word ‘god’ instead of ‘I’. Why? Are they on a mission? Are they hypnotized? Do they represent someone other than their self? Are they speaking in the 3rd person? To sound more authoritative?
            Is this a case of actions speaking louder than words (indirect speech) though still with words? Speaking from/with the heart? Using words indirectly to communicate a feeling not directly to communicate a thought or idea? Or maybe a synthesis of both?
            We should get a universal agreed upon definition for this word ‘god’.
            Maybe [the force of] god (gravity?) doesn’t ‘lie’ (misrepresent itself) but maybe some people misunderstand [the force of] god.
            Why complicate the statement with being smart or not? ‘God speaks the truth’ is simple & direct enough. Furthermore why even bring truth or lies into it? God is god.
            And why bring god into a conversation about the extent of our observable universe? Did the question scare a few people? It’s ok to not know because we can work towards finding out. ‘Fear Not! Trust & know.’
            By studying we begin to know and by knowing we begin to be able to improve the causmos, our place in and experience of it.🌞

        • Interesting comment as you say everything needs a creator so if something created God then what created that being that created God. Or is it more probable (highly more probable) that we (as in) Mankind created God? And we came into being out of millions of years of evolution and could then, think and believe in concepts like God.

        • Who created god

      • Lol so one morning he woke up decided to create the universe and there was light (i.e. the big bang)

        • I might have finally got it:
          What is god? God is classically the creator of everything. But what created everything? Scientists are apt to say ‘nothing’; that everything is made from virtual particles that pop in and out of existence (and yet here were are).
          Anyways, theists believe there is a creator to everything. Atheists don’t. Atheists are often associated to nihilists which is belief in nothing. But what is ‘nothing’ is something? What something? The absence of everything; the opposite of matter: empty space.
          And thus these two opposing and seemingly contradicting points of view can be reconciled by that they just view everything and nothing from different perspectives. Theists see everything and give it value and are often humbler than showy atheists who seem to need to get attention because they are coming from the point of view of nothing.
          Case is point: ‘nobody is perfect’ (negative) versus ‘nobody IS perfect’ (positive).
          It’s really that simple.
          A blackhole seems to be an example of this differing points of view where one sees the background rather than the foreground, like giving more importance to the negative film than to the color pictures.
          This dualism is rampant in our experience of reality and nature: male-female, day-night, summer-winter, attraction-repulsion, everything-nothing. Einstein would say one is just the absence of the other: cold is really a sense of warmth.

  9. Plutarch Heavensbee | February 13, 2022 at 12:13 pm | Reply

    Neither. The further you go out the more youre traveling tangentially parallel to the center. Duh.

    • Has a centre been identified? Not yet. I don’t even trust that SagA* is the centre of the galaxy.
      We still have much to observe, model, map and calculate.
      Indicators seem to point to finiteless.

  10. Clickbait. So, basically we don’t know. And how could we? Useless article..

  11. Benjamin L Tyler | February 13, 2022 at 3:18 pm | Reply

    Our universe began (as many believe) as a very dense, hot, and small (relatively) plasma blob containing all of the matter, dark matter, and antimatter in existence untill the big bang caused space to expand causing distance between the newly formed stars (made by the fusion of hydrogen) which in turn made helium and heavier elements and through gravity these elements created planets. As dark energy continued to expand soace itself; great distances between these celestial bodies continued.
    So there was a finite amount of matter at the beginig and the expansion of space itself continues, all matter in the universe becomes more and more distant from each other and cooler and cooler.
    The important thing here is that the universe began with a finite amount of material and that is all that can be. The universe thus is finite. Perhaps there are other big bangs making other universes and these universes may connect at some point like tiles and these tiles universes may construct something even bigger than universes.
    But I’m just a peasant and not the best at explaining things.

    • I agree with you when you say that according to bigbang theory the universe started with finite material thus must be finite BUT BB theory is just that. A theory. The real answer is that there is no answer. None knows how or when for sure. If BB theory is true then that poses the question of WHERE did this explosion of this dense mass occur? How did it occur? And where did this thimble of dense matter come from? Nope…its not finite. BB theory is wrong. G>U<G 😉

      • It came from a previous big crunch, Kool-Aid boy.

      • I would guess the big bang occurred in the empties place we could observe.
        Funny that the sun is supposed to cause a big bang in 4.5B years. Then the gas & dust might float away or might recondense. The cycle that seems to be building heavier and heavier elements.

    • Big bang basically explained supernovae and big crunch explained recondensation.
      But while we are the centre of our egocentric universe we most definitely are not at the centre of the cosmos. We are in a ‘just right’ zone solely, galactically and cosmically.
      But whose to say there isn’t a more advanced civilization further out or a more biodiverse area closer to the galactic centre?
      The earth has a internal centre (core) and a surface centre (equator).
      Anyways, big bang is an archaic simplification. Supposedly our telescopes have a limit as to how far they can see due to the lightspeed and cosmic expansion blurring: 13.77BLya. That’s the edge of our observable universe.

  12. Howard Jeffrey Bender, Ph.D. | February 13, 2022 at 3:31 pm | Reply

    A Big Bounce view of the universe is possible but has its own troubles. Another view, from concepts in String Theory, describes how inflation started and stopped, where the matter and energy came from in the first place, and how everything will continue with a different kind of bounce.

    Surely you didn’t think all of the matter and energy we see now was stuffed in a single Big Bang! As you may know, quantum mechanics proposes a roiling quantum foam energy field everywhere in the universe, and the right kind of energy spikes creates string/anti-string pairs. These pairs immediately annihilate each other, but I suggest a process similar to Hawking radiation that form permanent strings that are the basis of all the matter and energy we have. This is a Big Bang/Big Crunch cycle, over and over. Interestingly, this same process can be used to form the galaxies we see. Gravity is far too weak to cause anything to combine rather than flying apart from the enormous force of the Big Bang. Specifics for the physical creation of the universe and the galaxies are shown in my YouTube, Creating Universes – A String Theory Way at

    • Edgar Allan Poe came up with the big crunch way before it was considered a viable theory in “Eureka”.

      • Howard Jeffrey Bender, Ph.D. | February 14, 2022 at 6:01 am | Reply

        Yes, Poe alludes to larger aspects of being in the universe, but the words “big crunch” etc. aren’t in Eureka. Keep in mind that Poe lived when scientists knew nothing about other galaxies and anything expanding or contracting. You recall that Einstein didn’t believe his own equations when they said the universe was either expanding or contracting until Hubble showed him his observations, prompting his “biggest blunder” remark about his cosmological constant.

    • “quantum mechanics proposes a roiling quantum foam energy field everywhere in the universe, and the right kind of energy spikes creates string/anti-string pairs.”

      Reminds me of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

      • Howard Jeffrey Bender, Ph.D. | February 15, 2022 at 10:42 am | Reply

        The quantum foam isn’t that similar to the CMB because the CMB is microwaves that have been detected, while the quantum foam is still theoretical and way too small to be detected with our instruments. And the CMB stays the way it is while the foam “bubbles” to (supposedly) form strings. Interesting stuff around these days.

        • Yes, it’s like an anthropocenic explosion! Planeta Cybernetica.
          Along the lines of light being a particle and a wave; matter is always in motion attracting or repelling and the interaction produces transferable energy.
          The foam (foundational matter interactions produce energy) represented as the detectable CMBR.
          Maybe particles or strings pop in and out of existence whereby the vacuum of space is like a permeable mirror on our side is matter on the other is antimatter.

  13. Ganeshan Guruswamy | February 13, 2022 at 6:32 pm | Reply

    Useless article. Doesn’t answer anything and asks the question that everyone is aware of.

  14. The Universe is infinite just like God

  15. God created the heaven and the earth and all things seen and unseen. He alone has the answer, after this life there is life because we are created in his image and likeness.God created the universe so he would have to be outside of the universe to create the universe. Jesus Christ is the answer to all of this, simply ask him into you life and he will reveal to you by the power of the Holy Spirit, rest assure he holds the universe in his hands.

  16. Jesus christ is the answer

    • What is the question again to that answer?
      Jeopardy style: who or what is Jesus Christ?
      Is Jesus Christ secret code for something? Are you sure it not Julius Caesar instead?
      Maybe god/cosmos are more like a woman. All a man/moon can do is reflect the sun. From our point of view Earth is between both. The orb which gives life and the orb which takes it? Every woman is between two men; the one she wants and the one that wants her. Mimicked Mother Earth and her relation to Sun and moon. Actually she mimics Mother Earth.

  17. And what exactly was God’s point in creating such a huge never ending universe? Those who profess a religion, please tell me.

    • Why does there have to be a point? Please tell me?

    • A simulation theory deist would assert that it’s just to keep us contained as they run their millions of other universe simulations simultaneously.

    • Religion was a first attempt at understanding why things happen. Humans developing culture and consciousness and starting to behave as a super organism. An ant by itself isn’t very strong or effective in changing the environment but many ants can do amazing things! They can take down live prey many times their size. They can migrate, float etc.
      Anyways humans learned much from ants and mimicked them. Thus society evolved to be more complex and we were able to affect the environment whilst protecting ourselves from the harsh elements and predators. Unfortunately misunderstanding and sometimes just plain old territoriality caused conflicts.
      Why is translated in/from some languages as: for what purpose/reason? The reason is to know, to survive to keep Life going. It’s instinctive somehow. It had to be just due to the way this planet is. If it didn’t have an atomsphere it might not hold in enough warmth. But we always seek to adapt to survive asking such questions is natural so as to not be at the mercy of external inhospitable forces, or to find ways to be protected.
      Humans as representatives of Life are on the brink of a new era of exploration outside the protective atomsphere of Earth. We are seeking now our cosmic origin, resources to build and survive in the even harsher space environment, etc.
      The point of life is to live. Life seems to point towards its source naturally.
      I love the sensation from that question: why ask why; and why does there have to be a point. It’s mentally liberating and creative.
      I’m sure there is an objective answer I’m just not objective enough to understand it.
      Those are two very beautiful questions.
      The best I can come up with is survival and we talk about ‘god’ or our universe to understand it, that is to mimick it and become like it, one and all. And when we do we will travel thru space at light speed maybe even instantaneously. But our scitech is not yet there; still have some gaps to fill.
      Objectively there are multiple views of existence and neurons from different species can link, sense & communicate with each other; thus the progression & unification of multiviews into a superorganism uniview(universe). Objectively cosmos is a better word than univiews because cosmos reflects the sense of reality where we are not the centre of much but just seeking to survive. Objectively there is a natural order: moon orbits planet, planets orbit star, stars orbit galactic objects even denser. Plus everything is in motion. Sun pulls planets and planets pull moons along. Even galaxies attract or repel each other.
      Why ask why? To know why; because (for why) one ‘feels like it’. 🌞

  18. Edgar Allan Poe outlined the entire lifecycle of the universe in Eureka: Big bang, expansion of the universe, big crunch, point of singularity, big bang, repeat.

  19. There is a big metal ball that contains the universe no one will get out.

  20. Im amazed most by the comments. So many people certain they know the answer to this currently unanswerable question Some people saying things like Duh? LOL. Where did all the matter come from? It seems to be indestructible and even eternal. The most daunting part is that we may never know. The space may just be too big.

  21. I am taking this with much serious, between matter and something Jesus spoke.
    “ in my Father’s house are many dwelling places.
    If it wasn’t so, I’d not have told you

  22. Aren’t HIS works just WONDEROUS?

  23. Well the bible says that the Universe will be done away with therefore no need to ponder. LOL

  24. Peter Kinyanjui Kiragu | February 13, 2022 at 11:25 pm | Reply

    And just like that, the source is the one who made it to be. The beginning of the Universe and the end of it is the one who brought it into being.Simple

  25. Love is the greatest commandment of all,we should love each other says the Lord God.
    I always see perfection in His creation and am pleased all the time.

  26. Jesus Christ is waiting for those who confess their sins and give their life to Him.

    • Jesus didn’t even take care of himself and his own life; what makes you think he’d take better care of me or mine.
      As to my sins/mistakes, it’s up to me to learn the lesson and not repeat it.
      Take care (of yourself).

  27. Babu G. Ranganathan | February 14, 2022 at 7:18 am | Reply

    Babu G. Ranganathan*
    (B.A. Bible/Biology)


    Big Bang scientists extrapolate a hypothetical scenario from a few facts. Yes, some galaxies are expanding, moving further away (Red shift), but this is not the case with the entire universe. There are galaxies in the universe running perpendicular to the rest of the galaxies, and there are galaxies even running towards us (Blue shift). All this is contrary to Big Bang. Also, if Big Bang really occurred, there should be a uniform distribution of gasses.

    The uniform distribution of gasses throughout the universe would have made sure that the gasses didn’t have enough gravitational attraction to form into planets and stars. The hypothesis of dark matter providing enough gravitational force has been increasingly discredited.

    Big Bang scientists have never proved the existence of dark matter. They only assume that it exists. The latest technologies to detect dark matter have come up empty. Big Bang scientists must hope that dark matter exists so that it would provide enough gravitational force for planets, stars, and galaxies to form.

    Big Bang scientists believe that dark matter can be the only gravitational explanation for how galaxies behave. However, other scientists have successfully shown an alternative explanation to dark matter known as MOND, which stands for Modified Newtonian Dynamics. In other words, it is not necessary to believe that 80% of the universe must be made up of dark matter in order to explain certain behavior and movement of galaxies.

    “The (galactic) structures discovered during the past few years, however, are so massive that even if CDM (Cold Dark Matter) did exist, it could not account for their formation” (Dr. Duane T. Gish, “The Big Bang Theory Collapses.” Furthermore, an explosion cannot explain the precise orbits and courses of thousands of billions of stars in billions of galaxies. Gravity may explain how that order is maintained, but mere gravity alone cannot explain the origin of that order!

    The disorder in the universe can be explained because of chance and random processes, but the order can be explained only because of intelligence and design.

    Some evolutionary astronomers believe that trillions of stars crashed into each other leaving surviving stars to find precise orderly orbits in space. Not only is this irrational, but if there was such a mass collision of stars then there would be a super mass residue of gas clouds in space to support this hypothesis. The present level of residue of gas clouds in space doesn’t support the magnitude of star deaths required for such a hypothesis. And, as already stated, the origin of stars cannot be explained by the Big Bang because of the reasons mentioned above. It’s one thing to say that stars may decay and die into random gas clouds, but it is totally different to say that gas clouds form into stars.

    Read the Internet article, ‘SMOKING GUN’ PROOF OF BIG BANG ALREADY IN DOUBT by creationist and scientist Dr. Jake Hebert. Most people don’t realize how much disagreement there is among evolutionary scientists concerning their own theories. The media doesn’t report those details, at least not to any substantial extent.

    Visit my newest Internet site: THE SCIENCE SUPPORTING CREATION


    *I have given successful lectures (with question and answer period afterwards) defending creation before evolutionist science faculty and students at various colleges and universities. I’ve been privileged to be recognized in the 24th edition of Marquis “Who’s Who in The East” for my writings on religion and science.

  28. It is what it is and we will never
    know all answers. But it’s man’s
    nature to ask & seek.

  29. My problem is just the space. They say it was created with the Big Bang and before just wasn’t any? So what was there and where this whole space came from? And goes on and on. So let assume that the space was created with the Bang and since then it expands, but on what? And even more what it is outside the space, no space? Dont make sense. People just found convenient the bang idea, like Darwinism and they build on to this. And it is not that our brain cannot find a solution but rather they are pointing the wrong way! On purpose!

  30. If you get to the end, what is on the other side? Must be more ‘space’, NO?!!

  31. souler-system-resident | February 14, 2022 at 4:51 pm | Reply

    Instead of ‘dark’ matter, they should call it a-way-to-make-cosmologists-equations-work-out matter

    Isn’t it amazing the way scientists always seem to say THIS is the way it is. They never seem to be able to say “one of the currently most favored explanations for this is…”. I guess it comes from severe case of insecurity.

    As to the question of whether the universe goes on forever, of course it doesn’t! I mean, if it did, where are they going to put all those other universes I’ve heard exist…

  32. Why is there something rather than nothing?
    Actually there are both: matter & space. Energy is formed from matter-matter interactions.
    And in theory there is the inverse: antimatter & antispace.
    Supposedly virtual/ghost particles pop in & out of existence in a vacuum.

  33. God is the representation of community, human or cosmic. God is also the authoritative answer when one’s does not know.

    One can always fall back on God, but it takes effort to push the limits of knowledge & understanding.

    I wish I could say that Science is modern day religion, its holy books are textbooks, its worship experience is observation, its prayer is hypothesizing and its faith is experimenting.

    If Jesus is the answer what is the question?
    Ask the right question to get the right answer.

    God was created to keep revolutionaries and those unfavorable to female kind in check, to force compliance with rules & laws, to give a sense of order & community. Actually god is the natural flow of existence, evolution & constant present creation. God is like the sun, without it we wouldn’t be here, parents and ancestors too.
    Anyways, all the wise asses mocking religion & still no one’s written an Atheist or Scientific version or ‘translation’ of the Bible.
    Poor intersocial diplomacy. An Arabic version of the Bible is rather recent as are other language translation of the Quran. Buddhism just became popular in the 1960s.
    I mean there is a lot of diplomatic, intersocietal & intercultural work to be done in this global village.
    Be with the force, so the force may be with you. -karmic theism.🖖✌🤙☝️🙏
    Humans are not fully logical machines, we have an emotional and imaginative side too.🌞

  34. Krystel Spicer Mind Ark Lateral Thinkers (F) | February 14, 2022 at 11:14 pm | Reply

    Does outa space end or does it go on forever.

    There are different edges. 1. Upon the sea at the end of the world, I remembered all we had & looked out at the sky asking “what lies beyond the realm of possibilities” & I saw a garden where lay a vine of orbs, of different shades & sizes, each in their own element.
    2. We with reality, ebb & flow in the difference twixt perfection & imperfection. I call the spaces “ticks between time”. They’re the breathing room reality needs to grow as history expands as does universe & we change beneath & including our own noses.
    3. Re. duel slit quantum eraser experiment. It’s only where the light particle ends up that determines the path it took to get there, if you don’t draw comparisons, comparisons yourselves as tools & touch along the same inner-sharp-shard-star as do writers throughout the ages. Hope, makes an agreement with truth, truth being which of the two to give benefit of the doubt, & if it does not honour that agreement the path is exchanged we’re risen from the ground upon.

    4. The drip ripple of same universes of different sizes. One day, I asked myself what we might do if upon asking question we kept beginning to answer them part the way through. I saw a man-like man of grass upright out my window,cast a across the backyard to my eyes. I saw tiny dots out of the corner of my eye & on completing some writing one day, instead of being frozen in deep awe like usual, my right leg began to shake like it were being dragged along concrete probably about a good minute, and all about me was a mist of those black spots. In the bathroom I threw up, & when I rose from kneeling & turned around, the quarter filled bottle I’d brought in to flush my mouth I noticed was balancing diagonally lid off like it were levitating. To cut a long story short, the event horizon presented to me was the one twixt here where we are & where’s a larger replica universe, & there, we be small, & we ebb & flow between the small & large ticks between time both, & evolve into the people who stand to live here long enough to see if outa space ends of if I goes on forever. I’m not sure it ever matters though inevitably, to here who undulate in this safe crevice of space we all together. We might check it out out of interests sake. *Shrugs*.

    I collect deep thinkers who practice to be honest, &, host a rise in collective consciousness via ripple effect back of flailers using my F account KrystelSpicer MindArkLateralThinkers. Resurrection via immaculate conception is a hobby of mine. To practice to be honest, a person stands to be born instrument of truth & life in their places. We’re each like an orb, changing in build of soul according to each the environment delivered unto every tick we’re reviewed & redescribed. Mind Ark, we course towards the forceps that pull us from flailers mothers in their places. If you don’t mind.

    I draw comparisons, expansion & deduction myself as a tool. Much I write quite strange. Some things are the most shocking things I have ever read. They look to me as though they’re beyond another’s wildest dreams. *Shudders*. ..All of it is free. (When my leg rattled, I stopped freezing in awe. I um, shudder & shake like a dog now on completion of my wonders. Yes. Very strange indeed. Come on. Let me show you an amazing journey. Upon fragments of truth, you climb ok.

    MALT Krystel (sighs. R1b1b1 family would you believe. I mean, if I didn’t already think awe would kill it one day, I tend to think the universe will be what makes sure of it. *Stares at you in shock*. Please take. By the Barrow load.

  35. I just wondered “how can they say that the universe is expanding when they have not yet reach the end of it?

    • Supposedly some galaxies are moving away from each other, indicated by a red shift. But I read some are moving towards each other indicated by a blue shift.
      Opposite charges attract; same charges repel. I think this principle can be applied to large objects including galaxies.
      The universe is a term used to denote from our perspective not from the perspective of another galaxy, life forms etc. Our reach into the solar system is expanding due to our expanding observation and understanding.
      But supposedly there is a limit beyond which we cannot observe due to light speed and distance interactions. We can use other wave lengths though to observe & detect energy origins. The further energy travels from its source the larger its wavelength becomes and it’s more difficult to detect larger wavelengths.

  36. What if there is no nothingness? Everything is made of something. If the universe has an end, there may be multiple universes out there. There are theories, but we are not advanced enough yet to find out the truth, confirm something or maybe we just cant understand it, because it is too strange and absurd for us. The universe is big. We are small. Time solves everything.

  37. Universe, Jesus, Krishna, Allah, big bang, earth, sun, yourself ~All exist in your brain. They exist as long as you can perceive with your senses and your brain can interpret it. Once you cease to exist everything is gone. You are what your brain tells you. As long as you exist, you will keep arguing to feed your ego. And you actually enjoy it. Keep going, till you are gone.

  38. As I finished posting my comment above, I just scrolled down and the Ad ~ ‘Your cremation guide’ was flashing. What a coincidence!!! As long we cannot fathom what happens after we die, we cannot answer any question about the universe. Any answer about after death is only our speculation. But we will all find out after we due. But will we exist to find that out? Back to square one.

    • Death is the end of life. Consciousness ends, like when we go to sleep.
      We don’t have to die to know what death is. Our cells die and some regenerate. People die and you can clearly tell they are no longer responsive, have no control over their self and are not conscious or alive. Really simple. Just observe. Keep religion out. There is no life after you die, unless you had kids. Death is the end for the dead; their body will disintegrate and be recycled into organic matter and new things will grow. Don’t get me wrong when an organism dies, life still goes on; in fact a niche is opened up.
      Trust yourself.
      Good night.

    • I think the only comforting thing that we can know for 100% is that we are all in the same boat.

  39. thomas tuccillo | February 15, 2022 at 9:57 am | Reply

    we will know after we die all the secrets of the universe .

  40. Thomas Alva Edison we only know 1% of what we say we know. The universe had a beginning so it must have a end.

  41. The literal fact that we are at the center of our universe is one of egocentrism. It’s the same as saying I am the center of my world because I am the one observing and perceiving it. It’s one of definition and point of view. We cannot help but only see, perceive and understand from our own point of view.
    We can extend our point of view by using telescopes for example. I was not in Sendai, Nippon during the 2011 Tohoku Quake but I was horrified by the videos. Universe is a subjective term.
    I use cosmos as the objective term. To that we know not where the beginning, origin or centre are. It could be beyond our universe(observations) or it could be within. We know not for certain nor is there is a center to the cosmos. Perhaps everything has been recycling and interacting eternally. Perhaps there is a building of galaxies or superclusters, like we build cities and mega cities.

  42. We are in a simulation. Your “God” could simply be a highly advance being having fun.

    • Run by females.
      Not really; reality is real; step out of your comfort zone to test.
      It might seem like we’re in a simulation because society & technology shapes us and conforms to us.
      Stay comfortable and enjoy.

  43. I would imagine the universe is as big as our imagination.

  44. Goodluck trying to figure it out.

  45. To the Author: Write the largest number (in Mathematics),,,,,,, Anyone who can write the largest number, can give the answer of “how big or huge the space boundaries are”…..

  46. Someone who actually researches | February 16, 2022 at 5:48 am | Reply

    The beginning of this article states the atmosphere reaches 20 kilometers from Earth. The Earth’s atmosphere reaches 10,000 kilometers from earth. That’s 6000+ miles. What amazes me is that everyone just glossed over that to argue about what lies beyond. If neither the writer or reader noticed then I ask this question. Wtf do any of you know?

    • Looks like a contradiction between the article and your research probably due to a difference in definitions. Perhaps the atomsphere from your research includes more things than the atomsphere from this paper (say the moon, magnetic field and ions, maybe). Precise & accurate definitions matter.
      It should be simple to answer though; we just have to measure the distance of the farthest atom orbiting Earth in this gaseous mixture we call air.
      Yes, I spelled it atomsphere on purpose.
      Atomsphere: normally it means the gaseous mixture of atoms in Earth’s ‘air’ but how thin it gets is the question.

  47. “There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

    There is another theory which states that this has already happened.”

    ~ Douglas Adams, The Resaurant At The End Of The Universe.

    • Sounds like trying to guess what a woman is thinking.
      But I disagree, the more we can explain and understand the more we can conform it to us and make our existence more comfortable; for example Life has figured out how to live in Antarctica and microgravity for months at a time.

  48. Godfrey Downing | February 17, 2022 at 9:20 am | Reply

    I believe when you get to the end of the universe is a big sign that God put there that says sorry for the inconvenience

  49. I perceive this article is written in a simple yet gentle explanatory tone.

  50. It all came from DEZ NUTS

  51. The universe is finite, but space is infinite. Find proof at Isaiah 40:26 which states that God (Jehovah) knows
    how many stars there are and has names for all of them. Space must be infinite because the true God cannot be contained within a definite area.

  52. it lupes around and comes back 😉

  53. I think the universe may never end because we are part living in a illusion, even delusion. Because if it never begins or ends it is way beyond any comprehension. If you really seriously consider it, it’s such madness, that something else must be going on.

  54. Prasenjeet ghosh | January 8, 2023 at 5:51 am | Reply

    Dear sir/madam,
    It will be Never known, as long as there is life on this earth.NO one can.

    Thank you.

  55. “For most theists, the universe is CERTAINLY finite, without any question. But for scientists, who allegedly go by verifiable evidence”
    Bull Crap, How are you to know whether theists don’t go by “verifiable evidence” or not. That is a very misleading statement. Or I guess I could just say that some scientists might be, “without any question”, Ignorant on certain things.

  56. The most interesting.

  57. i think god might actually create universe

  58. Thank you for the article. After reading the article, and then reading the comments, I have observed a pattern. The comments (90percent) aren’t disagreeing with article. They are afraid to accept the idea that there is purpose and direction to what is going on in the universe. Once again, thanks for making me think.

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