University of Barcelona News

The University of Barcelona (Universitat de Barcelona), established in 1450, is one of Spain’s most prestigious and oldest universities, located in the vibrant city of Barcelona. It offers a wide range of academic programs across numerous fields, including the arts, sciences, humanities, health sciences, social sciences, and engineering. The university is renowned for its high-quality research output, extensive library system, and its significant contributions to advancing scientific knowledge. It consistently ranks among the top universities in Spain and holds a prominent position in various global university rankings. The University of Barcelona also plays a crucial role in the cultural and social life of Barcelona, attracting students from around the world with its diverse offerings and rich educational history. Its beautiful historic campus, coupled with modern facilities, provides an inspiring environment for students and researchers alike.

Turning Cancer Cells Into Normal Cells

A mechanism is discovered that explains how cancer cells transform into normal, harmless ones. A recent study explains how changing the chemical modifications, or so-called epigenetics,…