Kyoto University News

On, readers can find the latest news and breakthroughs in science and technology research conducted by Kyoto University researchers and faculty members. Whether it’s advancements in medicine, robotics, or environmental science, this is the go-to source for updates on the cutting-edge research happening at this world-class institution.

Kyoto University, also known as Kyodai, is a world-renowned research institution located in Kyoto, Japan. Established in 1897, it is one of Japan’s oldest and most prestigious universities, consistently ranked among the top universities in Asia and the world.

Kyoto University has a long history of excellence in education and research, with notable alumni including twelve Nobel laureates, three Fields Medalists, and one Gauss Prize recipient. The university has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research, with faculties in science, engineering, medicine, law, economics, and the humanities.