Pushing the Boundaries of Traditional Physics: Scientists Discover New “Hall Effect”

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Researchers have discovered an anisotropic anomalous Hall effect in a spinel oxide thin film, a phenomenon that varies with current direction and is explained by a new model incorporating a magnetic toroidal quadrupole structure, aligning with Onsager’s theorem.

The “Hall effect” or “anomalous Hall effect” occurs when electric current flows through a conductor or magnet in a magnetic field, generating voltage perpendicular to the electric and magnetic field directions. Onsager’s reciprocal theorem, a fundamental theorem in materials science, states that the deflection direction of electrons remains constant, irrespective of the current’s direction in the plane perpendicular to the magnetic field or magnetization.

A phenomenon contradicting this theorem has not been discovered until now. In this study, for the first time, researchers have observed an anisotropic anomalous Hall effect in a spinel oxide NiCo2O4 thin film with conical magnetic anisotropy; this characteristic depends on the current’s direction.

Phenomenological Perspective and Theoretical Model

To understand this phenomenon, researchers considered the symmetry of the experimentally observed anisotropic anomalous Hall effect from a phenomenological perspective. The findings indicated the involvement of a magnetic structure termed a clustered magnetic toroidal quadrupole.

Consequently, they proposed a physical model that explained the anisotropic anomalous Hall effect without violating Onsager’s reciprocal theorem. This model successfully accounts for the coexistence of the magnetic toroidal quadrupole and ferromagnetism owing to conical magnetic anisotropy.

Reference: “Quadrupole anomalous Hall effect in magnetically induced electron nematic state” by Hiroki Koizumi, Yuichi Yamasaki and Hideto Yanagihara, 8 December 2023, Nature Communications.
DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-43543-1

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  1. Phenomenological Perspective and Theoretical Model.

    I hope researchers are not fooled by the pseudoscientific theories of the Physical Review Letters (PRL), and hope more people dare to stand up and fight against rampant pseudoscience.
    The so-called academic journals (such as Physical Review Letters, Nature, Science, etc.) firmly believe that two objects (such as two sets of cobalt-60) of high-dimensional spacetime rotating in opposite directions can be transformed into two objects that mirror each other, is a typical case of pseudoscience rampant.
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    Theoretical Model must follow mathematical rules. For example, the Standard Model (SM) is considered to be one of the most significant achievements of physics in the 20th century. The magnetic moment of μ particle is larger than expected, revealed by a g-2 experiment at Fermilab, suggests that the established theory of fundamental particles is incomplete. Furthermore, the SM omitting gravity, it not involved the time problem and when the particle movement starts. Mathematics is the foundation of science. Physics must respect mathematics and the scientificity of mathematical models. Any theoretical model must be based on mathematical models in order to be scientific, convincing, and in line with natural laws.

    Any hypothesis or conjecture that distorts mathematics, regardless of who or what institution it comes from, is a pseudoscience. The interaction of topological vortices gives humanity infinite possibilities. If you are interested, you can browse https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/390071860 and https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/463666584.

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  3. This is a phenomenal finding! As the maintained occurrence of such a qudrupolar toroidal phenom could be situated for use to increased exactitude of AI navigation systems for MIC ops, as well as US postal delivery innovations;o)

  4. Very interesting,I helped develop the little charging disc’s that you used to find on the Starbucks coffee shops years ago, based on the hale effect.

  5. Pity that I can’t understand the language used. Surely a coupe of well thought-out diagrams would have helped. “the magnetic toroidal quadrupole and ferromagnetism owing to conical magnetic anisotropy” sounds impressive and probably is but such jargon is meaningless to the average punter. Or perhaps even to the practitioners of other sciences than electromagnetism.

    However, that picture is a nice image of the Eye of Sauron in the Dark Tower as witnessed by Frodo Baggins whenever he put the Ring of Power on his finger…………

  6. 0 yes it would be nice if we didn’t have demon possessed psychopathic scientist or is it Satanist look what they done with CERN and our dimensions

  7. Didn’t want to read after seeing the comments, but what the, If I’m correct the effect is being observed do to the influence of the magnetism revealing the hall effect, brings to mind in my understanding that our power grid in the US has some challenges that this observation can help, my Idea is the large wires the power is transmitted through are manufactured as a twisting rapping configuration this adds strengthening geometry for above ground spans of distance also each strained caries part of the power load for the size, we understand that this large transition wire when powered has electromagnet resonance emitted, would the geometry of the wire be inhibiting movement of electrons, if the wires were in a straight parallel configuration this may help in the topological direction of flow.

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