Study Finds Traditional Native Indian Medicine Effective Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

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Researchers have found that several traditional medicines commonly used in South Asia are effective in maintaining blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Several traditional medicines commonly used in South Asia, are effective in maintaining blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes, according to a new study led by experts at the University of Nottingham.

Many South Asian countries, including India and Nepal, have been using the Ayurvedic natural medical system for thousands of years. Some of the herbs included in this traditional medical system are also used in other parts of the world including Iran, China, and Mexico – to name a few.

It features a multi-pronged and individualized approach to managing health conditions that can include lifestyle modification (including diet), Ayurvedic detoxifying and purifying therapies (e.g. Panchakarma), and Ayurvedic medicines (containing plant, animal, or mineral-origin ingredients – single or in combination).

In this new study, published recently in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology, experts conducted an in-depth review to show that these medicines are effective in blood sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes. Other beneficial effects were also demonstrated in the research, including improvements in body weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other diabetes-related parameters.  

According to the scientists, it is the first comprehensive systematic review of any traditional medicine (including Ayurveda), which included a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines. The research was led by Dr. Kaushik Chattopadhyay, Associate Professor in Evidence Based Healthcare in the School of Medicine and the Nottingham Center for Evidence Based Healthcare (A JBI Center of Excellence) at the University. The team members have expertise in Ayurveda, diabetes, and this type of research, and are based in top institutes in the UK, India, and Nepal.

As a complex disorder, type 2 diabetes has major health, social, and economic consequences. It is also one of the main diseases for which patients consult Ayurvedic practitioners and use Ayurvedic medicines, often continuously from the point of diagnosis.

Patients often choose ayurvedic medicine because it aligns with their cultural and health views. Its acceptability, satisfaction, and perceived relief are usually high, especially among rural, poor, older, and indigenous/minority populations. Many patients with type 2 diabetes prefer not to use Western medicines due to the associated side effects, cost, and mode of administration (e.g., injections).

Previous systematic reviews have shown the potential for managing type 2 diabetes with these medicines, however many need updating and none have provided a comprehensive summary of all the medicines evaluated for managing the condition.

As part of this review, the team searched a range of sources, including 18 electronic databases. Two hundred and nineteen articles were included in the review, which represented 199 randomized controlled trials (21,191 participants) and 98 Ayurvedic medicines.

Many Ayurvedic practitioners may view the inclusion of herb extracts and proprietary Ayurvedic medicines in this review as a deviation from the classical style of management. However, in reality, many Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe, and many people consume these types of medicines.

Dr. Chattopadhyay said: “This is the first time a thorough review has taken place looking at all these medicines on a much larger scale. The current evidence suggests the benefits of a range of Ayurvedic medicines in improving glycemic control in type 2 diabetes patients. Given the limitations of the available evidence and to strengthen the evidence base, high-quality randomized controlled trials should be conducted and reported. 

“As part of the funded project, we have developed a clinical guideline for managing type 2 diabetes by Ayurvedic practitioners based on this evidence and will be evaluating it.”

Reference: “Effectiveness and Safety of Ayurvedic Medicines in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Management: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis” by Kaushik Chattopadhyay, Haiquan Wang, Jaspreet Kaur, Gamze Nalbant, Abdullah Almaqhawi, Burak Kundakci, Jeemon Panniyammakal, Michael Heinrich, Sarah Anne Lewis, Sheila Margaret Greenfield, Nikhil Tandon, Tuhin Kanti Biswas, Sanjay Kinra and Jo Leonardi-Bee, 8 June 2022, Frontiers in Pharmacology.
DOI: 10.3389/fphar.2022.821810

The research is funded by the UK’s FCDO, MRC, NIHR, and Wellcome Trust under the prestigious Joint Global Health Trials scheme.

62 Comments on "Study Finds Traditional Native Indian Medicine Effective Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes"

  1. Eric M. Jones | July 15, 2022 at 6:24 am | Reply

    Holy Smokes. What a puff piece. So did the study show anything peer reviewed (not by Ayurvedic practitioners)?
    Ayurvedic “medicine” is hardly a system.

  2. Ismael Martínez Santiago | July 15, 2022 at 7:34 am | Reply

    This study is full of it.

  3. The use of ayurvedic medicines is nothing new. Most all conventional medicine is derived from native/indigenous natural medications and practices. Without them, many treatments would not exist.

  4. Hector Reyes MD | July 15, 2022 at 9:50 pm | Reply

    Can’t agree more with Eric and Ismael above. Where’s the beef? LOL!

  5. Dear Eric Jones. You have MUCH TO LEARN! The first, being the history of medicine! Only then can you make an educated comment that makes sense rather than an uneducated opinion!

  6. Wasted time reading through this article. No useful piece of info .

  7. Indian medicine is the oldest medical system. Allopathic is the puff piece.

    • This is a news article about a study, not the study paper itself. This article is vague but we can’t conclude the study is vague from a poorly written article about it.

  8. Can’t seem to find an exact mention of the substance tried.
    This is like saying “studies show that western medicine can treat diabetes.” Not all western medicine can be used to treat diabetes. You’re not gonna pop a Viagra and never need to measure your blood sugar levels again.

    What do the studies show, what specifically did they use, where is the science?

  9. NOT even a mention of the supposed effective therapy. Incomplete nonsense!

  10. Calling Native Americans “indians” is a misnomer. “Indians” are people from India. It was when explorers first landed on the shores of north America when they thought they were actually on the shores of India.
    There not ” Indians” folks they’re Native American.
    Even our local Illani casino in WA state is calling themselves an Indian gaming casino….

  11. One can’t possibly understand all there I’d to know from one source. Western medicine and the fact that doctors are schooled with grants from big pharma… wth do you people think it ancestors used? Natural medicines that YOU can’t patent and make $ from. Therefore, you’re not interested in the old ways… but instead cling to synthetic meds that make the body toxic. There are BIG holes in your schooling and you have big egos to boot. Way too go old School and get it right. No bull here!

  12. Blake, WE can refer to ourselves as whatever WE want to. I have been an Indian for 60+ years. ANYONE born in America is a Native American regardless of their ethnicity or race. Your condescending tone implies we NEED you to correct others because WE are incapable of deciding what we want to be called. So please take your social justice warrior/white guilt horses**t and leave US alone.
    I am a proud 60 year old Choctaw INDIAN just for reference.

  13. It’s well established that high levels of insulin in the body cause insulin resistance leading to type 2 diabetes. Insulin levels can be brought down by reducing carbohydrates. Only way to reverse type 2 is to reduce calorie intake – cut out sugar, maida, wheat and rice as part of calorie reduction. You will lose weight and glucose levels will come to normal for most people in 6 months. I have done this for a year and my HbA1c had come down from 6 to 5.1. Fasting glucose level is 85. As mentioned the article is a real ‘puff’ piece. Don’t manage type 2 diabetes reverse it.

    • This is very true because I just did it myself my A1c was at 10.1 dropped it down all the way to 6.1 and now it’s at 5.4 so that really does work.👍

  14. Indigenous medicine has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. In the USA there’s Native indigenous herbs that can cure many disease.

  15. John Schaefer | July 17, 2022 at 1:43 am | Reply

    There is no mention of ANY of the medicines purportedly used! What a nothing article!

  16. If Ayurvedic helps, Why can’t they put it as over the counter medicine like they do with Vitamin C, Fish Oil, etc.? Also the people with the other comments may not realize that some Alternative medicine does work. I have to take Fish Oil for my Cholesterol because I can’t no longer take prescribed medicine because it caused liver problems.
    So if Ayurvedic helps, then why not try it,as long as the doctor knows about it?

  17. Some are commenting with out even reading the article properly.
    The study also is not funded by some one to promote or sell Ayurveda or Ayurvedic products.

  18. Right on the mark Sheila! And to Louis and Ashok, I salute you and totally agree.

  19. Ayurvedic meds do work
    All the pessimists feel threatened
    Let me add not all meds work 100 percent including allopathic meds

  20. One track mind here among disbelievers
    Open up your mind, do some research

  21. The article was click bate until I got to the comments.

  22. Louis for president

  23. Corey morales | July 17, 2022 at 5:25 pm | Reply

    BS…. Native American peoples have the highest instance of Type 2 diabetes than any other ethnic group. If what they are saying is true, the native people’s wouldn’t have this problem at all.

  24. I’m pre diabetic. I’d love to know about this medicine

  25. BlessYourHeart7398 | July 18, 2022 at 4:01 am | Reply

    I mean, if you read the article they are referencing Indians of India…

  26. This article is about Indian medicine but two comments are talking about Native Americans, lol

  27. After reading through the data from this study, it is apparent that most of the RCTs used had major flaws in methodology, so much so it would render the trial completely useless. Without proper validation of methodology, what is the purpose of including a trial? Without proper randomization of the patient population groups, how can you draw a clear and unbiased result? If anything, this article written by scitechdaily further illegitimizes the website and reporting. If you do not agree, please take the time to read the actual data.

  28. What useless fluff. Where’s the meat and potatoes?

  29. Read, combination called amritamehari churnam is very good, the herb Gus mar or madhunashini controls diabetes

  30. Ignorant westerners won’t accept it, as their system is built on offering something thar brings money and that can sold. Nature already has solution to all problems. I bet if you exert enough and remain active you would never develop diabetes even if you diet is full of carbohydrates.

  31. I wish you all grace and ease on your journey. Let us reflect love, patience, and kindness to each other when correcting misinformation. Great read, funny how theist relevant parts are at the end of the article, allows a reader to tell when coming to the comments who actually comprehended what they were reading vs those who skimmed for “the cure”. May your days be long and healthy.

  32. Just cut down on carbs, sip ACV and get active.

    * apple cider vinegar

  33. Elena Sifuentes | July 19, 2022 at 1:54 am | Reply

    I skimmed the article and couldn’t find the ingredients for the control of diabetes, my sister uses all types of supplements and now she’s half blind because she never was really using qhat the doctor ordered,I don’t think she was controlling her blood sugar levels for years, now she can’t drive or watch TV, it really sucks that after all these years we aren’t any closer to a cure.

  34. Would have been nice to know more specifics about the study results.

  35. Christopher Seay | July 19, 2022 at 5:37 am | Reply

    I can personally attest to the effectiveness of amla (gooseberry extract) there are real studies showing it’s effectiveness that are easy to find online. Some were able to stop using insulin and manage their diabetes through diet while taking the supplement. Please look it up and see for yourself and give it a try. A 7.00 bottle of amla extract is way better than whatever they’ve gouged the insulin price up to currently.

  36. Hani Amritdas | July 19, 2022 at 6:01 am | Reply

    It’s not medicine until it has been industrialized for profit. Unless significant cash money is changing hand, the risks of people benefitting freely from ancient knowledge is unacceptable to the civilized person.

  37. The strengths or weaknesses of the news article should not be confused with the research report itself. The link is given.
    Frontiers in Pharmacology, DOI: 10.3389/fphar.2022.821810

    “Conclusion: The current evidence suggests the benefit of a range of Ayurvedic medicines in improving glycemic control in T2DM patients. Given the limitations of the available evidence and to strengthen the evidence base, high-quality RCTs should be conducted and reported.”

    You can (should) also do additional, independent research.

  38. Agreed. This article was very vague. The US med system is solely based upon Big Pharma because of the 1910 Flexner Report paid for by Carnegie & Rockefeller, who later derived “a pill for an ill”. The Industrialists combined themselves w/ medicine for $; our health was never the concern! The report demonized medical education & 1000yo traditional meds of Indians (I’m of Cherokee & Choctaw decent) & Europeans.
    Eventually, docs were actually arrested if practicing natural medicine (sound familiar w/ Covid treatment?!). Flexner wanted med. edu. based upon the German model & the aristocratic Hopkins Circle was born to establish the 1st “new” medical school, John Hopkins (coincidentally, home of COVID case tracking). Medical racism was emphasized as all but 2 black medical schools remained after a “thorough” (sarcasm) review was conducted in which they were not up to par & we’re forced to close. Now, black doctors were “encouraged” to stay within their own communities upon graduation. Since the Elite Industrialists purchased American medicine, medical advances have been made, but not one pill ever cured anyone! Instead, numerous side effects that make need for more pills, costing us more physically & monetarily, while Big Pharma rakes in. It’s no coincidence that the cause of cancer was discovered in the 1930s by Otto Warburg, in which the UK’s Cancer Act of 1939 prevented any advertising ANY cancer cure. In the US, the FDA intervenes to any natural cancer treatment. Celebrities & Elites get treated privately with experimental treatment or travel abroad for successful treatment. Even though there have been wonderful discoveries in bioresearch, natural medicines should have never been discounted & demeaned for using.


  40. Lots of fluff but No Mention of a Songke Herb Used

  41. Mark sturdevant | July 20, 2022 at 4:33 pm | Reply lol somebody else a thousand years ago was smarter then these experts.your no expert it’s clear you only know what somebody wanted you to learn.try doing your own recherche.

  42. It would have been a far more interesting and useful article if the author had bothered to specify which Ayurvedic medicines were found to be effective.

  43. Not a puff piece. The U of Nottingham has high standards in Western based science. The medicines are all listed within the links in the piece, the charts and references. Some of these comments speak for themselves, and not positively. Since you are all smarter than physicianscand other ways of life, you clearly don’t need to read academic articles or comment!

  44. Still waiting for this study to provide actual information. You know… the actual what, where, how, etc. “Puff piece” is correct – a lot of smoke.

  45. Francis Ashes | July 20, 2022 at 11:31 pm | Reply

    Native Americans were very healthy until we brought our disease’s from Europe. The plains Natives main staple was the Buffalo lean and not much fat. They are not Indians, Indians are from India

  46. Francis Ashes | July 20, 2022 at 11:38 pm | Reply

    I’m sure every continent on this planet has natural remedies for diseases that effects every race. But everyone knows damn well the pharmaceutical companies will lose billions so no one ever hears about them

  47. Is not the word “indian” loosely derived from the word “indigenous?”

  48. As a native the last of the monetone tribe this is why I didn’t pass my language and culture onto my kids it all dies with me. You don’t sell medicine it’s not the native way you just help them because they need it. Now some wealthy corporations are going to be selling our medicine to sick people like they sold our land to desperate people. Shame on everyone involved.

  49. gymnema sylvestre, bitter melon.

  50. How many times are the paragraphs going to be used and words changed in the next few paragraphs..

  51. @ssholes like you are dangerous. Some pathetic moron, someone like you just might follow your unfounded advice. Because idiots like you can physically hurt some innocent person I’m putting you on my list.

  52. Scott Campbell | July 22, 2022 at 10:16 am | Reply

    Breaking News; Article extends a ray of hope and then says NOTHING AT ALL!

  53. Kevin S Purcell | July 24, 2022 at 2:16 pm | Reply

    Show me I’m from Missouri

  54. TryHarderNextTime | July 25, 2022 at 8:29 pm | Reply

    Nice tabloid peice but I’m not seeing those claims substantiated in this article. Just broad generalizations followed up by anecdotal hearsay by people with vested interests on the subject.

  55. Type 2 diabetes is a dietary problem. A low carb diet is the dietary solution. I should know, I lost 50 pounds in 5 months and reversed mine.

  56. In the US they would be prescribing medicine without a license if they tell you what herbs works

  57. Check out Mastering Diabetes…the solution is more carbs less fat…wfpbno! Dropped my A1C from 6.5 To 5.5 on 8 weeks…wife dropped hers from 9.1 to 8.0 in 6 weeks. The research has been there since the 1920s

  58. Interesting comments. I took from this article most exciting, that finally this type of ancient medicine was published in a major medical journal, which seems important in order to be officially accepted and a necessary step to push into mainstream (esp U.S.) medical prescriptions by commercialized doctors/hoslitals.

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