Japanese Super Cellophane Keeps Fruit Fresh for Months


Belle Green Wise Aura Pack helps keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

A Japanese company has developed a kind of cellophane, named Aura Pack, that helps keep fruits and vegetables fresh. The freshness-preserving effect is achieved by controlling the evaporation of water and excess respiration.

Vegetables have a water content of at least 90%. As long as water isn’t lost, they stay crisp and fresh. By using Belle Green Wise’s film, it’s harder for water to evaporate. Vegetables take in oxygen and release CO2. The more congenial the environment, the more stable this process is, making it harder for vegetables to get bruised. This film also resists condensation, so it’s harder for moisture to form.


Leafy vegetables like spinach can be kept fresh for another 2 to 3 days with the Aura Pack. In long-term storage, persimmons sealed in the film lasted for 3 to 4 months. This longer life means that vegetables can be shipped using slower transport methods, saving costs.

While it may not revolutionize food storage, it’s definitely an interesting thing to be able to keep vegetables fresh for longer periods of time. It will keep people from simply throwing out vegetables when they are no longer fresh and keep them sealed up until they need them. 2 or 3 extra days might not seem like much, but it’s significant for groceries.

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