Rhine River – Europe’s Second-Largest River – Runs Dry

Rhine River Runs Dry

Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite images show the stark difference between August 2021 and August 2022 on the Rhine River near Cologne.

Water levels on the Rhine River, Europe’s second-largest river, have continued to fall due to soaring temperatures and lack of rainfall. The low water levels are preventing many vessels from navigating through the waters at full capacity. The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission captured satellite images of part of the Rhine River near Cologne. They show the stark difference between August 2021 and August 2022.

Flowing from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea, the Rhine River is an important shipping route for many products from grains to chemicals to coal. When water levels drop, cargo vessels need to sail with reduced load, so they don’t run aground.

Rhine River 2021

Rhine River on August 25, 2021. Credit: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2021), processed by ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

Water levels at the chokepoint of Kaub, near Frankfurt, fell to 32 cm (13 inches) in depth on Monday, down from 42 cm (17 inches) last week. Ships, however, need around 1.5 m (5 feet) to be able to sail fully loaded. This means that current levels are making it difficult for larger ships to navigate through the waters. Freight ships continue to sail, but only with around 25% to 35% of the ship’s capacity.

The low water levels are emerging earlier than usual, with the lowest water levels typically recorded in September or October. However, reduced temperatures and predicted rainfall forecasted for this week may offer much-needed relief to the Rhine.

Rhine River 2022

Rhine River on August 12, 2022. Credit: Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2022), processed by ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

The phenomenon facing the Rhine is common across much of Europe after an unusually hot and dry summer, which caused wildfires and water shortages.

The Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellites capture high-resolution imagery that provide information about the conditions on Earth, such as plant life, soil, and coastal areas. The mission consists of two satellites both of which carry an innovative multispectral imager – a camera that captures optical images over a range of wavelengths beyond visible light.

87 Comments on "Rhine River – Europe’s Second-Largest River – Runs Dry"

  1. What a stupid, misleading headline. The Rhine didn’t “run dry”. And no, the decline is not due to atmospheric temperature. It is due to drought. AND, a word is missing from the lede. Great job, editors.

  2. Once upon a time editors could actually edit.
    You’re in such a hurry to get your article online that it doesn’t make sense and now you just look sad.

  3. Say a lie enough and it becomes believed.

  4. Take your head out of the sand, Riche. Climate Change is quite real.

    • These “I have a right to my own private swimming pool” types might finally ‘get it’ the day their taps run dry + the aquifers have nothing but air + sand to fill their ‘Evian’ bottles. Nationalise all water + utilities. Private Co’s care nothing but for huge profits. It is ironic that it’ll be Modern Man who will be responsible for the end of civilisation as we know it. And all for nothing but pure greed + selfishness. Everything for the 1%. Well, we deserve what we have coming, just hope animals, flora + fauna will survive.

  5. Dwayne. You just lied lol

  6. Trump is going to control the world. Wait and see

  7. Trump is our honorable mastermind

  8. All Americans believe in lies and the imaginable

  9. Riche is a stupid idiot that lives in an imaginary world and so does Dwayne

  10. The end is coming soon.

  11. Riche- I noticed that too! Lately, a lot of articles have typos…

  12. No such thing as “global warming “.
    Only a idiot would say that and a dummy would be it. It’s all a democratic lie. God is in control, not government.

    • If you’re right, Jesus is sending all of you rich-worshipping, poor-hating redneck re****s straight to h***. It’s a win/win.

  13. Kelly and Riche point to a valid criticism of the article.
    I also wanted to comment on that.
    But having read the irrelevant comments from the mega-maga graduates of Tramp University I’m wondering why bother.
    All I can say to Cody and his company of clowns is see you at the polls come Election Day.
    Also, if God is in control, that explains why the Republican party has become the go-to dumpster for all the selfish unthinking social misfits. You know the type – wall~nuts for brains.
    Let me explain, this was news about a river in Germany that has reached water levels so low that they are threatening to stifle economic activity. In Germany.

  14. Yes, another climate change/trying to scare us all misleading article. The Rhine has not dried up. The world climate has been experiencing a la nina weather pattern for years now, which leads to drought conditions across the globe. It has happened before afew times over the last couple hundred years. We will eventually switch to an El Nino pattern where these areas get above normal precipitation. All has nothing to do with climate change.

    • The re****ed bumpkins of right-wing America have spoken. Thanks for your trash input on a complex topic you can’t possibly understand. You’ve never read any non-fiction.

  15. The article seems to focus more on the Sentinal-2 than the Rhine.

  16. Theyre probably fracking it too. Maybe they need to plant more trees and pour less concrete over therr.

  17. The comment above shows an immature and angry man

  18. Youshatyourpants | August 20, 2022 at 4:38 pm | Reply

    What a bunch of ill-informed clowns. European rivers are running low to the point of severe economic impact on their commerce and tourism, including the Rhine, the Po, and the Danube. Do some research to prove your opinions or shut that flan hole.

  19. Thank you Alan Larkin for the only reasonable comment on a not so great article

  20. Patrick Endicott | August 20, 2022 at 11:16 pm | Reply

    An excellent piece on the condition of the Rhine. You said “hot AND dry”. Yes, thank you for this article.

  21. Patrick Endicott | August 20, 2022 at 11:29 pm | Reply

    High atmospheric temperature alone contribute to the diminishing water in the Rhine. It is more than a little amazing how much water EVAPORATES from a river. The movement of water does not stop evaporation. Also lower water tables suck water up from the river bed. A tremendous amount of water from any river NEVER makes it to the mouth of any river. Not just the river, but the tributaries also.

    The loss of water, whether it be the Amazon,the Rhine, the Artic icecap or the Antarctic ice is affected in multiple ways by TEMPERATURE. Global warming is an escalating cruel monster.

  22. Trump Might Rule the world!! But thats just a Sign of the Lack Of state of Mind the world is in The Blind Following the Blind Evil following Evil!! This i say to You Trump followers. FEEL THE BURN!! You Deserve IT!!!!!

  23. People-insult-me-but-never-counter-the-facts | August 21, 2022 at 12:18 pm | Reply
    • Stephen and Vickie Scaggs | August 21, 2022 at 6:12 pm | Reply

      I really want to know the “TRUE FACTS”. My wife andI are planning a 50th wedding anniversary River Cruise, with Viking Tours, mid-Sept. Does an intelligent individual have any recommendations, i.e.
      1) postponing our trip until a later date, 2) depend (or not, they “Viking” I know doesn’t want to loose money, with postponements), 3) re-schedule with Viking or plan another alternate trip with Viking or another cruise lines or 4) wait and depend on Viking contacting us and “honestly” letting us know we should re-schedule. I do not want to pay a tremendous amount of travel money, and travel by bus on land to visit cities/towns. This is a once in a lifetime, 50 years, event. Our whole reason for the trip was to cruise on a river, for my wife can’t cruise on the ocean/ sea. Your honest answer will be appreciated.
      S.S. and V.S.

      • Thank you Stephen for the question. We are planning our trip for December. If you get more information or take the trip please let me know the condition of travel. We do not want to be moved to a bus if the river closes.

    • Now do the predictions that were underestimated, like our current heat trends and droughts. Being bad at science won’t help anyone, you hopeless culty bastards.

  24. Maybe we should blame geoengineering and the purposeful manipulation of weather do your research you won’t like who’s in charge

  25. Thank you John Thompson for an intelligent alternative idea.

  26. Theresa Hargrave | August 21, 2022 at 1:11 pm | Reply

    You don’t report on the actual depth of the river currently….only the reduction. If ships need 1.5m of depth and are still able to make it through, there must be more than what you are actually reporting. Misleading and incomplete reporting.

  27. So much hate from the left all highly skilled scientist🙄 The democrat party is made up of either socialist or the poorly informed. But they sure talk like they know something unfortunatly Thats not the case. As they will find out on november 8th. Clearly Donald Duck would make a better president than the fool these Educated idiots gave us!

  28. All those wind mills have effected the weather. No one has done that he research on the effects of changing the air flow across the land from the ocean.

  29. I’m 60 years old. For every decade that I have been alive, we’ve had a climate crisis. In the 1970s, it was carbon dioxide. In the 1980s, it was acid rain. In the 1990s it was global cooling. And the 2000s it was global warming. Does anybody see a trend here yet? Granted, the climate has been changing for millennia. That’s why we’re still not in an ice age. Oh, wait, they predicted that we would experience another ice age in the 60s and 70s too. The problem is that these hucksters and snake oil salesman have been feeding you convincing BS for decades now. I remember thinking we had to hide inside to get away from the acid rain because it would kill us. That never happened. And eventually, acid rain disappeared off the radar. You have to ask yourself why? Get your nose out of your phones and do some real research at the library. You can start with acid rain. Ask yourself why it’s not a threat to the environment today.

  30. Tump is smart; the editors of this article not so much!

  31. Nature is not happy with us.

  32. Humans… worst species under God…lol

  33. Read: Rhine river drained dry. Suffers same fate as Colorado River.

  34. Mark Gerbereux | August 21, 2022 at 3:48 pm | Reply

    Does this read right to you?:
    Water levels on the Rhine River, Europe’s second-largest river, have continued to due to soaring temperatures and lack of rainfall.
    I don’t waste my time on poorly written, not-proofed web content.

  35. Of course climate changes. We once had a ice age. We also had a global flood 4300 years ago that radically changed the earth.And the Bible says that one third of the earth will burn in the future judgement.

  36. Well, Riche – the headline is misleading. But then again 13 inches is pretty damn close to “dry.”

  37. FleecingOfAmerica | August 21, 2022 at 5:18 pm | Reply

    Phantom… Acid rain is not an issue today because in the 80s they used acid rain as a reason to move the polluting industries causing it to China. Now we are left poorer and with less job opportunities. And the rich business owners are getting richer of cheap or slave Chinese labor. And the businesses who still survived in the west no longer feel the need to offer decent health benefits or pentions to the working man.

  38. Evaporation at these temperatures is about 180cm+ per year or 15cm per month.

    The record heat matters. Evaporation is probably higher since the water is moving.

    It’s really past time for climate change denial. It’s going to get much worse by 2050. Better to get ready for it.

  39. Daniel Zelazny | August 21, 2022 at 5:23 pm | Reply

    Inaccurate headline, and careless editing.
    This site has little credibility.

  40. Haha.

    Combine that with no gas and oil because of Russian sanctions.
    Enjoy your summer Tranny Pedophile West

    Suk it

  41. I’d say 13in would be considered “run dry”.

  42. Milan Paunovic | August 21, 2022 at 6:01 pm | Reply

    I had the pleasure talking to professor on a train coming into Venice about the climate and his exact words were the damage has been done and the worst is to come how right was he this back in 2008 and they keep saying no it is called greed

  43. Look at all the Trump zombies Gett ng triggered.

  44. Can’t even spell check or proof read the first sentence, nice quality content here

  45. Sounds like another article about the climate change lie, droughts happen every year, NWO propaganda

  46. So the picture where the water is darker(deeper) is from this year. Says 2022 under it. But it was the first image they showed.

  47. Richard Smalls | August 21, 2022 at 6:43 pm | Reply

    I’m a divorced, physically unimpressive, middle-aged closet homosexual who drives a ford F-150 and “works hard.” I’m very tough and smart, and don’t pull any punches therefore I declare this article to be bulls*** because it would implicate me, morally, in what’s happening to the world, which offends me. Don’t come near me or my truck, or I’ll make vague threats online to vent my frustration at my unresolved daddy issues whilst I continue to be a childish cowar- I mean big, tough smart man in real life, which I most certainly am. Hur-hur-dee-hurr muh freedoms hurr HURRRRR

  48. Lol!! A decent article but it could have been edited better; my laughter comes from the trump-assed followers who have chosen to spew their hatred on this post. Go ahead and believe what the orange haired monster tells you to believe; I will sit back and have a good laugh 😂

  49. The sea levels are rising, yet we have rivers that run dry?

  50. Jerry Hernandez | August 21, 2022 at 6:55 pm | Reply

    Very disappointed in this article. Sensationalism is a very dangerous road. Specifically the editing of the photo, photoshop adding green to the photo to heighten the effect. Notice all the parks and streets are suddenly green to… I guess next headline is how the drought makes things greener.

  51. It’s like the movie. The day the earth stood still. Except no alien race is gonna save the earth this time. We are past the tipping point. It’s over but for the shouting

  52. Soytrooper PDX | August 21, 2022 at 7:04 pm | Reply

    Nothing like reading the comments of superstitious idiots on a science website. You bumpkins sure know a lot about climatology!

    “Gee, remember when there was a hole in the ozone, but then it disappeared? Hoax!” Wrong. Scientists published research for years to get real actions to happen, and the problem was alleviated. Same with lead in gasoline. Now with excessive heat from greenhouse gases, the average idiot cannot be convinced to take accountability.

    Stop pretending to know how science works when you’ve never read a line of non-fiction in your life, conservatives. You stand for nothing but greed. No wonder Jesus wept.

  53. What’s with the photo? Seems odd, the August 2021 version has water in a part of the city where there are buildings, which are only visible in the August 2022 version??

  54. Get your heads out of the sand folks. All the cloud seeding is causing the droughts. All a plan to push the DemonRats climate change and depopulation agenda

  55. We just had the coolest, wettest summer in quite a while, hmmm

  56. Why does everyone automatically jump to climate change or it’s a drought. How about also take into consideration the irresponsible usage/consumption of water.

  57. No_Trump_No_Biden | August 21, 2022 at 7:22 pm | Reply

    With a name like “Scitech” I expected more science and technology and less clickbait. Piss off. And that goes for all the partisan hacks in the comments as well.

  58. Lol. To comments are from people that don’t understand how climate works.

  59. Droughts have existed since the world began, and then floods. Yes climates change– it’s been that way too since the dawn of time. IceAges, thaws, volcanic eruptions throughout… Stop the fear mongering and “go green” scams


  61. Karl Brother of Karen | August 21, 2022 at 8:08 pm | Reply

    Might want to proof read that first sentence.

  62. Truth,,, try it.
    Rhine ist dry

    “We can still sail from Koblenz, but we’ve got several moorings we can no longer stop at because the water is too shallow,” he says. “If it continues like this, parts of the river will be shut to shipping, something I’ve never experienced.”

    Europe’s hot, dry summer means that the water level on the Rhine, Western Europe’s most important waterway, is at a record low, making it too shallow for many ships to pass — a problem for a country that depends on the river for 80% of its water freight. Millions of tons of commodities are moved through the Rhine and shipping disruptions are certain to further impact Germany’s economy, already reeling from global supply chain disruptions and record high energy costs stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Tourist boats along the shore of the Rhine in the German city of Koblenz are still operating with the low water levels on the river, but they’ve had to stop mooring at several locations due to the lack of water.
    Rob Schmitz/NPR
    “It’s less of a problem for us pleasure cruises, but freight ships and tankers are having problems,” says Merkelbach. “Ships that usually take 2,400 metric tons of freight are now taking only 500 tons so they don’t run aground — that’s a massive reduction in load.”

    Shallow Rhine River has a devastating effect on commercial traffic Aug. 16, 2022
    For this stretch of the river, that means more ships carrying fewer goods, drifting by a rapidly receding shore of brown rocks topped by dead grass and withering trees.

    “Normally you see these huge container ships carrying goods from Rotterdam,” says Adrian Schmid-Breton of the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine. “But I haven’t seen those ships on the river in weeks.”

    Adrian Schmid-Breton is a scientist at the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine. He says the low water level on the Rhine this year happens, on average, once every 20 years. But the last time this happened was four years ago.
    Rob Schmitz/NPR
    Instead, says Schmid-Breton, companies are opting to send fewer goods on more ships, leading to a more congested river. His commission estimates that low water levels happen, on average, once every 20 years. But the last time the Rhine was this low was just four years ago, in 2018. That year, Schmid-Breton says, German industry lost nearly $3 billion as goods weren’t able to reach their destinations. Frankfurt Airport, one of the world’s busiest, saw reduced jet fuel deliveries that year because companies weren’t able to deliver fuel by boat.

    This year, companies are scrambling to carry freight aboard trucks instead. But it’s not enough: It would take 40 trucks to carry the grain that one barge normally could.

    The Koblenz city gauge house shows the point at which the water rose to during an historic flood in the year 651. This year, there is only 5 feet of water at the deepest point in the river near Koblenz.
    Rob Schmitz/NPR
    The flow of one of the most vital commodities, coal, is in jeopardy, and that could have severe consequences for Europe’s biggest economy. “If there are problems transporting coal on the Rhine, we’ll see shortages at coal-fired power plants in September, and they may not be able to generate electricity,” says Guido Baldi, a researcher with the German Institute for Economic Research.

    He predicts a coal shortage — in addition to ongoing global supply chain problems — will lead to Germany’s economic output falling 0.5% in the third quarter. “This is particularly problematic now, as Germany attempts to wean itself off Russian gas and needs coal plants as a backup,” Baldi says. “If the transport of coal is hindered, we’ll see electricity shortages starting in September.”

    Baldi says drought, war and supply chain bottlenecks are sending Europe’s biggest economy into a nosedive toward recession.

    Schmid-Breton, of the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine, says the environmental impact of this drought is equally bad. He says less water, that is heating up to warmer temperatures, is trouble for fish like Atlantic salmon, which were just reintroduced to the river. “Because of low water, they cannot reach their spawning sites,” he says. “So they have to do emergency spawning. That means they will lose their eggs.”

    And with less water in the river, the concentration of pollutants rises, he adds, which will have an additional impact on every animal that lives along the river.

    Schmid-Breton is encouraged by rain in the forecast this week, but he says the region will need two to three weeks of heavy, steady rain for the Rhine to return to normal — not likely, as this region heads into what is typically its driest season.

    A container ship passes Pfalzgrafenstein Castle in the middle of the Rhine River in Kaub, Germany, Aug. 12. The Rhine carries low water after a long drought period.
    Michael Probst/AP
    Esme Nicholson contributed to this report from Berlin.

    german coal
    german economy
    german environment
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  63. @ John Thompson,

    If what you say is true, then why is there a 22 year long drought in the USA Southwest? Meanwhile during this time, there have been many El Ninos to counter drought you speak of. Oh and btw, La Nina’s can bring both above and / or below normal precipitation.
    And if so, then why are rivers drying up all over the 🌎… ? Something the Earth have not experienced in 60 years and longer.


    Why has the speed of world glacier melt doubled in 20 years?


    I recall there are 6 or more religions, if you count the religions of native indian tribes on all continents… Which is right John? Answer: None. God controls nothing.

  64. Let’s think for a minute. So oil formed in shallow oceans. Eagle Ford shale target depth 5 to 16k feet deep. A mile deep. A mile below dry land. That means a mile of dirt has amassed on top. That means cubic miles of water went somewhere. I know the theories but honestly they do not fit. Example number one. 230 million years ago oil’s formed in eagleford area and dinosaur tracks are found 20 feet under the surface ? No way a mile to 3 miles of dirt amassed when a dino track is on top. Oil and gas rise in the earth not fall. Here’s the thing about climate change. The earth heats and cools on cycles and has for billions of years. A volcanic eruption produces more pollution and green house games than 20 years of world wide Human activity. Before humans fires burned for centuries. We have stopped more pollution than we’ve created but no one talks about the trash, plastics and medical wastes that are actually killing earth. Only games from living. Climate change isn’t the issue. The problem lies in trash and waste. Be it every day garbage or nuclear. Waste not greenhouse gases. But governments can tax you on greenhouse gases and badmouth others on amounts but the more advanced and consumer oriented a society the more garbage. Of course China, India, Mexico and the like will have increases greenhouse gases because they are manufacturing the products we are using and we have the waste to remove. So our governments tell us greenhouse gases are bad but turn a blind eye to waste.

    • John David (USA) | August 21, 2022 at 9:33 pm | Reply

      Exactly right about the trash, North Pacific there’s the (Trash Island) literally a floating landfill 3 times the size of France. 1.6 million kilometers…but nobody is responsible or claims it, or is trying to fix it. 1.6 today, western hemisphere tomorrow

  65. There is the idiot that believes in God, without evidence, but not in climate change, for which there is evidence. You gotta be extremely stupid to follow that kind of logic.

  66. Yourdaddybitch | August 21, 2022 at 9:16 pm | Reply

    I thought the world was going to flood due to melting ice bergs in the Antarctic…lol…so the “All Knowing” don’t seem to know s***.

  67. Germany being the top country with a green initiative of green renewal energy shows you that global warming is a myth it’s a dry season for the United States and many other countries alot of countries and going into the green energy sector and a lot of countries don’t have enough industrial capabilities and capacity to quote on quote pollute so bad it contributes to global warming and most European countries have way less people to consume to make a difference to the atmosphere and other countries as well.

  68. And this has probably never happened in history before??
    Wait till europe floods next time again. The real existential threat is some idiot govt setting off an atomic war.

  69. John David (USA) | August 21, 2022 at 9:20 pm | Reply

    Well well people, it’s all propaganda. Everyone knows that China is in control of everything, yes even the weather and the so-called droughts.Has anyone even thought about the Euphrates River running dry? This is a bit more concerning than a tourism ride on the river Thames or whichever.. In the Bible it says when Euphrates drys up the Angels that God chained under it will be set free to slaughter 1/3rd of mankind!!! That itself is more of a concern then if I can or can’t ride on the riverboat to see Cologne.And you wonder why them pissed off angels consider us sheep. That’s a lot more news worthy than that other crap they misinform us with. Time to wake up my friends, sooner then later.

  70. Don’t believe everything you read chicken littles … The Rhine has had numerous undergone low levels from droughts and also high levels from floods over the centuries. Nothing new, and this just in… spoiler alert for the climate doomsayers … levels are going back up as of today.

  71. Ditto to first comment

  72. Elizabeth Escamilla | August 22, 2022 at 1:43 am | Reply

    Dale is a lunatic!

  73. Goober Mcbrandon | August 22, 2022 at 3:45 am | Reply

    Four dead trees in less than a year. Half an acre burning up. No more irrigation. No rain. This time last year my property was so Lush you could not see the daytime Sky due to the tree canopies. Now? It looks like a scene from World War 3. Don’t think climate crisis is real? Wait until there is no more portable water for drinking or bathing, much less for farming thank you modern industry, due to your gross mismanagement and run away greed the planet is now in free fall and it is only a matter of time before the Western world resembles what is happening all over Africa and Asia. At least we will have worldwide equity won’t we?

  74. This was a seriously entertaining thread of comments to read through. I’ve always been of the mind that global warming was just another one of chicken little’s catch phrases. The beautiful Earth that we live on has gone through many changes with ice ages and thawing well before man was ever on the Earth. I’ve always thought that it is arrogant to think that humans could manipulate mother nature. And I absolutely agree with the comments about the trash problem we have, that we can control. Maybe labeling it pollution of this beautiful Earth is more precise than saying a trash problem. That is something we can do something about. And should.

  75. Very biased and unscientific article, full of fear mongering.

  76. Bollocks! The Rhein is NOT dry!

  77. The world is in an ever so constant state of change, it has been for 18 bn years

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