Hubble Captures Two Gargantuan Galaxies in the Perseus Galaxy Cluster

Two Enormous Galaxies

Hubble Space Telescope image of part of the enormous Perseus galaxy cluster. On the left is a lenticular galaxy named 2MASX J03193743+4137580. On the right is a side-on view of a spiral galaxy named UGC 2665. Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, W. Harris, Acknowledgment: L. Shatz

Two things capture your attention in this spectacular Hubble Picture of the Week, which was taken using Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3): the two enormous galaxies that flank the left and right sides of the image. The galaxy on the left is a lenticular galaxy, which rejoices in the name of 2MASX J03193743+4137580. The side-on spiral galaxy on the right is more simply named UGC 2665. Both galaxies lie approximately 350 million light-years from Earth, and they both form part of the enormous Perseus galaxy cluster.

Perseus is an important figure in Greek mythology, renowned for slaying Medusa the Gorgon — who is herself famous for the unhappy reason that she was cursed to have living snakes for hair. Given Perseus’s impressive credentials, it seems appropriate that the eponymous galaxy cluster is one of the biggest objects in the known Universe, consisting of thousands of galaxies, only a few of which are visible in this image.

The wonderful detail in the image is thanks to the WFC3’s powerful resolution and high sensitivity. The WFC3 is sensitive to both visible and infrared light, so those are the wavelengths that are captured in this image. The Perseus supercluster looks very different at other wavelengths. Whilst in this image the spaces between the galaxies appear dark and peaceful, when the X-ray emission is observed the Perseus cluster appears to be burning with bright intense light.

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  1. I feel sorry for folks who beleive in science fiction. More fakery and lies from NASA and all the other fake space agencies

    • Let me guess your a flat earth believer and your safe animal is a pink bear? 😆 I bet I was close on your safety animal wasn’t I.

  2. How many galaxies are there in the universe? Estimates range from 2-4 billions. Any update figures?

  3. Who cares about those big galaxies? What is going on with the one below the big spiral that is all bent out of shape? That’s what I want to know

  4. Magnificent

  5. You should post all the images, infrared and natural, I’m very interested in the natural ones.

  6. @jY, hello… I’m not sure anyone ‘believes’ in science fiction because as stated in the name, it’s fiction. Also, if you are insinuating that these pictures, and the organisation/s responsible for them are not genuine, there is indeed no need to panic. We are all quite aware that the earth is flat and that these amazing pictures are an accumulative effort, by what must be 25% of this discworlds population, to deceive us in to thinking we live on a globe??? How can such scenes be captured by a telescope? (supposedly one of the greatest technical achievements in mankind’s, and earth’s 6000 year history)…..

    I think the estimates are closer to the hundreds of billions, and in some estimates trillions but obviously hard to round it up or down haha

    And I totally agree that the galaxy formation at the bottom of the screen looks like it’s in the process of a collision or being gravitationally torn apart!

    • Very well said! I am curious though for what reason are they trying to make us believe the earth is a globe and not flat? I mean what’s the motivation what’s the purpose? I bet he believes cell phones are magical devices with super small people inside make this possible to talk around the world! Or should I say across the world lol 😆

      • Sometimes, when you see a photo like the one shown, and then read an uneducated, narrow minded comment like that… It boils the blood and fries the brain all at once. I’m not a scientist by any stretch of even the wildest imaginations but I will defend all those with brains bigger than mine that strive to bring us new discoveries and glimpses of what we otherwise wouldn’t see.

      • So tell me the boundaries of your flat Earth so I don’t fall off. Btw, how many watts is the fake sun? Since you have stated that also.

  7. So your looking at 350,000,000 million light years in to the past, interesting 🤔.

  8. The Bible teaches we believers will sit in heavenly places. We are spiritual beings.

    • You learn that as an alter boy? You believe in your precariously held together, whimsical fairytales and I, along with the rest of the sane community, will continue to observe amazing theories turn to fact and photos of the amazing universe around us

      Just a thought, Why do we make criminals swear on the Bible in court and tell sinners that God will judge them when it was god’s divine plan that put them there in the first place?? Haha. Make the minions believe they have free will only to realise it was all planned from the start lmao. Oh the scandal 😱

      • I’m not religious, but if you read the bible it would answer your last paragraph. Just saying. If your going to attack religion, at least have the right ammo, because you just fired blanks.

  9. Jy
    You are an idiot arent you? There will always be very stupid people, not your fault. Do you ever wonder why NASA would spend billions of dollars just to lie to you? How does NASA benefit from this?

  10. I do apologise to any moderators that may observe the comments, I am aware that I have descended into something that takes away from the original post/finding but I feel I must bring this back to science and fact with a sign off, using a prompt from a Ricky Gervais interview I saw once…

    To all that will post comments ridiculing science and its findings… There are currently around 3000 worshipped deity’s in the world today. I’m assuming that all/any of the people leaving comments involving the validity of their religious beliefs will only believe in one God. That means that there are 2999 that you deny and don’t believe in. Us non religious types just believe in 1 less than you guys 🤷🏻‍♂️ and if you took all the world’s religious books and scripture, destroyed every last one… And then did the same with every factual or science based book, then gave everyone on the planet amnesia, none of the religious texts or teachings would be repeated, only 3000 more dreamed up figureheads that you will turn to to justify your lack of understanding, or even lack of willingness to learn the truth about the universe around you and the nature of its moving parts. The factual books however will return as they were… Because they’re filled with unchangeable facts. Amen

  11. Now explain again how we are supposed to be alone….I’ll wait…

    • Is that directed at me?

    • Or a general comment on how in maybe trillions of galaxies, all with billions of stars which in turn have there own planetary systems can we possibly be alone? Intelligence maybe unique but I definitely find it hard to believe that life only managed to start up once

  12. This is really strange because Hubble is sitting in space completely broken. So if Hubble is offline and broken , how is it sending down more pics?!?!

  13. Francis Wellwood | July 6, 2021 at 1:51 pm | Reply

    Why put up posts from folks like JY (July 5). Poor devil living in the dark, only fear and hate to keep him warm. It exposes him to derision and scorn when he needs love and a kind hand up. You don’t have to be small in a vast horizon.

  14. This is an amazing picture captured by an amazing telescope.. Very impressive! More amazing and shameful to read some peoples uneducated (to just primary level I add) I’m in shock.. I’m only 44 and there are people who still think the world is flat!?? And thier not joking… 😱 Ignorance is a killer..

  15. Ty, I feel sorry for you. Your the one brain washed. Who made the artificial sun millions of years ago? Why don’t people fall off your flat Earth? Why would the whole world make up the same conspiracy that you say is so? How do whom ever manipulate my telescope? You never give a explanation. Just say everyone is brain washed. Can you give any proof of your allegations? Give me something. So proof. Anything besides your same ole rant.

    • No, trust them the earth is flat. Have you ever tried placing the leveler on the surface of earth, it shows 0 tilt. Is teaching facts so difficult that you have to promote pseudoscience xD

  16. What’s that rock statue looking thing to the lower right of the smaller red-ish orange swirling galaxy? It’s a little distance off but if you zoom in you can see it standing up.

  17. Let us NOT forget that not all mankind is ready to accept the accomplishments of science. Except cell phones. Except tap credit cards. Except anything that’s topically cool and trendily acceptable to them at the time.

    But DO let us forget them at the launchpads as we use our fake ways to escape their lunatic ones.

  18. How can hubble take these if its broken like its being reported? 🤔

  19. Folks, Don’t give clowns like JY the dignity of even responding. I appreciate on this one occasion that’s just what I’m doing but come on! Nobody in their right mind believes in a flat earth. They only say it to gain publicity.
    These magnificent images are for the benefit of all who gaze in wonder at the infinite majesty of this universe.

  20. Ok… enough with the lunatic science denying trolls. Back to the image. It’s hard to tell from the image, and although it looks like there might stream of stars from the small Galaxy being drawn towards the large galaxy…I’m guessing it’s also possible that that Galaxy beneath the large one on the right is actually smaller because it’s further in the distance, and that apparent stream of stars might also be a visual distortion due to gravitational lensing.

  21. I just wanna say Karl, your one man crusade is awesome

  22. Why does a science article, parts of which can be easily verified, get so many unrelated comments?

  23. Well, no-one has even mentioned the possible space ship that is in the picture. Going from the bottom middle and enhancing the picture, there is a star/planet that has a row of lights next to it on the right. Is there anybody out there, that can explain what it is because it doesn’t look like a planet/star or galaxy to me.

  24. Well, even as we speak for the flat earthers, the flat earth moves upwards with an acceleration of 9.8m/s^2 to create an illusion of gravity. Even if we go by your logic, accelerating with 9.8m/s^2, gives us a time of 299792458/9.8=30591067.14285714 seconds, i.e. 354.06327711640210509 days (close to 1 year), and we’re travelling above the speed of light in a year!! Now what if they come up with a theory of relativity of their own (unfortunately the current one also works in their ‘universe’) that the Gregorian year is also an illusion and we hoop through space & time every year when earth travels faster than SoL. New theory on its way guys!!! (O_O)

  25. To the flat earthers if the earth is really flat as u say it why don’t the whole world experience day and night at the same time?? cos its not it gives way to different time zones around the world..Cmon guys let’s put science on the side and serve them with some common sense

  26. LMFAO the Earth is not flat. That’s got to be the goofiest thing

  27. The comments are the best part. Ignore the actual article and just skip right to the bottom. I may not be a scientist, but I’m smart enough to know what people would prefer to read.

  28. The out come of thesis photopic picture and core image of ratio irbets this zupp up was so far the most rewarding

  29. What intrigues me is all humans having around 86 billion brain cells and some can send satellites around Saturn and others are dumber than dirt. ( Saturn is also round, btw.)

  30. Sekar Vedaraman | July 14, 2021 at 12:05 pm | Reply

    Just a thought to fix the Hubble telescope problem and many scientific problems which involves very large datasets.

    Think of the problem as a extremely large dataset problem not easily amenable to artificial intelligence solution.

    There are shortcuts available from history to simplify complex problems and get to a optimal solution faster.

    For example, the Simplex method which short circuits the process of getting to a solution quicker,

    Combination of such historical methods with AI algorithms can help make such large dataset problems easier to solve.

    Views expressed are personal and not binding on anyone.

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