Tokyo Metropolitan University News

Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU) is a public university in Tokyo, Japan, established in 1949. Initially founded as the Tokyo Metropolitan University of Technology, it was reorganized in 2005 when four metropolitan institutions were consolidated into the present university. TMU is renowned for its strong focus on urban and environmental studies, aligned with its goal to contribute to the sustainable development of metropolitan areas. The university offers a wide range of academic programs across its faculties, including humanities and social sciences, science, and engineering. It also has a robust research presence, particularly in fields such as disaster science and urban environmental sciences, reflecting its commitment to addressing challenges faced by modern cities. With its main campus in Hachioji and multiple other campuses across Tokyo, TMU serves as a significant educational hub in Japan’s capital city.

How Do Animals Know It’s Lunchtime?

Researchers uncover the molecular mechanisms that schedule meal timings and their synchronization with daily cycles. Researchers at Tokyo Metropolitan University have conducted a study using…