John Innes Centre News

The John Innes Centre is a world-leading independent research center in plant science, genetics, and microbiology, located in Norwich, UK. Founded in 1910 and originally located in Merton, South London, the center was named after John Innes, a philanthropist and landowner who bequeathed his estate for the development of a horticultural institution. The centre is particularly known for its contributions to plant science, especially in the areas of developmental biology and genetic understanding of plants. It operates with the mission to generate knowledge of plants and microbes through innovative research, to train scientists for the future, and to apply its knowledge to benefit agriculture, the environment, human health, and well-being. The John Innes Centre has played a pivotal role in pioneering research, such as the discovery and development of floral dip transformation in Arabidopsis thaliana, which is a cornerstone technique in plant genetics.