University of Konstanz News

The University of Konstanz, located in Konstanz, Germany, was founded in 1966 as a reform university, focusing on innovation in research and teaching. It is situated on the shores of Lake Constance (Bodensee) near the border with Switzerland. The university is recognized for its strong emphasis on research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and an organizational structure that fosters academic flexibility and integration across faculties. It offers a range of degree programs in the natural sciences, humanities, mathematics, computer science, social sciences, economics, and law. The University of Konstanz is also a member of the Young European Research Universities Network and is noted for its international outlook and high academic standards. Additionally, it has been successful in securing funding under the German Excellence Initiative, which supports innovative research at German universities.

A New, Stronger and Recyclable Plastic

A biodegradable polyester has been developed with properties comparable to those of high-density polyethylene. Polyethylene is known for its many advantageous properties, but its lack…