NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory Spots Active Region Outbursts on the Sun

This short video from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows a dozen minor outbursts on the Sun over a 30-hour period.

This close-up video by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows an active region near the right-hand edge of the sun’s disk, which erupted with at least a dozen minor events over a 30-hour period from November 3-5, 2015. As competing magnetic forces grappled with each other, tongues of solar material lashed out from the sun’s surface and several small flares erupted –seen as white flashes in this extreme ultraviolet wavelength of 304 angstroms. Though the sun’s extreme ultraviolet light is invisible to our eyes, the wavelength is colorized here in red.

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  • katesisco

    Remember that the satallite that recorded the ‘near miss’ in June 2012 noted it was preceded by many little flares that ‘cleared the way.’