This Week @NASA: The First Images From the Psyche Spacecraft & Space Station Milestone

Asteroid Psyche Close Up

This artist’s rendition shows a close-up view of the asteroid Psyche. NASA’s Psyche spacecraft, which is still in the early part of its long voyage to the asteroid, recently captured the mission’s first images. Credit: Peter Rubin/ASU

The first images from NASA’s Psyche spacecraft…

Celebrating an anniversary for the space station…

And a new tool to help fight climate change…

A few of the stories to tell you about – This Week at NASA!

NASA’s Psyche Spacecraft Delivers Its First Images

NASA’s Psyche spacecraft, which launched on October 13, captured the mission’s first images – a milestone called “first light.” As part of a test of the spacecraft’s science instruments, Psyche’s twin-camera imager instrument captured a total of 68 images within a star field in the constellation Pisces. The “first light” images were used to make up a mosaic.

The spacecraft will arrive at its destination – the asteroid Psyche in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter – in 2029.

STS 88 Begins Construction of International Space Station

In December 1998, the crew of Space Shuttle Mission STS-88 began construction of the International Space Station, joining the U.S.-built Unity node to the Russian-built Zarya module. The crew carried a large-format IMAX® camera from which this picture was taken. Credit: NASA

NASA Highlights 25th Anniversary of Space Station Operations

On December 6, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of International Space Station operations with a space-to-Earth call between the station crew, and NASA Associate Administrator Bob Cabana and International Space Station Program Manager Joel Montalbano.

On December 6, 1998, the first two elements of the orbital outpost, Unity and Zarya, were mated together during space shuttle mission STS-88. Cabana was the commander of that mission and became the first American to enter the space station.

Learn more about the International Space Station at

Earth Carbon Dioxide US Greenhouse Gas Center

Visualization of total carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere in 2021 Credit: NASA

NASA and Partner Agencies Launch U.S. Greenhouse Gas Center

During the 28th annual United Nations Climate Conference, NASA and other U.S. government agencies unveiled the U.S. Greenhouse Gas Center. This multi-agency effort consolidates greenhouse gas data gathered by space, airborne, and ground-based assets. The goal is to provide researchers, decision-makers, and others with one location for greenhouse gas data and analysis.

Student Teams Worldwide Compete in NASA Rover Challenge

Students from Alabama A&M University near Huntsville, Alabama, pilot their vehicle through the obstacle course at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center during NASA’s Human Exploration Rover Challenge event on April 22, 2023. Credit: NASA

Student Teams Selected To Compete in Rover Challenge

NASA has selected 72 student teams to compete in the Human Exploration Rover Challenge next April near NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. The annual challenge, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2024, gives high school, college, and university students an opportunity to design, build, and operate lightweight, human-powered rovers on an obstacle course simulating lunar and Martian terrain, all while completing mission-focused science tasks.

That’s what’s up this week @NASA.

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  1. Mohammed altaf ali qaderi | December 11, 2023 at 7:27 am | Reply

    Chandra Yan images how it is an moon

  2. Climate change my ass.

    • You have a dirty and stinky one. All deniers do.

      • I bet you don’t even know what IQ stands for. Man-made climate change is the biggest hoax since the virgin birth. The word virgin in Hebrew is pronounced bethula but the word they translated into version is the Hebrew Alma and only means young woman of childbearing age. I not only flew hang gliders for 28 and have been sailing since 1985 but I’m also a Hebrew fluent Bible scholar.

      • If it’s fake, you people still are into It. Besides it costing billions, We will continue till the Aliens come and straighten it all Out. Live long and prosper fools.

    • On my way to Change you.

  3. Why is it always an artist’s interpretation and never an actual image?

  4. I wonder why NASA is presenting artist rendering images but not the real photos. Any opinion? 🙂

  5. ALWAYS an artists rendering. Never fail. You’d imagine the billions of dollars the people from Operation Paperclip, I mean NASA, get from our hard earned tax dollars, they could at least slap a GoPro or two on their crafts. I wonder why….

  6. They are fake that’s why

  7. Indeed, it does little to inspire confidence in the wonder of space science when so often the glimpses of NASA’s goings-on are “artist’s renderings.” Always a disappointment.

  8. More propaganda, NASA Not A Space Agency, The Firmament is real we have been indoctrinated.

  9. The possibility that these people are voters is deeply troubling!

  10. I agree with just about every comment here.. you’ve taken actual images why not share them instead of looking at some rendition an artist drew of what they think it looks like.🙄Now there’s a laugh. No for real, in all honesty our planet just as the moon, sun and all other celestial objects go through changes called Cycles.. in our case millennial solar cycle.. our sun not earth..
    Sure we can always do our best to keep our planet operating in safe conditions for us and this planet. But here’s the kicker .. example not many media outlets shared FACT… upwards 3 weeks ago Japan released treated Fukushima Radioactive water into the ocean. Funny isn’t it that 3, weeks later thousands of tons of fish wash ashore Japan..
    These are the things destroying our planet.. from our crystal springs they dump in. Chemicals used on our soil. It’s frustrating knowing governments not only allow these things but are responsible.. let’s not even mention Harp, or which country was it who was actually responsible for testing tons of nuclear blast just to see how damaging this amount would be. But then accused another country of this … honestly the world would be so much better off without these global leaders who pretend to care about their constituents… please, not,, folks don’t forget it’s them who’ve done all the damage that’s been done. They can’t reverse it now so thier panicking looking to build colonies elsewhere. mars a burn up dried up Utopia. Guess they’ll plant some trees and dig themselves a swimming pool.. and live in one of Elons Pods gzz

    • 100% agreement, poor asset management of planet earth doesn’t provide a plan B for privileged individuals to escape from their greed induced destruction of our one and only option.

    • Mike Sunderland | December 11, 2023 at 7:48 pm | Reply

      I was with you until you started bashing Elon. A backup plan for humanity, not an escape.

  11. What ere they hiding

  12. Yep, reminds me of when they detonated a nuclear warhead in the upper atmosphere, next thing you know it was all our fault for using cans of spray paint that made a hole in the ozone layer.

  13. One person can change world mindset,Amazing guy Elon musk

  14. It’s an artist rendition because it will take 6 years to get to the asteroid. The Psyche spacecraft only took a photo of a star field, that’s how it navigates, how it finds itself in space.
    It’s called “First Light”, it confirms the camera is operational, that the spacecraft is where it is supposed to be.

    It’s amazing how many commenting here DIDN’T ACTUALLY read the article but are experts on nothing.

  15. Elizabeth A Stanton | December 12, 2023 at 4:19 pm | Reply

    Grand Island NE, as of now.

  16. ActuallyReadArticle | December 12, 2023 at 6:39 pm | Reply

    Wow yeah, great writing my guy 👍 but uhh, where are the actual images you promised? I see the nice CG concepts, no shortage of those on deviantart but other than that there’s just a hyperlink to another article and that one only has 2 images that are almost entirely blank. Really published 2 articles on that? Stretching is a bit of an understatement dint you think?

  17. Nice data

  18. Good disguised as bad….
    Bad disguised as good….
    So it says in Bible the holy bible..
    Were in the end times guys.
    Quit working about what going on with pics of space..start talking yo God forreal..

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