We Asked a NASA Scientist: Is There Life on Mars?

NASA Perseverance Rover Artistic Rendering

NASA’s Perseverance rover, shown in this artistic rendering, landed at Mars’ Jezero Crater in February 2021 and started gathering soil samples soon after that. Although Perseverance is not looking directly for organisms living on Mars today, the rover is collecting data that could be used to identify biosignatures of ancient microbial life. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Is there life on Mars?

There’s lots of pieces of evidence that say there was once a huge ocean on Mars and an atmosphere that could have supported life.

But there’s still a lot of Mars left to explore.

There are places that are potentially habitable, like the deep subsurface. There are places underground that could have fluids in them or organisms could live, and they’d be protected from the radiation that’s so harmful on the surface.

We’re just now getting instruments onto the Martian surface that can help us understand these potentially habitable places and we can ask deeper questions about the potential for habitability in those rock cores.

So is there life on Mars? Not that we’ve found yet, but there’s still a lot of Mars left to explore.

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4 Comments on "We Asked a NASA Scientist: Is There Life on Mars?"

  1. I think our planet will also die and become like these other dead planets,mankind will be the cause of that,we are trying to understand things that we will never ondearstand,

  2. There is live on Mars in the DEEPERST canons,in underground rivers and caves who have they own way of living build for live on Mars to live of insects who live there deep inside Mars,if not on Mars then on the moon Europa under the ice deep under in the big oceans who contain more water then earth!!!

  3. Discover also the planet Proxima B ,IAM sure there is live like it was on earth and is on earth by humans who look like us!!!

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