We Asked a NASA Scientist: Do Aliens Exist? [Video]

Three Aliens

If they exist, alien lifeforms probably won’t look anything like this.

Do aliens exist? Extraterrestrial life has never been discovered, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. At NASA, astrobiologists like Lindsay Hays are trying to answer one of the most profound questions ever: Is there life beyond Earth?

Do aliens exist? This is a really interesting question and one that NASA has been trying to understand, explore, and figure out for a long time. We have not yet discovered life on any other planet, and we have not seen any scientifically supported evidence for extraterrestrial life.

But if we think about life on this planet, beyond the big things — the elephants, the whales, redwoods trees – and focus on the tiny things, nearly everywhere on Earth that we’ve looked, we’ve found microbial life.

Our definition of habitable environments continues to expand. Off the Earth we’ve only begun to look. NASA has sent five rovers and four landers to the surface of Mars. Additionally, orbiters have been outfitted with some amazing cameras to take pictures of the whole surface of the Red Planet. But we’ve only explored a tiny fraction of Mars. And that’s only one of the promising bodies to look for life in our solar system.

There are icy moons in the outer solar system like Saturn’s moon Enceladus and Jupiter’s moon Europa that look like they may have subsurface oceans that could be habitable. And that’s just what’s in our solar system. The more exoplanets we find around other stars, the more we learn about how many different environments could exist for life.

We can’t yet say for sure whether or not aliens exist. To quote Carl Sagan: “The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, it seems like an awful waste of space.” So, NASA will keep looking.

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  1. Life is a chemical reaction controlled by electronic processors. Occurs due to the random placement of atoms, single crystals and molecules in electronic circuits. It exists on all planets where the temperature for a certain period was less than 100 * C and greater than 0 * C.
    Life was – is – will be near ALL the stars of the universe.
    Theoretically, another life is possible, for which the planets are the stars, and the stars are the quark centers of galaxies. They are 1000 times hotter, stronger, faster and smarter than us …

  2. If a guy had evidence of extraterrestrial life who would he call ?

  3. I’d say that you call me.I’m looking for some old friends! Direct line 1-778-998-2352

  4. Does alian exist
    If alian does not exist where we take a concept of alien

  5. I think that life on other planets is not very different from Earth. Cells – computers build their bodies, as people build cities with infrastructure. Stronger gravity – coarser skeletal bones, a lower percentage of oxygen in the air – a larger lung volume … On some planets only viruses and bacteria exist, on others dinosaurs are already running, and some intelligent creatures are already flying on antigravity plates … All living beings are worried about one problem – how to catch and eat an opponent and have a 360 * round view to escape))

  6. Curious as to what scientists were asked about uap’s? What I’ve seen”Actually”seen with my two eyes was something beyond words. For those who don’t believe I feel sorry for a one way mind.Go to “uap.news / .org I Believe and those videos on website are truly remarkable or scientists Might not be the Chosen Ones after all “sux”.

    • Thanks for the address. Interesting.
      Living beings on the planets are built of atoms folded into electronic circuits. Eyes – TV cameras, ears – microphones, etc.
      They can fly exclusively within their stars: From the satellites of Saturn and Jupiter to the planets Phaeton, Mars, Earth and, eventually, to Venus …
      Theoretically, we can imagine that there are living beings on the stars and can move between the stars within their galaxies.
      Also, you can fantasize that there are living intelligent organisms in the quark centers of galaxies (once called “black holes”). They can fly around the universe. I would call them the Gods of the cosmos.
      I wish success to your institute in their search. Don’t try to catch them – they are stronger, hotter, faster and smarter than us.

  7. Debra Koshinsky | October 24, 2021 at 7:40 am | Reply

    I would call eveyone if I had proof.

  8. Orb with a pilot, I like that, Gods of the cosmos, that must be who I have on video;s, wow thanks.

  9. Go to the Merrylin Cryptid Museum. Humans destroyed so many organisms and species that we can say that there may be extraterrestrial life forms in environments that we cannot exist in. So, by all means realize that they may have more profound technology than people, people have the proven track record of obliterating unknowns. So, any war may result in our adapting to fight a better opponent. Support science education as a bunch of mental invalids may not win by braun or brains, instead, an alien may pity humanity for it has devolved into non scientifics, obesity and belligerence. Why else would it pollute its planet, harm it’s body by smoking and alcohol, and use unprescribed narcotics? They may want to just cage a few to protect them from their selves.

  10. Reginald S. Koon Jr | October 25, 2021 at 6:46 am | Reply

    Voyager 1 is about 14 billions miles away and found no life is like you stand on east coast beach front of Atlantic Ocean, grab a cup of sea water and you see inside of cup. There’s no life in it. We haven’t found any life but there have life far far away.

  11. I’m glad that some people were able to get past the nauseating cartoon noise going on that covered up the dialog. I couldn’t. Would have loved to hear it but……..

  12. if you see it then exist

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